Vahl and My Wife

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~Sari Shepard~

I had worked for Griffin Bottled Gas for four years, filling propane tanks at homes in rural Maine, where natural gas service wasn’t available. It wasn’t my dream job, but it wasn’t high-stress either. Eventually, I planned to go back to school and finish my degree, but the job suited me well at the time.

I was sure my wife Hailey was cheating on me, but she refused to admit it, probably because I was putting her through night courses. I couldn’t prove anything, so I didn’t push the issue. But I did put a bit of money aside each week, planning to find a place of my own once I finally caught her. I figured a higher paying job would just provide her with better alimony, so I decided it could wait.

Summer was always busy, due to the hundreds of lakeside summer camps in the area. Many of those camps used hundred-pound bottles instead of large propane tanks. Twice a week, I left the pump truck in the depot and drove a smaller truck, changing out empty tanks with full ones. I was in my thirties and in relatively good shape, but the job was physically demanding. When Jim Griffin, the owner of the business, decided to get me a helper to schlep tanks, he got no argument from me.

He hired Vahl, a nineteen-year-old visiting college student from Finland. Vahl was a strapping kid—not big like a linebacker, but tall, ripped and beefy. Thick brown stubble covered his lantern jaw and his deep blue eyes sparkled with young confidence. Hell, if I was a gal, I’d have probably hopped him. Then again, if I was a gal, I’d have been a real slut.

I wasn’t so bad looking myself, but had delivered propane to the same addresses time and again without much more than a quick thank you. Most often it was women who were home when I’d deliver, so I had my fantasies, but they never panned out. Usually, I’d find an envelope taped to the door with propane guy written on it. I hardly ever saw them, until Vahl tagged along, that is.

On his very first day, our first stop after lunch was at a small but classy lakeside cabin. The names on the account were Paul and Lynn McCrea. As we pulled up, I saw a pretty brunette in tight yoga pants and a sports bra exercising on a stair climber in front of a picture window.

Vahl took a new tank off the truck while I disconnected the old one. As he carted it behind the cabin on the hand truck, the thirty-something beauty stepped outside, wiping her forehead with a towel. She was a tall, lean beauty with blue eyes and black hair pulled into a tight pony tail. “Please,” I heard her beg Vahl. “I’ve been smelling gas. Could you check out the line?”

“I’m just a helper,” he replied in his thick European accent. “That is Sari’s job. You should ask him.”

“Oh,” she remarked with a tone of disappointment. “I didn’t see there were two of you. Never mind. It’s probably nothing.”

I’m not a dummy. She was obviously just looking to get Vahl in the house, but once she mentioned smelling gas, it was my job to check.

“Better let me take a look,” I replied. “Are you the owner?”

She nodded. “Come on in,” she acknowledged.

I went into the basement and followed the tubing, quickly checking connections. All seemed fine, but to be thorough, I pulled the stove a few feet from the wall and dropped some soapy water on the gas fitting. As it turned out, she had a reason to worry. Bubbles formed around the improper connection. “Did you do this yourself?” I asked from behind the appliance. “Teflon tape is a code violation.”

She didn’t answer. It was then I noticed Vahl wasn’t there either. From behind the bedroom door, I heard him let out a hardy moan. I rolled my eyes and went outside to turn the gas off. By the time I returned with pipe dope and a wrench, Mrs. McCrea was squealing to the rhythm of the bed as it thumped the wall.

The connection was a quick fix—less than ten minutes. As I slid the stove back into place, I heard her cry out, “Of course you can come in me! Come in me all you want!”

Vahl wailed out an opera-style note. I gathered my tools as she joined him in song. When the cries faded off and the mattress began squeaking again, I huffed and knocked on the door. “Keep it to once or twice,” I complained. “We have other calls.”

It wasn’t a matter of being a responsible employee. I didn’t want to sit in the truck while Vahl got his rocks off. I was jealous, plain and simple. As I picked up my tools, the bedroom door clicked open. Expecting to find Vahl still pulling up his pants, I turned around. I heard my toolbox crash to the floor as I set eyes on the naked form of the hot housewife. My gaze dropped from her ample breasts to the pearly dribble oozing from her slit and onto her thigh.

“Can your apprentice stay if I invite you in?” she asked, untying her ponytail.

“Talked me into it,” I quipped, running in behind her.

Vahl was kneeling on the bed, near the foot. His impressive shaft glistened with their mixed genealogies as it protruded at a strong upward angle from his pelvis. I’d never taken a pair of work boots off so quick in my life as I did that day. avcılar grup yapan escort I tugged at my shirt, watching her wrap her mouth around his glazed cock and bob back and forth. As I kicked my pants off, she hummed, gliding her shiny lips over the chiseled vein lines of his meat.

