Three’s A Charm

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I first met Julie in a pub while attending an after work celebration for a friend’s birthday. We were all pretty tanked up at the time when somehow we got on the discussion of who made better lovers – men or women. After nearly everyone had given their opinion, Julie finally spoke up. “I have had a number of lovers over the years but not one that has been able to truly satisfy me.”

“It seems most men can last two, maybe three rounds, then they run out of steam.”

“I can make love all night but have never met my match in a man.”

“Some have brought me close to orgasm but none have really brought me over the top.”

“Well…” I blurted out, “None of that would be true if you had met me first.” My buddy Gary elbowed me discreetly and rolled his eyes as if to say “what in the world could you be thinking about to make a statement like that? But there was a method to my madness that I would not share with anyone else that night. You see, I am one of three identical triplets. My brothers Jason and Mike look just like me in every detail.

Julie laughed heartily, “Sounds like you might be calling my bluff Rick.” Do you really think you are up to it? I knew she meant nothing by it and from the way we had been looking each other over through the evening, come win or lose, we were both going to enjoy the trial. At six-foot two, two-hundred and five pounds I still had the build of a college athlete. Julie was about 5’7″ maybe 110 pounds. She had near shoulder length blonde hair and piercing, mischievous brown eyes. Although her frame her rather slight, she had more than full breasts and a really great ass. As our friends’ interest in the conversation grew, we agreed to put off the bet until we could discuss it further over the phone at a later date. From the looks on their faces, our horny friends seemed extremely disappointed that they would never learn the outcome of the challenge between Julie and I.

The next day, I contacted each of my brothers who, still unmarried, couldn’t get to my place fast enough to take part in the little plot I was hatching. I emailed them a current photo of myself and asked that they try to match haircuts as close as possible. “For this to work,” I told them, “there must be no possibility that Julie could be able to detect any differences between us.”

I called Julie and told her I was ready for the big night. “Your place or mine,” she questioned. Naturally, for my brothers to participate in our staged lovemaking scheme, I would have to hide them throughout my two-bedroom apartment. Timing would be critical, as we didn’t want to trip over each other or, worse yet, chance having Julie spot us together at any time. “My place will be fine,” I replied. “Would you like to have dinner first? “No thanks,” she declined, “You have already succeeded with the wining and dining part – let’s just get right down to business.” I felt a stiffening in my pants as I digested her bold and lustful remark. “Okay by me, be over around nine.”

“I’ll be there,” she shot back – “just don’t be too disappointed if you can’t do what some many others have failed to do.” With that she hung up abruptly and left me anticipating the evening.

My brothers arrived several hours before Julie the next evening and we rehearsed our strategy for rotating as partners with her that night. We scoped out all of the good hiding places in the apartment including the second bedroom closet, the utility room, pantry and extra bathroom. Once everyone knew the game plan, we all took our respective places in the apartment. I was scheduled to go first and would meet Julie at the door.

When the doorbell rang, I jumped off couch and ran to answer it. I opened the door and was especially pleased to see how delicious she looked. She wore a tight ribbed sweater that struggled unsuccessfully to contain her ample tits. Her jeans were also skin tight and highlighted her well-rounded ass and left little to the imagination. For a moment I thought, she is hot enough that I could possibly spend the whole night just doing her myself. But I decided to go ahead and stick with the game plan.

She came in and, sitting on the couch, patted the sofa pillow next to her beckoning me to sit beside her. As I did, she cozied up to me and ran her hand up my chest and gripping my chin, gave me an open-mouth kiss flicking her tongue in and out as she did. My hands found her waist and, as we kissed, I let them roam up to cup her breasts. The initial chemistry was overwhelming. We were both so ready, out clothes came off in a blur of sweaters, slacks, bra and shorts flying every which way.

I lowered her head on the sofa armrest and knelt between her legs. As she grabbed my shaft and guided it in, I held her ankles with her knees bent and her legs cradling me. I started with long deep strokes but, for this first tryst, things were destined to happen fast. As she increased her pace, pushing up furiously to meet me, I responded in kind pumping away at her with all my energy. In no time, ankara escort I exploded in a very pleasant climax and, as I relished that last few moments of pleasure looked down upon Julie’s face noticing that her eyes were wide open and she was smiling a devilish sort of grin. Unbelievable, I thought –she had already attempted to gain the upper hand by draining me as quickly as she could. But I wasn’t going to make it that easy for her.

