The Office Vixen Ch. 03

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Daily, I have to visit the Finance department at least once, sometimes four or five times. My main

interaction is with a shy, soft spoken, 50-ish manager who is ever sweet and endearing. When so many of the senior management staff are abrupt, loud and demanding, Henry is the polar opposite – asking please and saying thank you, requesting, not commanding I found it annoying and phony at first, but as time went on I found him utterly sincere. I guessed Henry at about 20 years my senior, but I never asked. Whatever his age, he maintains a soft handsomeness. He has short, salt and pepper hair, thoughtful green eyes, and a warm smile. He is my height, but when I wear heels I seem to tower over him. It’s only a few inches, but I’m a big lady with a big personality. Compared to his slight build and quiet demeanor, it seems like a foot.

Henry is always especially accommodating to me. Whereas others talk down to and take advantage of his non-confrontational manner, I have always respected it. Because of that, he treats me like a princess.

I never thought much about Henry, except that he was sweet and handsome. But those were just observatory thoughts, nothing out of which to make fantasies. Then one day I was preparing to attend a meeting that required a report from the finance department, which no one seemed to have. I stopped in to see Henry and he had the report for me in a matter of minutes, saving me from all kinds of executive level embarrassment. I thanked him graciously, giving him a quick hug. He spoke his welcome, followed by the words, “You know I’d do anything you ask.” I looked at him with a half smile, ready to make a flirtatious comment, but I could see the trepidation on his face, so I decided against it.

“I know, Henry, thank you,” I said. But my thoughts about him were never the same.

After the meeting that day, when my mind was free to wander, I imagined Henry doing all manner of different things that I asked. For the next few weeks my thoughts were monopolized by brief glimpses of Henry being my boy toy: Of his soft mouth kissing my breasts and belly, of his tongue greedily lapping at my clit, of his cock sliding slowly in and out of me – all at my beckoning. I would then shake it off, telling myself that I was reading way too much into his comment. As confident as I am, I still never believe a man’s interest is real until it’s acted upon by him.

Later that month I again required Henry’s assistance with a last minute request, and again he was all-too-happy to oblige. I showed my appreciation with a hug once again and this time, Henry replied with a warm, “I told you, Jane, anything you ask.” There was slightly less fear in his eyes this time, so I responded with a playful wink.

“I’ll keep that in mind, Henry.” I said, and turned and rushed off to my meeting. All throughout the meeting I could barely concentrate, my mind juggling the idea of pursuing anything further with Henry. What if I was reading too much into it? There was no way to tell for sure unless I tried. As difficult as it was for me to make the first move, I know that with Henry, I would have to be the pursuer.

At the end of the day I walked by Henry’s office to see if he was still around. It was after 6:30 already, since I stayed late to catch up on a few things, and I was doubtful he would still be there. Much to my excitement, there he sat, doing a pile of catch-up work himself. I stood in the doorway and greeted him with a quiet “Hi, Henry.” I startled him a little but when he realized who it was he smiled broadly. “I just wanted to stop down and say thank you again. Twice now you’ve saved my ass in an executive meeting and it means a lot.”

“Anytime, Jane,” he responded, “I look forward to doing things that please canlı bahis you. I wish I could do more.”

With that, I knew I wasn’t overreacting to his comments. I knew he wanted something more. I closed the door behind me, walked up to his desk, and sat on the edge in front of him. The slit in my long black skirt rode up as I sat, giving him a glimpse of my sheer red panties. I perched my left foot on the right side of his chair, my red patent stiletto brushing against his thigh. He was less apprehensive than I expected, instead his face gleamed with excitement and delight. “Henry,” I said, my voice taking on a husky tone. “You have to stop saying things like that or I’m gonna start thinking you have a thing for us big girls.”

“You don’t have to think it,” he replied softly, “it’s true. I told you, your wish is my command.”

He looked me directly in the eyes as he said it. The fire in his eyes and the sound of his soft, deep voice instantly made me wet with desire. I shifted slightly and gave him a better view of the promised land. He glanced down and gave an approving smile, but he didn’t make a move. He really was waiting for me to ask.

I’ve never been the “dominatrix” type, but I don’t mind being in control and asking for what I want. The problem is, most guys want the control. Now the roles were reversed, and I was almost electrified, ready and willing to ask for – and receive – my body’s desires, all from this handsome, soft spoken, older man.

