The Wave (Her)

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This story is also available from HIS point of view, named “The Wave (him)”.


It was sunny! I had just arrived at the beach with two of my friends, Joanne and Cathy. We grabbed our stuff out of my car and started walking up the beach, looking for a good place to set up.

“Let’s go further that way,” Jo said, pointing to the left.

“Yeah, it is too crowded here,” I agreed. There were a lot of parents and kids right at the entrance to the beach, and it was rather noisy. Most of it was the kids and the crashing waves, but even the parents yelling at their kids was annoying. We walked past everyone so that we were the furthest from the entrance, chattering the whole way which, as I admit, we three could do very well. There was a long stretch of beautiful white sand before another crowd of people was visible.

I was hot and I wanted to get into the water right away, so as soon as we set up I ran out and dove into an enormous wave. It was so nice and cool! It had been way too long since I had been here; too busy with work and life in general. My ex-boyfriend had never brought me here because he hated the heat, and the one before him always took long stares at all the other scantily clad girls passing by, so annoying. (Both of them were really good in bed, but it was always in a bed, never anywhere interesting.) So I was glad to be back, not having to worry about anyone else but myself for a change. I looked back to see Cat and Jo coming in after me.

“Come on, you big babies!” I yelled. They were slowly wading in, as if they hoped to get in without actually getting wet. I knew they hated the cold, but it wasn’t THAT bad. They both screamed as a big wave toppled over them, and I laughed. Eventually they caught up to me, past the place where the waves were breaking.

Cathy said, “Why is it so cold? It’s so nice today!” she flicked away a tiny chunk of driftwood floating by. “Hey, did you see the guy beside us, Steph?” I hadn’t paid much attention.

“Yeah, ” chimed Jo, “It looked like he was reading a book, but even through his sunglasses I saw him raise his eyebrows when you went into the water. He was totally checking you out!”

I glanced towards the beach and waited for a wave to collapse. There was a guy sitting in a beach chair in the shade of some trees not too far from our site, reading a thick hard-cover book. But the girls were right; he was wearing sunglasses. I wondered momentarily if he had noticed me, but then I just turned around.

“Nah, you’re imagining things.” I said. Cat and Jo were smiling slightly and looking at me as we all jumped over a swell. My halter top itched around my neck and I adjusted it a bit.

Jo looked at Cat and said “She does need a new boyfriend, you know.”

“Yep, and it looks like this one actually *likes* being on the beach.” Cat replied. I splashed them both and they screamed and giggled. I had often lamented, (whined about, actually), the fact that my other boyfriends had never come here with me. I retied my halter top again to try to get rid of the itch.

“What’s wrong with you?” asked Jo.

“I dunno, just an itch.” I knew it was a mistake the moment the words left my mouth. The other two grinned again.

“Maybe sweet-stuff can scratch it for you, if you know what I mean.” laughed Jo. I took another glance at our neighbour. He *was* a looker, even from this distance. The idea of meeting a new guy was always exciting to me, but I wasn’t sure. Despite the doubt, I felt a tiny pang of arousal.

“Oh, Steph, we’re just kidding! Well, kind of.” said Cathy. We all laughed and continued jumping over the waves. Jo changed the subject.

“Hey, should we go for a walk, then? It’s too cold out here.” she said. We waded back to shore. As we walked up the sand to our towels, Jo continued, “My cousins come here a lot. They said that there was an area here where there are shells all over the place. We should see if we can find it.” she started drying off and pointed back the way we had come from, saying “It’s over that way somewhere.”

I was enjoying the cooling sensation of the water on my body against the heat of the sun and didn’t feel like drying off. I shook my hair like a dog, making sure the spray got the other two as a bit of payback for teasing me earlier. Cathy yelled at me to quit it. I chanced a quick look at the guy next to us. He had actually looked up and was smiling at the ruckus I made. He had short, dark brown hair and looked to be in really good shape. I smiled back, kind of wishing I could see his eyes. There was another tiny hint of arousal. “Ok, let’s go,” I said.

I wasn’t much for sitting still. Maybe there were other hotties to take a look at as we walked. I flushed, almost embarrassed by my own thoughts, realizing that Cat and Jo might have been right and that I was in need of some…activity. We started walking. I took another quick glance at him reading his book and thought that, even through his glasses, he may not have been reading at all. I whispered to Jo, “I think he was watching us.”

