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The following is a true story. Naturally, all the names have been changed but all the events described took place just as I have written. If a bi-sexual threesome is not to your tastes then move on. If you are too young to be reading this, then move on.


I’d like to preface this adventure with a little backstory. I’ve been pretty depressed lately as my business is hovering just above the toilet, my love life has turned cold and, to put it mildly, I am very lonely. I thought that a trip to Florida would be an excellent antidote but it wasn’t. While I was there, the weather was terrible (cold and rainy), my friends were useless (mostly drunk and stoned) and my family (cousins, etc.) were unavailable. Even a cruise in the Gulf fell apart due to the inclement weather. Finally, disgusted and running low on funds, I decided to return to New York early. It was on my return trip that this adventure occurred.


I first met Larry and Sheila at the I-95 rest stop near St. Augustine, Florida. I was standing at a urinal in the Men’s Room and emptying my favorite bladder. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I noticed the guy at the next urinal casually lean over and take a gander at the peeing cock I held in my hand. I turned to him and he quickly asked me where I was headed. Maybe I was wrong about his glance, maybe he was just being friendly and chatty after a boring drive – these were the thoughts that quickly raced through my head. I chose not to follow up on the glance but I mused that I hoped he liked what he saw.

“Eastern Long Island.”

“Ah, another New Yorker. My wife and I are headed to Altamont, just outside Albany. Oh, by the way, I’m Larry.”

“Ray here. I have my dog, Rocco, with me. He’s good company although I wouldn’t mind a little conversation now and then.”

We continued this polite talk while we washed our hands and I filled Rocco’s water bowl. As we walked out to the parking lot, I saw a woman standing next to my car. She was getting a face washing from Rocco whose head was just squeezing through the open window. She had a small dog on a leash who was busy peeing on my tire.

“Sheila, that’s Rocco and this is his master, Ray.”

“Hello, Ray. What a sweetie he is…yes, you’re a good boy. We’ve been having a love fest here while Duffy relieves himself. Good boy, Rocco…what a good boy.”

I let him out of the car and he immediately ran over to play with Duffy. Rocco was off-leash but I knew that he wouldn’t go anywhere. After nine years together, he stays very close to me. After a few minutes, I bid my goodbyes to them as Rocco, now tethered, and I walked. Soon, we were back on the road heading north.

I met them again at a coffee stop near Brunswick, Georgia. We joked about having the same cycle as we munched on donuts. Since there was a storm brewing aimed at the northeast, there was a goal of making it as far north before the storm blew through and made driving difficult. If I timed the trip right, I’d pull into Sag Harbor behind the storm. Like anyone, I hate driving in heavy wind, rain and snow. Still, as it was January, this was anticipated and expected.

“I want to make it into North Carolina by around eight. I figure that by then, I’ll be road weary and I’ll still beat the storm which isn’t supposed to hit until around midnight.”

“Yeah, they’re saying that it dumped a couple feet of snow in the midwest. I just hope we get rain and it passes through quickly. The timing has to be just right because the weatherman says that there’s another storm behind it.”

Normally, I would have grabbed my coffee and jumped back into the car but in the comfortable Georgia sun, we killed nearly a half hour shooting the breeze. I learned that Sheila worked on Capitol Hill as the office manager for the Lieutenant Governor.

“Gee, that must be an easy job since the Lieutenant Governor doesn’t do anything!”

“I hear that a lot but, to tell you the truth, for an elected official that doesn’t do anything, he sure keeps me busy! It’s interesting work, not to mention that the money and perks are good.”

I learned that Larry owned and operated several family businesses. Some of the stores were established by his great-grandfather, over a hundred years ago. I took a closer look at Larry and noticed that he had soft hands. This was not a man who rolled in the dirt nor sweated a lot on his job.

I also learned that it was their second marriage each and that they had two children, one about to graduate from college and the other in medical school.

“Two kids were enough for me. After Michael, I had my tubes tied.”

“Ah…like me, I’m snipped. After I had it done, my dance card promptly filled up!”

When they asked, I told them about my job in the music business and Sheila was awestruck, asking me if I knew any superstars and what they were like. I didn’t want to get into shop talk and I sort of brushed the topic away making light of the glamour.

“Well bahçelievler escort then, thanks for the nice conversation but now, we’ll be on our way. I figure my next stop is the Tourist Center just over the South Carolina border. It’s a good place to walk Rocco. Maybe I’ll see you there. We’ll all probably have to pee again!”

