University Pleasures Ch. 08

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Disclaimer: the following is a work of fiction. It may contain scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters in this story are fictional and not based on any person living or dead, and are not meant to infringe on any existing characters in other literatures.


It had taken a major effort for Dana to free herself for that Wednesday. She had been forced to break a promise to her son and she felt bad about it. She had also needed to convince her mother of babysitting her son a few more hours that day. Claire Hendrix had agreed without hesitation, but she had added a few choice words.

“This crush of yours… it seems kind of confusing. You need to get things in order so you can move forward.”

“Mom,” Dana had answered, “that’s exactly what I’m doing today.”

Dana had gotten up around seven that morning, making a quick call to her mother to settle things as she prepared breakfast for her son. She then sent a quiet message to the number the woman from last night, Lois, had given her.

DANA: Lois says we need to talk. Here’s my number. Call me.

The person had called her around 9:15. She had left with her son right after that conversation, dropping him off at her mother’s, then heading out to meet the individual in question. They had chosen to meet in a public place, but not crowded area, one where they could speak openly. Dana had arrived at the park first, around 9:50. The young woman she was to meet walked up at 9:58. Dana scanned her with eyes she hoped would remain neutral. The half-Asian girl was familiar, and not just from last night.

“Hello,” Myriam said, introducing herself.

“I know you.”

“I know you too.”

Staring into each other’s eyes, both women had remained quiet for a time. Dana had suddenly burst out with nervous laughter.

“This is awkward.”

“Is it?” Myriam replied.

“Isn’t it?” Dana had struck back.

Myriam, content that basic introductions were made, dove right into the heart of the matter.

“Tell me exactly what you need to say.”

Dana had considered her words carefully.

“How could you do this to him?” she said, her accusation surprising even her. “How could you place him in such a predicament?”

“Need I remind you,” Myriam commented, “that he went into this with eyes open.”

“Perhaps. Perhaps… but…”

Dana’s voice trailed. Myriam was pretty; her half-Asian features gave her an exotic look that was sure to appeal to many men, including Tom.

“…did he even have a chance to resist you? Lois told me how you seduced him. The minivan. His office.”

“She told you that much,” Myriam whimpered, now uneasy.

“She did, yes… because I promised I would listen to you. That I wouldn’t pass judgement. I’m a woman of my word. So… Myriam, please tell me what went through your mind.”

Myriam stared at Dana; she was gorgeous in her own right and by no means should she feel jealous; it wasn’t the issue though.

“Okay. I was thinking he came on to me. I recognized him from university and I thought he was cute – a bit shy. So I acted on it, cause I’m like that. And then… you know, it was forbidden. That’s why I did it. And I meant no harm by it. Honestly.”

The sincerity in Myriam’s voice wasn’t fake; then again, Dana already suspected that from her talk with Lois last night.

“You could have gotten yourself suspended – or him fired,” Dana said.

“I know,” Myriam replied, apologetic. “But once I got started – Tom’s a hard habit to let go.”

“Believe me, I know…”

The next question had to be asked, and Myriam wasn’t known to shy away from anything.

“Are you jealous?”

“I was, at some point. But no… not anymore.”

“And what about your relationship with Tom? Isn’t it… forbidden too?”

“No,” Dana corrected her. “Inappropriate yes. But look Myriam… I think we both love Tom, each in our own way.”

Myriam smiled; she grabbed Dana’s hand.

“I told him not to play behind your back, you know?”

“No, I didn’t… but I suspected. It’s a man thing. But he played it right too. He didn’t lie.”

Myriam agreed with a head nod; her stare became intense.

“So what happens now?” she inquired to the older woman.

“Now… we have decisions to make. Very important ones. Now that I know for sure, I need to act on it. Somehow. I can’t ignore the impropriety of what you two are doing.”

Myriam lowered her head, trying to let go of Dana’s hand, but the older woman didn’t let her.

“But here’s the thing. I don’t want to hurt either of you. What you did for Tom these past weeks… it’s amazing.”

“I… just had sex with him.”

“Oh, Myriam, how little you understand the impact it’s had on Tom. ataköy masöz escort You gave him so much confidence and pride in himself… I can’t just ignore that either.”

Dana squeezed Myriam’s hand.

“So… I’ve come to a decision.”

“Which one?” Myriam asked, somewhat uneasy.

For Dana, the next move proved to be a greater challenge than any other words, but she needed to play it out. Still holding Myriam’s hand, she looked into her eyes.

