The Professor’s Women Ch. 14

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In this chapter, love blooms as a new family member is added

The Professor’s Women

Chapter Fourteen: New Friends and Lovers

The next day as everyone returned to work and school, all the members of the Powell and Baker families realized that their lives were forever changed because of their visit to ‘The Ponderosa Sun and Fun Club’. When Leslie noticed that her boss seemed distracted, she said, “OK Jackson, I know your mind is elsewhere. You need to tell me about your weekend. I know you got laid, so tell me how many different women you fucked.”

Jackson smiled and said, “Would you believe me if I told you that I lost count?”

Leslie grinned and replied, “Boss, I know you have always been a details oriented man, so forgive me if I tell you I don’t believe a word you just said.”

Jackson smiled, got up from his desk, walked over to Leslie’s, and sat down on it. He spent the next thirty minutes telling her every intimate detail of the many dalliances he, and his family had experienced over the long holiday weekend. He even mentioned that four ISU faculty members were involved, but did not tell Leslie who they were.

When Leslie pressed him for their names, Jackson said, “I’m sorry, but I will not divulge that information as long as they remain discrete themselves. They have much more to lose than we do, so I must remain silent for now, as I did last summer. You see, our paths may cross again, sometime in the future, and you know how I like to be prepared by maintaining the upper hand.”

Leslie nodded knowingly, because she had seen Professors Getty and Reed during her own visit to ‘Paradise’. She knew that the older ladies were ‘still in the closet’, so she understood the professor’s statement all too well.

Professor Best was not herself as she lectured during her third period creative writing class. The reasons for her distraction were sitting, side-by-side in the back row of her classroom. Jon and Traci smiled as they listened to the normally self-assured professor as she stumbled over her words, and fiddled with her notes. The two waited until after everyone else had left at the end of class, before they walked to the instructor’s desk at the front of the room. Jon stayed silent while Traci said, “Professor, we both noticed how distracted you seemed today, and I just wanted to assure you that our family is very discrete when it comes to our ‘lifestyle’. We do not share what goes on between us with anyone outside of our little ‘circle of friends’, so as long as you do not reveal anything about our lives, your ‘secret’ is safe with us.”

The professor let out the breath she had been holding and quietly said, “Thank you.”

Jon spoke then, saying, “If you would Professor, please pass this information along to your ‘coleagues’, and remember, you have much more to lose than we do.”

The young couple smiled and left the lecture room without saying another word. When they were outside of the building, they both broke into uncontrollable fits of laughter. When they finally settled down, Traci said, “Well I guess we can count on getting an ‘A’ in that class.”

To which Jon responded, “Yes, but we shouldn’t slack off, just because of that.” Traci smiled knowingly, and they continued to their next class.

At 10AM, during her free period, there was a knock at Rosalyn’s office door. She responded to the knock by saying, “Come in please, the door is unlocked.”

The door opened, and she was surprised to see her boss and head of the department, Estelle Getty, standing in front of her. Rosalyn got up from her desk, and motioned to the older woman to take a seat on the ubiquitous brown leather couch that seemed to be in every office on campus. After she locked the office door, Rosalyn sat next to the older woman, she asked, “To what do I owe the honor of your visit, Professor?”

Her boss put her hand on Rosalyn’s bare thigh and said, “Relax dear, this is a personal visit, and please call me Estelle when we are alone like this. Normally I visit with my new professors very soon after they start working here, but I have been a little busy lately and have been lax on this part of my job. I just wanted to personally thank you for sharing your beautiful boy and his marvelous cock with Rhonda and I. From what Sheryl and Sandy have told me, perhaps you and I should spend some time together as well.”

This put Rosalyn at ease, and she said, “Thank you very much, Estelle, I would really enjoy that. You see, before I took my position here, I had only been intimate with my son Jon, since he ‘came of age’, after his father’s death. For the time being however, I must insist that we limit any dalliances between us to the club in Indiana, if you don’t mind. You see the Powell’s are in the process of joining ‘Paradise’, so I believe we will be spending at least one weekend every month there, as a family.”

Professor Getty understood her subordinate’s cautious apprehension, wrapped her arms around Rosalyn, and kissed her full on konyaaltı escort the mouth. The younger professor returned the kiss, stuck her tongue into her boss’s mouth, and the two tangled their tongues until the older woman broke the kiss and embrace. She smiled and said, “Thank you for your discretion, Professor.” The two women stood, embraced, and the older woman left Rosalyn’s office.

