The Surprised Attraction Ch. 03

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Note from the Author: Hey guys so my schedule is getting hectic these next two weeks so this one is a little shorter but a needed chapter as you will see things start to build up here. I will be moving around a lot so I hope that I can upload the next chapter soon as well seeing as that should be the breaking point sort to say. I hope you guys are still entertained and like the progression, and keep the comments coming. I take everything into consideration. I do this for me but mostly for you guys. <3 -MilotheGreat ————————————————— Chapter 3: Later that night… The apartment was still. Leah slept on the couch, cuddle up in the blanket to escape the cold. Everything was quiet until a small noise was heard coming down the hall. It was hard to make out at first but when it got louder, Leah awoke from moans behind the door at the end of the hall. She lay there, eyes still closed, trying to get herself to go back to sleep but her ears were persistent on paying attention to what was happening in the apartment. The moans were combined with heavy breathing. They were getting heavier and heavier as time went by. Leah just laid there and listened. She listened with her ears but also let her body listen as well. She was starting to get aroused and let her hand explore her body. She massaged her tits through her pajamas and squeezed her nipples. The moaning was getting louder and louder followed by heavier and heavier breathing. Her hands started to apply pressure. She let one free to explore the rest of her body while the other one squeezed her tit and nipple. Down her belly button all the way to the bottom of her pussy, she let her hand go up and down, slowly turning her on even more. The breaths and moans stopped for a little but were rejuvenated a short while after. Leah still let her hands work magic on herself. She let her hand rest on her clit. Round and round slowly, she massaged her pussy. The moaning alone had her panties wet as she started to slide her hand into her pajama bottoms. She felt the wet spot she made and it turned her on even more. She slid her panties to the side to free her pussy and rest her hand on her clit. She started to move her hand round and round, massaging her clit. Uncontrollably, she let out a small moan which was covered up by and even louder moan down the hall. It was louder than before and made Leah shoot her eyes open. She stopped her hands and just sat there still. The moans stayed at this loud noise. Someone was getting fucked now. She started to move her hand around her clit again only to stop shortly after. She retracted her hand. “What am I doing,” Leah whispered to herself. She was in someone else’s house and masturbating to someone else having sex. She knew this was wrong and weird but she was so turned on. It seemed like her hand had its own mind because it was already back on her clit. She didn’t massage herself. She lifted the covers up quietly and brought her feet to the ground. She sat up and listened for a bit. She was getting hornier and hornier just listening so she got up. She started to quietly inch her way closer to the moans. They got louder as she inched forward. She was at the intersection of the living room, the kitchen, the hallway, and Sam’s room. She stopped for a second and just placed her hand on her pussy. She was very wet which she felt right away. She lifted bahis firmaları her leg to moved but stopped dead in her steps when she heard a new noise come from her right. It was light and quiet but Leah could make it out. She changed directions.

She was only a few steps away from Sam’s room. She stepped as quiet as possible, almost making no noise. Once she reached the door it was clearly evident what was happening. The door was not closed and cracked enough to allow Leah to observe the room. Soft moans were emanating from the bed and now Leah had the picture to go along with it. Kelly was on her back with Sam in between her legs licking her pussy up and down. He was using his novel method once again that made Kelly go crazy. This was also turing Leah on whole lot more than the mystery moans coming from the hall.

‘Why is my sister getting eaten out by her boyfriend so hot,’ She thought to herself.

She started to feel up her body once again. One hand massaging her firm tit while the other one ventured into her panties. She started to rub her clit to the image of her sister getting eaten out. She started to lick her lips as if she wanted in on the action as well. She saw her sister arch her back and she did the same. They were both on the same rhythm. They were building up at the same pace. Leah kept her circles going with the same speed as Sam’s tongue swirling around Kelly’s clit. Sam was writing a master piece. Kelly’s back started to arch more and more, faster than all the other times. Leah followed and did the same but she couldn’t hold herself. She clenched the door handle for balance as she continued to rub her clit, still glued to the sight of her sisters pussy. Kelly was letting out harder moans now and grabbing onto everything she could to get a grip of her orgasm. She was at her edge and so was Leah. They both reached their climax at the same time and moans shot from Kelly’s mouth. Leah had to hold back, she had to control herself.