Naked but for my socks, I scampered onto the bed and grasped Lynn by the waist as she reached underneath and guided my knob into her seed-laden clench. I displaced a glob of Vahl’s lineage as I buried half my engorged manhood into her pelvic heat. She hummed as I reared back, but squealed when I charged forth, sheathing my entire length in her. My belly bounced off her firm buttocks as I broke into cadence. Estrogen and testosterone scented the air as I cycled in long, lustful strokes—my jewels slapping off her crevice.

Lynn licked her way down to Vahl’s balls, stroking his engorged girth. I groaned, catching sight of the rings on her finger as she worked his rock-hard rod. Vahl’s eyes grew wide as he let out a warning grunt. With a wanton moan, Lynn dunked over his knob as he cried out loud. I peered on in amazement as below her lips, the underside of his shaft twitched in rhythmic pulses and his balls became more defined in his sac. She gulped, then squealed, shrink-wrapping my shaft in her velvety hug. Lunging forward, she sprayed my nuts with a gush of thankful reward.

Vahl never softened. Lynn’s cheek bulged from his meaty head as I plunged back in and sped up my pace, reaming her sperm-washed inners. “Come in me,” she demanded. “Mix your seed with his inside me!”

All she had to do was ask. Pangs of orgasmic voltage were already twanging through my length. She straightened her back to offer me unfettered access as I rocked my pelvis forward and locked my hips. My shaft thumped a mighty dry-fire in the tight confines of her intimate vessel, followed by a succession of sperm-laden salvoes that sprayed her walls and pooled in her depths. She stroked Vahl’s wand and sang to the beats of my insemination as I transferred the contents of my sac into her tight vault.

With a contented moan, I rolled onto my back, only to have Lynn’s black hair wash over my lap. I knew then and there how Vahl had stayed so hard. The moist warmth of her mouth sucked me back to strength in seconds. Vahl grasped her waist and pounded her from behind to the familiar tune of, “Shoot your cum on top of his!”

Minutes later, I salted her tongue with a second helping, brewed fresh from my tiring gonads. Sometime after that, I answered her call for more cum in her kettle as she lay back with her lanky legs spread wide. She straddled Vahl’s hips and began bouncing as I rolled off the bed and pulled my pants up. I was just buttoning my shirt as Vahl grasped Lynn’s waist, grunting as the well-sated housewife cooed to her fifth seeding of the afternoon.

“Let’s go apprentice,” I quipped. “We’ll need to relight her water heater before we go.”

We drove a mile along the lake shore road without saying a word. The cab of truck reeked with the smell of feminine nectar, even though Lynn gave us each a warm cloth to wash our crotches. Finally, I asked, “So she just…kissed you? Threw her arms around you? Took off her shirt?”

“She never kissed me,” he answered in his Finnish accent, “but otherwise, that’s pretty accurate.”

I drove for another minute before curiosity got the better of me. “Hey, Vahl,” I began. “I’m as much of a dog as any other guy—”

“You’re wondering if they are all like that, yes? You want to know if there’s a secret.”

“Yeah…I mean…I guess.”

“Short answer, no. You just need to pick up on the signs.”

“Come on,” I groaned. “If it was that easy, every guy would study for a week and become an expert. She came outside like a cat in heat. Anyone could read that sign.”

“But she looked out the window for a full minute before she did. She primped her hair and put lip gloss on.”

“You saw all that?”

“I’m always looking for clues.”

“Hailey started paying better attention to her appearance,” I lamented. “I figured it was just because she was taking a night class.”

“I’m sure it was, until someone noticed her.”

“Someone like you…looking for clues. I guess ten years of marriage kinda dulled my blade.”

“Times have changed,” he offered. “If you don’t mind studying from a younger guy, I’ll get you up to speed. They’re out there.”

“Let’s save it for tomorrow. There’s no more stops on the rush list. We’ll finish up today with a few commercial stops.”

“Had enough for one day, have ya?”

“We’re running late. Besides, my balls ache.”


I came home an hour late that night. Hailey raised a suspicious brow when I kicked off my boots and headed straight for the shower.

“I thought your boss hired a guy to help you,” she called into the bathroom. “Did you go out after work?”

“Just busy,” I replied through the bathroom door. “I still have to drive the speed limit.” I turned on the water in the walk-in shower and avcılar masöz escort undressed.

Just as I tossed my boxers in the hamper, she barged in and fished them out, giving them a solid sniff. “These smell like pussy,” she griped, standing only as high as my chin. Sniffing again, she added, “Pussy and sperm.”

