Third Date

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I smiled at him from across the table. His eyes crinkled a bit as he smiled back, lifting his wine glass and letting the blood red liquid slide past his lips. The sounds of one of the three tenors singing ‘O Sole Mio’ in a low buzz through the speakers in the quaint Italian restaurant we now sat in.

It was picture perfect, ivy and columns, red checkered floor length tablecloths, the smell of garlic wafting in the air around us. The lights dimmed to add to the romantic feel of the place.

It was our third date, the first two went very well, so well that tonight I wouldn’t be satisfied with the heated kisses I’d got on the previous two, no tonight I wanted much more.

We talked, flirted, our hands touching our knees rubbing against each others under the table. As he spoke to me, my eyes kept dropping to his full lips, my nipples hardened when he darted his tongue out and licked them slowly, seeming to notice my fascination.

He slipped out from his side of the booth and moved to sit next to me, shutting me in the corner with his large frame, I turned in my seat slightly as he leaned in and gently brushed his lips against mine.

I moaned low as his soft tongue traced along the seam of my lips and he deepened the kiss. My hand fell to his thigh as he stealthily pinched one of my very hard and very noticeable nipples through the thin material of my black cocktail dress.

I sucked in my breath and moved my hand slowly higher, running my fingertips over the outline of his cock through his dress pants. I heard his sharp intake of breath as my fingers moved up and down his shaft. He broke the kiss and looked over his shoulder at the half full restaurant, then back at me, lifting his hips a bit and pushing his cock against my hand.

“God you’re killing me,” he spoke low in my ear, hot breath teasing over my neck, “I don’t know if I can make it through dinner.” He bit at the base my neck lightly, making every one of my erogenous zones come to attention, My pussy pulsed as a very naughty thought crossed my mind.

I glanced around, making sure no one was looking and being braver than I felt at that moment, I took my napkin out of my glass and dropped it between my feet on the floor.

“Oh… excuse me, I dropped my napkin.”

I smiled wickedly as I slipped under the long table cloth to retrieve it.

He watched me go, apparently not thinking anything of it until I placed my hands on his thighs and moved between them under the cover of the table.

My hands moved higher and I tugged at the zip on his pants.

“What are you…?” he hissed at me from above, “Oh God.”

The words escaped his mouth as my hand wrapped around his hard shaft and began to slide slowly up and down. His body sank a little lower under the table and I head a low moan escape his lips as I moved in the small space and flicked my tongue over the now purple pulsing head of his very hard cock.

He didn’t fight me at all but his cock jumped against my tongue, ‘So he likes a little danger’ the though passed through my head as I realized that my pussy was practically dripping in anticipation.

I thanked the owners for the high tables as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and slowly slide his entire length into my hot wet mouth. I moaned low as I tasted for the first time his excitement, seeping slowly from the small slit at the top.

I swirled my tongue around him, licking him from base to tip. I snaked a hand into the open zip and squeezed his balls, rolling them with my fingers as I ran my lips up and down his shaft.

He coughed, stifling a moan as his hips worked slowly, barely noticeably with my mouth, pushing his cock in and out. I gagged a bit as the head entered my throat, then I slowly pulled back letting my bottom teeth scrape along his length.

I heard him speaking above me and I stopped, his cock lodged in my mouth as I realized bahis firmaları that the waiter was there to take our order. I slide him slowly from my mouth, sucking hard, giving him a light bite on the tip and started to slowly stroke his wet shiny shaft in my hand, chuckling low as he tried to speak in a normal tone and order our dinner.

“She’s just in the ladies room, you know how women are. Ill order for both of us” I heard him say to the waiter then he ordered our cannelloni,

“But I think..” I released him fully from his pants and began to lick his balls, sucking them into my mouth as my hand slipped up and down,

“But I think…Oh god… you should make that to go.”

I sucked him back into my mouth, bobbing my head a little faster, swirling my tongue over his length as my lips moved up and down, locked tight around him.

“Ahem…Mmm…No I’m fine thank you, just a little sore from the gym earlier.”

He leaned back even more when the waiter finally left, his hand twisting in my long hair, guiding my lips as I brought him closer and closer. His breathing was pretty rapid as I took his entire length into my mouth again and again until I knew he was right there. I squeezed his balls as his cock jumped between my lips, pulsed as his fist almost painfully knotted in my hair my hair, his hips still barely moving while his cock emptied into my hot wet mouth.