She could hold her moans in but she couldn’t help but let her orgasm over take her body. She squirmed as she stood holding onto the door handle. After a few seconds she was able to control herself and get a hold of the situation. Her orgasm though forced her to open the door further. Not too much though just a crack more to allow a head to peep in.

Leah stood there and had to think about what just happened. She had just masturbated and orgasmed to her sister and her boyfriend. Why did she find that so hot. She had to shake it from her head and get to sleep. As she let the door handle go she snuck a peek back in and saw that her sister as forcing herself on top of Sam. Kelly’s back was to the door so Leah peeked her head in slightly. She saw Sam’s cock, erect and pointing towards the sky.

‘Oh my god,’ She mouthed to herself.

She was starting to get turned on again but this time by Sam’s hard cock. Kelly positioned herself on top of Sam and lowered herself slowly. Her pussy was resting on the head of his cock. Leah reached her hand down again and placed it back on her clit. Kelly teased Sam a little bit by bouncing on the tip of his cock while Leah slowly massaged her clit. She made her way down to the opening of her pussy and felt the wetness that her sister had caused. She was stunned but so turned on.

Kelly finally lowered herself down and let her pussy take in Sam’s whole cock. She stayed all the kaçak iddaa way on the bottom so her clit was touching his pelvis. Leah let her middle finger venture into her pussy and mimicked her sister. Kelly just rocked back and forth on Sam’s dick giving him pleasure but also building her orgasm up again from her clit rubbing on his pelvis. Leah played with the inside of her pussy with her middle finger as she saw what her big sister was doing.

Kelly grabbed Sam’s hands and brought them to her tits. Leah followed and let her free hand massage her tit as Sam massaged her sisters. Kelly started to bounce up and down on Sam’s cock. Leah, once again, followed and retracted her finger from her pussy but put it right back in as Kelly took Sam’s cock right back into her. Up and down. In and out. The two sisters were in perfect harmony.

Leah retracted her finger as Kelly did with Sam’s cock but she didn’t follow anymore with her sister. She placed it back on her clit and started to massage herself to the pace her sister was going. Up and down, Kelly rode Sam’s cock slowly building his orgasm. Leah moved her fingers all around her clit building herself up even faster this time. She had about 30 seconds before she was about to climax for a second time but she wanted to hold it. She wanted to cum with Sam. Leah slowed down her pace and watched for Sam’s movements. Up and down, Kelly rode Sam’s cock even faster.

“Im.. about to cum,” Sam whispered.

Leah heard this and started to speed up again. Round and round. Up and down. The two sisters worked the orgasms. Sam grabbed onto Kelly’s ass as he got dangerously close to cumming. Leah saw this and it pushed her even faster. 10 seconds. Sam shot his cum into his girlfriends pussy and let the ecstasy take over his body. Leah rubbed her pussy and reached her orgasm a couple seconds after Sam. She had to have one hand on the wall next to the door to keep herself from collapsing into the room from her orgasm. It was strong, much stronger than the last one. She just stood there. Ecstasy overcoming her body. She watched as Kelly fell to her side and laid with Sam, both in pure bliss.

Leah’s orgasm subdued and she slowly crept away. She found her way back to the couch and laid down. She didn’t go to sleep. Just laid there, pondering what just occurred.

‘I just watched my sister get eaten out by her boyfriend and then fucked him,” Leah thought to herself. ‘I came twice from this. That was so wrong. But it was so hot. And the party before. I wanted Sam to take me right there. You have a boyfriend Leah!’

