Trip to KC Ch. 2

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This is part 2 of a story about a couple on vacation. You don’t necessarily have to read part 1 to enjoy this one, but it does help.

After showering, we get dressed and head over to Ronda’s room. She’s ready (in more ways than we know at this point) and we leave for the concert. You’re both dressed very provocatively, enjoying your time away from home. I’m sure many guys will notice your short shorts and low cut tops. I know I’m having a *hard* time looking away. Once we get to the concert and find our seats, we start downing beers pretty fast. The first band kicks ass and once they finish, we all head to let out some of that beer. I get back to the seat just in time for the second band and you aren’t there yet. Finally after the first two songs are over, you both come giggling into our row. I ask what’s so funny and you say you and Ronda have some fun plans for tonight.

As the band continues, you yell over the music what you and Ronda talked about during your trip to pee. Ronda wasted no time in telling you that she could hear us fucking from her room and could envision every detail. For a second you were embarrassed but you were also kind of turned on. It’s not the same as being watched but having someone listen is very erotic. Then Ronda shocked you a bit when she said that while she showered she continued envisioning us, only with her there too.

We’ve talked about having someone join us, and you do find Ronda very sexy, but this is fairly unexpected. How far did she want to go with this? The beer helped you make up your mind and you just asked, ‘Do you really want to join us?’ Without missing a beat she said ‘I want to fuck you two, both of you.’ From there the conversation was pretty bahis firmaları easy. You told her what went on in the hotel room, and she was a bit surprised; she hadn’t guessed that you were tied. She said she’s never tried it but that being tied sounded very appealing. As she said that an image found its way into your head. You and Ronda on your knees facing each other, with your hands tied behind your back, and me between you sliding my cock across both of your mouths. As you described it to Ronda she shuddered and complimented you on your dirty mind. So with me obliviously sitting in the stands listening to a concert, you and Ronda planned a night of dirty fun and lightly groped each other in a corner of the concourse.

By this point I’m rock hard hearing you tell me about this conversation. You also add that although it’s your plan for the night, you both want me to take the lead and keep things going. What do you know? I don’t have a problem with that either. The rest of the concert is great and all, but it may be the first time we’ve ever hoped there’s no encore. We listen to the encore (there’s always one) at the head of the stairs and dart to our cars in no time.

As I drive (of course), you and Ronda hop in the back and begin to make out and stroke each other. Though neither of you have exactly done this before, the mood and your buzzes have quelled any doubts you may have had.

In the hotel room, I decide to catch up with the festivities. I slide in between the two of you and kiss you. Ronda starts to feel up my body from behind. You turn me around and watch as I kiss Ronda. She moans into my mouth as she feels my hard cock rubbing against her. We all strip and you both roll kaçak iddaa onto the bed to continue making out. I kneel by your hips and begin to tease your pussies with my fingers. I then dip my head between your legs and taste you again. You are just as wet as before. Slowly I make my way to Ronda’s pussy and press my face into her as well.

Before too long, I remember the image you had before. I quickly grab the ropes again and direct you both to kneel on the bed and face each other. Quickly you take your places and I begin to tie your hands behind you as Ronda feasts on your breasts. I lead the ropes between your legs and under continuing under Ronda and tie her hands behind her back as well. When either of you move your hands, the soft rope gently glides between your legs and teases your pussies. Now that you’re ready, I pull your heads together and place my cock directly across both of your lips. I ask you to stick out your tongues as I slide my entire cock between your mouths. It feels so great and I love being serviced by two women.

I turn your head once again and enter your mouth. You suck me hard and put just a little pressure on my dick with your tongue. After a while I pull out and direct my cock to Ronda’s mouth, and she quickly takes me in. She moves fast, allowing the wetness of her mouth to build up and bathe my cock. You dip down and try to take my balls in your mouth but the best you can do is tongue them. No doubt about it, I’m in heaven. I switch back to your mouth and then back to Ronda’s a few times, finally stopping you both before I cum.

After untying you both, I lay you on the bed and enter you, slowly this time. Ronda watches as I slowly slip my entire cock in you. kaçak bahis When I finally reach bottom we begin to fuck as your friend watches and rubs herself and idly plays with your breast. When she can’t take it any more, she simply throws her leg over you and straddles your face. None of us, not even you, are sure how you’ll react to this. I stop deep inside you and we all kind of pause for a second. And then, just as quickly, you grab her hips and pull your face up to her crotch, sliding your tongue into her, tasting another woman for the first time. It’s different from your taste, but you find that you like it. Pulling her on to you, you feast on her full pussy lips as I continue to fuck you. After a few minutes, you’ve cum twice and Ronda explodes on your tongue.

You clean her up and tell her to turn around. She spins around facing me, still above your face. You then tell me to get behind her and fuck her too. It doesn’t take me long to realize you mean it. I push Ronda into doggystyle above you and you spread her pussy lips, taking my cock and placing it at the entrance. Even though it’s very wet, I slide in slowly enjoying the feel of another woman’s pussy. You can just reach us and begin to lick and suck the point where we cum together.

As you enjoy both of us, Ronda begins to kiss down your thigh and slowly but surely reaches your sex. She dabs her tongue across you and blows gently on your clit. You shudder and that’s all she needs. She slides her tongue in between your folds and then into your pussy. This continues until she can feel the sensations build up in her. She slides two fingers in you just before she noisily cums on my cock. The feeling of her contracting on me and your tongue on us sends me over the edge. I pull out again and shoot my load all over her pussy and your mouth. You join us in orgasm as her fingers do the trick.

Exhausted, we all fall onto the bed and drift to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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