“Oh fuck” I heard him hiss as his salty sweet offering hit my tongue. I sucked every last drop as he pulsed between my lips. His hand loosened in my hair and he spoke quietly,

“Get up here, quick! Before the waiter comes back!”

I picked up my napkin and slid back into the booth seat next to him, opening my mouth slightly to show him the last bit of his come on my tongue before I swallowed it.

“Oh Jesus fucking Christ woman,” he raked a hand through his short brown hair, “that was fucking incredible.”

I smiled as he zipped up his fly, adjusting and composing himself.

“Ill be right back, I need to go to the bathroom,” I smiled at him, “You know us women.”

I slipped into a stall in the ladies and took a deep breath. God I was horny as hell! His cock was beautiful. I licked my lips as I remembered the feeling of the satiny skin running over my lips, the faint taste of his come still on my tongue as I slipped my hand between my thighs.

My pussy was swollen and sensitive, my special third date black lacey thong was soaked through; I pulled it down my legs and slipped it into my purse. Then stepped out and checked myself before returning to the table.

I smiled at the ‘to-go’ containers on the table and his look of impatience as he watched me walk toward him.

I smiled as he stood, lifting the food and leaning close enough for only me to hear,

“I need you, now…we can eat this later.”

I just grinned as he took my arm and led me out; He hailed a cab and piled us into the backseat when one stopped.

“Oh I have something for you.” I said non chalantly and reached into my purse, hanging him my soaking wet thong.

He looked down, a little confused and held them up, only to immediately bunch then into a ball in his fist.

“Oh fuck me, they are soaked” He glanced down, then back up to my face, I nodded my head, assuring him that they were mine and letting him know that under the dress I was naked and very, very ready. He brought his hand to his nose and breathed deep,

“Mmmm delicious…” He looked at me like a man starving and I was a 5 course meal, “I can’t wait to taste you.”

My pussy clenched and I turned toward him a bit, glancing at the driver of the cab and sliding my legs open. His eyes were peeled as I showed him myself. I pulled my dress up, inch by inch until he could see all of my mostly shaved and shining wet sex framed by the black garter belt and stockings I wore.

He moaned and reached his hand out, running kaçak iddaa his fingers lightly over my swollen labia. I bit my lip and moaned low, glancing again at the driver as he slowly pushed one finger into me. I clamped down tight as he teased me, pushing one…then two fingers inside me. Slowly taking my wetness and spreading it up over my nether lips to the hard nub of my clit.

I jumped as he circled his fingers around the most sensitive spot on my body. He flicked over it lightly, then moved back down and pushed his fingers back inside me.

He kept it up, keeping me right on the edge, teasing and playing until I was frantic, lifting my hips against his hand, pulling my own nipples as both of us watched his fingers disappear into me over and over.

“Please,” I whimpered quietly, “Please…”

He grinned an evil grin and just kept teasing, he moved his fingers back to the puckered opening of my ass, I groaned loud as he circled the sensitive skin there, then moved back up…adding that sensation to his arsenal of teasing.

He leaned closer, nipping at my earlobe and whispering to me,

“No baby…when you come, I want it to be on my tongue.”

I groaned at the thought of his mouth on me as he kept his fingers moving slow, not enough pressure to send me over, just enough to keep me on edge.

I almost screamed out my happiness as I felt the cab slow when we approached my apartment.

He pulled away his hand away from me and slipped his fingers into my mouth, letting me taste myself as I licked of the evidence of my arousal. He paid the driver and took my hand, pulling me toward the doors.

“Get your keys out now, or so help me you’re neighbors will get a show they won’t soon forget.”

I complied, keys in my hand and stepped into the elevator, and into his arms.

He kissed me slow and sweet, his hands running over the cheeks of my ass as I rubbed myself against him like a cat in heat. His fingers had just started to climb up my inner thighs when we heard the bell rang around us.

The doors opened, another couple stepped in the elevator. He moved to the back of the elevator and pulled me tight against him, my back to his front. The other two people smiled politely and faced away from us as he rubbed his hard cock against the cheeks of my ass.

I let out a little gasp as his hand slipped under the back of my dress and slid up the back of my thigh, lightly tickling my over sensitized flesh.

I reached for his hand as the elevator dinged at my floor and pulled him behind me as I all but raced down the hallway to my door.

The door was open and closed and my back was pressed against the wall in less than 7 seconds.