She placed her hand on her pussy and closed her eyes to bring back the scene she just saw. She was so confused but so turned on. She didn’t know what to make of it. The covers returned to the position they were in before she got a late night show and she moved flipped to her side. Smiling, Leah drifted off to a blissful sleep.


It was a quiet morning. Nobody awoke until 12 pm. Kelly got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. On the way she saw that Leah was still asleep and cuddle in her blankets. She got to the bathroom and out came Jack in a towel. He looked as if he had been up for hours.

“Morning,” Kelly said.

“Sleep alright?” Jack replied.

“Mmm very good. How about you?”

“I was kept up all night. Barely got any sleep. Dan was putting in some work kaçak bahis and his friend was surely loving it.”

“Oh I’m sorry, that sucks.”

“Eh no biggie. Just got back from a run to wake me up a bit. Im gonna make some eggs you want some?”

“Im ok thanks.”

She entered the bathroom and did her morning routine. Jack went and through on some clothes and walked to the kitchen like he was on a mission. He turned the stove on and started to get his ingredients out. Once the pan was warm he buttered it up and tossed a few eggs into it making a loud sizzling noise as they hit. This plus the smell woke Leah up. She rose from her slumber and sat upright on the couch.

“Morning sleepyhead.” Jack said.

“Good morning Jack.”

“Would you like some eggs? Some might say I’m a master egg maker.”

“Mmm that smells good. You can put me down for an order chef.” Leah got up and joined him in the kitchen.

Jack let the eggs cook in the pan and went to the fridge. He got some orange juice out and poured two glasses. He handed a glass to Leah and took a swig of his.

“Thank you.” Leah said.

“Good morning Leah,” A voice came from behind.

“Hey Kelly, how’d you…” She paused thinking back to what happened last night. “Sleep.”

“I slept alright. How about you. I’m sorry all we had was the couch.”

“The couch was actually quiet comfortable. I slept like a rock.”

“That’s good. Also I am going to come home with you once we leave.”

“Ok sounds good. Do you need to pick up your stuff?”

“Yeah but that shouldn’t take very long.”

“Ok so you want to leave after I have this breakfast that Chef Jack cooked up?”

Jack tipped his imaginary chef hat to the girls.

“Sure but I wouldn’t say he’s a chef.”

“Oh what do you know.” Jack said to Kelly.

“I’ve had your cooking. Sub par.” Kelly replied. “Im gonna get dressed.”

Jack handed a plate to Leah. She took it to what they called a dining room table but was a small table for an apartment. She sat down and started eating. It wasn’t that good, like Kelly said, but Leah lied to Jack and told him that it was good. He joined her and they ate together as Kelly got ready.

After 10 minutes, Kelly emerged with a sleepy Sam. He had bed head but still pulled off that look.

“You ready to go?” Kelly asked Leah.

“Yep just let me get my purse and things. Good morning Sam.”

“Morning. Did you sleep alright?”

“Yes thank you for letting me crash on your couch.”

“Not a problem. You’re welcome anytime.”

“That’s right!” Jack agreed.

Leah got her things and said goodbye to the boys that were awake. Kelly leaned into Sam and gave him a big kiss seeing as they were going on a month long break. They started to head to the door but Kelly stopped. She looked back at Sam.

“Hey, I just remembered. Do you want to be my plus one at this wedding we were invited to?” Kelly asked Sam.

“Yes! You should come. It will be really fun.” Leah said.

“Eh, I don’t know. This is last minute and I don’t know whose wedding it is.”

“It’s my cousin. Trust me it will be fine. It will save me for boredom.”

“Me too.” Leah said.

“Just go, ya pussy.” Jack said.

“Alright, alright.” Sam gave in. “Day and time.”

“Next Saturday, be at my house at 10.”

“Damn, thats early. Alright i’ll be there.”

Kelly rushed over and gave him a kiss on the cheek and returned to Leah to leave the apartment. Sam waited until they both left and went back to his room. He hit the bed and slept until the afternoon.

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