Used and Abused Ch. 02

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I put on my short skirt and tight blouse and left to go home to get some rest. It was around noon, a nice day and I decided to walk, because I figured it would loosen up my tender pussy, thighs and ass, after all, I only lived about a half a mile away. With each step another squirt of cum would leak out of full pussy, making soft sloppy spurting noises as I walked. It began to run down my thighs, I had no underwear on (naturally) so there was nothing to keep it from flowing. I continued my walk home and noticed several different men glaring at me on the way. I took notice and decided that I needed some rest; after all, I had been rode hard and put up wet and needed time to recuperate.

When I got home, I took a quick shower and went to bed. I woke up around midnight and decided that I would dress up and go out to see what I could get into. (Or what I could get into me!) I was wearing a tight, black spandex shirt and a pair of Hooters shorts and walked to the market a few blocks away. I went in, scouted around, and decided to go home.

I was about halfway home when I met a guy friend of mine, and stopped to talk to him. He’s a really nice and well endowed black guy, and when he makes a booty call, I’m always available to him because he fucks me so well. He looked me up and down and told me that he was having some friends over to watch a basketball game and wanted to know if I wanted to come. I immediately said yes, so we went to his house. Maybe I would get lucky! I sure hoped so!

We walked in and he introduced me to all of the guys there. Jackpot! I could tell by the way they looked at me that they wanted me. I knew I was going to fuck them, too, because they had firm, tight bodies and I could see the large bulges growing in their shorts. I wanted them to use me for their pleasure. I became very horny, knowing that I was going to fuck them; my shorts had a large wet spot in them as my pussy was becoming engorged and I anticipated screwing them. My friend ataköy türbanlı escort asked me if I wanted to watch the game or if I had something else in mind. I shrugged and told him that I was his guest, so it was up to him, and asked him what he wanted me to do. He told me to come and sit on his lap, that he wanted to ask me something, and I wasted no time in doing so. I could feel his hard cock under me and positioned my cunt firmly over the long thick shaft and began to grind onto it. He leaned forward and whispered into my ear. He asked if I wanted to be their little white cum-slut. I nodded my head yes as I ground onto his cock and moaned with pleasure.

As I was grinding, he stopped me and pulled his shorts down, letting his fat cock spring free and stand at attention. I stood up, removed my shorts and sat down onto his lap. I grabbed his thick shaft and placed the head of it into the opening of my very wet pussy. He slowly entered me, inch by inch, easing gently deep inside of me until I was stretched and stuffed with the massive girth and length of his wonderful cock. I started to thrust and grind, my pussy slurping and squishing noisily as we picked up the pace. He was thrusting harder and harder and I was matching him stroke for stroke. I felt his dick begin to throb and knew he was about to cum. The sight of his huge, dark cock sliding in and out of my creamy white pussy was very exciting to me. The walls of my cunt were milking him for a hefty load, and a few minutes later I got what I wanted, an orgasm and another pussy full of cum, which immediately ran down my thighs when he withdrew. I stood up; got on my knees and sucked his meat into my mouth to lick him clean, my sloppy cunt oozing cum. As I was doing so, I felt another guy enter me from behind with another fat cock!

He pulled my fuck-me blonde hair in rhythm with his strokes and I had no trouble matching his pace. He started fast and furious, slapping ataköy ucuz escort my tender ass and telling me how good it felt to be inside a tight pretty white whore like me. I came. He kept talking dirty to me, telling me what good little white trash whore I was and how good my sloppy pussy felt, and continued to plow my pussy. I came again. After fucking me for about fifteen minutes, I felt him erupt inside of me, filling me up yet again! I was in pure ecstasy, and couldn’t wait for more. And more is what I got. It took about 3 hours to suck and fuck all of them, it was almost like a gang-rape, but I wanted it that way and that’s how I got it! I was very sweaty, my cunt and thighs as well as the rest of my body were saturated in thick, creamy cum, I had more hickeys, my ass and thighs beet red from all of the spanking and yet I was only somewhat content, I had been used and abused but I still wanted more, I was still horny. I wanted to feel like a total slut and wondered what else I could do. I went to the bathroom, washed up a little, told them all thanks for the good time and left. I still don’t know who won the basketball game.

I was going to fuck someone else before I got home because I still wanted more cock. I want to feel cheap and slutty, like a whore. I wanted someone to use and abuse me. A few minutes after I left the friends house, a guy walked up behind me and slid his hand up my crotch and squeezed my pussy, which was sloppy and wet. I was startled, but when I turned around to see who it was, all I saw was a large smile, a smile I just couldn’t resist. He asked how much I would charge for a blow job. I was stunned. I’m not a hooker, but it would be nice to have some extra cash, so I told him 50 bucks. Hell, I didn’t know what to charge. He said ok and grabbed my hand and led me up the street to his apartment.

When we got there, he dropped his pants and started to stroke his growing cock. It was a nice ataköy üniversiteli escort cock, not huge, but nice and long. I mustered the nerve to ask for the money before I did anything, and he quickly found his wallet and pulled out the 50 dollars and handed it to me. I leaned forward, slowly jacked him off until he was hard and slid him into my mouth. I sucked him for several minutes until he came in my mouth and all over my face. I asked if he had any friends that might be interested and he said he did. I told him to call as many as he could and have them come over for a good time. He got on the phone and started making calls.

While we waited, I decided to fuck him. He was pounding me hard when the doorbell rang. He got up, answered the door and let a couple of cute young men into the apartment. They were young, but old enough. He came back and proceeded to fuck me hard until we both came. When we were done, I asked the young men what they had in mind. They wanted to gang-bang me and asked how much I would charge for it. I told them 150 dollars, cash up front. They reached into their pockets and counted off the cash. I took the money, so I was obligated to finish what I had started.

I lay back on the bed and invited them to strip and join me. Both of them were very athletic in build and had nice dicks. One of them straddled my face and shoved his cock into my mouth, which I greedily sucked deep into my throat; the other one mounted my pussy and began to gently fuck me, slowly picking up the pace. I sucked and fucked them both for quite a while, and believe me; they got their money’s worth, as we all came several times. While I was fucking them, I heard several knocks on the door. Was it more horny men for me to service? I didn’t know and could only hope that it was.

It turns out that six different guys came to use me and pleasure themselves. One of them tied me up, blindfolded and gagged me, then fucked the hell out of me. Another one raped my mouth and pussy, and another spanked my ass until it became numb. There were a couple of black guys as well. I made almost a thousand dollars in less than three hours! I was full of and covered in cum, felt and smelled like a whore and was ready to go home. The guy with the beautiful smile offered me a ride home, and I agreed to let him take me…

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