The Slutty Daughter Ch. 01

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Have you ever read a story that seemed like it could have been much better if it were just a little longer? I have. I read The Slutty Daughter by Daveslounge and started thinking just how with a little length the story could be a lot better. Here is the longer version that was rolling around in my head

Jim’s hardness was painful. He sat on his porch looking down the street as the orange bus emptied of the school girls who attended St. Josephine’s. A stunning young beauty would step out of the bus only to be followed by another. Skirts that a few years earlier were the example of plaid demureness now seemed sinfully short. Creamy thighs were exposed trapped between plaid and knee high white socks.

A short while ago Jim had real guilt for looking at these developing women but over time he realized that it was just a natural reaction — they were beautiful. It helped that they were the seniors and it was the last day of their senior year so they were young but over 18. The other thing that forced him to get past his guilt was that having jerked off to the memories of the gang of young women so many times he had to get past his guilt in order to live with himself.

Finally, Jamie, one of those 18 year old beauties exited the bus. As she reached the bottom step she inhaled the fresh afternoon air. This caused her massive chest to stretch her already compromised button up shirt against her titanic proportions. Jim couldn’t exactly see it but several of the buttons were near failing. It was this girl, Jamie, who Jim felt the worst about. None of the others had starred in his nasty fantasies in the way that she did. None of them had made him cum so hard that his knees literally buckled. None of them besides Jamie were his daughter.

As the other high school seniors faded away Jamie came flying down the road towards the porch where her dad sat. Her movement and the bouncing of her chest did nothing to deflate Jim’s erection it only started twitching in his pants as he sat mesmerized by the girl. Her body was a sin. Jim had done what no father should do — he looked through her underwear to find out his daughter was a size 34 I. The poor man couldn’t help but fill that cup with his fatherly jizz. The guilt from that one act haunted him for several months but knowing the actual enormous size of his daughter’s breasts drove his budding obsession with her further. If the months that had followed he had filled bahis firmaları countless bras and panties with his sticky seed.

The only saving grace was that his daughter, as amazing as her body was, had a face full of acne. This seemed to help him maintain some balance as her acne was really bad and served to regulate his lust for her. Had she a beautiful face Jim was sure that the fact that she was his daughter would have done nothing to stop him from raping the girl — it barely did now.

Jamie dropped down on the swing opposite her father on the porch. She wasn’t a careful girl. She gave no thought to what she wore. Her legs splayed open as she sat giving her father a view directly between her thighs. Jim could see the tight fabric of her white panty stretched over his daughters mound and the wisps of red hairs that peeked around the edges. His cock was hurting now it was so hard.

“Daddy, daddy,” Jim heard Jamie calling and realized that he had been staring at his daughter’s panty clad pussy with his mouth agape. Jamie closed her legs saying, “daddy that’s very bad of you.”

Jim was caught and very embarrassed. He attempted to explain but only stumbled over his words.

“Is it hard daddy,” Jamie asked looking at her father.

“H-hard,” Jim choked out “is what hard princess” Though he was quite sure of what she was asking he hope he was wrong.

Looking towards her father’s crotch Jamie said, “it”. Seeing his face react she looked up at him directly in the eye, “is your p- your p- is your dick hard daddy?”

Jim was stunned. She asked him just like that. He didn’t know what to do. He tried to think of a way to change the direction of the conversation but then Jamie did something that he could not have been prepared for — she spread her legs again.

“Daddy, it makes me tingly to know that you are hard because of me…I get these funny feelings in the pit of my stomach and right between my legs and I don’t know what to do with myself,” Jamie explained attempting to look her father in the eye expect that his eyes were now focused between her thighs.

Jim was lost. The tight white panty was now becoming translucent as his daughter developed a wet spot. Jim could now make out the lips of his daughter’s forbidden treasure and his mind began reeling. She might have been his daughter but he wanted nothing more at that moment than to throw her down on the deck of the porch and kaçak iddaa fuck her hard. He was so lost in the fantasy that when his daughter’s hand touched his thigh he wasn’t even aware she had moved.

