The Revenge Fuck

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Big Tits

Mrs. Imogen Waters meticulously prepared herself for her husband’s fundraiser. It was the social event of the year. Everyone who was anyone in Paradise Valley would be bumping elbows just to get a few private moments with her husband. Mr. Waters would throw a big soiree every year to raise money for underprivileged youth in the Phoenix area.

This year, like in all the years past, it would be held on the lanai of his 5,000 foot mansion, with his pool, man-made waterfall, and grotto the backdrop to the black tie event. The price to attend was an extravagant $200 per plate, but the affair wasn’t one to be missed, especially if you were an up-and-coming lawyer in Arizona. The opportunity to get on the good side of Mr. Waters was a chance few would pass. Plus, the food, drinks, and entertainment were always first class.

Imogen had chosen a lavish red evening gown that displayed all of her curves and hugged her toned body. For a woman of 40 years, she was in remarkable shape, especially after having a child at only 22. Mrs. Waters refused to let age and child bearing have an effect on her once youthful look. With the lifestyle her husband provided, she was able to focus on her beauty and health regimen to a tee.

Six-time weekly trips to the gym for 2 hours at a time, plus weekly visits to the spa for facials and massages. There was also the cosmetic breast lift she had several years after her son Joey was born, but that was kept secret from almost everyone in her social circle. Imogen considered a tummy tuck as well, but opted against it due to the lasting scars it would have left behind. Nevertheless, her dedication to her body left her with just the tiniest flaws, leaving women her age and decades younger jealous of her figure.

Mrs. Waters admired herself in the bathroom mirror. Her 32C breasts stood proud on her chest with a classy amount of cleavage showing from the deep-V cut gown. The dress was perfectly form fitting down to her 27 inch waist and 34 inch hips. She adorned her neck with a plunging diamond necklace that nestled perfectly between her breasts. She polished off the outfit with nude colored, 5 denier Marilyn stockings, the tops of which were barely hidden by the thigh-high slit in her floor length gown. The outfit would contrast perfectly with the setting sun on this gorgeous desert fall evening.

She would be the object of every man’s desire at the gala, just the way she and Mr. Waters liked it. Imogen slid on her 5 inch red pumps and gave her red lipstick a brief touch up before finally joining her husband in the study for a cocktail. On her way down the grand staircase, her son Joey haughtily pushed passed on his way to his room.

“Will you be joining us this evening?” Mrs. Waters prodded her son.

“And miss the chance to socialize with all of Dad’s stuffy friends…of course I’ll be joining you this evening,” Joey replied sarcastically. “Will my shorts and tee-shirt be appropriate?”

“No need for theatrics young man,” Imogen scolded. “You know how your father gets on this night. If you won’t be joining, just make sure you stay out of his sight. I’m just looking out for you.”

“Okay Mom. I’ll be watching the game in my room. See you tomorrow.” With that, Joey disappeared up the stairs.

Mrs. Waters joined her husband for an old-fashioned. They each sat on a luxurious leather and mahogany smoking chair while enjoying their drinks. Mr. Waters eyed his wife, very much enjoying the sight of seeing her dressed to the nines.

“You look absolutely fetching tonight,” he complimented his lovely wife, “but I cannot wait to get you out of that dress.”

She returned her husband’s compliment with a sly grin and a turn of the cheek as he got up and gave her a kiss.

“Play your cards right, Mr. Waters, and you may get a whole lot more than that,” Imogen played coyly. She downed her drink and rose to join her husband on the lanai to wait for their first guests.


The night appeared to go off without a hitch. Between ticket sales and donations, enough money was brought in to fund several youth groups for the entire year. Mr. Waters beamed with pride as he gladhanded his associates. Mrs. Waters made her rounds, socializing with the wives, girlfriends, and mistresses in attendance, always making sure that the attention was on her.

As the evening drew to its crescendo, Mr. Waters summoned Imogen to his side at the edge of the pool. He gathered the attention of everyone in attendance to thank the appropriate parties for their donations and support of the evening. At last, he presented a ceremonial check to the head of the Phoenix Organization for Wayward Youth. As he took in the applause, he hugged his wife and then gave her a gentle shove towards the pool.

Mrs. Waters teetered on her heels, grasping at the air as she stumbled backwards and plunged into the deep end of the pool. She could not believe pendik escort the audacity of her husband. Imogen screamed and cursed Mr. Waters as she sunk to the bottom and remained there, too embarrassed to surface.

