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I should have known that no woman as good looking as my wife could stay faithful for very long! I expected guys to look, maybe I even enjoyed their looking a bit (the old sin of pride at having such a gorgeous creature as all mine rearing its head), but I never intended my wife to actually do anything with them. That changed when I found her in bed with my best friends—Daniel and Crystal. Heck, I didn’t even know she was into women, but here she was with Daniel’s hard member in her pussy and Crystal’s strap-on dildo right along side it.

Quite a picture I must admit but please allow me, dear reader, to step back in time a bit to explain my shock. It began when we were kids living in the midst of the Bible Belt. My family was far from the Bible thumping type. In point of fact I grew up around constant nudity and, though I do not consider it such, what a lot of people might consider perversion. My parents were then, and still are, swingers who were also into living the Dominant-submissive lifestyle. Not only did they live these lifestyles but they promoted them, enabled them, I suppose may be a better word, because they ran several clubs for persons of such interests and tastes.

On to my wife, simply put, everything my parents were, hers were not. Mine were easy-going, live life as if you were dying tomorrow types. Hers were as strict and controlled as mine were free spirited. I guess that is about what you’d expect from an ordained minister and his wife living where we did.

Considering her upbringing it should be no surprise that, like any kid that age, she felt the need to rebel against them as much as she possibly could. I, of course, was the perfect boy for her to rebel with. My long, curly, chestnut ataşehir escort brown hair flowed down my back like a waterfall then. I was extremely free spirited (Thank heaven that hasn’t changed) and, gasp loudly here, captain of both the high school football and wrestling teams. To her parents the last was the worst—I actually engaged in combat sports. The fact that I was sole captain of both teams made it that much worse for her parents as well as me all that much more attractive to their rebellious daughter.

She was 5′ 9″ tall to my 6′ and blond-haired, blue-eyed to my hazel eyes and chestnut hair. Outwardly we were opposites, inwardly we were two people who shared one soul—soulmates. I worked long and hard to prove this fact to her and the rewards of doing so have lived with me up to this day, at least until the sight before me came into view anyway. What would you do? Join in? Kill them all? Something in between?

I suppose I would have been a little less flustered if she’d told me of her desires rather than springing it on me this way. Hell, I’ll try anything once! So I joined in.

Of course, since she was currently double-stuffed more than an Oreo cookie, it was a bit of a trick to maneuver myself in such a way as to be under her yet still put my rampant, hard, thick, ebony cock up her ass. Needless to say, with 3 cocks in such a tight space, my wife howled like a werewolf during a full moon. The motions of the two above me were what caused further arousal in me. Moving, changing positions, those were denied me by my physical location underneath the three of them.

Daniel and Crystal were quite a team. Just watching them together gave me the idea that they had avcılar anal yapan escort done this numerous times before. Turns out, my best friends, I did not know so well—they were long-time swingers before they moved to this part of the country in an attempt to change their lifestyle. What they did not know was the fact that the Bible Belt is also home to the most notorious swingers clubs as well as other alternative lifestyle clubs. And, as today evidenced, they could not avoid the temptation that my lovely ex-prom queen wife provided to them.

So what? My wife is white and I am black, not exactly something new right? Well, you’re right, it isn’t. Daniel and Crystal are the same as us, except that Crystal is the coffee and Daniel the milk in that couple.

Any, though I’d had many women before my wife I’d never had a woman who was the same skin tone as I. I liked dating woman I considered more exotic—little did I know. I was in the midst of falling into, how can I put this, an otherworldly consciousness of pure sensation, when Crystal ever so gently raked my ball sac with her fingernails as she proceeded to lightly touch my skin elsewhere. When she came to my sphincter finally I had been so aroused by that point that her thumb’s entrance into it was so subtle as to be subliminal.

The sensations soon changed as, one by one, more fingers entered me. The second one felt nearly the same as having just the thumb there but by the time she was to the fourth I was feeling rather full, even though her hands were quite dainty looking they sure were not meant to be used that way. Crystal was a pro at this, my prostate was stimulated in ways it had never been before, avcılar bdsm escort and, as a result, I’d swear that my cocks had swelled beyond their normal sizes of 9″ and 11″ respectively.

See, I told you I wasn’t normal. The docs they have some fancy multisyllabic name for it, but what it boils down to is that I have two, yes two, fully functional cocks instead of one. It made sports extra fun because my jocks and cups all had to be custom made. It made Dad so proud!

With two cocks and four large, hanging balls I was perpetually bedding women. My mother and father, the protective yet encouraging parents that they were, would try to find me women who could handle my enormous sex drive—not to mention organs—and keep me satisfied. From the start a bevy of beautiful, horny, angels on the outside, sluts on the inside were pushed my way. Alas, the tactic they had worked very little until I met my future bride—Elizabeth. Now Elizabeth, Buffy as her friends called her, wanted me right from the start—she knew how much it would irritate her parents—but once she found out about my condition I think that made it all the sweeter to her.

Right from the beginning we seemed perfect for each other. I got hornier the more I was around women and she needed lots of cock to satisfy her. I suppose it was inevitable I eventually ended up sharing her with other people like Daniel and Crystal. After all, if a horndog like me got hornier being around pussy then I suppose that it is no leap to believe a woman like her did the same around cock—and I have twice as much as most men after all.

What took it so long to happen, now that I have this knowledge, I can not say. Perhaps she was trying to control her urges, perhaps she figured that is what a good, married woman should do, but I know as a good friend of mine once said, “The more you try to control your urges the more they indeed control you.”

What will happen to us next? What shall I do with her? To them? I will have to consider, for now at least, I have to let my cocks rule the roost.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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