Grabbing her thighs, I flipped her over and brought her onto her knees. I was still plenty hard and I wasn’t going to call in the next shift just yet. Moving behind her, I drove me seven-inch penis into her love tunnel, while cupping her pendulous breasts. This time, I controlled the pace. I drew long strokes at first, letting the head of my penis occasionally slip out and then back in in one rough thrust. Not wanting to be totally dominating, she cooperated with my efforts to elevate her and my pleasure. Soon she was rotating her hips in large circles twisting my dick around like a corkscrew. At that instant, I realized that Julie was a very experienced lover and probably had a wide assortment of movements to chose from. I enjoyed her writhing on my dick and feeling I was close to coming, released her breasts and began fingering her clit. She had still not orgasmed but I could at least tell from the way she closed her eyes and tilted back her head that my simultaneous stroking and rubbing was having the desired effect. Unfortunately, her blithe wiggling of my penis was more than I could stand. She had tremendous control of her vaginal muscles and was basically able to squeeze and release my shaft at will. I erupted in another great orgasm, spewing cum into her pussy and collapsing on top of her.

As we untangled ourselves from each other, I felt my dick beginning to soften a little. Time for reinforcements, I thought. Excusing myself, I told Julie I was going into the kitchen to get some wine. She winked and rising walked into the master bedroom, where she proceeded to browse the photographs of me and my buddies on the wall. I entered the kitchen and tapped quietly on the pantry door. Jason stood there looking a bit exasperated, “What took you so long”, he complained. “Hey, Jason,” I reminded him, “It’s only been a half hour or so.”

“When you see Julie for the first time, it will have been worth the wait.” Grabbing the already open bottle of wine out of the fridge and a few glasses, I passed the baton to Jason.

Entering the bedroom, Jason found Julie glancing intently at photo of Rick and two of his buddies barechested at the beach. “Nice pecs,” noted Julie. Stark naked and her face still suffused from the previous lovemaking, Julie’s appearance caused Jason to develop and immediate and larger than normal hard-on. As he had on a bathrobe, she didn’t notice it at first. Pouring the wine into glasses he set one on the night stand for her and sat on the bed sipping from his own glass. For the next few minutes, they made idle chit-chat, then suddenly a quizzical look came over Julie’s face. “It couldn’t be,” she thought amazedly. Stepping towards where Jason sat on the bed, she grabbed the fold of his bathrobe and drew it aside. Jason’s hungry eight-inch dong sprung free and pointed directly at the ceiling. “My goodness,” she said, “you are one of the more resilient that most guys I’ve ever been with.”

Putting down her glass, Julie was determined to go back on the offensive. “So…., right now you are thinking that you have boundless energy,” she boasted almost angrily, “Let’s just see how true that is.” Placing her hands on his shoulders, she pushed him back on the bed. She straddled him and impaled herself on his rigid member. Her hands face down on his chest, she squeezed his penis tightly and made a series of long violent thrusts, as if she were trying to break his cock off at the root. She alternated a variety of movements first a quick up and down jerking motion, followed by large circles and finally quick sharp flicks of her hips. Her breasts whirled with her movements and Jason reached up to grab them twisting the nipples as he did. Although Julie would admit it and didn’t show it, she was starting to feel the beginnings of a warm growing sensation in her pussy. To keep ahead of the game, however, she dismounted Jason and took his entire eight-inch length into her mouth. Stroking his shaft, as she tickled his balls, she sucked voraciously until he could control himself no longer. He shot a wad of cum down her throat and lay spent on the bed.

Not wanting to disappoint Rick though, Jason rose to his feet and continued with the task at hand. That is, trying to make this nymph cum somehow. Postioning Julie at the edge of the bed, he leaned her back onto the mattress. He then took her by the ankles and drew her legs up against his chest, continuing until her heels rested against his shoulders. Driving his still rigid cock to the hilt, he lifter her further, until she was almost tilted onto her head. He thought with escort ankara such disequilibrium, he could control her and perhaps locate that evasive g-spot. He began with look deep strokes grasping her thighs as he plunged into her furiously. Letting go briefly, he lowered his upper body reaching down to slide his tongue between her lips and fondle her swaying breasts. Reaching out and grabbing onto the sheets for leverage, she used this opportunity to lunge forward and lock her feet around his neck. It was then she who was in control again. Helplessly wrapped between her thighs, he could only submit to the upward flicking of her hips. Seeing that he would cum quickly if this continued for long, he disengaged himself, leaving her with a surprised look on the bed.