The illegal bahis other two also stole glances. Jo grinned and Cathy whispered back. “He is, and I think he’s getting a hardon! He likes you!” I couldn’t help but smile. I wondered if I should look back to see…

I looked back, but he was reading. I sighed with a little disappointment. “Made you look!” Cathy said, and the two of them doubled over in silent giggles. I looked at them like they were crazy. “Come on Steph, you’re single again. What if you were to get together with him? He’s hot!”

“How could you know he was looking at *me*?” I asked, “He could just as easily been staring at your tiny bikini, Jo.”

“Because I *saw* him checking you out when you first ran out to the water. We all walked past him, but he was definitely watching you. When I looked hard enough, I saw through his sunglasses, and he certainly wasn’t looking at me. Besides, I’m taken already.”

I still wasn’t convinced, but it felt good to think that someone might be admiring my curves, or maybe even starting to like me. I got a tiny bit more aroused, but tried to forget about it all. We walked past the crowd of people we has avoided earlier. It was still noisy, but the three of us chatted about other random stuff until we went past an enormous rock as big as a house. The beach curved to the right a little and the landscape changed dramatically. Instead of the flat, white sand, this area was completely covered in sea shells of all different sizes.

Jo and Cat immediately went browsing, looking for interesting pieces. I didn’t feel like doing something that ‘girly’, so I just wandered about. Further up away from the water was a thick layer of underbrush and trees. I wandered towards it and saw that there was a small, somewhat hidden cave-like opening in the bushes. I ducked down and peered in, seeing a large open area beneath the tree branches and bushes. My heart fluttered as a hundred possibilities came to mind, but one in particular. I had never had sex outdoors before, and this really was the perfect spot- completely hidden in a secluded area.

I stood up straight, hoping that no one else had seen me discover my secret. The others were still scanning the shore, looking for treasures. My mind drifted back to the place we set up, imagining our neighbour smiling at me. I really did like what I had seen so far. What if he was attracted to me? Would it lead anywhere?

We wandered around the shell beach for another half hour or so. I was getting really bored, and eventually, we decided to walk back. I found myself anticipating seeing him again and my insides started to tingle a bit. As we approached ‘home’, he put his book down and walked to the water. I thought I noticed some bulging! He dove into the waves and waded further out, pushing the water out of his hair. His bare back had good definition and I imagined running my hands over his tight muscles. I watched as he caught a wave and body-surfed on it back to the shore.

The girls put down their handfuls of shells and started going through them. I announced that I was going back into the water. They froze and looked up at me with broad grins. I rolled my eyes and turned to leave. “Good luck!” Jo squeaked. I entered the water a little distance from where he was so that, hopefully, he didn’t think that I was following him. I wasn’t really, but I liked body surfing too, so I caught a few waves of my own. At one point, I looked over at him and he was already looking at me.

“Oh, hello!” he said, smiling. “I’m Michael.” His eyes were hazel.

I smiled back, hoping I wasn’t blushing. “Hi! I’m Stephanie.” I figured he may have already known that, thanks to Cathy screaming at me earlier. “You looked like you were having fun, so I thought I’d try.” I jumped over a small wave that had passed by, and we both watched for a good wave to come. I sensed that he was getting closer to me…or maybe I was just hoping.

“Here we go!” he called. I saw the big wave approaching and we started to paddle towards the beach. The wave peaked and I jumped onto it, letting the tumble carry me along. As the wave weakened, my hand touched something. I tried to get up, but the wave pushed me around right into Michael’s lap! We laughed at the funny collision, and through my thin bikini bottom I could feel a definite hardness as I sat there.

“Oh, hello! Good to see you again,” he said and reached around and hugged me with one of his strong arms. The combination of the hug and feeling his stiffness beneath me started to turn me on.

“Yes, it’s been ages, darling,” I flirted, talking in a fake proper-sounding accent. “We simply must catch up!”, I giggled and we stood up again. Then he made the first move!

He grabbed my hand and pointed back into the water, “Hey, look!” I followed his hand and looked intently out at the waves. “There’s the very spot we first met, remember?” he joked. We laughed and started walking back into the waves. He was still holding my hand! I turned and looked back at my friends and waved excitedly. Apparently illegal bahis siteleri they had been watching the whole scene and waved back in approval. I turned my head back to watch where we were going and caught a wave in the face. I sputtered quietly, hoping Michael hadn’t seen.