“Walk me to my car.”

Myriam complied, unclear as to the meaning behind those words. When they stood next to it, Dana pressed Myriam against the vehicle and slowly leaned in towards her. Myriam’s eyes widened as Dana’s lips met with hers. A moment later, Myriam’s arms wrapped around Dana’s neck and the two traded a passionate kiss.

When Dana pulled away, both women’s faces were flushed from the blood rushing to their frames.

“There’s only one way I’m not going to tell on you two,” Dana said.

“…if you’re complicit,” Myriam understood.

Had either woman not been rushed, they might have escalated the kiss to more physical pursuits. Myriam was expected at the school for the planning, and Dana needed to return to her mother and son for the time being.

“Can you be there this afternoon?” Myriam asked.

“Text me the details. I’ll do what I can, but I can’t promise.”


Only Myriam had known who the supervisor would be and she had chosen to keep that secret. Besides, none of the other girls knew about Dana except for Rebecca, and she had never met nor seen her.

When the supervisor stood at the door to the classroom, watching the half-stripped schoolgirls and their shocked teacher, it sent an actual chill into the room simply for the presence of an unknown party. And if Myriam hadn’t called out that she was the expected supervisor, things might have escalated out of the game.

Luckily, everyone trusted Myriam.

“What is going on here?” Dana called, playing the role of the stern mentor. “Mister Brown? Please explain.”

Tom couldn’t speak. He understood, more than anyone, the implications of Dana finding out about Myriam. The truly puzzling fact was that she seemed to be playing her part in this elaborate sex game, and that completely threw him off. He just stared blankly at her.

She didn’t even break character.

“Why so surprised?” she asked him. “You were warned I might drop by.”

Myriam, more in-the-know than anyone else, felt the need to intervene. She was naked except for her long socks and bowtie, but that didn’t matter to her.

“Supervisor… we… were just doing gym training.”

“Gym?” she asked. “Well then… carry on. I’m here to evaluate mister Brown’s performance in this class.”

Somehow, Tom snapped out of it; it probably had to do with Myriam stepping in.

“Right… um… where were we?”

The other schoolgirls stared at him in their various stages of undress as Tom checked his list. There was only one match left so that everyone would have fought twice.

“We have… Aisha versus Isis. Please… um… step up.”

The middle-eastern girl Isis still had every piece of clothing on; the African-American Aisha had lost her bowtie and blouse. As they moved to the middle of the mats, Dana went to sit on Tom’s desk, behind him.

The girls jumped on one another; it was quite a surprise when Aisha, pouncing like a feral animal, tackled Isis to the ground with little effort (given Isis’ earlier performance) and struggled with her bowtie. It came off without too much effort.

Isis, who had been caught by the surprise by Aisha’s initial charge, expertly turned the tables on her, flipping her onto her front while pulling her arms to the back – forcing the black girl to tap out.

“Panties off!” Isis called.

Not even reluctantly, Aisha parted with her white panties, exposing her shaved pussy. The last round started at the same intense pace. It wasn’t any surprise when Isis repeated the earlier maneuver; when Aisha failed to tap out, Isis simply leaned into her frame and pulled her bra off, exposing Aisha’s beautiful breasts and winning the bout.

While making the tally of the battles already fought, Tom hazarded a glance at Dana. Her gaze had softened, though she went back in character when Tom looked at her.

“As you can see,” he told his mentor, “we are following proper protocol for such an… activity.”

“I have no complaints,” she simply stated.

Tom looked back at the data and smiled; compiling this list reminded him of compiling the data about his sexual encounters. He couldn’t hold back a quick jolt of laughter as he finished his tally.

“Here are the scores after the first full round. Our leader in all categories confounded is Mariella. She removed four items and managed to keep all of hers.”

Mariella gave a little victory dance.

“Next is Isis. Though she lost her bowtie, she still managed to strip four items of clothing.”

Isis gave a slight ataköy otele gelen escort bow to all, except Mariella to whom she threw her tongue.

“Etiquette, girls,” Tom reminded them. “Number three position is held by Tina. Though her blouse is undone, and she has lost bowtie and skirt, she also stripped four items of clothing.”

Tina pointed her thumbs at herself.

“Rebecca’s fourth. She stripped two items but also lost three, as we can witness from her half-naked frame.”

“I like being bottomless,” she commented as she shook her exposed behind.