He sat on the bed once again and lifted her onto his lap, placing her legs on either side of his waist. She clasped her hands behind his neck while he cupped his hands on her ass cheeks. Sliding his tongue back into her mouth he thrust up to meet her as she lap danced on his dick. Pulling away from the french kiss, he transferred his lips to her nipples which he suckled harshly. Still, it was no use. He felt his control waning and soon succumbed to another warm and satisfying ejaculation. Though Julie was apparently enjoying the activity, outside of some clenching of her teeth, she had yet to let go with a significant moan or signal of satisfaction.

Julie wiped her brow, fluffed her hair and told Jason she was going to shower. She was, after all a sport, and wanted to give this guy she thought was Rick half a chance to win the bet. “Don’t be long,” Jason called behind her. She glanced back and smiled as if to say, “Yeah, right – as if you’ll be ready for more action anytime soon. As she entered the master bathroom, Jason darted to the extra bedroom and motioned for Mike to exit the closet where he had been waiting very patiently. “She’s in the shower Mike.” – “Good luck, she is really hard to please!

Mike pushed open the bathroom door and saw the silhouette of one of the most delectable bodies he had ever seen. Pullling back the shower curtain slightly, Mike noticed that she was letting the warm water run over her face as she wrung out of excess water from her freshly shampooed her. Her eyes were closed and her back was toward him, so she didn’t notice as he stepped into the shower behind her. Moving close, he cupped her breasts and kissed the nape of her neck letting his tongue trail across it. “Didn’t expect to find you her,” she mumbled from under the steady stream of water droplets. He moved closer, letting her feel the full length of his rock hard penis which flattened itself vertically against her tight well-rounded ass. Momentarily, she went weak inn the knees, absolutely amazed that after so many orgasms he could still maintain an erection that large. But she quickly regained her senses and, arching her back, guided his huge penis into her soft velvety folds. He pumped vigorously holding her by the waist but the warm water and his intense horniness got the better of him and he ejaculated quickly.

Stepping out of the shower, Mike handed Julie a towel and proceeded to dry off himself. As he gazed at her gorgeous body, his cock now at half-mast came quickly back to life and soon pointed directly at the ceiling once again. The rock-solid erection didn’t go unnoticed by Julie. She lurched forward and leapt up locking her arms behind Mike’s neck and wrapping her legs about his waist. Freeing one hand, she grabbed his penis and guided it into her waiting pussy. Julie’s weight was distributed evenly between her armhold on Mike’s neck and his arms that supported her legs as she straddled him. With all the strength he could muster. Mike gripped Julie tightly so as to not let her slip and at the same time drove his shaft up into her with short quick upward strokes. He has never made love in this position and found that it was quite physically exerting. He pumped furiously but his legs were weakening and his knees begin to buckle slightly. Sensing that he would soon lose his balance, Julie directed him to move backwards a few steps. As he did, she lunged for a towel rack that she was able to grab hold of with her right hand.. Holding the rack, she pulled hard forcing Mike’s back to the wall. There, she reached out with her left hand and found the balance bar on the rear of the bathtub. With grips for both her hands, she tightened her legs around his waist and began thrusting her pelvis at him. She had him pinned against the wall and began slamming him mercilessly. Soon he felt another wave of orgasm shooting up his rod and erupting into her pussy. No longer able to support her weight, he released her and fell into a heap on the floor.

“Well big boy, looks like you’re spent for awhile.” Julie gave Mike a hand up and led him back to the bedroom where he took a seat on the edge of the bed. “I’ll be back in a minute,” Julie muttered – “I need something cold to drink.” As she entered the kitchen and opened ankara escort bayan the fridge, she heard a bang come from the pantry. Opening the door, a can of soup rolled up onto her foot. She flicked on the light switch only to find Rick looking at her red-faced. Before he could say a work, Julie grabbed him by the dick and marched him into the bedroom where Mike glanced up at her sheepishly. “Well,” asked Julie, “Just what exactly is going on her.”