Georgia is an easy state to drive through. Setting my cruise control to 78, I flew up 95 in no time. The temperature was in the mid-sixties and, with the window down…and with The Allman Brothers in the deck (who else are you going to listen to in Georgia?), my Camry had wings. It was a good ride and it took my mind away from my troubles.

As I pulled into the tourist information rest stop near Hardeeville, South Carolina, I spotted Larry and Sheila just getting out of their dark green Cadillac CTS-V Coupe.

“Man, that’s some sharp car,” I said as I pulled in next to them.

“Brand new. Got it a week before we left. I figured a long trip would break it in right.”

“How do you like it?”

“Oh man, we love it. It’s comfortable, full of toys and super fast. It’s fast and it’s a real trip to drive.”

The three of us headed up to the rest rooms and Sheila joked about us crossing swords. This time, as I stood next at the next urinal and we talked, I noticed his eyes drop down to my crotch. I made a big show of shaking it and then zipping it back into my pants. I also made a very obvious glance at his dick which looked a lot like mine in shape and girth. On the way out of the bathroom, I picked up a couple of the motel/hotel booklets.

Larry and I leashed up the dogs and took them for a stretch. Sheila joined us. We were acting like old friends by now and our conversation was looser and more familiar.

“So, did you two cross swords?”

“No, but we shared the same urinal and held each other’s dicks!”

“In your dreams, Larry.”

“Actually, Sheila, we compared dicks and Larry’s looks a lot like mine…about the same length, seven or so inches…about the same girth, both circumcised…Larry’s cap is a bit smaller than mine. Anything else you want to know?”

“I’m impressed, Ray, you took inventory!”

I just shook my head. Rocco pulled me over toward some trees alongside the fence. As I waited while he did his business, I perused the booklets.

“What are those things? I’ve never picked them up.”

“Oh, these? They have discount coupons for motels along the way. Look, here’s a Red Roof Inn near Florence for $35 a night…fine print says “Free Wifi, coffee in room, 100 channels, pets free.” I’m on a tight budget so these coupons save me a lot.”

Back at the car, Sheila took down my phone number and said that they would keep in touch. I bid my goodbye and Rocco and I pulled out to continue our journey.

As I drove, I started thinking about this couple. They seemed very friendly and were pleasant company. I enjoyed that the conversation was loose, relaxed and, while a bit rude, very convivial. Physically, Larry was similar to me in height and general size but he was somewhat thicker than I, with a growing spare tire. Sheila, on the other hand, was in great shape. I couldn’t help but notice her fine, fine ass which was nice and small and seemed to be poured into her sweatpants. I also couldn’t help but notice the yellow string of her thong as she bent over to pick up Duffy. Her loose sweatshirt hid her breasts but I observed them, nonetheless, and, no surprise here, there were nice and fit the whole package. Both of them were good looking but Sheila was stunning. Her curly black hair ran down to her shoulders and framed a round face with large lips. I thought to myself that these were perfect blowjob lips. She was pretty in a perky sort of way…no, maybe the word is “pert.” For a woman in her mid-forties, she was very hot and very appealing. As I thought about her, I felt my cock stir. I considered the fact that later on tonight, after I’d settled into my room, she’d be a good fantasy to jerk off to.

I had the music up loud. Some disks are just to right fodder to drive long hauls to and I found that The Black Keys, “Brothers”, was one of those. It was getting late in the day. I was getting weary of all the “Pedro” billboards for “South Of The Border.” I was approaching Florence when my phone rang.

“Ray,” it was Sheila, “Where are you now?”

“I’m outside Florence. I think I’m going to stop at the North Carolina Tourist Center just past that fucking “Pedro.”

“Okay, we’ll meet you there. I have a plan.”

By the time I pulled in, it was a little past six and the sun had just set. Larry and Sheila were in their car waiting for me. I told them that I had to pee and I would be right back. Returning to the car, I had the North Carolina motel booklets with me. I tossed them into the car as I leashed up Rocco. Sheila and Duffy joined us.

“I’ve got to stop for more coffee and maybe a bite to eat. I’m getting a little weary.”

“Can you make bahçeşehir escort it up to Rocky Mount?”

“Yeah, I can. Why?”

“Larry and I were talking and we already called ahead and booked some rooms at a place in Rocky Mount, Candlewood Suites. It’s supposed to be nice.”

“Thanks anyway, Sheila, but that place is way over my budget. There’s a Red Roof near Wilson that’s more my speed.”

