The UPS Man

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Racing to get ready to take my car in for a tune up appointment I had scheduled for this afternoon, the last thing I needed to hear was the doorbell. But there it was, and whoever needed my attention was not letting up on the bell. Grabbing my bathrobe and now racing to the door, I soon discovered my pesky bell ringer to be none other than the UPS man. My favorite UPS man to be exact. Bob was a guy in his 20’s, and loved the art of flirting. In fact, he would rate a master of flirting. And being in my 40’s, I loved every flirtatious remark. I could also hand them out.

Living out in a wooded area at the lake, which borders the town, I tend to see him a lot. I did most of my shopping through catalogs and over the Internet, so packages were a frequent delivery at my house. I loved the convenience and the privacy the allowed me. And having Bob stop by frequently, was definitely a plus. Bob was tall, toned, and well tanned. His smile was breath taking, and I loved flirting with him, and he with me.

“Nice robe,” he said with a big smile and a wink.

“You caught me coming out of the shower. I have an appointment for my car today, and I am running late. What have you got for me today?” I asked.

“Well, I am not sure, but it is damaged and we need to complete paperwork on it,” Bob said.

We have done this process before, and quite frankly I had no time for it today. I took the box and made my way over to the table, and Bob followed me. “If you want some iced tea, help yourself,” I offered him.

He headed to the kitchen. The poor man was here so much he could probably make the tea himself. As he helped himself, I began opening the box, and soon discovered the box to be filled with toys I had ordered from one of the sex shops I visited down in New Orleans recently while there on business. I started taking them out one at a time, and wondered how Bob would react seeing them. Maybe it was time to turn up our flirtatious game a notch or two.

Bob returned to the front room and asked if anything was broken. I held up a big flesh colored dildo and said, “This one seems to be ok, but the vibrator I ordered seems to be cracked a bit on the top of it. Do you want me to try them to see if they work alright?” I asked, with a flirtatious grin. “I would hate to inaccurately complete the paperwork.”

“Well, that would be the most appropriate, but you do know I have to ensure you are telling the truth, so I would have to watch,” Bob said, now taking the vibrator from my hand.

“Let me get some fresh batteries.” I said , and then headed to the kitchen. If he wanted me half as much as I wanted him, this was going bahis firmaları to be good.

Bob followed behind me, and I was soon loading the blue vibrator with fresh batteries. I turned the dial, and it was soon purring in my hands.

“Sounds good to me,” Bob said.

“Sound isn’t everything,” I told him, and then added, “The important thing is the touch.” I moved the vibrator over my lips, and slowly inserted it in my mouth. “Mmmmmmm,” I moaned.

I glanced at Bob who was now adjusting the massive bulge in his shorts. He handed me the dildo he had been carrying around, and wanted to know if it too went through the same testing. Taking it, from him, I stroked my lips, briefly. I then went to the kitchen sink and ran it under warm water, and then placed it back to my lips. The feel of the warm water on my lips made me think of how good a warm cock felt gliding over my lips as well. The dildo was an impressive 8 inches long, and two inches in diameter. I gently began licking the tip swirling my tongue around it. The smooth feel of the wet rubber reminded me of how smooth and spongy the tip of a cock was.

“Mmmm, not bad,” I said.

Bob was fixated on watching my every move. There was no turning back at this point. The hell with the car’s need for a tune up. The only tune up now on my mind was my own. The tools were available and Bob would be the mechanic. I pushed the dildo past my lips, slowly, scraping my teeth over the smooth rubber texture, and moved it to the back of my throat. Taking it deep, I could see Bob now stroking his cock through his pants. Bob wasn’t the only one getting excited. I could feel my own urges building, and knew my pussy was becoming wetter as time passed.

I moved to the table, and setting one leg up on a chair, I allowed the robe to fall away from me some, but at this point, I wasn’t allowing Bob any free peeks.

“Let’s see if this works OK,” I said with a purr to my voice.

He continued to rub his cock, and was leaning against the wall to support his weight. I took the vibrator and moved it to my wet slit. The feel of the small pulsating surges moved over my shaved pussy, and with Bob watching me, I was feeling very erotic. I moved the vibrator over my clit and allowed the pleasure I was feeling to build. I was beginning to feel rather warm, so I untied my robe, and let it fall off my shoulders, now exposing my full breasts. Still standing in such a way, even with the robe now almost off, Bob still had no clear view of my pussy, which I know was killing him. I took the vibrator and placed it on one of my nipples, and watched as the small surges helped to tighten and swell kaçak iddaa it.

