The Return of Justin D’Enfer Ch. 03

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The air almost squelched as Justin and Justine D’Enfer walked hand in hand through the campus of the University of Georgia. They walked hand in hand, dressed in shorts, t-shirts and sandals, two beautiful young adults: he with short blond hair and she with chestnut tresses tied in a long pony tail. “Who the fuck has a poetry conference here in the middle of fucking August?” Justine whined. “Don’t they know how shitty it is this time of year?”

“Must have gotten a great deal on the facilities. Which dorm was it your little nerd told you Auntie Pru was staying at?”

“This one to our right. We’ve got forty five minutes until her session gets out, so let’s make a circuit and case the place.”

“And what did all this information cost you?”

Justine frowned as she scanned the area. “A picture of him licking my nipple. Had to take it with his BlackBerry so he could post it.”

“Good thing you didn’t get your face in the picture.”

“That was the only way I’d do it. Let’s park the van there, and make the grab there. We should be able to get her in and get away in 15 seconds.”

“Agreed. Everything’s ready at the house. Let’s see how far family loyalty goes.”

Three hours later they had their prey in a rented house at the end of a cul de sac. Prudence Tailleferre was a rotund woman in her mid fifties, with long greying hair she kept in a bun, usually wore simple but elegant fare that reflected her profession of librarian. She had been crossing campus unaware of her environment when Justin slipped up behind her with a chloroformed handkerchief in a darkened area, and no one noticed when he carried her fireman style to a van Justine had running nearby. Now she was bound to an office chair, each hand to an armrest. They hadn’t undressed her except to take her shoes, and they left her feet free.

Justine looked at her watch and Justin stared out a picture window at some trees barely picked out in the middle of the night. The conference was due to last two more days, so they had some room to work with their aunt. “She looks so peaceful,” Justin said, “just like she used to when she was babysitting us when we were little.”

“Yeah, only then Auntie Pru didn’t take her naps while tied to a chair. Do you have everything ready?”

“Yeah. I think we have enough inducement to persuade her to help us. It would have been simpler if Chelsea had been able to get the info.”

“Mom’s gotten more paranoid over the years, which isn’t surprising since she’s in the country illegally. Prudence is the only one she trusts at all now.”

The salt and pepper bun started to stir. Gradually, her eyes flickered open and she looked around a darkened room, taking her situation in, and struggling with her bonds. Justine went over behind her to stroke her cheek: “Hello, Auntie Pru. Remember us.”

Justin came to stand over her, smiling. “Yes, I do, you little demons,” Prudence rasped. “I thought you were off in your own little worlds, too immersed in yourselves to bother me.”

“I guess we found a reason,” Justin said. “You’ve given sanctuary to a very dangerous person, and we need to take care of it.”

“What, what? Who do you mean, dangerous person? The only dangerous people at my house are your children, Justin, who may come looking for you someday make you give a reckoning for your absence in their lives.”

Justine grabbed the back of Pru’s hair and pulled. “No, not them Auntie Pru. An adult, someone who left years ago and who’s back.” The older woman struggled and pulled against her, but to no avail. “Your sister, our mother.”

“No, no, no. Your mother is out of your lives forever.”

“We all know her better than that. We know she’s at your house, and ruling the roost while re-establishing herself. Nothing is safe from her: not my money nor Justin’s nor yours. She’s even ingratiating herself with your children, calling herself ‘Mamasita’, terrorizing them and taking them over, isn’t she?”

Prudence gasped and leaned back to lessen the pressure on her hair, but Justine pulled harder so she was looking up at the ceiling. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh yes you do, Auntie,” Justin cut in. “Chelsea pendik escort spilled the beans to Justine, so we know everything. Our Mother would do anything to subvert our lives, just for the fun of it. She taught us well. We have to move on her while we can.”

The younger woman let the greying hair go, and Prudence looked back and forth between the two of them. She gave the young woman a cruel look and snarled. “What about your nice little lives? Justine, I thought you were still cruising with Ferd.”

Justine smacked her face hard. “You haven’t kept up, damn you! Ferdinand died over a year ago, knocked off his boat in the English Channel. You didn’t notice a tragedy ripped my heart out.”

For a moment, Prudence was dumbstruck and looked away. “I didn’t know,” she murmured, then looked at her nephew. “And what about you, Donkey Dick? Tired of running your one woman nursing home and fucking that fat bitch nurse? I guess you’ve missed me.”

“I’ve matured a little, Auntie Pru,” Justin smirked in return, rebellious of her ire. “Sometimes I do think above my waist. Maybe I want to find a way to get involved in my children’s lives since they’re potty trained and ready to start school. I sure as hell don’t want them ruined. . .”

“. . .the same way you and your sister were?” Pru sneered. “Do you feel the same way about the kids, Auntie Cousin? Shit, we’ve got a real Redneck family going here.”