As Kathy was walking across the Quad on her way toward the School of Psychology, the Education Department’s Librarian, Sandra approached her. The younger woman greeted her saying, “Hello Professor, do you have any plans for lunch?”

Kathy replied, “As a matter of fact, I was planning on having my husband for lunch.”

Sandra smiled, and asked her, “Do you mind if I join you? I haven’t eaten yet, and there is something I would like to discuss with the two of you.”

“I think that would be fine, as long as we only discuss University business on school property. You see, we have an agreement as a family that anything pertaining to what transpired in Indiana can only be discussed on the grounds there. We all have reputations to protect here, and will continue to expect complete discretion from all who are involved.”

Sandra agreed, and the two women continued their stroll across the campus while talking about their day. When they got to Jackson’s office, he met them at the front door as he was leaving the building. He smiled at the two ladies, and asked his wife, “I didn’t know we were ‘having’ a guest for lunch today. Do you think that this is appropriate?”

Kathy responded as they were walking away from the building, “I ran into Sandra on my way to meet you, and explained to her about our ‘personal’ relationship limits on campus.” She then turned to the Librarian and said, just as they walked down the sidewalk toward College Avenue, “You see, my husband and I were planning on going home and having each other for ‘lunch’, if you understand my inference. Because of this, I’m afraid we must insist that you do not join us. I hope you don’t mind. You see, I realize that you really want to play with us, but as I said before, I must insist that you wait until the next time we visit Indiana.”

Sandra frowned and nodded. She turned around and walked away dejected. While she had sampled Jackson’s ‘Monster’ at the club, she really wanted to taste Kathy’s womanhood.

When the Librarian was out of earshot, Jackson asked his wife, “What was that all about?”

She smiled and said, “As I said before, Sandra met me on my way here. I told her I was having you for lunch, and she asked if she could join us. I explained our limits on ‘personal contacts’ outside of the club, but I guess she didn’t believe me. Honestly darling, I would love to have her tongue between my legs right now, but we all have a lot to lose here, and I will not risk our family’s reputation for a few moments of ecstasy. Darling, all this talk about sex has made me horny. Take me home and fuck me senseless.”

They linked arms and walked across College Avenue and into their home where they did just that. Later, after their sexual appetites were satisfied by their ‘quickie’, they fixed sandwiches, ate, dressed, and headed back to their offices.

As they walked back to Jackson’s office, Kathy asked, “Darling, all this suggestive talk and sex has me thinking. When do you want to go back to Indiana?”

Jackson stopped at the door to his building and said, “Well, if I can find a vehicle large enough to accommodate all of us at a reasonable price, I see no reason why we can’t go over Labor Day weekend.”

Kathy smiled, kissed her husband, and said, “That sounds wonderful darling, see you tonight,” and walked away, across the Quad toward her office.

When Jackson got back to his office, the phone was ringing, and Leslie was nowhere to be found. The professor picked up the phone and answered, “Jackson Powell, how can I help you?”

On the other end of the line, Saul Kauffman’s voice replied, saying, “Hello Cousin, how have you been?”

Jackson answered apprehensively, “We’ve been fine. Is there anything wrong ‘back East’?”

Saul reassured Jackson, saying, “No, everything is fine there. The reason I’m calling is because I just heard from my old friends Martha and Jeffery down in Indiana that you are joining one of our favorite ‘Haunts’.”

The professor let out a sigh of relief and said, “Yes, we got a free invitation from a friend, and spent the weekend of the Fourth there. We had so much fun that I decided to join as soon as we got home. In fact, Kathy and I were just talking today about going back up there soon.”

Saul said, “What a coincidence Jackson, Marcia, the girls and I were planning on heading down there for Labor Day weekend, and we were hoping you could join us.”

The professor smiled and said, “I don’t know about Traci, Jon, or his mother, but I am sure that Kathy and I will be there for sure. We’ll all talk about that over dinner tonight, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I know for kültür escort sure.”

Saul said, “That sounds great Cousin, my ladies have known about your ‘Monster’ since they hit puberty, and they can’t wait to get to know him, and all of us are looking forward to getting more acquainted with your lady.”

