Vacation Ch. 01

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Chapter One

The Beginning

As we drove along the narrow ocean road, a question began to come in my mind as to how good an idea this really was.

You sat beside me, quietly smiling. You are very beautiful in that sun dress and sandals. I turned up the music on the radio and began looking for a place along the narrow road to turn around, bracing for the hard teasing I knew you would give me because I thought we were lost, when suddenly we rounded a curve and there it was.

I pulled in front of the resort and a valet parking attendant suddenly appeared at your door and opened it. He was six feet tall, fit and very tan. His eyes registered complete approval as he watched your trim legs swing out of the Mercedes and he offered you his hand. “Welcome to the Sun House,” he said with crisp attention to you in particular.

A trim young man in a t-shirt and shorts appeared at your elbow as I walked around the car to join you. He took your elbow and I followed as we walked into the lobby. I turned and winked at you as he escorted you into the building.

We stepped inside and two women came to attend to us. They were both young, blonde with very long hair. They were both dressed in white shorts, sheer tops and they wore roman style sandals. They were good looking, but you were stunning.

The two blondes smiled and giggled as they took our luggage. They could not help noticing my eyes as I looked over all three of you.

We checked in and walked through the lobby to our room. Along the way we passed by the pool and the bar.

Once in the room I walked over and slowly undressed you. I moved my hands up your shoulders and slipped your dress to the floor. I began kissing your neck and back moving my hands down your body kissing all the way. Nock, nock. The two girls and the trim young man in the t-shirt was back with our luggage, standing at our open door. You were standing there in your panties and no bra with me kneeling behind you with my hands caressing your body. I looked around you and saw them looking at you, while you smiled back. We had started our vacation well.

I watched you walk to the door and led him to the bedroom. He followed with our luggage and left the two girls to smile at me kneeling on the floor. He came out buttoning his shorts with a big smile a few minutes later. He looked at me and said thanks for the tip. I got up and walked to the bedroom. You were reapplying your lipstick with a smirk on your face. I smiled back at you and asked you how it was. You shrugged your shoulders and giggled. I looked at you with a big smile and said no way, you were not that brave. You said it was not what I was thinking. Well not really you said. I just smiled as you continued. You said you didn’t do him, you only kissed him. I asked where? You said lips and one other place a little lower and that you gave him a twenty. A twenty? He better have been good. We smiled.

You slipped your clothes back on and we went for a walk. Out by the pool we walked hand in hand watching the people. There were several girls and one guy in the pool splashing around. All naked. The area wasn’t very crowded. There were maybe ten others laying out getting tan with nothing on but oil and an occasional towel. I noticed your eyes as they wondered over the bodies stopping on the girls as we walked by. You caught me smiling at you and your eyes grew happy.

We wondered back around the pool by the beach and stopped to watch the waves. Your hands moved up my back and took off my shirt. We leaned in and started kissing. In no time at all we had our clothes off and I was inside of you. Right there on the beach sun shining down on our naked bodies we made love. Your beautiful naked body riding me like there was no one around. But there was. Several couples were watching us from the beach with big smiles. You didn’t stop. Your naked body rode mine and all I could do was watch. We continued like that until you came very loud and hard.

Back in the room we showered and got dressed again. This time I was wearing a loose fitting shirt and soft, tan slacks with brown shoes. You put on another sun dress with no bra or panties and simple shoes. We walked to the veranda where they were serving a light dinner and sat down at a table closest to the beach. The sun was going down so we wanted to see the sunset.

Halfway through the meal a young couple sat down at a table next to us. They were both very beautiful. He was almost six foot and 180 pounds. She was five six and 120. He was very good looking with short blondish hair. His body was tan and well built, which we both noticed as he sat down. She was very good looking too. Dark brown hair with a hard ataşehir escort tan body. Her breasts were a little bigger than yours. Both of them smiled toward us as they sat down.