It was tradition for one of the big wigs to end up in the pool at some point during the evening. Mr. Waters had told Imogen that he had grand plans for this year’s unsuspecting victim, but she never in a million years thought that she would be the target. Imogen held her breath as long as she could before finally surfacing at the edge, gasping for breath. She refused Mr. Waters’ assistance out of the pool and attempted to hide her shame.

Of course the sight that the crowd received was quite the opposite. They were treated to a stunningly beautiful woman emerging from the pool in a soaking wet, skin tight evening gown. Anything that was left to the imagination prior was now public knowledge.

Mr. Waters embraced his now enraged wife and announced to the crowd that there had been several requests by the big donors to ensure that Imogen ended up in the pool this year instead of one of them. As such, this year shattered all the previous years’ donations. He thanked his wife for her understanding and her participation, but it was obvious that Mrs. Waters did not return the sentiment.

Once the theatrics ended, Mrs. Waters stormed off toward the house.

“Darling, where are you going?” Mr. Waters questioned his wife, completely oblivious to her wrath.

“Where do you think? I’m going inside to change. You can practically see through this dress. I can’t stay out her like this.” Imogen barked at her husband.

“Well, please hurry back dear. Everyone will want to thank you for the hospitality,” Mr. Waters replied, still unaware of his wife’s mood.

Imogen put her hands on her hips and set her husband straight. “Oh, dear husband…I will not be rejoining the party…and you can kiss the chance of seeing me without this dress on goodbye.”

Mrs. Waters spun on her heels and made her way back toward the house, gracefully accepting the thanks and appreciation of everyone she passed along her way. Upon entry to her house, she closed the door behind her and broke down in tears. She could not believe that her husband would do that without consulting her first. She was utterly embarrassed and rightfully upset. Imogen slid off her heels and carried them up to the upstairs bath, tracking a trail of water from her dress and wet footprints from her stockings along the way.

Imogen looked at herself in the mirror, where only hours ago, she was the epitome of beauty. Now her eye makeup melted down her face and her hair was a sopping mess. She painfully slid out of her gown and hung it to dry, hoping to salvage it, but deep down she knew it was ruined. Nude, save for her stockings, and still dripping wet, she grabbed a towel and headed for her bedroom.

Mrs. Waters was wrapping the towel around her hair as she entered the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Unknown to Imogen however, she wasn’t the only person in her room. The loud noise startled the intruder, who at the moment was naked and had his back to Imogen and was vigorously working on her laptop.

“Oh shit!” The intruder exclaimed as he knew he was busted.

Mrs. Waters screamed. She dropped the towel and tried to cover herself as best she could. The intruder finally turned. It was her son, Joey…and he had a massive erection.

“Oh my God, Joey, what the fuck are you doing?” Mrs. Waters yelled at her son.

“Mom…uh, nothing…I mean…it’s not what it looks like,” Joey stammered.

Imogen lectured her son, “Well it looks like you were pleasuring yourself, and while I don’t take issue with that per say, I would like to know why you feel the need to do it in MY room.”

At that moment she noticed what was on the computer screen. It was a photograph of her that she had done for her husband. In it, Imogen wore only black thigh high stockings and 6 inch stiletto pumps. She sprawled on the bed, leaving nothing to the imagination. Imogen gasped as she dropped to the floor to retrieve the towel, putting her face precariously close to her son’s throbbing erection that he was unsuccessfully trying to shield with his hands.

“What are you doing looking at that picture!” Imogen screamed at her son. “Oh my Lord, I cannot believe this. Were you mastubating to my boudoir photos?”

Joey just looked at his mother in shame. He had no words and just wanted to slither back to his own room. He still tried to cover his manhood, but with his mother standing in front of him, nude and dripping wet, his cock twitched beneath his hands. Despite what his brain told him to do, he couldn’t avert his eyes.

Mrs. Waters was still fuming. “Joseph, what in the ever living fuck are you doing mastubating to pictures of your mother? That is disgusting!”

Joey still just leered at his mother. Trying to picture what was hiding behind that towel.

“Aren’t maltepe escort there girls your age that you can do…THAT…to?” Imogen questioned.

“I don’t really like girls my age,” Joey finally spoke.

