Two Very Nasty Girls Ch. 1

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“Fuck me… oh God…Yesss… AAAAHHHHH… shove your big cock up my cunt… that’s it… UUUUUNNNNNGGGGHHHH…”

Shelia was riding Bob’s eight-inch pole like there was no tomorrow. She had only known him for an hour having met him at the bowling alley that afternoon. She just knew when she saw him that she had to have his cock, which is exactly what she told her girlfriend Judy when she spotted him on lane six. Shelia and Judy were eighteen year old cheerleaders at the local high school. They both loved to fuck but had to maintain their dignity at school. Fucking was fine on a date, but becoming a slut was looked down upon. They decided to go in search of real sex away from school, and the bowling alley seemed like a good place to start.

Their adventure started the previous Sunday at Jill’s while watching some porn flicks that Jill found hidden in her mom’s dresser. The first scene started with a couple sixty-nining.

“God, Shiel, I think we’ve been missing something. Not even Rock is that big, and NOBODY on the team eats pussy like that.”

“Yeah, and look at how much she loves it. I always thought I was a good cocksucker, but God, she got that whole thing down her throat.”

After the first fuck scene both girls were beginning to cream their panties. The second sex scene was two girls doing each other.

“Jesus, Jill, that’s really hot. I can’t believe I’m getting turned-on by two girls doing it. You don’t mind if I touch myself? I’m gonna go nuts if I don’t.”

“God, Shiel, I’ve been thinking the same thing.”

Both girls unbuckled their jeans and slid their hands into their panties. Shelia came almost immediately lifting her ass up off the couch as her body stiffened and she began gasping for air. Jill began squealing in orgasm just as Shelia was returning to earth.

The next scene was a threesome with two guys and a girl. She sucked on their two monster cocks for a while, then stuffed one up her cunt while taking the other in her mouth. Shelia stripped off her jeans and panties and slid down on the couch with her legs spread. One hand moved to her hairy cunt and the other went under her blouse to feel her tits.

“God I wish I was that girl with a cock in my cunt and mouth at the same time. I am so fucking hot I would do anything with anyone right now.”

Jill went into the back room and came out with a 10-inch dildo that she had found in her mom’s dresser along with the video. She pulled off her jeans and blouse and stood over Shelia with the dildo in her hand.

“Here, try this.”

Jill dropped to her knees and started rubbing the dildo up and down Shelia’s juicy slit. Shelia grabbed it and popped the large head into her cunt. Jill worked it in and out until the entire ten inches was nearly inside her. Then she started fucking Shelia deep and hard until Shelia screamed and shuddered with a huge orgasm. Jill sat on the couch and pulled the crotch of her panties aside, placing the juiced up dildo at the entrance of her steamy fuck hole. On the screen she was watching two girls getting fucked side-by-side and kissing each other in the process. She slid the dildo easily into her well-lubricated cunt, then pointed her legs in the air and repeatedly rammed the dildo hard into her steamy hole.

When she recovered Shelia took the dildo from Jill and continued ramming it up Jill’s cunt. Their eyes locked and a surge of passion shot between the two nymphets. Shelia leaned forward and planted a kiss that Jill received aggressively by opening her mouth and shoving her tongue between Shelia’s lips. They held the kiss until Jill began to cum. Shirley pulled the juicy dildo from Jill’s cunt and sucked it clean. The two girls sat naked on the couch with their arms wrapped around each other, kissing and fondling each other as they watched the movie. A hot scene was showing where a female boss sat on her desk and made her secretary eat her pussy while a male assistant fucked the secretary from behind. Jill moved a hand between her legs and started rubbing her cunt.

“God, I wish someone would eat my pussy like that. It’s sooo fucking hot!”

Shelia took the hint and slid down Jill’s body, placing her mouth between Jill’s legs. Jill slid sideways and pulled Shelia’s pussy to her face. The two girls gently licked and sucked each other’s cunt, occasionally probing with their fingers and nibbling clit. Shelia shoved two fingers deep inside Jill and found her “G” spot. Jill thrust her pussy hard into Shelia’s face as her whole body tensed. She pulled her mouth from Shelia’s cunt and screamed out in a shattering orgasm. Shelia licked up the juices that leaked from Jill’s quivering pussy.

After she caught her breath, Jill attacked Shelia’s pussy with her mouth and tongue. She pressed a forefinger against Shelia’s asshole and slowly worked it inside her. Jill finger fucked Shelia’s ass while sucking on her clit. Shelia couldn’t take it any more. Her whole body shuddered with orgasm as she gushed a flood of cum into Jill’s mouth.