We continued to eat, but you had other things on your mind now.

This resort was there for really only one reason. That is why we wanted to come here. The beaches are nice, but there are a lot of beaches out there. The hotel was nice as well. The fact we could walk around naked all day long without a single question was one reason. The biggest reason was because people came here to explore their desires. And we wanted to explore.

He leaned over and asked our names. We replied with a smile and they gave us theirs. They were from Texas and this was their first time here. We replied this was our first time here and we were from California. After we finished our meal and a few minutes of small talk, we ended up at their table. We ordered some drinks for us while they ate and continued our talk.

He was very open with how much he liked you. He smiled and touched your hands a lot. I just sat back and watched. She leaned into you and laughed and looked at your face and shoulders with lustful eyes. I was enjoying every minute.

After they finished their meals we ordered some additional drinks and moved out by the pool. I sat across from you and they sat across from each other. We continued talking and I felt her touch my leg. She smiled at me and I flinched a little. I saw you notice with big eyes and a grin. He touched my leg as well and said he didn’t mind her touching me and kept his hand there for a minute watching my reaction. Everyone was watching my reaction. I responded by touching their legs and saying everything was fine. We kept our hands there for an extra moment to show we knew “everything” was alright. We finished our drinks and I suggested we go back to our room to get more.

Back in our room the lights were dim and I turned on the stereo. I offered everyone a drink and you went into the bathroom with Kali and I stayed in the bedroom with Brian. He looked at me and smiled. Brian was very excited and wanted me to know they were comfortable with just about anything. I replied with the same answer.

Kali called out to us and told us to get comfortable while we waited. I laughed, but knew what she meant. So did Brian. I took off my shirt first and then my shoes. I watched as Brian removed his shoes and shorts then his shirt. By the time I took off my pants he was down to his underwear, but I wasn’t wearing any. So I pulled my pants down to stand there naked next to the closet. I put my clothes inside and watched him as he looked at me. He moved his eyes up my naked body and removed his underwear. I saw his cock already getting hard. I smiled and walked back to the couch and sat down. He stood in front of me for a minute looking at me. I looked back. He was very good looking. His body was nice. He sat down with me to my right. We were both getting hard now.

You walked out first and I just stared. So did he. Kali followed and walked up behind you and put her arms around your waste. You can’t imagine how amazing that looked. You are two inches shorter than Kali with the same color hair. Your body is so firm and toned with a great tan. Your breasts are a perfect small C with beautiful shape. Her body was taller and thinner than yours, but her breasts are a little larger. You were both tan, but she had some tan lines. Your skin reacted to her touch with a slight tremble. She leaned down and kissed your neck. You pushed against her body and let her hands move from your hips to your breasts and neck. Slowly caressing your body. You turned and kissed her, with a full open mouth kiss. Your bodies pressed together. You perfect ass facing us. Her hands moving down your back and over your ass. Your hands doing the same.

You moved to the bed and fell into it. It was obvious you didn’t need the guys right now. You were on your back while she forced open your legs. She kissed your thigh once before she was licking you. Your back was arched, your head was back. You couldn’t get a handle so your hands moved trying to grab something. Her body was slowly moving with yours. Her hands were touching your legs and ass. Finally your hands found her head and you pulled her into you. You began moaning yes, yes. Lick me, please. Oh fuck. Lick me. Right there. Put your fingers in. More. More. Please, fuck me. Yes.

I watched in amazement. I had never seen you with a woman before. You had been with several since we were married, but always when I was away for business and I didn’t get to see. All I got were the stories you told. Nothing avcılar anal yapan escort like this. She continued as you asked for more. Lick me please. Oh god. More.

I continued to watch as she licked and fucked you. I could see her moving one finger then two into you. You asked for more and she slowly pushed three finger then four into you. You were gasping in pleasure. I was amazing to watch and listen to your moans and screams of delight while you came. Soon your movements slowed and she moved up your body to kiss you. You both kissed and I watched your tongues explore each other.

