The Saga Continues Ch. 06

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This story is part of an ongoing series. The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman’s biography.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 30 – Orange Is The New Order, Continued

(Author’s note: This is another of those ‘bridge’ stories, interlude-type stories that give information and set the table with groundwork, as well as a case to solve. Thanks for your patience, and enjoy the sex and the rest of the story.)

The MCD room erupted with cheers and congratulations. Mary Milton ran over and hugged her husband.

“Please?” I simply said, getting Myron moving to the door to the hallway. He began walking, as if in a dream, guided by Cindy. As I followed the applauding group, I turned to them and winked. They applauded some more.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(Author’s note: the full Orange Order ceremonial and initiation are described in ‘Case of the Paper Trail’, Ch. 03.)

Chief Moynahan and Myron Milton were taken to the Main Conference Room. Cindy went to tell Mary that obviously Myron would not be home that night while most of us were rounding up the rest of the TCPD to the Main Auditorium. My universal message went out, and phones all over the place were chirping or chiming in receipt.

Ten minutes later, we had just about everyone in the auditorium. I came in the side door and took the stage.

“Well, everyone,” I said, “since it’s only me up here, I’m sure you Detectives can figure out who at least one of the inductees is going to be.” There was laughter and applause; everyone knew the Chief normally used this gathering to address everyone. For him to not be here meant he had an evening of ‘patrollin’ to do.

“On behalf of the Council, the Sheriff, and the Chief, I want to congratulate you on yet another outstanding year.” I said. “We’ve had some tough challenges, particularly in front of television cameras and crews that are extremely hostile to you, and you’ve handled those challenges with distinction and professionalism. As always, I caution you to remember that loddy-doddy-everybody has a smartphone with a camera, and believes themselves to be the next journalist about to break a big story, at your expense, or they’re trying to get paid for footage of you doing something wrong. So keep doing what you’re doing, and let’s see if we can get through the rest of this year and next year without any Purple Orders.”

After the mostly polite applause died down, I said “Now it’s time to meet this year’s Class of Initiates into the Orange Order. First, your Police Chief, Sean Moynahan.” The Officers were standing as they applauded loudly as the Chief came up.

“And Data Supervisor Myron Milton!” I announced. The room erupted into even louder applause as Myron came up. The TCPD had heard that Myron had stood up to the FBI, and had maintained his professionalism even after his father was kidnapped and beaten nearly to death, as well as all Myron had done to help us solve crimes and defeat thugs. This was a well-deserved recognition.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At the Junction Station Depot, the Chief and Myron were put through the initiation. They both remembered to take their lanterns to the potty break. That won me $60, as only three people bet against me when I said they both would remember.

We began the Patrol of Honor. The initiates and their guides were let out at the southwest corner of Courthouse Square and began walking around the inside of it, while güvenilir bahis Police barricades kept people on the outside side of the streets. There were people lined up to watch, and many turned on their iPhone lights or had cigarette lighters, creating a sparkling sea of pinpoints of light.

Normally the group would circle Courthouse Square three times. This time, they only went around once, then headed south on Riverside Drive, past the Police Station and entrance to the fairgrounds. We were going to get the west-to-east walk down MLK Jr. Avenue out of the way quickly, then we would not be seen on the southside again until nearly dawn.

We usually have a Patrol cruiser ahead of us, clearing traffic and closing the street if necessary, and a Patrol cruiser and SUV behind. My radio was tuned to Channel 5 encrypted radio, and I heard it crackle.

“Alpha Point to Commander Troy.” said the radio.

“Go ahead, Alpha Point.” I replied.

“We’ve got a group of people in red shirts beginning to mass near the Cub Club parking lot.” said the radio.

“Shit.” said Chief Griswold, who was riding shotgun with me.

“Roger that, Alpha Point.” I said into the radio. “Be advised to steer the walkers into the street as they approach. Lt. Irwin, are you there?”

“Roger that, Commander.” said Lt. Irwin.

“Get armored Officers onto the sidewalks there.” I said. “Form a barricade.”

“Roger—” started Irwin, who then said “Commander, be advised that the red shirts are already moving to block the street…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chief Griswold was driving my SUV. I’d gotten out and brought Cindy with me. We were slowly approaching the line of red-shirted persons, nearly all black, some with chains with bicycle locks fastened to them, some with baseball bats, and some with what looked like crowbars. How dare they, I thought to myself. How dare they. We shall see who is really willing to use a crowbar, here.