“Well, Henry, you can start by taking off my sweater,” I directed. He stood and grabbed the hem of my red, snug-fitting, v-neck sweater and pulled it up over my head slowly. I licked my red lips and reveled in the feeling of the soft cashmere as it caressed my skin. He cast it to the side and stood there waiting patiently for the next instructions. ‘This is going to be fun,’ I thought to myself.

“Now, Henry, I want you to kiss me and touch me,” I instructed. “Start with my mouth, and slowly move down to my breasts. Take as long as you like, but my bra stays on.”

He came forward and kissed me, his tongue exploring my mouth, his hands gently caressing my back. His mouth moved slowly to my jaw, then to my neck, seeming to know exactly which spots I liked best. His somewhat rough hands held my waist, then meandered up to my breasts, lightly touching the mounds that peeked out of my red satin bra. I leaned back on my hands, thrusting my chest forward. He licked and kissed the soft pillows, not missing an inch. His hot breath against my cool skin felt otherworldly. I moaned quietly and tilted my head back. “God, you’re making me wet,” I whispered. “Go ahead and feel.”

His right hand trailed down between my legs and over my panties which were now soaked through with my juices. He moaned quietly and continued to kiss me – my tits, my neck, my mouth, my collarbone – and never did more than that single touch of my panties. ‘He is very good at taking direction,’ I mused, and then drew my attention back to his kisses and touches. He continued tirelessly for another several minutes, and then I interrupted him. “Henry, would you like to see my tits?” I asked. He stopped and looked into my eyes and whispered his affirmation. “Then go ahead, take off my bra.” He did exactly as he was told, reaching behind me to unclasp the barrier between him and my huge chest. I few seconds later they were free, perched atop my chest, waiting for his touch. He looked at them with longing and joy, and I saw his tongue glide over his lips. “Go ahead, do with them whatever you like, but be gentle,” I directed.

Henry began to tease my nipples gently with his thumbs while tenderly massaging my breasts. He watched my face intently. My breathing quickened and I began to focus solely bahis siteleri on my pleasure, my body responding as he took each nipple in his mouth, licking and sucking, first one then the other, back and forth, relentlessly teasing and pleasing me. Several minutes passed and then I asked Henry to stop. He obeyed, of course, and waited for his next instruction.

I slid off the desk and stood in front of him. I lifted his chin with my right hand and kissed him. “Henry,” I said, “I want you to take off my skirt. Then I am going to sit in your chair, and I want you to get on your knees and kiss me where I tell you to.”

He reached behind me and unzipped my floor length black skirt, and it fell to the floor, pooling around my red stilettos. He then guided me to his chair, where I sat down and he did exactly as he was told. “Henry, I want you to kiss me from my breasts to my belly, and take your time. And don’t go any lower until I tell you to,” I instructed.

Henry began by kissing my breasts, then continued slowly down, doing exactly as I asked. After he kissed every square inch I had requested, I instructed him to continue to move lower, but forbade him from removing my panties – yet. He kissed my body gently and passionately, every inch of skin from my inner thighs, to my knees, to my feet and back again. His mouth caressed my pussy through my panties, and the sensation of his hot breath though the gossamer fabric was almost more than I could take. “Keep going, Henry,” I begged, “I’m so close.”

He did as he was told and in no time, the strange sensation of his kisses and breath through my panties did exactly as I said it would. My hips bucked and I felt my hot sticky fluids soaking through my panties even more. “Henry, do you want to taste me?” I asked.

“Yes, very much,” he answered.

“Say ‘please,’ Henry.”

“Please, Jane, let me taste your wet pussy.”

The sound of his voice asking for my sex sent another wave of excitement through me. “OK, Henry, take off my panties and taste all you want, any way you want, until I tell you to stop.”

Henry slid my panties off and immediately buried his face in my hot, wet cunt. He was still gentle, but now he was more purposeful. His tongue darted in and out quickly, soaking up my pleasure. When he finally worked his way up to my clit he was breathless, but intent. He lapped at me relentlessly, mercilessly. My legs shook, my hips thrusted, and my orgasms came repeatedly. Henry did not stop to give me a chance to recover in between. His mouth worked my pussy expertly, and I let him have his way, focusing only on my enjoyment – moaning, saying his name, begging him not to stop. I got completely engrossed in the feeling of being forced to cum over and over, until – after five or six waves of orgasm – I couldn’t take any more.