You both looked over at us and smiled. Sorry was all I heard, I think it was Kali. I couldn’t speak. I was still amazed. Brian just sat there smiling. You grinned at me and said, it was Kali’s turn. She rolled onto her back and you moved your perfect body down hers until you were between her legs. She stopped you for a second and whispered something in your ear. You both looked back at us and smiled again. You asked us to join you on the bed and to enjoy ourselves while we watched. Brian got up first and joined you on the bed. You and Kali were on the side closest to the bathroom. Your face was between her legs and she moved your head up and down with her hand. She watched Brian climb next to her and begin to rub his cock. It was a nice site.

He sat there next to you both looking very nice. His cock was in his hands while he watched you. His cock was bigger than mine and that is saying something. I have an 8 or 9 inch cock and it is as round as your wrist. His was bigger and rounder. Maybe 9 or 10 inches.

I joined you on the bed, but I moved behind you to rub your ass and back while you licked her pussy. I could hear both of you moaning with pleasure. Brian watched as I moved next to him. The bed wasn’t very large so I was sitting between his feet watching you. I rubbed my cock getting harder with every minute. Every once and a while, I would look at Brian and notice him watching me too. I didn’t mind. I knew we were all getting a lot closer very soon.

You and Kali were both in a frenzy. You moved up her body and kissed, then rolled over toward Brian. Without hesitation you took his cock in your mouth and started to suck on him. You used you hands to jack him off while your mouth was sucking. I just watched with my mouth open as you kissed and sucked his huge cock. I could see your lips and hands caressing his cock. Kali looked at me and patted your ass and told me to fuck you. I did not hesitate. I moved behind you and pushed into your pussy. You moaned with every inch. I pulled out and repeated. I could hear your muffled moans as I began fucking you. Your mouth gasping for breath, while you sucked his cock. I moved you onto your knees and Brian moved up so you could still suck on his cock.

With every thrust, I could hear your moans and I wanted to thrust harder. Kali’s hands moved up your body and explored everything. I could feel her fingers rub your pussy while my cock moved in and out of you. She moved her hands up to offer me her wet fingers to suck on. I took them into my mouth to taste you. She moved up and pushed next to my body and began kissing me. She let me suck on her fingers more.

She removed her fingers from my mouth and started to caress your ass. I watched her slowly move her wet fingers into you and fuck your ass with her finger. I could feel you push against her asking for more. My cock could feel her finger inside of you. I wanted to fuck you harder.

She moved down to Brian now. I watched as you both traded his cock. You both kissed and sucked and rubbed his cock. I couldn’t stand it. I had to pull out of you. Kali took this as her turn. You moved over and she pushed her ass toward me. I took it in my hands and moved my cock next to her pussy. I looked at you and watched your eyes locked on my cock. Watching me rub her pussy with the head. Slowly pushing into her until my cock was deep in her pussy. I was so hard and ready to cum, I couldn’t fuck her like this for long. I was watching you watch me. I pulled out and rested for a second. She stopped sucking on Brian to tell me to fuck her and not to stop. Brian looked at me and smiled. You smiled and said fuck her now. Brian said fuck her. I began to move back into her when you pushed up next to me. You body next to mine. We were moving together. Your hands were on my body helping me fuck her. I couldn’t take this. I pulled out again. She moaned wanting more. You began to move your fingers into her pussy, then pushed a finger into her ass. Than two fingers. She moaned in delight. I could see you fucking her pussy and ass with your avcılar bdsm escort fingers. This wasn’t helping me calm down.

I moved back up to fuck her pussy, but you pushed my cock into her ass. She moaned so loud, I almost came right there. You moved down now. Down beneath her so you could lick her pussy while I fucked her ass. It was amazing. I didn’t want to cum. I had to stop three times then pulled out all together to get a rest.