I came up to Precinct Captain Thompson, who was in his robes, leading the others. Teresa was bringing up the rear. I knew both were authorized to be armed with multiple firearms. “Just follow me through them, Captain.” I said. Thompson nodded silently.

I had my orange crowbar at ‘port arms’, ready to use it as I approached the line of red-shirted thugs, and I could clearly see the logo on the shirts of someone planting a pennant on a hilltop. It was an ANTIFA logo, carefully copied from the Nazi propaganda groups of the 1930s. I thought of my great-grandmother and of Dr. Heinz, and did not stop walking as I came right up to the line.

There weren’t really very many of them. Some were still arriving at the scorched-out Cub Club site. Some were caught behind Police lines trying to get there. We had caught them unawares, they had been expecting us at least half an hour to an hour later.

I was the only Officer without a helmet on. I wanted the Enemy to see who was coming, and they did know. Everyone on my side was ready for the fight to begin. I figured I’d get at least four of them before they could get to me…

It didn’t happen. The red line broke open. The Red Sea, such as it was, parted. I walked right through, followed by Thompson, Moynahan, Milton, and Croyle. Cindy Ross brought up the rear, ready to use her crowbar and martial arts skills to wipe out as many of them as she could if they attacked.

We walked on down MLK Jr. Drive to near T-Square’s ‘Rhythms she is one of the most honorable people I’ve ever known…

“…and that is why I can’t suggest she be part of the Blood Order. In a way, she’s too good for it, too honest. And she is the person that keeps me coloring within the lines. She means well, but she might balk at doing some things that you and I would be willing to do.”

“We appreciate your own integrity in saying that.” said Chief Griswold. “I happen to agree, both that Captain Ross is a very special person, türkçe bahis and that she may not be what we are looking for in Blood Order candidates. Not everyone is suited for this, cut out for it.”

“Is there anyone you think is suited for it, Don?” asked Commander Zoe Singer.

“Yes.” I said. “Teresa Croyle.” I think they halfway expected me to say that; they showed no reaction to it when I said it.

“No one but you could suggest that name, Commander.” said Efram Elliot, who was very aware of Teresa’s old, bad story, of beating up Dean Allen and being ‘Teresa Cunt’. “But the fact that you are doing so is enough to sway me.” That made it a ‘done deal’.

Now in present time, I felt no regret for bringing Teresa into the Blood Order ‘clan’. But I wondered if I’d done Cindy a disservice…

Part 32 – Policeman’s Ball and Football

It was officially a ritual: I was awakened at 5:00pm, Saturday December 2d. I opened my eyes to see my four year old daughter’s eyes right above mine. “Wake up, Daddy.” Carole said with a huge grin. “It’s time to get ready for the Po-leece-man’s Ball.”

“Okay, Sweetie.” I replied. “Give me a big hug first.” Carole’s way of doing that was to collapse onto me, and I gave her the big hug. Then Laura came to the rescue and picked up Carole, and I went to the bathroom to wake up with a long, hot shower…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By sleeping in, I’d missed the first part of the Conference Championship game. The Tigers held a 14-10 lead over the Bulldogs late in the second quarter.

The Policeman’s Ball was at the Civic Center on the northwest corner of Courthouse Square, next to the State Office Building. Cindy had arranged for parking at Headquarters and the Fairgrounds to be met by a shuttle, which eased the inadequate parking congestion around the Civic Center (not to mention the expensive pay parking lot).

Laura and I got there early. Laura was wearing a lovely black gown, making sure it wasn’t too audacious. For University functions, she had no problem outclassing all the other of what she called ‘the bitches’ from Academia. For the Policeman’s Ball, she kept it simple and tasteful.

I was in my formal Uniform with medals and a tuxedo shirt and white tie, as was Chief Moynahan. Cindy was wearing her formal uniform with a skirt for the first time I could remember. Callie was wearing a beautiful light-blue gown and looked absolutely stunning. Todd came with Teresa, and of course looked handsome and virile in his tuxedo.

Needless to say, early arrivers were at the open bar, and were watching the game. Laura and I found a table near the back of the bar and watched, as well, and were soon joined by Cindy, Teresa, and their escorts. Many an eye turned to look at Callie. Many a female’s eye turned to look at Todd.