“It’s already done, Ray, and it won’t cost you anything. Larry put the rooms on his company card. See, here’s my plan: we’ll get into the rooms and while you and Larry go get us food, I’ll tend to the dogs and take my shower. We can hang out and play tonight. If you need any further incentive, Larry picked up some insane weed from his cousin in Boca…”

“Let me think about it, Sheila.”

“There’s nothing to think about, Ray. It’s a done deal. In fact, I’m going to drive with you up to Rocky Mount and we’ll shoot the shit. Larry wants to get a little crazy with his car so he’ll beat us there. Come on, what do you say?”

I didn’t put up much of a fight as I was glad for the company and soon, with Sheila next to me and Duffy in the back with Rocco, we got back onto 95. I stopped in Lumberton for coffee and we were off again.

Sheila turned out to be great company. We talked about everything, from music to politics to personal history. She was a very intelligent and well spoken person with a highly tuned wit and an easy laugh. She told me that this was the second marriage for each of them after youthful mistakes. She asked me about my divorce and I didn’t want to go there as it was a very painful experience. She switched topics and then asked me about my sex life. While this subject was very private to me, I discreetly answered her holding back much. She picked up the slack.

“After Michael went off to Tufts, Larry and I fell into the doldrums. I guess it was due to the “empty nest syndrome.” So we decided to goose up our sex life and get involved in fulfilling some of our fantasies – together. We’ve had a few adventures with couples and women and that seemed to do the trick. We’re pretty happy and pretty much a team.”

“You dig women?”

“Very much. I love variety. There are still some things we haven’t done yet but I’m sure we’ll get to them.”

“And Larry? Is he bi, too?”

“He’s tried it a couple of times. It’s all good.”

As Sheila was more forthcoming than I, I loosened up a bit.

“After my divorce, I, too, decided to fulfill some fantasies. Living where I do, with lots of artists and creative people, it’s easy to find willing partners. I’ve pretty much fulfilled my desires and curiosities.”

“Your curiosities…does that mean with men?”

“It’s happened. I’ve found that I like variety, too. I’ve come to really enjoy group sex. In a couple of situations where I was with a couple, the action turned bisexual…orally.”

“Did you dig it?”

“I sure did. It was different, it was fun, it was forbidden…and it felt good. I would say that I’m 90% hetero, though. I just love pussy.” My dick began to respond to these thoughts and I idly scratched it. Sheila noticed my action and reached over, rubbing it and stroking it for an all too brief moment.

“Hmmm. Just like Larry’s, huh? You just keep those thoughts in your mind for Rocky Mount.”

“Oooh, now that sounds like a great invitation. I’d better pick up some speed! You know, on the last leg, I was thinking about you and what you look like naked. I guess I’ll find out.”

“Did you get hard when you were thinking about me?”

“I did. Thank you very much.”

“What did you think about?”

“Let me see…I thought about how sweet your butt looked in those sweats…I thought about what good shape you’re in…I thought about your outgoing personality and how you must be an animal in bed…I couldn’t envision your breasts because I really couldn’t see them under your big sweatshirt.”

“I’m very proud of my tits. After two kids, there is no sag. They look good.”

“How big?”

“34C…nice and round.”

“Nice!” She took my right hand and, placing it under her sweatshirt, gave me a feel. Then she pushed my hand back.

“Consider that an hors d’oeuvre. You just keep that in your mind for Rocky Mount.”

I scratched my dick. “Tell that to Little Ray.” We laughed.

“So what do you have in mind for us tonight?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see. I have a plan.”

“I must change this subject.” I put the Beach Boys “Stack O’ Tracks” on and we sang as we drove. A little while later, Sheila’s phone rang. It was Ray.

“Wow! You’re pulling in there already! You must have been flying, baby…Yes, I told Ray…at first, he wasn’t interested but you know how persuasive I can be…we’re passing the Kenly exit now so we should be there soon…uh-huh…okay…okay…great, hon…see you in a few minutes.”

Twenty minutes later, as a light mist was falling, we pulled into the hotel. Larry was waiting for us and bakırköy anal yapan escort motioned for us to park and to follow him. We pulled into a spot and after grabbing my bag and Rocco’s food and bowls, he led us into the hotel, up the elevator to the third floor and then down the hall to our rooms.

“I hope this is okay for you,” he said as he swiped the keycard. Immediately upon entering, I knew that it was more than okay. Larry had secured two adjoining suites, each with two king-size beds.