Jamie was sitting right next to him. He could smell her scent. It was some kind of flower. It was sweet. Intoxicating. Jim thought to himself at that moment that if his wife never came back home it would be too soon. Jamie’s hand was slowly moving up and down Jim’s thigh stopping just below where his obvious bulge tented his basketball shorts.

“Daddy, the other girls tell me there is something I can do about my acne and I want to know if you know if it is true,” Jamie said seemingly coming out of left field. This served to calm Jim a little although her hand so close to his sex kept him excited.

“Princess. What?”

“The girls daddy…they know we have tried everything to deal with my acne so they told me there is one thing that works but I am not sure if they are lying or not,” Jamie complained.

She looked down now, away from her father. “They say that — that a boy…” she took a deep breath “that a boy’s sperm can…”

Despite himself Jim’s cock jumped in his pants. “Princess…” She cut him off, “let me finish daddy! They say that a boy’s sperm can clear it up and that you have to get it directly from the boy…that he has to, oh boy, he has to shoot it directly on your acne. Daddy, I know this is weird but is that true? And if it’s true how do I get a…” She stopped realizing what she was about to ask her father. “I…I just am not a pretty girl, you know daddy, boys don’t — they don’t look at me like — they don’t want to — you know — they don’t…”

What had he done to deserve this torture was the thought in Jim’s mind. His daughter was suffering and under the belief that the thing to make everything better was to have a boy give her a facial and he was hard as a rock and so prepared to give her what she ‘needed’ except he was her father. He had to answer this as a father and not a dirty old man who wanted to fuck his own daughter.

“Listen princess, I don’t know about all of that but you need to know you are beautiful. Someday your acne will clear up and the boys will see you like I see you…” with his obvious hardness on display he wished he hadn’t said that. Jamie smiled. She looked up at her father, “I hope boys look at me like you do some day daddy.” Her smile got broader.

Jim kaçak bahis felt like a heel. His daughter could tell he wanted her that was obvious now. “Jamie, listen to me daddy is wrong for feeling certain things for his daughter. I just can’t help it. You have grown into a young woman and there are parts of you that any man who got past your face would react the same way. But, daddy shouldn’t…it isn’t right”

Jamie looked right into her father’s eyes and moved closer, she was inches from his face, and she reached her hand up the leg of his shorts grabbing his hard member, “daddy you are the only one who sees me like a woman. It makes me feel good, feel tingly and naughty. If it isn’t right I don’t know what is. Shouldn’t my daddy make me feel good when everyone else makes me feel bad?”

Jim was in heaven and hell all at the same time. His cock was lurching as his daughter spoke and stroked him. He knew in a part of him that was losing control that he had to stop this. He was on his porch in plain sight and his daughter was stroking his hard cock. He tried to form a coherent thought but the sensations were overwhelming. He felt his balls start to constrict.

“Daddy I need what you have, I need it bad, you can’t just let me suffer when you can help me,” she moved closer “you are just going to go inside and waste it instead of helping your princess” Jamie put extra emphasis on the words your princess and stroked her father faster. She could feel the convulsions in his shaft. “Daddy please shoot your cure on my face.”

Jim had no way of knowing if Jamie really knew what she was doing but when she asked him to cum on her face that was more than he could take and he started shooting in his shorts. He threw his head back and let out a moan as several ropes of jizz rocketed from his cock. It was fortunate for Jim that they lived so far from the other houses that while he could see the bus stop a quarter mile away that stop was between his house and the next closest house about a quarter mile in the opposite direction. So it was that the people a half mile from his home had no idea the explicit scene taking place on his porch.

As Jim came down from his orgasmic high his vision focused and he saw his daughter sitting next to him staring at her outstretched hand. It was covered in cum. Some had shot further up her arm past her wrist. It was dripping. “Daddy,” Jamie exclaimed excitedly “oh daddy that is more than enough for what I need?

Jim was incredulous. What was happening here? He jumped up grabbed the bottom of his shorts and dashed in the house trying not to drop any of his cum as he went.

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