The Wrong Door

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I glanced up at the clock as I closed the current exercise, on the computer screen in front of me, and decided that it was not worth starting another before lunch. I saved my work to my file and collected my small bag from beneath the desk. As I silently pushed my chair back I mouthed the words ‘going for lunch’ to my friend a few desks away and I headed for the entrance. A quick sign out of the registration book and my computer course for that morning was over.

My heels echoed on the internal stone steps as I descended to the rear entrance of the college and, passing the door to the large unisex toilet, decided I needed to pee before heading off to my favourite little café for a sandwich and white wine lunch. I grasped the handle of the door and pulled it open and my heels again echoed as I entered the large loo, that was also designed to accommodate disabled users in wheel chairs, and came to a sudden stop. Anger at the fact that the male occupant, stood wanking himself over the toilet bowl, had failed to lock the door before deciding to relief his frustration. The anger immediately subsided and turned to embarrassment as I felt my cheeks suddenly reddening. Then even more embarrassment flooded through me as I realised I was staring at his huge cock instead of turning to leave. The boy smiled at me but still held his stiff cock firmly in his hand, his jeans and boxers around his ankles, and still I failed to turn and leave. I say boy because at 29 any lad under 20 was a boy to me. This boy was about 19; and he had one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen in my 13 years of sampling them. And still I did not turn and leave. I muttered something about being sorry, even though it was he that had failed to lock the door, but still my gaze centred on his cock.

Still the boy remained looking at me, cock in hand, and smiling. Thoughts were rushing through my mind as I stood gazing at him and I suddenly decided that today was the day that I was going to be a complete and utter slut.

I closed the door behind me and locked it. My lips spread across my face in a wide and sexy smile as I boldly looked him in the eyes and asked;

“It seems a shame to waste that hon. Do you want a hand with it?”

While I had been staring at his huge cock; the boy had been running his eyes up and down my body and taking in my firm breasts that were only just hidden beneath my sheer blouse; and my long legs that were only barely covered bedava bahis at the top by my short summer skirt. My high heels gave my slender legs an increased length and I have to admit it; I looked damn sexy. But that is how I always dress; I like the comfort and I like the looks that it afforded me. Teaser? Yes I suppose I am. But the guys like to look at me; I like them looking at me so where’s the harm. Unless, of course, you find yourself alone in a loo with a young stud who’s eyes are taking in every curve of your body; besides the fact that his hard cock is clenched firmly in his right hand. But it was my choice to stay and my choice alone.

“Yes please.”

I don’t think he could believe his luck as I approached him; slowly undoing my blouse buttons as I moved towards him. The large loo afforded me about 5 paces until I reached where he was standing over the bowl. By that time my buttons were all open and my naked tits were only just hidden from view. Until I opened my blouse that is. The boy’s eyes widened and his grip on his cock slackened as he prepared to touch me. He held back; his eyes asking permission first. I smiled at him and took the final step to stand in front of him. That was the permission his eyes had been seeking. I felt his young hand touch my nipples gently; brushing them very lightly with his open palm. A thrill went through my body and he must have sensed it as any inhibitions he had left disappeared at that moment and his palm closed around my firm breast. His cock, now free from his clutching hand, stood naked and erect in front of him; pointing upwards at me. His was not a cock to look at the floor even when hard; or even straight out from his groin. This boy’s cock actually pointed upwards towards my face. I glanced down at it as his other hand began to fondle my other breast and I marvelled at the way his huge cock was staring me in the face; pointing towards my mouth. I closed my eyes and stood still to allow my breasts to be fondled for a short while before I felt that I just had to open them and look at that cock again. It was still aiming at my mouth as if inviting it down onto it. Who was I to decline such an invitation.