We surfed a few more waves, and I tried to bump into Michael again, but it never worked. We small-talked as we waited for good waves to come up. I loved the sound of his voice. I just wanted to keep him talking. And look at his nice abs.

“So,” he asked casually, “are you seeing anyone?”

He looked at me expectantly. I almost said that I wasn’t, but instead asked him, “You know what I like most about the ocean? It’s how the waves hide us for a few moments at a time from everyone sitting on the beach, like having a few seconds of complete privacy right in the open.” He moved closer to me and held both my hands. He looked to the oncoming waves.

“Like this?” he asked. We jumped over the next wave and he pulled me close to give me a light kiss on the cheek. He moved away again.

I decided this was the time to be daring. He was sweet in that he only went for my cheek, made me feel like a princess, almost. But I wanted to see how interested he really was. “Not exactly,” I said and bit my lip and smiled, waiting for the next wave. I had to move quickly.

As we hopped over the wave, I launched myself towards him, pulling his face to mine. I kissed him gently on the lips, slowly and deliberately, and he definitely kissed back and knew what he was doing! It excited me intensely and I wrapped my legs around him, holding him close. But the wave was about to reveal us again!

I jumped away just in time before the beach came back into view. I was breathing heavily now, but I tried not to show it. We just stared at each other silently for a while, not even noticing the good surfing waves going past us. I felt a tension building, a desire for more. Yes, I wanted him, I wanted him now. I suddenly remembered the secret spot I found.

“It kinda makes ya wish there was something that lasted longer than a wave, huh?” I said, trying to not indicate that I already knew where I wanted to go.

“Most definitely,” Michael said stiffly. I turned and started walking out of the water back to my spot. He followed suit but went to his. He grabbed his towel and covered his head to dry off.

Jo and Cat gawked at me, wide-eyed and grinning. I gave them a pleading look and jerked my head to try to indicate for them to ‘clear out’. Cat caught the message loud and clear.

“Hey Steph,” she said loudly, “We were just going to walk down the beach the other way. Wanna come?”

I mouthed a relieved “thank you” to them and laid down on the blanket. They walked off after glancing at Michael again, probably with silly grins on their faces.

Michael came over once they were gone. Sadly, he had put on a shirt. “Not joining your friends?” he asked. I smiled at him.

“Nah, I like it better here.” I reached up with my hand, he took it and helped me stand. “You wanna go for a walk?” I picked up my towel and wrapped it around my waist like a skirt. We were going to need it!

Michael looked really confused. “But…you just said you liked it better here.”

I grabbed his hands and stepped right up to him so I was touching his chest. “I said…that I liked it better…here!” I looked up into his gorgeous eyes, our lips almost close enough for a kiss. I was getting downright horny now. I wanted to kiss him again, but we had to get to somewhere private quickly.

“Come on,” I said, and led the way back the way the girls and I had walked before. We held hands the whole time and just walked through the smooth wet sand, past the crowd, towards the giant boulder. Out of the corner of my eye I kept seeing Michael glance at me up and down. I was getting very aroused, approaching the secret hideaway I had found. I just hoped that his non-nonchalant looks meant that he liked me, and wanted me. It took some effort to refrain from breaking into a run; the walk seemed to be taking forever.

Just before we reached the turn, I finally spoke. “Uh, I was walking here just earlier, and I found something that you might…” I hesitated, wanting to sound cute. “…um…find interesting?” I focused on the boulder and pulled Michael around the turn and up to the entrance to the hidden area. I quickly took off my towel and bunched it up to keep sand from getting on it, then ducked down and went in. I laid my towel down an knelt on it, trying not to get any sand on it.

I could barely breath, I was so turned on. “I think this place lasts longer than a wave,” I managed whispered. Michael looked around, then knelt facing me.

“You’re right. I find this place simply fascinating.” He pulled my face towards his and kissed me with his wonderfully soft lips. My breathing was out of control and I moaned softly as we made out. My halter top was bugging me again, but this time I had an easy solution. I untied the back and just pulled it off right over canlı bahis siteleri my head. I liked my breasts, and I wanted to show them off a bit, and Michael looked quite satisfied by what he saw. The combination of the cold water and being turned on made them perky and sensitive. He whipped of his shirt, so I wrapped my arms around him and pulled myself close, letting my nipples rub against his chest, and we kissed some more.