“Wow. I can’t ataköy anal yapan escort believe I got off on your finger up my ass. It was fucking incredible. I never did it that way before. Did you?”

“Well…yeah, once. Ralph Benson fucked me in the ass at a party over at Becky’s house.”

“Geez, Jill, you must be shittin’. I thought Ralph and Gail were, like, practically married.”

“I know. And I feel like shit cause Gail’s a friend. You see, she was on vacation with her family so Ralph and I hung out at the party together. You know, dancing and stuff. Then we started to drink and the next thing you know we’re both shitfaced. A slow dance started. Ralph slid his hands to my ass and started kissing me.

“Well, you know me, Shiel. I was on fire. I could feel my panties getting damp as I pressed against his hard cock. I needed to get fucked so I grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the coat closet. We kissed and felt each other up. He squeezed my tits while I rubbed his cock through his shorts. I dropped to my knees, pulled his shorts down and sucked him into my mouth. I had two fingers in my pussy, but that wasn’t enough. I needed to be fucked and I told him so.

“Ralph said that he couldn’t fuck my pussy cause that would be unfaithful to Gail, but he would fuck me in the ass if that was okay. He said Gail liked it that way sometimes. I was so shitfaced and horny I would have done anything to get a cock in me. Fortunately, I had some hand cream in my purse. He coated his cock and had me put my hands against the wall. I felt him spread my ass cheeks and press the tip to my anus. He pressed hard until it popped inside me. He worked it deeper and deeper. At first it hurt, but then I relaxed and he slid all the way in me.

“It was incredible, Shiel. I rubbed my clit while he was fucking my butt. I must have had five orgasms before he finally shot his cum up my ass. We went back to the party and I could feel my ass leaking cum for the next half-hour. Needless to say, my panties were a mess. I would have done it with other guys, but I was always afraid to ask.”

As Jill was finishing her tale, the girl on the TV spread her cheeks and took a cock up the ass while sucking on two waving in her face.

“Jesus, Shiel, talking about it and watching that girl getting fucked in the ass – and loving it – God, I wanna get fucked in the ass.”

“I’ll do you, Jill… here,” she said picking up the dildo, “get on your knees and face the back of the couch. That’s it… Okay, spread your legs a little and stick out you ass… oooh my, you look sooo delicious. Is it okay if I lick your butthole first?”

“Oh, yeah, Shiel, lick me with your tongue… that’s it… aaahhh… your tongue feels so good against my asshole. Press it in… Yesss.”

While Shelia was tonguing Jill’s asshole, she took the dildo and worked it into Jill’s juicy pussy. Jill was going crazy with the tip of Sheila’s tongue wiggling around just inside her asshole and the large dildo being shoved up her gushing cunt. Jill knew she couldn’t hold back much longer.

“Okay, Shiel, take it from my pussy and shove it up my ass before I start my cum. Hurry!”

Jill reached back and spread her cheeks wide. Shelia placed the slimy tip of the dildo against Jill’s puckered asshole and continued applying pressure until it finally popped through her crinkled little nub. Shelia was gentle working it in an inch at a time until Jill had eight inches comfortably buried up her ass.

“Oh, God, that feels so incredible. The pressure inside me is so intense. God, if I had one in my cunt I think I would shatter into a thousand pieces. Okay, Shiel, you can start fucking me slowly now… oh fuck, that’s it… uuuuhhhh… I know I’m gonna cum from being ass fucked, Shiel… oooohhhh… but it’ll be more incredible if you make my… aaaaahhhhh… pussy feel good tooooohhhh… lick me, Shiel… uuuhhhh”

Shelia lost no time in scooting her head between Jill’s legs as she continued to pump the dildo in and out of Jill’s ass. Shelia lifted her head and flicked her tongue across Jill’s moist pussy lips and erect little clit. Jill moaned and lowered her pussy onto Shelia’s face, grinding into her while Shelia slurped and sucked the nectar out of her cunt.

“Shove it all the way in… that’s it… hold it there… I’m gonna cum, Shiel. Oh, shit… it’s gonna be a big one… oooohhhh… here it comes… EEEEEEIIIIIOOOOOUUUUAAAAHHHH…”

Jill dug her fingers into the couch and screamed so loud the neighbors must have thought she was being tortured. Shelia kept her mouth clamped to Jill’s gushing cunt as her whole body thrashed about. This went on for a full minute before Jill finally collapsed onto the couch with the dildo still sticking out her ass. Shelia slowly pulled it out, then leaned over and kissed a semi-conscious Jill on the cheek.