“Thea comes in at number five, with two stripped items in only her panties and socks.”

Thea feigned shyness as she half-covered her breasts.

“Myriam and Aisha are tied for sixth…”

The two schoolgirls bowed their heads in false shame; Tom turned to Dana.

“Well?” he asked.

“You seem to be handling this well,” she replied. “Carry on.”

He acknowledged her comment and turned back to the girls.

“Crunch time,” he said. “Either Myriam or Aisha is out after this one so we only have six competitors. However, since Mariella hasn’t lost a single item and she clearly seems to dominate the competition, I think she can handle a penalty match.”

“Penalty?” Mariella stared, concerned.

“Three opponents. Myriam, Aisha… here’s your chance to win back some honor.”

The two girls smiled with satisfaction even as Mariella stiffened. All three moved to the center of the mat.

“Rules are simple. You can team up with one another or work alone. If you manage to strip two items from Mariella, you’ll remain in the game. If either of you loses their remaining item – be it bowtie or skirt – you lose the game and will be punished.”

Tom gave the go-ahead; Myriam pounced on Mariella’s legs as Aisha struggled with her arms. Surprisingly, the hispanic girl held her ground against both opponents, though she obviously struggled hard. After a minute or so of this physical contest with no one getting the upper hand, Tom called for a break.

“You get a second chance – another full minute to strip Mariella. If you fail, then she’ll be safe and it will be just the two of you.”

Would the incentive work? Myriam and Aisha struggled to the best of their abilities, putting their hands on Mariella. They tore open her blouse to reveal her white bra; they half-pulled her skirt off by working together. Still, Mariella proved the superior fighter; she managed to pull Myriam’s bowtie off her frame even as the schoolgirls struggled with her skirt.

“Myriam, you lost. Congratulations to Mariella for winning and Aisha for surviving.”

As the two non-losers returned to stand around the mat, a defeated Myriam in nothing but her socks leaned back on the mat, exhausted. Dana took this opportunity to get up from the desk.

“Ma’am?” Tom called out.

“I’m going to inspect the loser.”

No one said a word as Dana advanced onto the mat; she had taken off her shoes. She walked over Myriam, legs to each side of her body, staring down at her. Dana cast a glance at Tom.

“You spoke of punishment,” she said.

“Yes,” he hazarded in an uncertain voice.

“I think she needs the rod. And if you don’t give it to her, I will.”

“…the rod?” Tom mumbled.

Dana motioned him to come over; when he got close, she put a hand over his crotch, pressing around his shaft. Tom’s eyes widened. Dana moved away from Myriam, flipping her onto her front with her foot.

“On all fours…” Dana ordered Myriam.

She rose from the mat to that position. Dana stared at Tom.


Somewhat still uneasy, Tom unclapsed his belt, dropping his pants and underwear, exposing his manhood. Oddly enough despite the erotic nature of the scene, it wasn’t ready to be used, falling limp.

“This won’t do,” Dana commented.

She stared at the various schoolgirls, then pointed to Mariella.

“You… the big winner so far… get his rod ready.”

“Yes, missus supersivor.”

Mariella dropped to her knees in front of Tom and wrapped her hand around his cock, hoping to get him hard. It wasn’t going as fast as expected. Tom was clearly still in a certain state of denial over Dana’s presence.

“I thought your dexterity would be better,” Dana commented on Mariella’s performance.

“I’m trying.”

“How are your oral skills?”

The only answer was for Mariella to wrap her lips around Tom’s cock and start blowing him. Tom’s eyes wandered between that scene and Dana’s stern gaze: how amazing her roleplaying was, he told himself. The oral service did its trick, getting Tom as ready as could be.

“Good,” Dana said. “Now… give her the rod.”

Tom moved in behind Myriam; she was eager to be fucked. With nothing but long socks on, she looked incredibly inviting. The crease of her sex was glistening with her own juices. Instinctively, Tom looked for a condom, even though he hadn’t used any with these girls for weeks. When none were ataköy rus escort provided for him, he simply pressed his manhood against the folds and pushed in. Myriam barely gave a reaction upon the penetration. Dana didn’t seem impressed. The other schoolgirls watched in eerie silence as Tom began pounding into his student. Again, and in a rather odd display for her, Myriam barely bothered to provide Tom with a vocal performance of his efforts.

After about thirty seconds of almost silent fucking, Dana appeared annoyed.