” So I guess you are identical twins – I should have suspected.”

“No man has been able to keep up with me for this long.” Hearing all the commotion and thinking the jig was up, Jason also marched into the room to Julie’s astonishment. “My god, there are three of you..”

“I just can’t believe this stunt you tried to pull on me.’

As she stood glaring at the three brothers, Julie considered what the consequences should be, “As long as I have you all here,” she blurted out excitedly. “I am going to put this situation to good use.” With that, she moved towards the bed and stripped of all the covers except the fitted bedsheet. “Do you guys have names,” she queried. “I’m Mike.”

“Okay, Mike over here please” She had him kneel at the headboard facing the foot of the bed. “And Rick, you are to lay here.” She had Rick lay directly in the center of the bed with his head touching Mike’s kneecaps. “And you, what’s your name.” Jason. “Yeah, right.”

“Jason, you just wait there at the foot of the bed, until I tell you what to do.”

Julie climbed upon the bed and slid up onto Rick’s now hard cock. She slipped it into her pussy and reached forward to grasp Mike’s thighs. Leaning as far forward as she could, she called out to Jason. “Okay, Jason, move behind me and do me in the ass. Jason knelt with his knees between Rick’s thighs and holding his cock between her asscheeks drove forwards with one hard piercing stroke. Julie gasped at the rough entry but then quickly tried to adjust herself to manage the two huge rods that were now penetrating both entryways. She released her handhold on Mike’s thighs and slowly moved backwards to get the feel of how to maneuver herself on these two delicious cocks. She rocked back and forth gently until she was comfortable that she could affect muscle control on both of their dicks. Once she had the knack down, she again leaned forward and grasped Mike’s thighs. This time, however, she slid her lips over Mike’s now erect shaft and sucked voraciously on his seven-inch member.

With three dicks now ensheathed in her body, Julie worked diligently to maximize her pleasure from this arrangement. Still, it was a difficult balancing act and it appeared to Rick that, try as she might, she was not going to be able to get off all on her own. Feeling like he owed it to her, Rick called out to his brothers. “Hey guys, the bet may be lost but our mission is still the same.” Let’s see if we can help this girl cum – she has given us so much pleasure, let’s return the favor.” With that, Rick reached out with his right hand and clasped Jason’s left hand. “Now, let’s all join hands.” When all three of them had linked hands, Rick delivered his final instructions. “Let’s give this gal a proper fucking and try to put her over the top.”

Julie had always enjoyed rough sex but as the three men slammed into her violently, she felt her heart skip a beat and was becoming breathless as the pace reached dizzying heights. After five or ten minutes of this, Rick noticed Julie beginning to shudder slightly. The shudder was soon accompanied by some soft but clearly distinctive moans. Her face now flushed, Julie suddenly began shaking uncontrollably. She let Mike’s cock slip out of her mouth and grabbed it with her hand continuing the jerk him off. She let out a wailing scream as she orgasmed convulsively . She came over and over again. It was as if, once the floodgates were opened, she couldn’t stop cuming. Soon all three men joined her in the moaning as they came along with her. Finally. they all collapsed in a big happy pile on the bed.

When they had collected themselves, they each rose from the bed and stood in front of Julie. Rick spoke up – “Julie, I am sorry for the little plot we hatched here tonight to try to win a silly bet.”

“You are by far the best lovemaker any of us have ever seen.”

“You have made us look foolish tonight.”

“We may be macho guys but you can out love and out last anyone of us and you have demonstrated that.” We solemnly must admit, you are an unbelievable woman.”

Julie stood and looking each of the men directly in the eyes, answered. “Don’t worry guys, I knew you had no chance of winning, so even with the stunt you pulled, I am not going to hold it against you.”

“Now let’s have a group hug.” As she slung her arms about their shoulders, Rick offered an olive branch. “I know you must be exhausted, so if you wish, please feel free to take the extra bedroom and spend the rest of the night.”

“You deserve some hard earned rest.” Julie answered earnestly. “Why thank you Rick, I will spend the rest of the night…..then glancing menacingly at Jason and Mike, she continued “but no one and I mean no one here tonight is going to get any sleep – we’ve only just begun to orgy.”

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