Shelia’s attention turned back to the TV where a naïve nurse had been coaxed into bed by a patient who told her that only sex could take his mind off the incredible pain ataköy bdsm escort in his legs. After the requisite blowjob, she climbed on top and was slamming her ass up and down on his eight-inch cock when the doctor came in. The nurse explained how she was relieving the patient’s pain. After a lecture about fraternization the doc told her to continue treating the patient while he administered her punishment. The doc stripped down, climbed up behind her and shoved his cock up her ass. She begged him to keep punishing her as she rode the two cocks to a screaming orgasm. Then the doc came all over her ass and made her take the patient’s rather huge load in the face.

Shelia was really worked up watching the hot scene. She had two fingers in her cunt and another up her ass trying to achieve what she had just seen, but it fell far short. Jill had recovered and watched as Shelia fingered herself.

“God, Jill, you should have seen it. That nurse just took a cock in the pussy and ass at the same time. I wanted to be her so bad. My fingers aren’t doing it for me – I need a couple of healthy cocks up my pussy and ass. What’s happening, Jill? Are we becoming two fucking cock hungry sluts?”

“I don’t know, but I have an idea how to fix your little problem right now.”

Jill went to her bedroom and came back with a washcloth and a small plastic vibrator. “I get off with this almost every night. It’ll fit nicely up your ass while I’m fucking you with the big boy here. And believe me, when I put it on vibration you’re gonna be cummin in buckets. When I’m finished with you, you can do me.”

The girls fucked each other for several more hours until they were sore and exhausted. That was when they decided that they needed to expand their universe and picked the following Saturday to begin their adventure. The bowling alley seemed a perfect place to start. Shelia walked over and sat down just behind lane 6 making sure her blue micro-skirt rode up her thigh allowing her to expose her red panties when she spread her legs. She watched as Bob took his turn in the lane. He was tall and thin wearing tight jeans. Shelia gazed at his nice buns and could feel a tingling in her abdomen. When he turned around to walk back Shelia slid down in her seat and spread her legs. She saw him gaze right at her pussy covered only by the thin red silk of her panties. Their eyes met briefly and she opened her mouth slightly and licked her lips. She gazed right at the growing bulge in the front of his jeans and slowly lifted her hand to her left breast gently squeezing her tit as he sat down. She could feel juices dripping from her pussy causing her panties to get damp.

This charade kept up until the end of the game. Bob walked back, sat down next to her and introduced himself. Shelia wasted no time in telling him what she needed. She grabbed his hand and placed it between her legs.

“My pussy is dripping and if I don’t get a cock in it soon I’m gonna go nuts. Is there somewhere we can go?”

“Sure. My place is just around the corner and my wife won’t be home until six. Can my buddy Fred come with us?”

“No problem. My girlfriend Jill will take care of him. She can suck cock better than anyone.”

On the drive over Shelia sucked Bob’s cock in the front seat. Jill wasted no time sucking Fred to hardness in less than a minute before mounting him after removing her panties. She began shouting obscenities as she bounced up and down on his cock. Shelia couldn’t take it anymore and ordered Bob to pull over and stop the car. She quickly mounted his cock and was soon screaming in orgasm. Pussy juice gushed all over the front of Bob’s jeans as it poured out of her quivering cunt. Bob shoved his finger up her ass sending her into an even more intense orgasm.

Meanwhile, Jill was nearing orgasm in the back seat. She lifted herself all the way up on Fred’s 10 inch cock until the tip was just inside her cunt lips, then slammed down until all 10 inches were buried deep in her gut. She did this repeatedly until her entire body started shaking. She slammed down on him one last time holding his cock deep inside her as the juices began leaking from her twitching cunt. She grunted and moaned in orgasm as she ground her impaled pussy against him.

Fred couldn’t take it anymore. His huge cock swelled inside Jill’s tight pussy just before a powerful spray of cum blasted into her belly. Jill could feel his powerful cock pumping stream after stream of hot juice as it splashed against her womb. He filled her completely until cum started leaking from her cunt and dripping down his balls.

Shelia climbed off Bob and quickly sucked his slimy cock back into her mouth to finish him. She took him down her throat and gently massaged his balls. She worked him expertly with her mouth, tongue and throat. Finally, his cock began to swell, followed shortly by a blast of cum against the back of her throat. She quickly gobbled down the first two blasts, then pulled him from her mouth and took the 1 next three blasts on her nose, eye and chin. She took him back in her mouth to finish and clean him.