“Ray, set up Rocco’s food and then I’ll come down with you and I’ll take both dogs for a walk. While I’m doing that, you guys go get us some food, I’m starving. I saw a bunch of restaurants along the strip outside so find something good.”

“I’ve already got the food covered, don’t worry about it. I know what you like.”

As we pulled away in the Caddy, Sheila was leading the dogs back into the hotel.

“Let’s stop at this liquor store and get a bottle of wine.” We picked up a merlot and, at the last minute, Larry bought some tequila minis.

We then pulled into Hing Ta Chinese Restaurant and had some fun placing the order.

“Let me have three egg rolls…an order of boneless spare ribs…an order of skewered chicken…hmmm, an order of steamed dumplings…an order of jumbo shrimp…and an order of vegetable lo mein…oh yeah, a quart of the Wor Won Ton Soup. Oh, and add a couple of orders of skewered beef strips, too…and a couple of bags of Almond Cookies. Here’s my card.”

The order took about twenty minutes so we stood outside under the awning. The mist had turned into a light rain and it was getting colder. I pulled out a Marlboro but Larry pulled out a joint.

“This shit is awesome, Ray. Let’s take a walk and do this up.”

Larry was right. It was awesome. “So I understand that you two had a good talk on the ride.”

“Yup. I’d say that not only did we have a good talk but a meeting of the minds.”

“She says that you’re pretty loose and up for anything.”

“Yes, I’d say that.”

“Good. Very good. Me, too.”

We were giggly and stupid by the time we got back to the hotel. Rocco was already stretched out on one of the beds. Sheila was taking a shower. Larry told her that we were back and then instructed me to take a shower and to dress appropriately for a “pajama party.”

I walked into their suite wearing a black tee-shirt and a pair of small black gym shorts. “Sorry but I don’t wear pajamas.”

“Us neither.” Larry was in a white shirt and gray boxers. Sheila wore an extra large “Tufts” tee-shirt that fell to mid-thigh. I could see her nipples poking against the cotton. For the next hour, we ate, drank, smoked a couple more joints and laughed a lot. The pot was goofy, silly stuff. It was also touchy-feely stuff and there was a lot of casual touching going on. Finally, the food was gone, the merlot was gone and we were ready for what was to come next.

Larry suggested that we each do a shot of tequila. Sheila suggested that we sip the tequila from her navel. She moved over to the bed and rolled her shirt up to just under her breasts. She was wearing a red thong now and the sheer material left her vagina visible. She was bare-shaven except for a small “v” above her slit.

As Larry carefully poured some tequila, I commented. “A ‘v’, huh?”

“Yup…’v’ for victory.”

“‘V’ for vagina!”

“‘V’ for very, very tasty!”

“Come on, Ray, suck this up first.” I leaned down and gently sucked the cactus juice up, licking and cleaning it out. This made her nipples pop up tenting her shirt.

“While I like what that did for you, it doesn’t work for me. I need more tequila than that. I need the whole shot. I’ll lick your navel later.”

Laughing, she sat up and sitting in a circle, did our shots.

“Now, boys, I need some cock,” she said, reaching over to stroke both of us. “Let’s see how similar these two really are. Strip for me.”

Larry pulled his clothes off in a flash but I made a show of it, slowing stripping down and teasing her. Finally, with my back turned to her, I dropped my shorts and, bending over, gave her a shot of my fruit basket from behind. She applauded my show and I turned around. She reached over and took us both in hand again.

“You’re right…both about the same size and thickness but your helmet is larger, Ray.” She leaned over and placed her lips at the head, tonguing and tasting it. “Nice taste…smells all nice and clean, too…I give it a 9.9!”

She positioned us so that we were side by side on the bed. Mounting our legs, she proceeded to go from one cock to another giving us both licks, sucks and light nips. I closed my eyes and let the sensations grow. After a couple of minutes, she stopped. She pulled the shirt over her head and I was treated to a beautiful pair of round breasts with pronounced dark areolas and eraser-sized nipples.

“Wasn’t I right, Ray? Aren’t they beautiful?” I could only nod in agreement as I reached out to fondle one. She slipped off her thong and then lay down atop of us. As she took turns kissing us and squirming over us, our hands traveled around her. My hand cupped her ass cheek, then I traced my fingers down her crack and around her asshole. My other hand caressed her breast. As we felt her and rubbed her, she made little squealing sounds and moans, all appreciative.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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