The Taming of Anne Pt. 01: The CPR Class

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My neighbor Ann was recently certified as a CPR instructor and looking for some experience teaching a class. My wife suggested she teach my crew their refresher. I agreed and set it up for the following week. Since my crew is working remote, we needed to have the class where they are, a little over 3 hours away. I told Ann I could get a room with 2 beds and she could stay with me, she and my wife were fine with the arrangement. I scheduled a small conference room in a hotel and booked a room with 2 queen beds so we could stay over after the class.

Ann is about 5’11” and rail thin, she has a nice ass and C cup breasts which seem large on her frame. I pick her up the morning of the class, we load her CPR dummies in the car and hit the road. She is wearing her usual black stretch leggings, a jog bra, and a loose t-shirt. We discuss the guys in the class and how CPR has changed over the years, just light chit chat to pass the time.

We arrive at the hotel and I ask for my room, since I primarily stay at that chain, they let me check in early. We go to the room to drop off our bags and I ask he which bed she wants? She chose the bed closer to the bathroom, since she gets up to pee a few times in the night. The class was uneventful, her ass on display sure had the guys attention as she was demonstrating the lifesaving technique.

After the class we were hungry, she asked if she had time for a shower since she worked up a sweat. I perabet offered to get some carryout while she showered. We got to the room and I took her food order and she grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom. As I heard the door lock, I grabbed a clean shirt out of my bag and changed to a clean shirt and headed out.

The food run took a while, it seems like everyone wanted Wendy’s.

As I entered the room I heard a moan, as I rounded the corner, I saw Anne lying on the bed. She was on her stomach wearing nothing but a pair of leopard panties. Her face was buried in my sweaty shirt with he hand in her panties rubbing her pussy. By the sound of things she was close to Orgasm, just then she started bucking her hips wildly and came. I was frozen, I didn’t know what to do, as I was pondering my next action, she noticed me. In an embarrassed grab and dash to the bathroom, she was out of site in a flash. My cock was hard as a rock, the image of her beautiful ass rhythmically moving her pussy over her hand. I wanted to pull out my cock and jerk off right away, but I didn’t want her to come out of the bathroom and find me stroking like a pervert.

It seemed like an eternity before she emerged from the bathroom, red faced she entered the room. She explained my smell was turning her on during the class, and the shower water pressure didn’t satisfy her. After I took so long, she kept smelling my smell, she thought it was he perabet giriş imagination. She finally located the source of the smell and put my shirt to her face, and I saw the rest. She begged me not to tell anyone, especially her husband. I got up and walked around the room, contemplating what I should do, then it hit me.

I walked over to her bag and reached in, I heard her ask “What are you doing?” I pulled out the leggings she wore all day and put them to my nose and inhaled. Again she asked, “What are you doing?”

I was in another world, smelling her sweet smell, I walked over to my bed and laid down smelling her sweaty pussy on her leggings, she noticed the bulge growing in my pants and said “Oh my god you’re not going to…”

I inhaled deeply and said “This is the price for me keeping your secret. You can watch, or head down to the lobby for a few minutes.” She just sat there staring at the bulge in my pants. I unzipped and pulled out my throbbing cock and began to stroke it, occasionally swapping from looking at her reaction to sniffing her leggings. She couldn’t look away, she couldn’t sit still, her hips were constantly moving. I moved he leggings so I was looking right at the moist inner crotch and gave them a lick. I could taste her sweet pussy and heard her groan, the kind of involuntary sound you make when you are turned on.

Anne reached over and started stroking my cock for me, she leaned in perabet güvenilir mi and wrapped her lips around my throbbing cock. I was close and announced “I was coming.” Her pace picked up and I started coming in her mouth. I expected her to pull off, but she wanted to swallow my come. I blew a huge load of come in her mouth which she swallowed without hesitation. She moved up and kissed me deeply, I could taste my come in her kiss. She moved back down and started cleaning my sloppy deflated cock, I started to get hard again. As she breathed life back into my cock, I started to pull off her t-shirt, exposing he beautiful tits with her tiny hard nipples. She stood up and slid her shorts and panties off in one motion. I pull her hips to my face and she mounts my face in a 69 position. Grinding her pussy on my face and mouth, I taste her sweetness as she begins to come. She slides down my body and mounts me, staring into my eyes, she slides my cock into her wet pussy.

I reach up and cup her beautiful breast she grinds her pussy on me. Like a possessed animal, she speeds up her grind and comes again, but doesn’t stop. I put my hands on her hips as she speeds up her pace. I want to slow her down and pick up my knees and pull he face to mine. We kiss a sweaty sloppy kiss as she is trying to get as much cock in her as possible. With my knees up she only gets about 2/3’s of my cock and she is getting impatient. She leans back and pushes my knees down, sitting on top of my cock she starts to ride me again. I reach around he ass and probe he little ass hole, she starts to vocalize louder as I slip a finger in her ass. We come together like an avalanche, collapsing on the bed in a sweaty heap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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