Justine pulled her hand back, but Justin stopped it. “Sister, we need to get down to business. Our guest does not realize the stakes yet, and we do need to find a way to get her to cooperate, despite the bad beginning.” He walked to face the older woman nose to nose. “Aunt Prudence, your lover Chelsea D’Enfer is ready to run, with or without the children, if the situation at home isn’t changed soon. She’s not strong enough to resist our mother, and can’t abide her micromanagement. Surely your life isn’t much better with your little sister around again, reawakening all those memories of your childhood and how she was spoiled rotten while you were the responsible one. What hold does she have over you?”

Prudence looked at him defiantly. “She’s the only relative I’ve got that hasn’t fucked me yet. I promised our mother before God I’d keep her safe from harm, no matter what, when I was seventeen and Celeste was ten. I don’t care if she wrecks your lives or your children’s, she’s my sister and I made a promise.”

Justin smiled. “I will make sure you don’t have to break your promise, and so will Justine. She’s our mother, after all, and it’s more our responsibility to take care of her than yours.”

“What will you little troublemakers do with her?” Prudence said, looking back and forth between the young people frantically.

“We have a place for her, out of the way, where she’ll never get into trouble again,” Justine added. “She will never have to worry about going to jail for the crimes she committed, or Dad bothering her again, or living in an alien culture that she thinks degrades the role of women. Like she would let anyone else but her degrade them.”

Justin cut in. “Think of it as a St. Helena solution. Mother will be in a safe place where she can do no harm.”

“No, no, no, no,” the older woman screamed, quivering. “I will not let you do that.”

“All right,” Justine said, standing up. “We’ll have to make you agree with us. If you give us what you want, we promise the deed will be done before you get back home after the conference. If not, we will take you there, without explanation, a disappearance unexplained, to keep working out you until you do agree. In the meantime, your sister will have sole custody of your son. Do really want to live without seeing Kevin again?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know. This is all so sudden.”

“As was Mother’s showing up at your door unannounced. Has she been. . .playing with you like she used to.”

Prudence shook her head violently. “No, no, Celeste would never do that to me again. She’s developed another circle of slaves with her housekeeping business. Working her way into the homes of influential people, people who can help her. She’s working on blackmail as well, cracking computers maltepe escort for secret information.”

Justin shook his head. “We have to stop this. You and I both know that, don’t we, Auntie Pru?” He pulled her around by the office chair, and put some blocks around the wheels, making the chair immobile. “Justine and I need to encourage you to make up your mind, the sooner we do this the better.”

“I don’t know, I don’t know. I can’t trust you two, you’re so wicked.”

“But not Evil, Auntie Pru,” Justin continued. “We just want to make money and live in peace, and have a little fun with willing parties. Conspiracies aren’t a lot of fun, and neither one of us want to rule the world. But we won’t let Mom run loose to ruin our lives without a fight.”

“And I’m going to stay with my Baby Bro, forever,” Justine said, walking up to put hug him over his shoulders. “We have an agreement. We’ll even have a sober place for your misbegotten children to visit. But Mother would wreck this, so she must be dealt with. So, now for your. . .persuasion, Auntie Pru.”

Justine brought a TV tray with a special item on it. “This mat is impregnated with needles. You hate needles, don’t you? Yes, I can tell by the way your lip’s quivering. We’ve also got some weights, like you’ve known before, only modified a little bit. Your tits will go on this mat, where they will be stuck by the little needles in a few dozen places. If you don’t agree to cooperate, we’ll attach the weights to your nipples with some special hooks we have. More sharp objects, I’m afraid, Auntie Pru. Ready?”

She stuffed a gag in the older woman’s mouth while her brother cut away his aunt’s clothing. “Gosh, Auntie Pru, your tits are sagging a little more than last I saw them,” Justin teased. “And your nipples are so much longer. Guess Kevin did that, right?” Her breasts were huge, lily white with huge nipples. “It’s been a while since we’ve had some fun with these. Maybe for you too, Auntie Pru? Wish we could do some things you like; maybe later if you’re a good girl. In fact, nod your head and blink if you’ve decided to help us, and all this nasty sharp stuff won’t go anywhere near your boobs. Justine wants to do it anyway, but will agree if I let you off. I still want to make you feel good, Auntie Pru, treat these massive tits in ways I know you love. But you have to make the first gesture. What’ll it be?”

For moment, it looked like the old woman would crack, but she shook her head violently and growled through her gag. “All right,” Justine said, “Time to make you see things our way.”

The TV tray was brought over and she lifted the huge mammaries up while he positioned the device. She pinched and twisted the wrinkled buds, bringing tears to her victim’s eyes, then let the churns fall on the spiked tray heavily, drawing a long scream. There were tiny trails of red that leaked down from several punctures and Justine smiled broadly as she admired the situation. “My, my Auntie Pru, that looks dreadful. You ready to help me yet? I will let you think a minute before I go on, I’m not all bad.”

