Thursday Visit

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Note – though most of my stories here concern glory hole experiences, this doesn’t preclude other enjoyable interests. Simply, most of the time, those other interests lack the intensity of the still new and ‘forbidden’ glory hole game. The following story describes a recent visit from an old friend, one who shares a number of mutual interests.

The phone rang mid-morning, and after saying hello, I heard her saying ‘Where did you get that? I was wet for the next 24 hours.’ The house was empty, so talking freely was no problem. Which had not always been the case the day before.

‘I warned you, remember, after you said you weren’t feeling anything much?’ Yesterday, when she had said that, it was reasonable enough – we were sharing each hit, the other breathing in as the other exhaled. Mainly for reasons of conservation, though with a familiar and desirable side effect, the same one that always occurs in such situations, as we naturally began kissing when we drew close. It was true that I had done the first couple of hits, as it had been years since the last time we had done this, and she only one. After the next four or so hits, all hers – each very nicely shared – she repeated that the effect simply wasn’t what she expected.

However, it appeared best to simply put things away, especially to prevent any accidents occurring as we kept getting lost when our mouths met, our hands sliding up and down each other, stroking the other’s neck and face, fingers running through hair. Following each pause to smoke, the kissing had become more involved, my hands pulling up her dress to slide along her thighs and rear, her hands pulling my ass to press us more firmly together, revealing my growing horniness while adding to it.

We were in the basement, in the room used for storing coal and firewood, without much space on either side. She was wearing a newly bought dress, no bra, and sandals with heels that made her stand as tall as my 6′ height. This had been convenient when exchanging hits, and incredibly sexy when kissing – I have never kissed someone of my own height before. Being truly face to face while standing was surprisingly intimate, an irresistible temptation for both of us. She has always been fully aware of how hot she looks braless, now only one button away from her lovely breasts spilling out in their full sized glory. Breasts I have seen over the years, most often at a local nudist lake, one of the most memorable times floating in the water as my cock plunged into her pussy, both of us holding on to a raft in the middle of the cool water of the lake, her breasts floating with her large dark nipples islands against her skin.

Her skills at kissing are basically the best of anyone I have ever known, which now includes women and men. Being more bi than I, it may be that her experience with women has taught her more than a straight woman whose only experience is with men. Her kisses range from the most gentle brushing of her lips to utterly demanding deep tongue motions to the most delightfully needy expression on her face, eyes closed, desiring nothing more than to be kissed again. Of course, kissing should generally end up involving more than mouths, a fact she thoroughly understands, and demonstrates in practice.

Her hands were ranging as freely as mine, a changing pattern of stroking and pressure, from bared skin to covered nipples, lightly hardening in response to fingers working on them, to below our waists, where the strength of hands and arms was used to pull us closer, touching as much as the other as possible. Our mouths were doing the same, lips and tongues sliding and pressing and merging, two parts becoming a greater whole in their shared pleasure.

As always, we had melted into each other when kissing, but now, the matching height was adding something completely new – her pubis was at the same level as mine, and as my cock grew hard, pointing down the leg of my shorts, it fit snugly between her thighs. We were both thrilled by this, but after a moment or two, it was clear she was much more excited by this discovery than I could have ever imagined. Probably because as I became ever more attuned to what she was doing, it was clear that my cock wasn’t merely rubbing her thighs, but was moving against her pussy lips.

She illegal bahis had arrived about 15 minutes earlier than expected, meaning that I hadn’t had the chance to shower and change, having spent a good 45 minutes cleaning. Including vacuuming any surface we might end up on, if previous experience was any guide. My shirt was loose, and my shorts let my cock hang freely, as I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

As we kept kissing more passionately, my cock grew stiff against my leg, a fact which delighted her, this clearly being what she wanted. How clearly became wonderfully obvious as we began to find the best position for my cock to nestle between her thighs. My cock head extended to just below her inviting pussy, a feeling that continued to change as she quickly became more aroused. Her pussy lips are larger than any other woman’s that I have ever known, so there was little doubt of what was feeling so good as we found both a position and rhythm that matched our kissing.

And then slowly started distracting from it, her tongue beginning to lose focus as she started sliding down slowly, my hands on her sexy ass, sliding under her panties to alternate between holding each cheek tightly, and then stroking them. Sometimes squeezing, sometimes spreading, as her movements against my cock kept growing more insistent. My sensitive cock sensed just how juicy and open her pussy was becoming, even as we remained dressed.