“Well then find a MILF website or something Joseph! Why are you pleasuring yourself to pictures of me?” Imogen demanded.

Joey shrugged, knowing that he should just bail and say no more, but he gave in. “Because I like the look of women in stockings…and I know you like to wear them for Dad. I guess I kinda just got carried away.”

Imogen put a hand to her head, absent-mindedly letting the towel uncover her breast. “I can’t believe this…so you find your own mother sexually attractive? What the fuck am I supposed to do with this.”

“No!” Joey shouted. “Mom. No, it’s not like that at all. No, just no. I don’t find you attractive. It’s just…I like older women in stockings…and…”

At first Imogen was shocked, but now the way her son dismissed her looks so readily, she was hurt. She cut off her son, “So you don’t think that I’m an attractive woman?”

Joey heard the pain in his mother’s voice. “No, that’s not what I meant either. You’re a beautiful woman. Seriously, what guy wouldn’t want to be with you?”

Imogen’s demeanor flip flopped yet again. “So you’re saying you want to BE WITH your own mother?”

Joey was thoroughly confused. “What, no! Mom, um…what I meant was…uh, not me specifically, but anyone my age, would um, love to be with a woman who looked like you for your age.”

“For my age!” Imogen shrieked. She was now just toying with her son. He was in obvious distress and it was helping her to forget about the pool incident. Plus, she was starting to enjoy the admiration she was receiving from an 18 year old, even if it was her son. Plus, she was finding it hard not to notice the massive 8 inch cock that he was unsuccessfully trying to hide.

“That’s not what I meant, Mom!” Joey struggled to gather his thoughts. “What I meant was, any man of any age would love to be with a woman of your beauty.”

“Is that so?” Mrs. Waters asked quizzically.

“Yes ma’am,” Joey answered resolutely.

Imogen pondered the situation. She was flattered by her son’s lust, and was finding it harder and harder not to glimpse at his chiseled young body and rock hard dick. The thoughts running through her head were wildly inappropriate, but she so desperately wanted to punish her husband. “Fuck it,” she thought to herself.

Imogen dropped the towel, and turned to lock the door. She then turned back to her son, finally revealing herself in all her naked glory.

“Then show me,” she said with a sly grin, satisfied with the revenge fuck she would gift to her own son.

Joey’s mouth hit the floor. He just gazed at his mother in stunned silence, unsure of what to do. He wasn’t a virgin, but he had certainly never been with a woman like his mother. His eyes devoured her from toes to nose. Her stockings still dripped with water. The rest of her body glistened with moisture. Joey just stared at the droplets that dripped from his mother’s immaculate breasts, down her toned abs, to her perfectly trimmed vagina…right down to the almost miniscule landing strip that she left behind.

“Well, are you going to walk the walk or what?” Imogen prodded her son.

Joey finally spoke. “Mom, what the hell happened to you?”

“Your father unwisely decided to throw me into the pool. Now are you going to make him pay for his mistake or not?” Imogen practically pouted as she put her hands on her hips.

Joey didn’t need anymore convincing. There was no way he would allow an opportunity to fuck the woman of his dreams to pass him by. He had been thankful that he discovered his mother’s pictures one day while helping fix her laptop. He had kept them his secret until being caught today. Imogen had captured his desires long ago with her long legs and affinity for tight dresses, heels, and stockings. His dick seemed to get even harder as he made his way toward the object of his desire.

Imogen salivated at the sight of her son, but she still had conflicting thoughts. “I can’t do this, what am I thinking?” She thought to herself. But when she saw the desire in her son’s eyes and the strain on his cock, she threw caution to the wind and embraced her son, their naked bodies intertwining in a forbidden, incestuous hug.

Joey buried his face into his mother’s magnificent tits, tasting them for the first time since he was an infant. It was the most delicious taste. He could taste and smell the wonderful vanilla aroma of his mother’s body lotion as he savored the feeling of her breasts smothering his face and the feel of her perky tits on his tongue.

Imogen moaned in pleasure as she was taken aback by how aggressive her son was. Mr. Waters was always so proper and predictable in his love making, but her son attacked her body like a wild animal. It had been such a long time that her body had kartal escort been appreciated with such reckless abandon. She couldn’t help but smirk as she watched her son devour her body like she was the last woman on earth.