“Maybe you wore ’em by mistake,” I huffed back, stepping over the shower curb.

“Don’t you dare soap up!” she blurted. Still clothed, she followed me in and dropped her knees to the tile. Shower water poured over her full red hair, soaking her pink t-shirt and denim shorts as she sat back on her heels and inspected my half-hard appendage. The moisture and steam reconstituted the slick lube of the housewife I had inseminated only a few hours earlier. My pubic hairs reeked of her musky scent in the confines of the tiled shower.

Hailey’s water-laden hair lay flat on her head as she shot her green gaze up at me. “I didn’t think you had it in you,” she admitted. “I’m impressed.”

Looking down at her hand grasping my stiffening meat, I replied, “I’d wager you’re just relieved to think you’re not the only guilty party.”

She didn’t answer. With water pouring over her lips, she wrapped them around my girth and sucked, stiffening my manhood to bone-hard rigidity. She bobbed back and forth, calling my balls to work with a soft, sustained hum.

Hailey always gave good head, but what I truly reveled in was the notion she was cheating on her boyfriend, albeit a tawdry juxtaposition. In any event, I was hard as a steel pipe and ready to levy my fourth load of the day. Stopping abruptly, she looked up at me and purred, “Her taste is strong. She must be pretty young. Who is it?”

“Doesn’t matter,” I answered.

“You’re right,” she admitted, standing up and peeling off her soaked t-shirt to reveal her ample breasts. She dropped her pants and underwear, then stepped beneath the shower head again, stroking me with her palm turned up. Her green eyes peered at me as her stroke grew hardier. “Seems we’ve both been stepping out,” she whispered. “Please…no names…just tell me what happened.”

As I began, Hailey leaned her shoulders against the tile wall and arched her back. I watched the channels of water rush over her tummy as she rubbed her clitoris with her free hand. She closed her eyes and moaned as I described the sensation of bathing my cock-skin the cheating wife’s seed-soaked inners. She stood on her toes at my depiction of Vahl’s cock pulsing between Lynn’s closed lips. Her thighs trembled as I admitted not seeing a single shining drop as Lynn swallowed. She let out a helpless whimper as I tweaked her nipple and whispered in her ear, “Then she told me to mix my seed with Vahl’s inside her.”

Hailey opened her eyes in stunned amazement and cried out as if I had stabbed her. Straightening her back, she rocked her pelvis forward as a gush of delight sprayed from her slit, splashing our feet. She wailed as two more washed the floor, then stared wide-eyed for a few seconds as her fruitful release swirled down the drain. The steam of the shower heightened the scent of her feminine musk even after it washed away.

“Care to tell me who you’ve been with?” I asked as she heaved for air.

“Like you said, it doesn’t matter.” Turning her back to me, she leaned forward with both hands on the shower wall. “But he’s from the college,” she continued, “I’m seeing him tonight after class.”

Grasping her waist beneath the raining warm water, I pressed the underside of my aching rod into the cleft of her buttocks mid-shaft. “You waiting for me to forbid it?” I asked. “Maybe beg you not to go to class?”

Hailey cooed and rolled her hips. “No,” she moaned. “I’m waiting for you to blow a load in me. I want him to slosh into it and ask me who’s it is.”

A bolt of chaos struck my conscience—a blend of betrayed angst superimposed by the thrilling thought of Hailey spread wide while a beefy beau dumped his will into her petite frame. She made it clear I wasn’t going to stop her, but I was somehow more intrigued by her suddenly unbolted sexuality than pained by her iniquity. “Will you tell him it’s mine?” I asked.

“I’ll tell him it doesn’t matter.”

Stepping forward, I aimed my throbbing bulb into the slick warmth of her pubic clasp and buried my cock. Her inner architecture was more inviting than ever as it hugged my throbbing girth. The slick remnants of her orgasm coated my sac as I thrust forward and snuggled deep into her love chamber. Nestled to the hilt, I cupped her breasts in my palms.

“Just come in me,” she groaned through the hissing steam. “I have to go to class.”

“Fair enough,” I grunted. With a hardy groan, I fired my opening volley with a mighty thump, dousing the walls of her inner sanctum. For the first time I could remember, she sang out as I spurted my seed into her intimate chamber. Moreover, I found a renewed satisfaction in transferring the fruit of my loins into her petite but capable vessel. For an instant, I contemplated begging avcılar otele gelen escort her to break off her intended affair, but that thought was lost in carnal chaos as my orgasm shifted into overdrive.