“Is that what you call a good rod?”

“Ma’am?” Tom looked up at her, puzzled.

“Pull out,” she ordered him. “Let me handle this.”

Confused, Tom pulled out; Dana motioned for Mariella to return to Tom’s shaft and pleasure it slowly; “We want him to last a bit more,” she said. Dana then headed for her purse which was lying on the teacher’s desk. She opened it and pulled out the strap-on dildo, belt and shaft already connected. Tom stared in disbelief as Dana pulled down her own blackskirt, revealing dark lace panties. She slid the device up and around her legs, settling it in the appropriation position. ‘Had she ever used one of these before?’ Tom asked himself. She was obviously familiar with the bindings.

Thus equipped, Dana moved back and took Tom’s place behind Myriam. This was the first time Tom saw the hesitation in Dana’s face, and he instantly knew she was improvising it well. It suddenly made Tom that much hornier. Seeing Dana get on her knees and direct the tip of the dildo against Myriam’s opening, Tom’s stare fixated on the spot. He watched his mentor’s artificial tool penetrate his student slowly, mindful of her. Myriam moaned hard.

“Oh fuck! Supervisor…”

“Call me Dana,” she said.

Tom watched Dana fuck Myriam with the mounted dildo; he suddenly figured out that somehow, the two had planned this for his benefit. For Myriam to have sex with Dana and vice versa meant they had talked and settled things, somehow. Tom immediately reasoned it had been done through Lois last night, somehow – possibly after Myriam had left.

“Ugh… Dana… mmm… yes…”

“Are you enjoying this, Myriam?”

“Oh gods… yes… uggh…”

Dana looked at Tom; she had a wry smile on her lips, clearly enjoying the sensation of power she entertained on the scene. It was a bit humiliating for Tom, but it was so erotic that it didn’t matter. In a way, Tom felt he deserved a little humiliation.

Dana, however, felt differently.

“Tom, she has another opening which you can use.”

“Yes… Dana.”

Tom pushed Mariella way and shuffled to Myriam’s face, leaning into her. The student opened her mouth and welcomed Tom’s erection. Tom quickly looked up, staring into Dana’s eyes, also watching her plow into Myriam even as the schoolgirl blew him gently.

Suddenly and quite unexpectedly, the scene was too much for Tom to take. He could barely hold it in.

“Oh… Dana… I’m going to come.”

“Ask for permission,” she replied, getting back into character.

He understood the game had resumed and held his release in a moment longer through sheer will.

“Supervisor, please, may I be allowed to come?” his voice resonated, almost pleading.

“I think she deserves it,” Dana said.

It was all Tom needed; his ejaculation spilled into Myriam’s mouth even as Tom grabbed her hair and held her there. She wouldn’t even have tried pulling away; Tom’s student gulped down every bit of the offering made in her mouth even as Dana pounded away at her. When Tom retreated, his head light from the sensations, Myriam made herself vocal again.

“Ah yes… thank you mister Brown… thank you Supervisor… oooh…”

Dana brought Myriam to climax just in time; her hips were tired from the unusual motion she had inflicted upon herself. The action wound down after that. Dana pulled away and painfully rose to her feet. She kept the strap-on tied to her frame but wiped it clean with tissues. She tossed a few to Tom so he could also clean himself, then ordered him to pull his pants up. As he covered himself, Dana looked at the other schoolgirls.

“Don’t you even think class is over,” she said. “I’m sure between mister

Brown and myself, we can make sure everyone gets what’s coming to them.”

The ominous sexuality implied behind these words made everyone shiver with glee; Tom stared at Dana, more impressed now than bewildered. She was true to her word. She wasn’t stopping him. She was even indulging him. Or perhaps, this was about herself, and Tom just happened to be accessory to her experimentation. Whatever reason, Tom could only appreciate. Had he not been in character, he would have kissed Dana passionately.

“All right,” Tom said, “let’s get this class going again. Someone please, get this mess off the mat.”

Myriam – the so-called mess on the mat – couldn’t help but giggle. The girls dragged her to the side as she recovered from the pleasure she had been given. Her smile of satisfaction also betrayed how much she had planned this activity, and how well it had unfolded.

“Six contestants,” Tom said. “But only one victor.”

Mariella had returned to the others; in constrast with only a torn blouse, she was already expecting to be the winner. Isis might have a chance against her but it clearly wasn’t certain. Tom had a plan to make things more even.

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