Joey couldn’t slow himself once he finally got his hands on his mother. He grasped her breasts, ran his hands down her stomach, stroked her stockinged legs, and grabbed two handfuls of her plentiful ass. He wanted to touch every inch of her body.

Imogen finally slowed her son and took control. “Easy baby,” she cooed into his ear. “Allow me.”

Mrs. Waters grabbed her son by both wrists and held his arms to his side. Now it was her turn to taste the forbidden fruits. She kissed her son passionately on the lips as she pulled him close. His cock nestled up against her vagina and gave her a chill. She kissed his neck and slowly licked down his chest, grabbing a handful of her son’s pecs as she popped his nipple into her mouth. Imogen again dropped to her knees, kissing her son’s chiseled abs on her way down. She finally grabbed his throbbing cock and popped its bulbous purple head into her mouth.

She moaned and hummed as she worked over the knob of her son’s dick.

Joey couldn’t believe it. “Holy fuck. Mom! Oh shit!”

His mom’s lips were the most amazing thing Joey had ever experienced. She had just taken the head of his dick and he was on the verge of exploding. Joey grabbed two handfuls of his mothers hair and started working his dick deeper and deeper into his mother’s mouth.

Imogen took her son deeper into her mouth until he was hitting the back of her throat. Finally, she grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him as deep as he would go. She buried her son’s cock deep in her throat, slamming her nose into his pelvis and tonguing his balls. She kept her son in place until she had to free her throat and gasp for air. Mrs. Waters looked up at her son, drool connecting her lips to the tip of his cock as she caught her breath.

With that look of lust from his mother, Joey lost all control. He grabbed his mother’s head with both hands and proceeded to fuck his mother’s mouth with his 8 inch cock. He pounded her throat relentlessly, not giving her any chance to breathe.

Imogen took her son’s beating like a professional, loving every second of his wanton aggression. With every thrust of his hips she wanted to please her son more than she had ever done for her husband. Finally, Joey stiffened.

“Oh fuck Mom…I’m gonna cum,” Joey cried out.

Imogen buried her son’s dick deep in her throat and took spurt after spurt from his young balls directly into her waiting stomach. Once he relaxed, she pulled his dick from her mouth with a slimy trail of drool and cum. Mrs. Waters continued to work her son’s cock with both hands as she cleaned the head with her mouth.

“Oh my God! Mom. That was amazing.” Joey was out of breath. He had never cum like that before. The sight of his dick buried in his mother’s mouth was just too much for him.

Imogen stood. “That was just the beginning, baby. Come with me.”

Mrs. Waters took her son’s hand and led him to the large panoramic window that led to the balcony that overlooked the pool. The curtains were closed, but if someone looked close enough, they would be able to make out her silhouette.

She demanded from her son, “I want you to fuck me in front of the window. Pretend all those people down there can see you fucking your mom as your father watches in stunned horror. Show him how to really fuck a woman like me.”

Joey didn’t need any more motivation. His cock was still rock hard and eager to find its place in his mother’s beautiful slit.

Mrs. Waters placed her hands on the curtain and leaned into the glass pane, sticking her ass out towards her son. Her wet hair draped her shoulders and cascaded down her bare back. She stood on her tiptoes to give her son better access to her now dripping wet vagina. Imogen looked over her shoulder and gave her son a look he would never forget.

“Come fuck your mother, Baby,” she called out.

Joey could hardly believe his eyes and ears. The woman he had fantasized about for so long was presenting herself to him and calling out for him to fuck her. He took his time admiring his mother’s backside, caressing her sides and her ass with his hands. Joey slid his hands around to the front of his mother’s thighs and caressed her stocking clad legs as he pressed his manhood into her behind.

Imogen pressed back into her son’s cock with her buttcheeks, bouncing and twerking her ass to grind her slit into his dick. Her calves burned, but Joey soothed her thighs with his warm touch. Mrs. Waters was desperate to have her son’s cock inside her. She needed to feel his rigid, veiny dick in her pussy. She had transformed into a cougar in heat, and she needed to be filled by a young stud.

Joey’s hands made his way to his mother’s hips. He grabbed a hold of the skin above her left hip with one hand and guided the tip of his cock into the crease of his mother’s pussy with the other. He rubbed the head along her slit, gathering its juices and lubing the tip. Finally, with a slight thrust, the large head disappeared into his mother’s frothing vagina.

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