In one movement I gripped the shaft of that cock and dropped to my knees. My clenched hand around the base still allowed for a good 6” of cock to protrude from the other side. I estimated 10” in all. Without hesitating my mouth encircled the thick, bedava bonus red, bulbous head and I began to ease it inside me slowly but forcefully. I felt the boy’s whole body suddenly stiffen and heard the low moan of pleasure that escaped his lips as my mouth closed around his thick cock. I let go off the base and placed my hand under his balls instead. Again he moaned as I began to fondle them; my mouth moving slowly in and out over the long, thick shaft of his dick; and with each inward motion I took even more into me. I tilted my head backwards to allow the tip access into my throat but still I struggled to take it all the way. I could taste his pre cum on the head; already waiting for me from his wanking. My mind was becoming a blur as I began to mouth fuck him a little faster with long, slow strokes into my waiting mouth. The boys moans were increasing in intensity as well as volume and his hands were holding my red head firmly into his groin. His hips began to move back and forth as my head began to bob even harder against him. His huge cock was now grinding deep and hard into my sucking mouth as my hand squeezed gently at his balls. He was close to erupting; I could feel his cock quivering in readiness. But I needed to feel that cock inside my slit. I needed him to fuck me with that lovely monster.

I let go of his shaft and stood up. A look of disappointment spread across his face until he saw me lift my skirt and slide my knickers down my legs and off over my shoes to place them over the edge of the toilet cistern at the back of the bowl.

Without speaking a word I turned my back to him, lifted my skirt over my waist, and bent over the toilet; gripping my hands around the cool, white bowl; my legs almost straight but my pussy and open in readiness to receive his huge cock. I braced myself slightly as I felt his hands go onto my hips to hold himself steady; and I moaned slightly in anticipation as I felt the tip of his cock press against the opening to my now very wet pussy.

I was about to ask him to take me slowly but I suddenly felt his cock probe a few inches only into my slit and pause. He held it there for a moment as if to torment me before sliding it in a further inch. Then another. Slowly, inch by lovely inch, he pressed the thick shaft of his cock into my cunt. For a moment he withdrew it almost all the way before slowly pushing it back a little deeper than he had previously deneme bonusu pushed it. My moans of pleasure reverberated around the painted chamber as he now began to fuck his lovely cock in and out of my wet and waiting cunt. I took it all. His hands gripping my hips tightly as he plunged into me; picking up pace but still using long, steady, strokes.

Faster and faster he ravaged his thick cock into the depths of my wet and waiting cunt. His moans of pleasure joining mine in echoing around the room as he fucked me harder, and even faster, than before. I felt the beginning of my orgasm surge up inside me and I noted the boys delight as he felt my juices spurt onto his thrusting cock. My whole body trembled and I almost screamed as the pleasure from my orgasm rippled through my whole body. Over and over again the boy plunged into me in readiness for his own ejaculation. Suddenly he pulled that long shaft from my sopping wet cunt, pulled me upwards by my shoulders and then pushed me back to my knees. I knew what he wanted and I willingly accepted his lovely cock back into my wet mouth. He slammed it into me as I opened my throat and this time took it all down into me. I sucked at the head as best as I could as his cock filled my entire mouth and I had trouble breathing. He grabbed my head tightly and pulled out briefly before reaming his prick back into the depths of my mouth. I was in heaven as much as he was. I wanted that hot cum to spurt into my eager mouth. And suddenly it happened. His cock stiffened just slightly before I felt the hot globules of cum spurting against the back of my throat. I had no alternative but to swallow and I delighted in the saltiness as I felt it slide down into my stomach.

Still spurting spunk he suddenly pulled his cock from my mouth and held it firm while the remainder of his hot fluid splashed over my face and mouth and tits.

By the time he had emptied his load I was covered in white sperm and my throat was still swallowing the globules remaining inside my mouth. I sank back onto my knees and took a few long, slow breaths in order to calm myself down from such a marvellous fucking. I leaned forward and licked the remaining drops of his cum from his cock before he pulled up his pants and jeans before holding out his hand to help me to my shaking knees. Using some toilet paper he gently wiped his cum from my tits and face, handed me my knickers, smiled at me, said Thank You and then left the cubicle.

Before replacing my knickers I sat down on the seat and had the pee I had originally gone in for. I dressed, washed my hands and smiling all over my face I too left the room and headed for the café. Ok so what if I am back late from my lunch….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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