The Study Fucker: Jeanette

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Hey, David here. I’ve got another Study Fucker story for you. This time I bang Jeanette Ulahmed.

But first, my usual background info. I’m a student at Wayne State University on a Basketball scholarship. I have four female friends (Uhuva Blumenfield, Tina O’Reily, Alyssa Monroe, and Jeanette Ulahmed) who I’ve known since High School or longer and are four of the hottest women on campus. I’d decided to bang them each at private “study” sessions, but I wanted them to come to me. I fucked Uhuva around midterms our first year. Then, around finals our second semester, Tina and I got it on at the basketball stadium. Six months later, I screwed Alyssa’s brains out in her dorm room.

Jeanette was a five-five, blonde French-Canadian exchange student and cheerleader with D-cup tits. She was also a nymphomaniac who had fucked her way through the entire football team at our high school after learning from a doctor that she had damaged ovaries and would never have children. She even had her own porn website where she and two fellow nymphomaniac WSU cheerleaders could be witnessed fucking various men.

When she called me and asked me to go on a road trip with her for a couple of weeks of summer break, I had a suspicion that she wanted me on her site. That suspicion was confirmed when I got bahis firmaları to her van and found her friends in the front seats. Behind the wheel was Gina Kim, a small, pretty Asian with a tight body. In the passenger seat, holding a camera was Susan Jefferson, a 5′ 10″ African-American with flawless chocolate skin, large brown eyes and natural 36D tits. Both were wearing minimalist outfits- tops cut high at the bottom and low at the neckline, and very short skirts- that did lots for their figures and the imagination.

Susan smiled at me. “Climb in.”

We took off down the street. “Where’s Jeanette?”

A sexy voice came from behind me. “Right here, sweetie.”

I turned around and there, on the backseat, was Jeanette. She was lying down on the seat. Her tan, beautifully proportioned body was clothed in a sexy schoolgirl outfit. My eyes bugged for just a second, then reality hit me.

I smiled. “So, I take it you want me on the site.”

“Yep. Tina, Uhuva, and Alyssa told me you were a phenomenal fuck, so I figured you’d be perfect.”

“You want me to come back there, or are you gonna come up here?”

“Sit back down, I’ll come to you. Susan?”

“Right.” Susan turned on the camera. “And… Go.”

Jeanette looked into the camera and smiled. “This is my friend kaçak iddaa David. Word from several around here is that he is well-hung and a great lay. We’ll see.”

She leaned over and kissed me. She was a great kisser. As we kissed we began to explore each other with our hands. I ran my left hand under her shirt and played with her left tit, causing her to moan in pleasure. My other hand slid under her skirt and cupped her bare-unclothed mound. I slipped a finger inside.

“Wow, you don’t waste time.” She reached for my cock, which was already rock-hard. “Neither do I.”

She reached under my pants and grabbed my cock. “Hmm, you are well-hung. I’d say about 10 inches.”

“Dead on, baby.”

“I’ll have to examine further.” She slid down to the floor and began undoing my pants. The girl was skilled, she had me out in the open in seconds. She took me in hand, then slipped me into her mouth.

Jeanette was a very formidable cocksucker, not surprising given how much practice she’d had. Once or twice, she let go of my shaft and sucked my balls. She even deep-throated me a few times. She had me coming down her throat after only a few minutes. She swallowed every drop.

She climbed up and stood on the seat with her feet on either side of me, grabbed a hold of some straps kaçak bahis fastened to the ceiling and commanded, “Eat me!” I quickly obliged, lifting her skirt up and fastening my mouth to her cunt.

“Oh that’s good!” she shouted, “You ought to have me cumming in no time.” After that, she said nothing sensical for a few minutes until she finally screamed, “OH GOD, I’M CUMMMMMIIINNNGGGG!!!” and came intensely.

“Whew, man. If that’s how you eat pussy, I can’t wait to find out how you fuck.”

“Climb aboard, baby.”

She lowered herself onto my cock. She was tight, surprisingly tight considering her vivacious sex life. She must have done pussy tightening exercises.

We fucked in that position for several minutes, until she suddenly climbed off and bent herself over the back of the seat. “Do me doggie?” she asked. I quickly obliged and began ramming her hard.

She soon came and- after she caught her breath- asked me to give her anal. I slammed my big dick into her ass and fucked her hard. She began to scream and soon came again. I finally came not long after.

“So, what’s the verdict?” asked Susan. “How many out of ten?”

After glancing at me, Jeanette looked back at the camera and grinned.

“Ten out of ten.”

Susan switched off the camera as Gina called out from the front seat, “We’re almost to our first stop. Get dressed and we’ll have lunch,” She turned around and winked, “Then get back in and switch positions.

“I think it’s Susan’s turn.”


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