Becoming gloriously turned on, all attention now being drawn to what was happening at the intersection of rigid cock and invitingly yielding pussy. As my hands stayed on her hot ass, my mouth began to roam over her ears, then down to her neck. Her delighted response rapidly began to distract me, as she started grinding herself right at the root of my cock – clearly the center of her universe, a feeling I have never experienced just kissing a fully dressed woman. A woman I couldn’t resist, my hands squeezing her ass as she kept moving with inspired creativity, her horniness now leading me further on between her legs.

Her motion was captivating, my cock being stroked by her increasingly sexy pussy lips sliding along my shaft, opening while she kept pressing in a circular rhythm. I gasped the first time she slid down the length of my cock, now pressing her clit against just my cock head. By this point, neither of was capable of kissing any longer, and as her motions began to grow voluptuously needy, I was thrilled to realize that my cock was the reason she was playing herself like an instrument.

It is a rare privilege to be so completely adored for just accepting what someone is doing, and her being at my height was something completely new, a thought which drifted as she started to sink her pussy down, my hands now sliding away from her ass, as she ground herself at my cock head, starting to moan. Moans which grew when the hands that had been on her ass reached her chest, flat against the sides of her breasts, creating an opposing rigidness which she moved against, her breasts joining into the dance we were creating between liquid motion and opposing rigidity.

Time had become as hazy as it always does when so turned on, though one measure is at least somewhat reliable – the number of times I almost came, but didn’t, was easily 3 or 4, measured in groups to include pulsing series of blazing intensity, each closely spaced together, near eruptions of flowing pleasure within a sequence. Barely able to keep from filling my shorts with cum, I could only let her keep moving herself against me, swivelling and humping in what appeared a sort of satisfied need, a variety of delight that I had never been privileged to experience before. She was completely turned on, totally horny, and my cock was loving every eternal second of her sexy pussy rubbing along its length, its head nestled in her spread labia, her clit rubbing just hehind the flared ridge of my cock.

Slowly, I pulled her up, and the slight break in our intimately direct contact was enough to let her begin kissing again. As we kissed, the hunger faded into the background, not disappearing, simply reasonably placed aside. Which made sense, because in truth, it was time to prepare lunch before enjoying more time alone.

After eating, we went upstairs illegal bahis siteleri to the bedroom, of which a third or so is cut off with a clothes cabinet and an Indian cotton screen, creating what is basically a storage area, including book shelves. We were upstairs to seriously looking at books, specifically for frosting recipes. Languidly pointing with extended arm that she had the same vegetarian cookbook as my wife, I naturally turned into her, a hand across the small of her back.

Her arm drifted down as her mouth turned, slightly opened lips already anticipating my own thoughts. Our kissing seems inevitable as soon as we start, even though weeks or months can go by between rare occasions. As was the case today, with the added attraction of what had gone on downstairs. We continued to kiss, shifting in gradual increments to face each other, and after a few moments, she wasn’t really capable of standing any longer, due to how my fingers had begun to press against her panties, a motion which she rapidly succumbed to. When we started kissing, my hands had run along her thighs, lifting her dress high enough to reach her vulva with my hand. Again, our equal height added to the ease at which this occurred, my arms having more than enough reach to find and fondle her now spreading wetness, without having to lift the skirt very high at all. This made it much easier to remain discrete, in case anybody came upstairs. A discretion which certainly helped put her mind at ease, even as my fingers were making her hotter.

She started to slide downwards, her back against the cabinet, and I followed, my fingers remaining in the puddle they had discovered as she sank down. Settling down, she was on her knees and feet, her ankles at the sides of her ass, basically slumping as the feelings from her fingered pussy began to overwhelm any other minor distractions. Of course, it was not just coincidence that her position left her legs spread, her pussy even more openly available to enjoy my sliding touch against it.

A touch which rapidly resulted in her starting to shudder as my fingers focused their attention to where her clit could be felt, already a hard nub against the cotton of her black high cut panties. She began to form soft words, ‘Stop, ohhh, stop … oh … no … oh,’ which only resulted in spurring me on. We had begun a game that I love to play, overriding someone’s words by making them incapable of saying them.

So I whispered in her ear, ‘Stop finger fucking your wet pussy?’ and then flicking my tongue lightly on her ear as my fingers started a more demanding motion against her slippery and sloppy cunt, still covered by her soaked panties. ‘Tell me what to stop,’ I murmured, ‘just say stop finger fucking, and we’ll see.’ Her moaning only grow louder as I moved from her ear to her bare neck, her head loosely resting against her shoulder, closed eyelids fluttering. ‘Ohh … uuuuu …. stopppp …. ohhhh ….. yessss ….’ were about all I could make out as I lightly nipped around her throat. I had an arm across her back, and now, that hand started to curl around her gorgeous breast, cupping it, my fingers slightly spread, the middle finger on the center of her large and sensitive nipple, with the next two fingers covering the top and bottom.