I glanced over at Bob, who now had his cock out of his shorts and was stroking it. Our eyes met, and he moaned, “Oh baby, this is so fucking erotic.” I took the vibrator and placed it in my mouth, slowly moving it over my lips. I was feeling my own pleasure building, and returned the vibrator to my pussy. Turning up the speed, I pushed it in, and allowed my moans of pleasure to fill the kitchen. My clit was so engorged, and I could feel my wetness spill out of me. As I neared the edge, I took the dildo and began fucking myself.

“Ohhh yeah, baby, fuck it hard.” Bob said as he began jerking his cock faster and faster.

One last thrust of the dildo before an intense orgasm rocketed through me, and I looked over at Bob who was nearing his climax as well. His eyes were closed, and he was making primal grunts. When he finally came, his cum shot across the kitchen and landed on the counter. It was too wild. I watched as his climax subsided and his body seemed to move less from the jerking spasms I just witnessed. When I had his attention again, I removed my robe completely and now walked to the counter naked. I took a finger and swiped his cum off the counter and licked my finger.

As Bob watched me he said, “Jesus, you are fucking hot.”

I looked back at him, and told him I was only “beginning to simmer.” Walking over to him, I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards me. I sat on the kitchen chair and pulled him close to me. I took his semi erect cock in my hand, and began sucking it. I wanted to feel the softness disappear from him in my mouth. The tip was so smooth, and I could taste the remains of his first orgasm. I grabbed his balls with both hands and began massaging them. Bob began his own massage session on my breasts, and I could feel them almost swell again to his touch. My nipples were rock hard and ached for attention.

“Taste my nipples,” I told him. He moved his mouth to one nipple and began to suck, teasing it as his tongue swirled around it. He was again rock hard, and grabbed his cock and began moving it in and out of my mouth, taking as much as I could with each thrust in.

His hands pulled my head into him, holding me close, working his fingers through my hair. I loved sucking and licking his hard cock. I loved the power of making a man harden in my mouth. My tongue expertly moved up and down his shaft. I took almost the entire length in my mouth, and scraped my teeth over the smooth skin as it left my mouth. I could hear Bob’s breathing increase. I moved to his balls and gently sucked them and could feel them kaçak bahis tighten in response to my attention to them.

Bob let go of my head, and pulled me up onto my feet. His mouth came down on mine hard, and his tongue pushed into my mouth, sucking on my tongue. He was a powerful kisser. He moved me over to the counter, and asked me to sit on the it. This one of the times I was grateful to have a big counter, without clutter. As I laid back, Bob took my feet and helped me put them his shoulders. He wasted no time moving to my saturated pussy. Pushing his tongue deep into my slippery core. His fingers fondling my clit, rolling it, pulling it. The sensations moved through me. He slurped at my juices which nourished his need for me. My legs pulled his shoulders into me. Bob moved to my clit and began pleasuring it with his tongue while his fingers expertly sought out my G-spot. I could feel the waves of pleasure move through me, and I soon began lifting my hips and pumping into his face, as another orgasm began erupting in me. It hit me in consecutive wave, one right after another. I finally felt as if I had to push his head away, as the intensity would not let up.

He pulled away and I could see his face, now totally covered in my juices. He licked his lips, and pulled me up to a sitting position. He helped me off the counter, and moved me to the table. I leaned forward, laying on the table, and he moved in behind me. Moving my legs further apart with his feet, he was able to move in closer for easier penetration. Moving into me, his cock found my pussy with ease, and in no time, Bob was fucking me hard. He pumped in and out of me, not missing a beat in a perfect rhythm. He grabbed my breasts, and seemed to hold on to them for dear life. It wasn’t long before I could feel him climax again, moaning with each thrust.

“Oh God, this is so fucking good. Your pussy is so tight. Oh God, I am cummmming again.”

As his thrusts slowed, I milked his cock with my muscles, attempting to squeeze every drop of his climax from him. His moans subsided, but he continued to pant in short rapid breaths. He pulled me up, and turned me towards him, again kissing me, although, this time with less force. Contented kisses.

Moving away from me, Bob began to dress. “I’ll write up that report. I just hope there are no problems. Sometimes reports get lost and the supervisor wants us to follow up again.” Bob was smiling.

“Bob, if there are any problems, please don’t hesitate to come by,” I said to him.

“I’m happy your goods were not damaged.” He said as he headed out the door. I watched him as he returned to the truck. He wasn’t down the street too far, and I had out a catalog and the phone in my hand ready to order. I needed some new panties and bras.

“Hello, I have a special order. Can I get it delivered in 24 hours? I asked the operator.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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