Prudence shook her head and wept. Justine clapped her hands and pulled out a small box. “These are the weights. No clamps here, hooks. I could just hang them from your hard buds, but that wouldn’t be much fun. Always wondered what you’d look like with pierced nipples, and now I get to find out. Ready for the first one?” She waited an instant, teasing the brown eraser head with the sharpness, before thrusting it in, working it back and forth until the point emerged from the other side. “What fun. This looks great. You may want to do it right when you get home, Auntie. I may get it done, who knows. We just did Aunt Adele’s the other day and she loves it. I know, you think we mistreat that ninety year old woman, your father’s little sister, outrageously, but it’s what she really wants. Why, if Justin had just left her in that nursing home, she’d probably be dead by now, living a short existence of misery before she passed. But she has a first rate nurse and a family who loves her and would spend any amount of money to keep her happy.

“But I digress. We have another nipple to pierce, kartal escort then we’ll make the weights swing, how about that?” Prudence’s eyes were bloodshot. “All right, since you’re stuck with your attitude.” Another prick and the other nipple bore a weight of pain.

Justin came up behind Justine and stroked her hair. “You know, Auntie Pru really gets turned on when we play in front of her. I think it would be fitting if we put some nipple clamps on you, and she could watch the weights swing back and forth as you make hers swing while I fuck you doggy style.”

Justine stood up, pulling her t-shirt over her head and revealing her beautiful, perfectly proportioned breasts, the nipples hardening. “What a great idea, Baby Bro! If that doesn’t work, we could cane the bottoms of her feet, she absolutely despises that, too. I haven’t had a good fucking since. . . this morning, I guess. Get the clovers out, I’m really feeling horny.”

The old woman started writhing, which made her abused breasts move on the nail bed and the weights from her nipples swing. “Or have you changed your mind, Auntie Pru?” he said. She nodded enthusiastically. “All right, I’ll take the gag out and we’ll talk.”

“You little bastards, you little bastards.” She fought to speak, her mouth was so dry from the gag. “You win. I give. Get me out of this. Just promise me one thing, the both of you.”



She took a deep breath. “You won’t kill her, directly or indirectly. You won’t poison her, starve her, shoot her, drown her or put her in any other such situation where she’ll die. You’ll just imprison her and keep her away. And you’ll let me communicate with her.”

“Yes, done, as long as we get to listen to or look at everything to you say to each other,” Justin said, and Justine nodded in agreement.

“Fine, get me out of this.”

“Not so fast. We need two things first,” Justine said.


“The name of a client who’s out of town right now, and Mother’s cell phone number.”


“An assistant of ours will call her for some work, and maybe more. When she arrives, we’ll take her.”


“To an island. One Justin owns. You won’t know where and neither will she.”

“All right, untie my hands and give me something to write with.”

Justine brought a pad and Prudence gave her the information once her hands were free. Justin removed the weights, removed the TV table and bathed her punctured skin in hydrogen peroxide. She screamed as he toweled her off, her abused breasts overflowing her hands as tears streamed down her face. He took the page out of the room while his sister knelt down to put a hand on her aunt’s shoulder. “There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“Yes, it was, but as I think of it, I really don’t want my Kevin around that harpy. He’s going to be a good boy, and she’s been making his life miserable.”

“I think I know about that. My Mother raised me.”

The older woman smiled wanly. “When are you taking me back?”

“In the morning. That’s when we’ll set everything up, and by this time tomorrow she’ll be on her way.”

“Good, Justine,” she murmured, leaning over to kiss her head. “I think I need to sleep a while. But maybe we’ll play again, sometime soon.”

“Sure, Auntie. Looking forward to it.”

“Is there a room I can use upstairs?”

“Any of them. The bathrooms are well stocked.”

“Good night, Justine.”

“Good night, Auntie Pru.”

The older woman made her way up the stairs, still holding her abused flesh, and shortly afterward a door clicked shut. Justin returned to the room with a huge smile on his face. “Are we ready, Baby Bro?”

“For what?” he teased.

“Tomorrow. The big day. The day we get Mom back for all the shit she’s done to us.”

“All set. None of the phones work here, so Auntie Pru won’t be able to warn her. We won’t let her go until we know Mom’s in hand.”

“Who’s making the call?”

“Brenda, the nurse. Mom’s never met her, so she won’t suspect anything. The address is close to a private airport, and the plane will be ready to leave before we jump her.”

“Sounds like you’ve got it all set.”

“Yes, we’re ready for bed. Got an extremely early morning.”

“One thing before we turn out the lights, Baby Bro.”


“Fucking me from behind while I’m wearing nipple clamps sounds like such a good idea. . .”

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