I was getting impatient and started to fiddle with the drawstring on his shorts, doing the best I could without looking. Michael reached around me and took hold of my bikini bottom ties. We looked at each other and it seemed we both had the same idea: see who can get the other naked first!

I looked down so that I could see what I was doing and pulled on the right strings to loosen them. I had bumped Michael’s hands away, but he found the ties again and undid them both in a single motion, pulling the bikini bottom right off me all at once. I suddenly felt vulnerable, naked out in public, but it only added to the excitement. And he was too late!

I had already gotten his trunks loose and was pulling them down. I wanted to tease him a bit, so as his stiff member sprang upward, I caught it in my mouth and started bobbing my head. He grunted in pleasure at the sudden turn of events! Thanks to the ocean water, he was clean and cool; it almost reminded me of a popsicle. I felt his hands start running up and down my back softly, sending shivers and tingles all over. I couldn’t help but arch my back in response.

After giving one last long hard suck, I released him and lied back onto the towel, pulling him on top of me, opening my legs to give him his first view of my neatly shaved sex. He started to move his head down, but I couldn’t wait. “No, I want you in me now!” I insisted, and pulled his hips toward mine. He grazed my clit and I shuddered at his touch.

I closed my eyes, waiting for him to slide into me, but he merely played with my clit, gliding his cock up and down over it. It felt electric, spreading out through my body like a hot breeze. I was ready for more.

As if he read my mind, Michael finally let himself in, slowly penetrating his entire length inside me. I was so wet and he slid in so easily that it surprised me a little. I gasped loudly and laughed, covering my mouth in case there was someone close by, listening. He moved almost maddeningly slowly, all the way in, then completely out again. I closed my eyes and gripped the towel beneath me and concentrated on the sensations. It was like eating a chocolate sundae in slow motion, being able to savour each individual flavour, texture, cold and heat. I could feel every contour of his cock as it slowly rocked in an out of me. I breathed in rhythm to his thrusts.

“You are SO beautiful. Am I dreaming?” he said, almost in agony. I opened my eyes again and reached my arms up around his back and pulled him down closer to me. We were face to face. The sun came out from behind a small cloud and weaved its way through the rustling leaves overhead, dancing around us. Michael looked like he had a halo, and I was not entirely sure that it wasn’t a dream. I gazed into his eyes.

I said, “If you are, then I NEVER want you to wake up.” A wave of warmth flushed through me, making me breathe faster, and Michael picked up the pace. I put my arms around his neck; his muscles were very tense and I traced the contours on his shoulders. The new rhythm was just right and I could feel the tension start to build. I could barely speak.

“Yeah”, I whispered. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the feeling. I felt suddenly more aware. The wind was rustling all the leaves around us, whistling through the trees high above. A few small birds were chirping at each other and the waves kept on with their steady pounding. As did Michael. I was…progressing well.

Michael managed to maintain his position and pace, but he put his arm around my back and suddenly lifted me towards himself. I felt like I was floating and the slight change in angle intensified all my sensations, shooting electric tingles through my arms and legs. I opened my eyes again to see Michael’s eyes staring into mine. I kissed him deeply as he thrust into me again and again. It was the most intimate I had ever felt with someone in a long time, or maybe even ever.

I was getting close, energy building up inside me like a wave getting ready to peak. All I could feel was Michael. All I could see was him. I heard voices. Voices?!?! What? We both froze as a group of people walked past the huge boulder and their voices reached us loudly. Michael, let me down gently and sat up to take a look through the underbrush, which now didn’t seem to be nearly thick enough. Did we need to cover up? I grudgingly spun around too, on my hands and knees, so that I could see. One guy from the group was walking right towards us, and we ducked down to keep out of sight.

He kept coming! I was furious at him for interrupting our moment, but I couldn’t say anything, of course. We stayed very still to avoid being seen. The guy stopped only a few steps away from us, but then bent over to get a piece of driftwood or something, then walked back to his friends. I watched him leave, cursing silently, wanting to throw something hard at him.

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