His hands moved over my body, pinching my nipples, rolling them as his mouth fastened on mine. He pulled the dress over my head, leaving me in just my bra and stockings while I ripped his shirt open and ran my hands over his hairless chest, tweaking his nipples. His mouth moved lower, nipping my neck as he unfastened my bra and threw is haphazardly behind him, He was licking the undersides of my breasts, teasing me again until finally closing his mouth over one distended nipple.

I moaned loud as he flicked his tongue against me, using the edge of his teeth to send waves of pleasure through my body. My back arched, pushing more of my aching breast into his hot mouth as I gripped his head and held him tightly to me. He teased the other, his fingers moving lower until he was cupping my pussy, the heel of his hand pushing against me hard while he licked my nipples and drove me mad.

He slipped down, nipping and biting my skin, trailing his tongue over my torso until he was on his knees in front of me.

There is something unbelievable erotic about being almost naked when your partner is still mostly dressed. He growled as he wrapped his arms around my legs and lifted me until my legs were kaçak bahis hanging over his shoulders, my back pressed tightly against the wall.

I let my hands fall to the short dark hair on his head as he touched his tongue to my sex.

I cried out as he started to lick me, long slow licks from my opening to my clit and back again. He pushed his tongue deep inside me, and then worked it through every fold, not missing a single centimeter until he finally started in on my clit.

I gripped his head tighter, pulling his hair hard as he flicked faster and faster over my responsive nub, I cried out as I teetered on the edge, shock waves of pleasure running down the length of my body as he sucked my clit into his mouth and used the edge of his teeth to stimulate it, I broke rocking my hips against his lips, bucking wildly and riding his mouth while I cried out over and over, my juices all but gushing down onto his still moving tongue.

I cried out loudly, not caring about the neighbors as I came for a second… then a third time. He stopped only when I finally pushed him away, my clit throbbing and over worked as he placed a chaste kiss on the small amount of hair on my pussy then slowly lowered my legs them to the carpet.

I could barely stand; I leaned back against the wall as I watched him undress. God he was gorgeous, wide shoulders tapered down to slim hips, hairless chest, six pack abs, and of course neatly trimmed pubic hair, but that I already knew.

He came back towards me, his cock rock hard, big and beautiful bobbing in front of him as he walked, stopping in front of me and lifting me up against the wall like I was nothing.

“Wrap your legs around me.” It was almost a growl as he lifted my thighs over his hips, I did as he asked of course, my hands slipping down his muscular arms as I felt the head of his cock bump into my bottom.

He shifted his hips until he was positioned at the entrance to my body and drove himself home. I moaned loud as he filled me, my pussy stretching to accommodate his large size.

I arched my back, letting my head fall back against the wall as he used me and the wall for leverage, sliding in and out of my tight wet sheath.

He angled his hips and started to pound me hard, I cried out as he bumped against my g spot over and over until I was coming like a waterfall, coating his shaft with my wetness as he grunted in my ear. I ran my hands over his body as he slammed into me, I played with his nipples, ran my fingernails up and down his chest, flicking them hard.

He sped up and I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, holding on as the pleasure came in waves, I lost count of how many times I’d came, they all seemed to blend together into one really long, really fabulous orgasm.

I dug my nails into his back as he groaned in my ear, scratching him harder than I intended when he shifted his angle and hit home. One hand moving and slipping between your bodies, his fingertips flicking over my clit. I swear I saw stars as he brought me the biggest and best orgasm that I have ever felt in all my life.

I heard him cry out, felt his cock jump inside my pussy as he drilled deep inside my body and emptied himself. His breathing heavy in my ear as he pumped me full of his liquid, groaning as I squeezed tight around him and came with him one last time.

We stayed like that for a few moments as his breathing regualted and his cock started to recede and slowly pull from my sex. I groaned low as a gush of liquid slowly slipped down the inside of my thigh, my juices mixed with his coated the insides of my legs.

He smiled at me and kissed me hard, pushing his mouth against mine, his hands cupping my face.

“God that was in-fucking-credible…you are in-fucking-credible!” he said to me as he stepped back a bit and took my hand. I grinned back playfully taking the lead and pulling him into my bedroom,

“What can I say?…Italian makes me horny.”

He smiled at me, his voice dropping a few octaves,

“Non avete visto nulla tuttavia bella!” *


(You have not seen anything yet beautiful!)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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