Twenty Mile High Club

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My wife and I went on a holiday to Europe, which from Australia is a 24 hr flight. Both she and I have traveled internationally on numerous occasions, so we are used to flying. She usually sleeps all the time and I’m the insomniac, but this flight is so long that there’s no way she can sleep the whole way, unfortunately it is possible for me to stay awake the whole time. Because of the trip taking an east to west route the night is about 15 hrs long.

Miyako, my wife, in typical Japanese style falls asleep the moment she gets on the plane, even though it is only three in the afternoon. Four hours after we left Sydney the stewardess wakes Miyako for dinner we have a couple of wines and after dinner I settle back to watch the movie. Miyako doesn’t like the movie because she’s not a big fan of Jim Carry so she reads the in-flight magazine. Whilst she is reading the magazine the guy sitting opposite her on the aisle strikes up a conversation but I can’t hear what there saying for earphones I’m wearing for the movie. There is actually three guys sitting together and now they are all laughing together and having a great old time so much so that it distracts me from the movie, so I move the ear piece on my wife’s side just off the hole in my ear so I can hear what’s going on. I find out that it’s a university football club going to England to play rugby and that there’s about twenty of them sitting all around us.

These three guys are using their best pickup lines on my wife, who incidentally is enjoying all the young attention. You see Miyako is the youngest looking 38 years old you’ll ever meet. She is a petite 5’1″ tall and about 43 kilograms (95 pound ringing wet) she has 34-22-34c body and her legs go all the way up to her tits, or so it seems. When ever we go to night clubs she is always asked for I.D. and always has a large number of men hanging around her.

Anyway my wife is certainly enjoying the attention, bahis firmaları I can tell because she has this curious way of shifting in her seat when she’s excited. During the next hour or two, I’m not really sure how long, she and her new friends have been knocking back a few drinks and Miyako is decidedly less coherent. In the course of the conversation Miyako mentions her like for tequila and that it has some interesting side affects that she’d rather not mention. The guys goad her abet but she will no tell what the side affects are so one of the guys says well I suppose we will just have to find out for ourselves and produces a bottle of tequila from his carry on bag. They all still have their glasses from their previous drinks and set about demolishing this bottle. I notice that the guys are not pouring the drinks very evenly Miyako seems to be getting double what they are even though she’s half the size and the tequila is having the usual affect of getting her incredibly horny. She has slide one hand in under the blanket which covers her legs and is presumably playing with herself. I think the guys realise what she is doing because I can see them nudging each other and nodding in her direction. I give Miyako a nudge and whisper she’s being a bit obvious so her hand returns to where we can see it glistening with pussy juice.

Its now about 2am and apart from us everyone seems to be asleep so I suggest she go the toilet and finish herself off there, so she takes my advice. When she gets up to go I had forgotten what she was wearing under the blanket, a tight mini, string 4″ pumps that tie around her ankles, a boob tube and a cardigan, presumably she has no underwear as she rarely wears any. She bends over to fix her shoe and I get and eyeful of glistening wet pussy. Unfortunately for the guys her but is facing me and not them, however the guy behind us, one of the team, gets an eyeful and as she walks kaçak iddaa off leans forward and tells the other three.

After about ten seconds the middle of the three guys excuses himself and goes to the toilet closely followed by the guy on the aisle. After about five minutes the middle guy returns for a moment and says something to his mate, I can’t hear, and returns to the toilet. His mate then turns around and whispers something to a team member behind and goes to the toilet as well. This continues around the whole team until they are all behind the curtained off area in the middle of the aircraft where about six toilets are. I’m thinking this is weird when it dawns on me that Miyako hasn’t come back yet, so I slip out the other side and make my way forward to the curtained off toilet area. When my eyes adjust to the light I notice that everyone is queuing for the end toilet and that the door is open. I stand tiptoe to get a better look but all I can see is the middle guy’s head moving back and forth as if he’s straining. Then all of a sudden he throws his head back closes his eyes and groans.

After a couple of seconds the window guy grabs him by the shoulder and drags him out only to take the same position. Everyone moves forward one pace and the middle guy disappears though the curtain to return to his seat. I’m still trying to see what’s happening but all I can see is the window guy doing the same as the guy previous, when I am surprised to see my wife’s leg appear from inside the toilet and come around this guys back. Now I know what’s going on, the tequila has kicked in well and truly and little wifey is getting gangbanged on the plane. The queue continues to shorten and as I get closer I can see more and more. I am so turned on that I am almost coming in my pants. When it gets to the guy before me I can see Miyako with her arse on the little bench where the sink is, her pussy is red and swollen and kaçak bahis cum is dripping down her arse onto the bench and down the front of the little cupboard. Her eyes are glazed over, her cardigan is open, her boob tube is up over her tits and a cock is noisily sloshing in and out of her pussy.

The guy presently fucking her is number 19 and isn’t enjoying the position so he pulls out and lifts her off the bench and tells her to face the toilet and bend over, to which she complies. He shoves his cock back into her pussy and after about four strokes pulls it out and places it on her puckered little arsehole and thrusts in. she tries to scream but he has his hand stretched right forward and around her mouth so only a muffled noise escapes. After about a minute she starts howling as a huge orgasm racks her body. She then collapses and he lifts her back to standing by the hips and keeps pounding her for another ten seconds before unloading deep in her arse. He unceremoniously drops her face down on the toilet and leaves giving me a high five as he left.

There is my darling Miyako lying bare belly and tits on the lid of the toilet, mini skirt hiked up cum oozing from her arse and pussy, face scrunched up against the back wall of the toilet whimpering. I thought I should take pity on her, so I slide her feet forward entered the toilet and closed the door, as there was no one behind me it didn’t matter. After locking the door I crouched down behind her and did what she would never let me do before, arse fucked her. She always refused but this time there was no refusal, she bucked a little but was basically totally spent. Her arse was so tight I came almost immediately.

After I finished I stood her up rolled up some toilet paper into a wad and stuffed it in both orifices straightened her clothes for and helped her back to her seat. She said she felt weird and then abruptly went to sleep all the way to London.

I lay awake the rest of the way contemplating the future, you see I had a vasectomy some years ago and she is not on the pill. So I was wondering whether I might end up with a little fullback, centre half or prop forward.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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