Jackson chuckled to himself and said, “That sounds like a plan cousin. I know that he is ‘excited’ to meet your ladies as well.”

The two men said their goodbyes, and hung up just as Leslie walked into the office.

Leslie blushed when she walked in the door and saw Jackson hanging up the phone. She said, “Sorry I wasn’t here to answer the phone boss, I had errands to run.”

Jackson gave her a big hug, and said, “Leslie you are not on the clock here. The new automated switchboard has an answering machine connected to it, so don’t worry. Anyway, that was Saul. It seems that they are members of ‘Paradise’, and we are planning to meet them there for Labor Day weekend.”

“Wow,” Leslie said, “I really wish Brenda and I could go.”

Jackson answered her, “I don’t know if Traci, Jon, or Rosalyn will be able to go yet, but if they can’t, you and Brenda are welcome to join us, provided I can buy a large enough car to accommodate us.”

Just then, Leslie’s remembered something and said, “Jackson, while you were at lunch, Eddie Barnewolt called. He said something about a car he sold you years ago.”

The professor walked over to his desk and said, “Thank you Brenda.” He picked up the phone, looked through his Rolodex, and dialed his old student’s number. When the young man answered the phone, Jackson said, “What’s up Eddie?” The professor listened to the phone for a while and said, “Sorry Eddie, that car has too many bad memories. I don’t want it, in fact the best thing you could do with that heap is send it to the crusher. That thing has bad Karma, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I am, however, in the market for something a bit larger, though. Do you have something that would be able to transport six in relative comfort?”

The professor listened for a short while, and said, “That sounds perfect Eddie, could you possibly bring it by the house, this evening?” There was a hesitation. And then Jackson said, “Perfect, see you then.”

Jackson sat at his desk smiling for a bit, and then said, “Brenda, do you remember when that Secretary of State officer visited us about the Volvo station wagon I gave to my sister-in-law?” When she nodded, he responded, “Well my old student, who I bought the car from originally, just bought that albatross from the State Police Auction and wondered if I wanted it back. I’m sure you heard my response. However, he has a very nice white ’92 Town Car he will sell me for less than $2K, and I am tempted. You see, Liz, and Kathy’s MG are too small to transport all of us to Indiana, and I can’t keep borrowing your brother’s suburban, so I think I’ll buy that ‘land yacht” from him.”

Leslie sat there with a stunned look on her face, and finally said, “Jackson, your garage is full, where will you park it?”

The professor smiled and said, “Well, there’s room in the driveway. Oh by the way, could you take care of mailing this for me? I want to make sure they get this by week’s end.” He handed Leslie a large envelope addressed to ‘The Ponderosa Sun & Fun Club’, with the completed membership application, and a cashier’s check for $550.00 inside.

Later that day, Jackson was met by his wife as he walked out of his building as he was headed home. They kissed, and he said, “Darling, I got a call from Saul this afternoon, and found out they belong to ‘Paradise’ as well. They are planning on spending the Labor Day weekend there as a ‘family’, and wanted to know if we could join them there. I had Brenda send the application and check to the Club so we will be official members very soon. Also, I got a line on a used Town Car today. An old student is bringing it by this evening for our approval.”

Kathy smiled, and said, “That sounds marvelous. Another man and three more ladies for us to play with should make the weekend even better.”

As they were walking up the stairs of their home, they heard the familiar rumbling of Liz’s V8, coming down the street. As they turned around, she pulled into the driveway, with Traci behind the wheel, Jon in the back seat, and Rosalynn riding shotgun.

Kathy smiled and hugged her husband saying, “I love it when we have a house-full for dinner.”

They watched as Traci and Jon grabbed two bags of groceries from the back seat, and their daughter said, “We’re making dinner tonight, Mommy and Daddy.”

Jackson whispered in Kathy’s ear, “It doesn’t get any better than this, does it dear?”

They all went into the house, and immediately, the men were shooed out of the kitchen, as the three women started preparing the evening meal. Just as the two men sat down in the living room, a garish car horn sounded outdoors. Both men rose and looked out the front window, and what they saw was a large white ten-year-old markantalya escort luxury automobile.