Hailey squealed in delight, inhaled, and squealed again, but my balls weren’t ready to quit. I came like never before, hosing her inners with prolonged jets of sperm. My buried bulb lay basting in a viscous pool of my own making as it heaved forth relentlessly. Hailey’s moans turned to whimpers of surprise as my produce challenged the limits of her challis. When my turret finally stopped its viscous barrage, she stood up and turned to me.

“What the fuck got into you?” she asked as a bonus spurt basted her belly and ran into her red bush. Her gaze dropped to my still-potent prowess as a dribble of semen oozed from the tip. “We gotta figure this out,” she mumbled. “Not that I didn’t enjoy it.”

“Seems pretty clear to me. We get off on each other getting laid.”

“That can’t be it,” she argued, turning her head away from me.

“Hailey, you asked me to describe what happened today. You gushed all over the floor when I did.”

“But you were right,” she confessed. “I just wanted to feel like I wasn’t the only one cheating.”

“Were you thinking of him when you soaked the floor?”

“No,” she admitted, looking at the drain. “But you just let go like a fire hose in me. Were you thinking of doing her when you came in me?”

“I was thinking about how you were gonna let a guy have you tonight. I thought of him sloshing around in my semen. I guess the thought gave me a bit of a boost.”

Hailey broke into tears and fell against my chest. She bawled for an entire minute. “Sari,” she sobbed. “I was going to leave you…not because I don’t love you…but because I’m ashamed of myself.”

“Because you had an affair?” I asked, turning off the water and hugging her.

“It’s more than that. I do love you…as much as ever. I can love only you, but I don’t think I can have sex with only you…I can’t describe it.”

“I think you just did.”

“But I know it’s not right to go out with other men.”

“So don’t go out with them.”

“Sari!” she argued, looking up at me. “Haven’t you been listening?”

“Of course I have. Sneaking around is the problem. You said you love me…that it’s just sex. So bring him over for sex.”

“In front of you?”

“I plan on joining in…well…with you, anyway.”

“You’d be okay with that?”

“I guess we could look at it like…sex is just sex. I just don’t want him kissing you…not on the lips, anyway. That shows true affection. I don’t want anyone looking to take you away from me. That’s what hurts.”

Hailey laid her cheek on my chest. “I’ll break it off if you want,” she offered.

“You just said you can’t live like that. It’s worth a try this way.”

“I won’t kiss him,” she promised. “Not on the lips, at least. He’ll have to understand.”

“Then it’s settled. No more cheating.”

“You either?”

“Same rules…you have some good-looking friends.”

“We’ll talk about them later.”

“Fair enough,” I acknowledged as she kissed my chest. Bring lover boy back tonight and we’ll work out the details later.”

“You’re my lover boy,” she sassed, punching my arm. “He’s my sex toy.”


Hailey had class until nine o’clock. She sent me several texts with luv you and happy emoticons during class. But a little after nine, she sent a text that read, he said no.

No to what?

He won’t come to our place. He wants me to go home with him.

Anxiety pierced my solar plexus. We had come to an understanding, I thought to myself. I meant what I told her. I wanted to work it out, but the thought of her rolling in the throes of passion while I sat home would kill me, whether I deserved it or not. Unsure what to do, I texted back, I won’t say no. Only you can make that choice.

About a minute later, she texted back, I’m coming home. Love you. See you in half an hour.

Searching my contacts, I scrolled down to Vahl’s number and called him. “Tell me you’re not busy,” I urged when he answered.

“Not very,” he replied. “Just about to go out with Sam and Drake. Want to join us for a few beers?”

“I have a better idea,” I replied. “I’ll explain when you get here.”

Vahl showed his two friends in twenty minutes later. Sam was a large man of perhaps twenty-five years. He was dark-skinned, but his nose lacked the width of most men of African descent. I shook his large hand, then introduced myself to Drake—a rugged guy with a broad jaw and piercing blue eyes. He wasn’t as tall and wide as Sam, but his wedged torso was apparent beneath his collared t-shirt.

I sat them down and explained the situation in a nutshell. “So no kissing her,” I clarified. “No anal. She doesn’t go for that. And while we’re on the subject—”

“Don’t worry,” interrupted Vahl. “No one will cross swords with you.”

Just then, Hailey’s headlights shone through the window.

Vahl, Sam and Drake all sat on the sofa as I went to meet her at the door. Reaching for the handle, I heard two car doors close. My lower jaw went slack as I peered into the driveway. Strutting up the walk with Hailey was an adorable young blonde in a flowered sundress and dainty sandals. Her styled hair framed cute, full cheeks and pouty lips. “You must be Sari,” she sang, “I’m Angela.”

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