“Not looking good for the home team.” I whispered. It was 24-13 Tigers, and as we watched it was clear the Tigers were dominating the lines of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. As it grew dark outside, the Tigers ground out an eight minute drive and scored at the end, now leading 31-13 with 1:31 left to play. There were many groans in the room when the Tigers running back ran clean over a University defender and into the end zone.

And then came the Bulldogs on offense. Their desperation pass on 3d down was intercepted, and the Tigers came out to take the victory formation. The Bulldogs’ undefeated season and dreams of championships… was over. Cindy was by far the most depressed at the table. I offered to buy her a drink in consolation. (Yes, the drinks were free; hence, the ease of my offer to ‘buy’ her one…)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sheriff Daniel Allgood was glum as he took his place in the formal receiving line just before we opened the doors to the ballroom. His wife Melina, looking gorgeous in her black and white dress that accented her magnificent body, was trying to look güvenilir bahis siteleri somber, but the gleam in her eye showed me that she was one Wildcat that was not unhappy about today’s result.

First in line was the Mayor and his wife, followed by Sheriff Allgood and Melina. Next in line was Chief Sean Moynahan and his ‘date’… future Police Chief Molly Ross Evans. Then came me and Laura, then Fire Chief Quinlin and his wife (my first time meeting her, by the way). The Fire and Police Chiefs had agreed on a reciprocity of attendance for their respective formal banquets.

Chief Griswold and his wife were among those that came through the line, and they were loving it, hugging all of us as they came through. Todd and Teresa were among the first to come through, as well, and I was a bit surprised at the lack of awkwardness between them and Melina, unlike past years. Daniel was a bit awkward with everyone.

I found it unusual that so many non-Police personages came. The D.A. came. Paulina came with Sergeant Rudistan; I asked him how he landed such a hot date, and Paulina laughed and Micah just winked and gave me a thumbs-up. Regional SDOJ Director and former TCPD Police Chief Harold Bennett came, escorting State Attorney Jenna Stiles. Tanya Perlman and Jack Muscone came through; Tanya’s cheeks were rosy with perkiness, while Jack’s eyes betrayed his tiredness.

When Cindy and Callie came through the line, it started a buzz. I don’t know if anyone recognized Callie as one of the hottest porn stars in the Nation, but there were a lot of guys (and probably some gals) wishing they were Cindy Ross at that moment. Cindy looked as happy and proud as she could be to have Callie on her arm.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After the Mayor gave his opening remarks, the Chief said a few words about his pride at being Chief of such a great Police Force, and also stating is appreciation for being voted into the Orange Order, which got him applause. Then it was my turn and I stood up and went to the podium in the middle of the long table.

“First,” I said, “I have not failed to notice that Chief Moynahan outpunted his coverage by bringing this lovely young lady with him, Lt. Molly Evans of the Nextdoor County Police.” There was laughter and applause. Molly blushed.

“I do want to recognize that when Chief Moynahan was with the Midtown Police, then-Detective Evans was part of his outstanding team. She then came to Nextdoor County to be Vice Lieutenant, and we ended up with Chief Moynahan.”

“Obviously Nextdoor County got first choice.” called out Chief Moynahan, to more laughter and cheers. I just raised my eyebrows a couple of times.

“And they’re getting a lot more.” I said. “It’s my honor to announce to you tonight that in January, Molly Evans will become the Police Chief of the Nextdoor County Police Force, and we congratulate you on that.” The room rose to a standing ovation for a moment.

“It has been another year of great pride for me to be working with the best Police Force in the world.” I said, which of course got applause. “You all have made it look routine, but I know how much work and professionalism you’ve put into your jobs to make yourselves look so good.”

“Tonight, I want to recognize a special group. One of the best parts of the tradition of the Policeman’s Ball is that I get to see you with your spouses, your dates… I’ll just say ‘spouses’ from now on to keep it simple. And we on the Police Force know it but don’t say it enough that you, our spouses and loved ones, are behind us, supporting us, helping us do our jobs. So for tonight’s toast…” I picked up my wine glass and raised it as everyone stood up… “I want to recognize you. To our spouses and loved ones!”

“To our spouses and loved ones!” everyone cried out in unison. Glasses clinked and we all drank our toast.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Very touching, Darling.” Laura said to me as we ate our food. “I could tell that everyone appreciated you recognizing all the spouses out there.”

“I appreciate my spouse the most.” I said. “But yes, it has to be hard for a lot of these wives or husbands.”

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