The Stable Hand

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He watched her from across the field, flying like the wind on her horse. Her long auburn hair blew in the wind and her legs gripped her horse’s side like she was part of him. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

He was visiting a friend, who was her neighbor. From the first moment he saw her he knew he needed to have his cock in her. For 2 days he just watched her ride, the graceful way she became one with her horse. He finally made the decision to stop by for a visit, when his friend had business to do with Veronica’s father. That was her name, and he loved the way it rolled off his tongue.

They timed it so that she would just be returning from a ride which she did every evening. While Jake spoke to her father Mathew went over to see if she needed any help with her horse. He startled her when he spoke as she was washing her horse and turned quickly revealing she was wearing a white t shirt that was wet and revealing a pink lacy bra underneath and perfectly round breasts.

Sorry to startle you, my name is Mathew, my friend Jake is visiting your father and I thought I would introduce myself. I have watched you ride for several evenings and admired the way you ride. Veronica blushed when she realized how awful she must illegal bahis look drenched in soapy water with wind blown hair; little did she know this look is what attracted Mathew to her in the first place.

Can I help you with anything he asked her? Actually if you wouldn’t mind taking this saddle into the stable I would really appreciate the help she said timidly. She followed Mathew in, finally they were alone and he could make his move.

I am very attracted to you Mathew confessed to Veronica and again she blushed. Mathew reached his hand out to stroke her cheek and brush her hair away from her delicate face. She sighed and reached up holding his hand in hers, keeping it on her cheek, looking into his eyes. Mathew stepped forward pulling Veronica close to him, kissing her cheek.

He looked into her emerald green eyes for approval and much to his surprise found her quite willing. Instantly there lips met, her lips were warm and full against his and he couldn’t help kissing her passionately. To his surprise she ran her hand down the front of his jeans, feeling his already hard cock wanting to be free. Veronica kissed him passionately now, fumbling to undo his pants.

I don’t know what it is about you she said, but I feel out illegal bahis siteleri of control and very passionate. I want you here and now, please, she said in a quite tone. Mathew couldn’t refuse that offer and stripped her wet tshirt off of her to reveal her beautiful breasts. Mathew kissed his way down to her breasts while unhooking her bra, and placing his mouth on her nipple sucking gently. Veronica was already moaning with pleasure.

As Mathew sucked on her nipples he removed her jeans and was thrilled to feel her bald pussy. He slowly kissed his way down her body to her fresh pussy, pressing his fingers into her pussy while he licked her clit. She was now very wet and hot.

Please let me taste your cock Mathew, she pleaded. Mathew dropped his jeans and his cock sprung to life, Veronica didn’t waste any time engulfing his whole cock in her mouth. Her tongue swirling around the base and with one hand she reached up and squeezed his balls. Slowly now she was working his cock deeply in and out of her mouth.

But Mathew wanted her pussy and knew if he didn’t stop now he would be cumming in her mouth. He wanted that as well, but after he was done fucking her, so she could taste her own pussy juice on his cock.

He pulled canlı bahis siteleri back and leaned her over a saddle on the rack in front of them. Pressing his body against hers, he kissed her neck, reaching around to fondle her perfect breasts. Slowly he ran his cock against her wet pussy, trying to keep calm and make it last. Her body was rocking into him and slowly he pushed his cock into her tight pussy.

Veronica was moaning and it was obvious she was enjoying this position. Mathew could feel her pussy gripping his cock when he was deep inside her. Then she reached down and started playing with his balls while his cock slid in and out of her pussy. Mathew could hardly wait any longer; he ran his hand through her hair and started fucking harder and faster.

When he felt her pussy muscles tighten with no release along with her heaving moaning he knew she was very close and so was he. Please fill me with your cum Mathew I need you to cum now, she said in a very desperate voice, pressing her body into me. That was all it took, Mathew fucked her hard and fast gripping her hair as her body shook with orgasm and he filled her pussy with his cum.

Veronica dropped to her knees while she still shook in orgasm for several minutes. Then she turned and slowly cleaned off his cock with her tongue, not to miss any of their juices. Veronica stood up and Mathew kissed her, tasting her pussy, she whispered that she wanted him to come visit more often, she could always use help in the stable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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