Jill climbed off Fred and cleaned him up with her mouth and tongue. She sat up just as Shelia was finishing Bob, and asked him to drive over to the convenience store across the street.

“I gotta pee. Come with me Shiel.”

Shelia, still intoxicated from the sex, staggered from the car with her skirt still hiked up over one cheek in the back, one tit popped up over her bra visible through the white T-shirt and blotches of cum clinging to her face. The guy behind the counter stared at her as Jill asked for the ladies room key. Just then Jill’s cunt twitched releasing most of the load Fred had deposited in her cunt. Most of it ran down her legs, but a small glop splattered directly on the floor beneath her. His gaze moved over to Jill as he stared down at her legs.

“What’s the matter. Never seen cum drip from a pussy before?” Jill reached down and scooped up two fingers full of goo running down her legs, put them in her mouth and licked them clean.

“Finger Lickin’ good!” She grabbed the key and went to the back to pee.

“Hey, honey, from the mess on your face I’d say you like to eat it too. How about trying some of my protein.’ The guy behind the counter walked around front, pulled down his zipper and pulled out a cock that had to be at least 6 inches around and 8 inches long. Shelia felt something move up behind her and looked around to see a short, stocky man with a mustache unbuckling his pants.

“Hey, don’t worry. That’s Cannonball. He works here. You just worry about this thing here.”

He sat up on the counter and pulled her head down. Shelia took him in her mouth, stretching her lips to fit around him. He pushed down on her head until his massive tool wedged itself in her throat. She thought she would choke, but slowly her throat accommodated his size, and soon her lips were pressing against his pubic hair. She used her throat like a cunt and slid up and down his shaft.

Behind she felt Cannonball’s cock slide into her pussy and was surprised at its size considering the height of its owner. Because of his height she had to squat slightly so he could bury his shaft all the way up her cunt. He grabbed her hips and started fucking her in short, rapid thrusts. They were all just reaching their rhythm when Jill returned from the bathroom.

“Jeez, Shiel, you’re hogging all the fun for yourself.”

Jill slid down between Shelia’s legs and started licking Cannonball’s cock as it slid in and out of Shelia’s cunt. Occasionally she would pull him from her pussy and clean him with her tongue and mouth, then reinsert his cock into Shelia’s dripping cunt. Jill was so turned on that she shoved two fingers into her own pussy to get herself off.

“Ok slut, I’m almost there. Now jerk me off all over your face.”

Shelia pulled his huge cock from her mouth and grabbed him with both hands. She pumped him fast until she felt his throbbing meat begin to swell. Aiming him squarely at her face, she glanced up at his contorted face. He grunted as a powerful stream of cum blasted up her nose, then across her left eye and forehead before landing in her hair. The second shot landed right between her eyes before splashing up into her hair. Shelia opened her mouth to catch the rest. He kept spewing cum in spurts, only half of which ended up in her mouth. By the time he was finished, Shelia’s face was a mess with cum streaking down her cheeks and dripping from her chin. One eye was shut in a pool of cum and drops of cum speckled her hair.

“Clean it, whore,” ordered they guy with the thick cock pulling her head down. She took his softening manhood between her lips and sucked the remaining fluids which dribbled out the tip.

Cannonball was just about there. She could feel Jill tonguing her clit as he continued to ram her pussy. Cannonball grunted just before his seed sprayed up into her belly. As he continued filling her, Shelia started cumming. The cock still in her mouth muffled her screams. She could feel juices pouring from her cunt. Jill was lapping them up the best she could along with cannonball’s cum which was also beginning to seep from her pussy. Cannonball finally pulled out and was immediately replaced by Jill’s mouth. Shelia continued to cum as Jill sucked the creamy mess from her cunt while rubbing her clit.

“Straighten up, cunts, here comes a customer.”

They had been in there less than 10 minutes, but Bob and Fred had decided to come find them. The two guys quickly zipped up. Shelia walked back to the bathroom to clean herself. Jill stood against the counter.

“You girls ready to go? I thought we’d get some beer.”

“Oh, didn’t we tell you. We’re too young to drink. Alcohol that is. I like creamy drinks myself.”

They all left and went to Bob’s place. And that was how Shelia found herself riding Bob’s eight inch cock on the same couch where Jill was propped on the armrest getting fucked dog style by Fred. Both girls were screaming loudly as orgasm after orgasm washed over them. Shelia’s ass and inner thighs were wet and sticky from the juices pouring from her cunt as repeated orgasms shot through her body. Jill reached across and inserted two fingers into Shelia’s asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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