“Henry, stop…” I said, breathlessly, and he obeyed. “Now kiss me.” And he stood up and kissed me deeply. “God I love to taste my cunt on your lips,” I said, and his kiss became impassioned. We continued to kiss for a minute or so when I stopped him and stood up. I was naked now, except for my red stilettos, and Henry couldn’t stop looking me up and down. “God, you’re beautiful,” he said with a sincere smile. It was touching and exciting. There was nothing in his look or tone that made me feel like I was being used, and it made me want him even more. “Please,” he begged, “tell me what else I can do for you.”

I reached down and grabbed a handful of the surprisingly large bulge in the front of Henry’s pants. I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting it to be so big, but I truly wasn’t. The surprise made me smile, and he noticed. “I guess you like what you feel?” he asked.

“Mmmm yes, Henry, I do,” I said, “But I’d like it even more bahis şirketleri if it was buried balls-deep in my pussy.” He smiled. “Take of your pants,” I demanded, “And fuck me.”

“How would you like it?” he asked.

“I am going to bend over your desk.” I replied. “I want you to fuck me from behind. Start slow, I will instruct you from there.”

I bent over his desk and I heard him slide out of his pants. He grabbed my ass and let out a soft, pleased moan. His hand guided the tip of his hard cock into my pussy and I heard him gasp quietly. He slowly slid his dick inside me and I moaned his name loudly. Inch by inch he sank himself deeper, filling me up, and it felt better than anything I had fantasized about. Just as slowly, he pulled back out again, then continued, in and out, so slowly the anticipation was almost too much. The sensuality of his penetration was more than wonderful and I relished the sensation, focusing on the next orgasm. God, I wanted him to fuck me hard – but not yet – I just couldn’t resist waiting to feel myself cum from this slow, deliberate fucking. It didn’t take much longer. Slowly it built up and I felt my cunt clench his dick. He felt it, too, and moaned loudly. “God, Jane, I love to make you cum,” he said. My juices flowed around his cock and down my legs. It felt astonishingly good, but I couldn’t take much more.

“Fuck me, Henry. Fuck me hard!” I begged him. He sped up only slightly, but began to thrust incredibly hard, reaching deep inside of me. I could hear the slap of my ass against his body as he impaled me harder and harder. I came almost continually, my knees weakening, my heart pounding. I pleaded with him, “Faster, Henry, come on – fuck me hard and fast.”

He fucked me furiously, but passionately. My body was overcome with the repeating orgasms. I moaned, I called his name, I begged him to keep going. My hot cum ran down my legs like sweat. I almost couldn’t handle it any longer.

“Come on, Henry, cum for me. Cum hard for me. Now.” My demand was met with almost immediate follow through. He grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his cock, hard, sinking himself as deep as possible. I felt the warmth inside me as he filled me with his hot orgasm. When he finished, he leaned forward and softly kissed my neck, wrapping his arms around me and caressing my tits gently. I could feel his warm breath on my neck, breathing heavily, completely worn out from his explosion of pleasure.

“Jeez, Henry,” I giggled, “I wish I had known this about you sooner.”

He laughed quietly and we stood up. Wordlessly, he turned me to face him and kissed me again. “Jane,” he whispered, looking me in the eyes, “I said it before and it will never change. I will do anything you ask.”

“Henry, this could be the start of the world’s greatest working relationship.”

We laughed at that and I collected my things and got dressed, as did he. Once dressed, I walked up to him and kissed him one more time. In that moment I knew that there was something different about this whole thing. Mostly, I really wanted it to happen again. Usually, once is enough. “Perhaps I’ll need you again soon,” I said.

“I hope so,” he replied.

I kissed him again quickly and bade him farewell, leaving his office. The door latched behind me and I paused a second before turning to walk down the hall. As I passed the office next to Henry’s I was greeted by Brandon, another manager in the Finance department. “Working late, Jane?” he asked, with a devilish, knowing grin.

I blushed. “Yeah, Brandon. You know how it is. Gotta make sure the important things get done,” I replied, flirtatiously. “I’ll probably be here late all week.”

“Good to know,” he said, and returned to his desk. “Maybe I’ll see you.”

“Maybe!” I called back, and said good bye. I scurried down the hall and out the door, wondering how much he heard or saw.

‘Maybe, indeed…’ I thought to myself as I made my way to my car, and my mind began to wander…

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