Kali rolled off of you and relaxed next to you. This left Brian between your legs with that huge cock. You looked up at him and smiled that big smile. With one foot you pulled him toward you. He didn’t waste a second.

He slowly started to rub his cock on your pussy. With short, quick breaths escaping from your mouth I could hear him enter you. In no time he was in you and pulling out again to slowly push back into you. You were in heaven.

His cock looked so big inside of you. And it was. I was watching this beautiful man fuck my wife and I couldn’t stop watching. You two looked so good. Your feet were wrapped around him pulling him back into you. His beautiful ass moving with you. His hands on your body. His many kisses to your face and neck and body. I sat back and just watched.

He proceeded to fuck you on your back, on your knees, on your side. In every position. At one point you were both standing while you wrapped your legs around him to fuck him harder. You rode him for 10 minutes straight. Not stopping and asking to fuck harder and more. Kali had moved over to my side of the bed and we watched you two fuck. She and I enjoyed ourselves, but you two were the entertainment. At one point you looked at me while riding him and smiled. I smiled back and said I loved you. Your grin got so big and you started to fuck harder. Your moans and screams were amazing. Your little body pushed him deep into you over and over. After you two fucked for over 30 minutes straight he had to stop. You had cum at least 5 times. Kali had cum 6 times while watching. Only 2 of those were from me. I couldn’t touch my cock or I would have cum.

He pulled out of you and said it was my turn. I moved between your legs and pushed into you. He was bigger than me, but your pussy felt amazing. I could feel you so warm and wet. I couldn’t handle that for long. I pulled out several times.

I had to stop. I moved out from between your legs. Kali and Brian had been touching and kissing watching us. Kali got a big smile and moved next to you. That left Brian and me next to each other with two huge, hard cocks.

You smiled and said closer. So we moved a little closer. You both were watching us now with deep, dark eyes. Kali said not closer to us, closer to each other. I obeyed. I moved until my right leg was touching Brian’s left. You said, better. Then you moved toward us first. You took his cock in your left hand and mine in your right. You began to jack us off. It was wonderful.

You had a mischievous smile. I kissed you and felt you move our cocks to one hand. With your little hand you held both cocks. Rubbing them together and forcing them together. I moaned with pleasure. You smiled again and leaned down to suck on us. With every kiss you would rub our cocks together. I was enjoying this way too much. So was Brian.

Kali leaned over you and for the next 10 minutes you traded sucking our cocks and kissing and sucking. You were rubbing both of us at the same time and sometimes just one. You pulled back a little and I looked down. Brian had his cock in his hands because he looked like he was going to cum. Kali said not yet. She took my cock and pushed it next to his again. I could feel his hand rubbing his own cock. Then he was rubbing my cock. It felt great. I was so hard and his hands felt so good. You took my hand and moved it to his cock. I took it in my hand and rubbed it. It was big. I liked it. You and Kali watched with huge grins.

This couldn’t go on for very long. I let go of his cock because I could feel him arch his back, ready to cum. Kali moved in and kissed his cock, but moved my hand back. I continued to jack him off. His hand fell off of my cock and moved back to his own. I moved away and watched him jack off while Kali sucked on him. He was going to cum. You saw it too so you moved up to me and started to jack me off. It didn’t take long. I watched Brian cum in Kali’s mouth and face and hair and breasts. I couldn’t help it. In a final movement, I came deep in your mouth. You let it flow out of your lips and onto your chin. I continued to cum on your face and lips and chest. It was amazing. You swallowed what you could, but it was a lot. Kali moved over to suck on my cock and I could feel Brian’s cum in her mouth. It was warm and nice. Then you and Kali kissed sharing the taste and the cum. Brian sat back and relaxed. You moved up my body and kissed me. A deep kiss. I could taste the cum. It was great. I leaned back to look at everyone. We looked good. Brian smiled and suggested we go for a swim.

Chapter 2 The pool Continued…

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