Her moaning was starting to develop a certain panting, seemingly in time with my fingers pressing against her wetly gaping pussy and the ones fondling her chest. Then, in a mechanically distant tone, she weakly said ‘no … oh .. no .. stop .. please.’ Speaking with decades of experience, this is the sort of ‘no’ which both I and my partners have ignored over the years, to immense shared enjoyment. I was rock hard at this point, inspiring my concentration on increasing her pleasure, making her drown in it. The results could be felt through her soaked and exposed panties, now filling the air with an irresistible scent. Her dress was high up on her thighs, and her breasts were moving with her now harder breathing, a hint of nipple on the breast my hand was not fondling. We were both lost again, just like in the basement. My cock easily accepted the lack of direct attention, fully agreeing with the thrill of making her orgasm as hard and as often as possible, admiring a woman’s ability to cum canlı bahis siteleri repeatedly.

An ability now unfolding, her words becoming mumbles, sounding somewhat like ‘yessss …. oh .. oh …. yessss …. oh .. oh’ in a repeated and distracted chant. I returned to kissing her neck, my attention spread between her legs, her covered breast, and her exposed neck. She was beyond paying attention to anything but the waves of ecstasy cresting within her sopping wet pussy, my fingers continuing to dive there with simple confidence, creating a primal rhythm which would only end after she had been pushed to the point where pleasure recedes of itself, regardless of what one does or wishes.

Her pleasure was explicit, her moaning growing deeper, her hips starting to lift up and down to meet my now grinding fingers, my middle finger maybe an inch inside her pussy, still covered with the fabric of her panties. Fabric no longer covering her labia, allowing my other fingers to slide in the luscious slipperiness of her sweet pussy. My middle finger was deep enough to feel the repeated clenching and releasing of her now cumming cunt, while my other arm supported her as the rest of her body grew slack, lost in her glorious orgasming. My complete attention was focused on her sexy slit, devoted to extending her delight as long as she could take it, plunging as far as the fabric would allow, rubbing her clit with the flat of my palm, my other fingers gliding along her lubricated pussy lips.

Slowly, the movements of her hips and pussy became less forceful, and she lifted her head from her shoulder, slowly turning herself to face me, lips opened, a lazy shadow of a smile on her face before she grew closer and began to kiss me. A much finer way to say stop, combining reward with appreciation more successfully than words can. The arm at her side lifted, and began to stroke my neck and hair, pulling me deeper into her kiss. She was languid, which suited me well, since truly, we had stolen enough time together without any complications, so there was no reason to push our luck further.

After we both rose, letting her get steady on her feet again, we looked at books a bit more, before walking back into the bedroom proper. At that point, we started kissing again, and I pointed out that her breasts deserved at least a bit more attention, and how happy I would be to do just that. She seemed a touch uncertain, but as my hands went from her ass to her chest, she easily gave in, her eyes again closing as I started to play with her nipples, which could be seen as lightly rounded nubs under her dress. After a short while fondling her sexy tits over the fabric of her dress, I slid one hand underneath, making her shudder lightly with the contact of my finger against her skin.

Kissing again, playing with heavy braless breasts, my other hand slid down to her ass, as her own hand slid down, and began stroking my cock through the material of my shorts. But before starting to play even more distracting games, she simply stepped back, grinned, and said that was enough. Which turned out to be the case, though the double entendres continued until she left. I especially had a hard time with them, she noted. She also remarked that she would have to be going to a club tonight, looking for what she hadn’t quite found yet.

After all, we had never undressed, and though we had enjoyed more than 3/4 of an hour of sex, it wasn’t quite the same as fucking.

‘Well, what did you do after getting home? Did you go out to a club like you planned?’

‘No, I ended up staying up till 4am online.’

‘Really? Doing what?’

‘Wellll … I went looking in the Internet for any interesting places to go, then ended up doing some chatting. Until 4am.’


‘Well, I was really horny and wet still.’

I asked the first question that occurred to me, ‘Male or female?’

‘Both’ was her reply, adding that you can never really be sure. She explained that she stayed online till 4am, cumming several times with both men and women. First using wireless to chat on the porch – ‘yes, with my hand between my legs’ – and then inside her house.

I have never really gotten off that way, and she seemed a touch disapproving, saying that the amount of information people just put out is unbelievable. Not that she minded at the time, of course.

Then she said what she was really thinking of doing was putting an ad up, and again, my first reaction was ‘For a man or a woman?’

‘A woman – definitely a woman.’

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