The two men walked out the front door, and when they stopped gawking at the land yacht that was parked at the curb, Jackson introduced Jon to his old student Eddie. The three men spent the next twenty minutes checking over the Lincoln, and Jackson decided that it was exactly what he needed. The two older men agreed on a purchase price, and Eddie told Jackson that he would stop by his office the next morning with the paperwork.

They shook hands, and as Eddie drove off with the car, the two men walked back into the house. The welcoming aromas of a home cooked meal greeted them as they walked through the door, and the meal vas being served by the three ladies they loved, who had completely undressed for dinner.

The two men closed the front door, pulled the front window shades, and undressed before sitting down at the dinner table. The happy blended family ate dinner ‘au-naturel’, and Jackson told them about the proposed holiday weekend, and his joining the ‘club’. Everyone was excited about the prospects of ‘sharing’ their relatives in Chicago, and made plans for the upcoming ‘fuck fest’. Later, after the left-overs were put away, and the dishes were done, the five of the retired to the two upstairs bedrooms, and spent the rest of the night, satisfying everyone’s carnal needs.

Jackson and Kathy climbed into their bed in the front bedroom, while Traci, Jon, and Rosalynn took over the rear bedroom. After Kathy finished fucking her husband, and Rosalynn finished fucking her son and eating Traci, the two women traded places. Periodically, the women all changed places during the night, while the men stayed in the same beds, and everyone eventually fell asleep, exhausted and satisfied.

Since Rosalynn and Jon both kept changes of clothes at the Powell’s home, they didn’t need to go home, and no one on campus thought it was unusual that the five of them were walking together across the Quad the next morning.

Two days later, about mid-afternoon, Jon was in the men’s restroom of the Arts building using one of the urinals when one of the male professors walked in and started using the porcelain device next to his. The young man had just left his future mother-n-law’s office, and was going over in his mind, the conversation they just had about the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend.

The man standing next to him introduced himself, “Mr. Baker, I am Edward Weston, and I teach Photography here at the University.” When the young man didn’t respond immediately, the older man continued, “I realize you don’t know me, but I was hoping that you might introduce me to your mother. I think she is quite lovely, and I would like to ‘get to know her.”

Jon thought, ‘What an ass, why would my mom want to even waste her time with you?’ when he looked at what the man standing next to him was holding in his hands. This man’s ‘trouser snake’ was almost as large as his!

Jon shook the last few drops from his penis, put it away, and said, “Follow me, Mr. Weston. Since you work in this building, and you want to meet Mother, I think we need to visit my future mother-in-law, who happens to be your boss.”

The older man went pale, put away his equipment, and followed the younger man to the office at the end of the hall on the top floor. When they got to Kathy’s office, Jon knocked and was told to come in. When Kathy saw her future son-in-law, she asked, “Hi sweetie, what brings you back so soon?”

Jon smiled and said, “Professor McKenzie, this gentleman has asked me to intercede with my mother because he wants to date her. Honestly, I do not feel comfortable asking her something like that, so I felt I should ask for your help”, and winked at Kathy.

Kathy stood up, and looked at her subordinate standing in front of her, shaking like a leaf, and said, “Professor Weston, why would you think the either Jon or I would have any influence on my daughter’s future mother-in-law?”

The man stopped shaking long enough to answer, “Professor, from the moment I first saw Professor Bakker, when I sat behind her at orientation, I thought that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life. Since then, whenever I tried to get her attention, she would ignore me, and every time I tried to talk to her, she acted like I didn’t exist. I know this may sound crazy, but If I was ever able to talk with her, I think we might ‘connect’.”

Kathy leaned over and whispered to Jon, “Is he big?” When Jon nodded. Kathy motioned to Jon, who got up and locked the office door. Professor McKenzie looked at her subordinate and said, “O.K. Ed, drop ’em. Let’s see what you’ve got.” When the new professor looked at her puzzled, she said, “Pull down your pants and show me your cock! This isn’t sexual harassment, if you want to date, and eventually fuck Jon’s mother, I need to see if you measure up.”

The startled man did what he was told, and when Kathy saw that his cock was what she estimated to be about 10″, she walked around the desk and took his hardening manhood in her hand. After she had stroked him to complete hardness, she reached behind her, and retrieved a ruler from her desk. When she finished measuring him, she said, “Just as I thought, 10 ¼”.”

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