Wet Erotic Dreams of You

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As I lay in my bed sleeping, I slip into a very erotic dream of you and me. The dream starts like this:

We meet at a small cafe, you are sitting at a table in the corner, pencil in hand, bent over your paper, writing one of your masterpieces. I walk in the door, you glance up briefly, then continue your writing, not noticing me as I walk by, but you smell my perfume. You pause in your writing to breathe in deeply, then turn to see who smells so good. At the table next to yours, you notice me sitting down looking at a menu waiting to order. You realize that you know me. I feel someone staring at me and I glance up to see you watching me. I smile at you and wave a greeting. You come over to my table and sit down. We talk for a bit, then you ask if I would like to go someplace more private to talk. You wink at me as you ask the question. I think about it for only a few seconds, I smile and wink back at you and say “Yes I would love to go someplace more private with you.” You pack up all your stuff, we pay our bills, and walk out of the cafe together, both of us smiling. We get into my car and go back to your place.

As we walk in the door, you grab me and kiss me, your tongue seeking to explore my mouth, to taste my sweetness with your büyükesat escort tongue. I kiss you back, exploring your mouth in the same way, my hands caressing your back and shoulders, and up to run my fingers through your hair, as your hands caress my breasts, making my nipples rock hard. Slowly we undress one another, standing just inside your door naked, our eyes taking in the beauty of each others nakedness. My eyes travel down starting at your handsome face, slowly down to your flat smooth stomach, admiring your hard muscular chest, down to your muscular thighs and your rock hard cock. I am unaware that you are exploring my body with your eyes as well.

Our eyes meet at last, and you pull me into your arms and kiss me with so much passion it takes my breath away. Your hands massaging my nipples as they pucker up into hard peaks. My hands caressing your chest, my fingers grazing your nipples, causing them to harden from my light touch, I hear you inhale sharply at my touch, my hands exploring your body, my hand brushes your hard cock as your mouth finds one hard nipple, you suck and nibble on one and then the other one, as I slowly stroke your cock.

With your mouth still sucking my nipples, your hand çankaya escort slowly works its way down to my wet hot pussy. You slip one finger inside to slowly caress my clit, we are still standing close to the door, as your fingers caress my clit, my knees start to get weak, so you start to lead me over to your bed. We fall together on the bed, still caressing each other, passionately kissing, tongues twirling around, tasting. You insert two fingers in my tight wet pussy, slowly pushing them in, then pulling them out. As your fingers are moving in and out of my pussy, you bring your mouth down and kiss my inner thighs, then slip your tongue inside my pussy and flick my clit, causing me to gasp in pleasure. You continue to lick my clit, my hips begin to shake and rock with intense pleasure, almost on the brink of an orgasm, you stop, just before and come back up and kiss me, sharing with me the taste of my own juices.

Then I roll you onto your back and slowly lick and kiss my way down your body stopping at your nipples to lick and tease them in to hard buds, then work my way down to your hard cock and slowly lick the tip and take the head into my mouth and suck on it gently at first, then harder, sliding my mouth ankara escort down farther, taking as much of your big cock that I can handle in my mouth. Sucking and licking, returning the pleasure that you gave me.

After about fifteen minutes, you stop me and push me down on my back and enter my soaking wet pussy fast and hard, stopping for a few seconds so my tight pussy can adjust to the size of your big hard cock. As my pussy stretches to fit your size, you slowly start to move in and out as we kiss, our tongues twisting around, sucking and tasting. We are perfectly joined together, a perfect fit, you feel my pussy squeeze and milk your big hard cock with every thrust.

You start to move faster, pounding harder, we moan into each others mouth as we kiss, you change speed again and go slow, then fast, sliding in as deep as you can go. In and out, faster, harder, until we are both at the breaking point. One last pump in and our bodies feel as if they have shattered into a billion pieces, as together we climax, our bodies shaking an shivering from the most intense and amazingly passionate experience of our lives.

After we calm down we lay awake talking about anything and everything that comes to mind, holing hands, and stealing more kisses. Later we shower together, and share more intimate caresses. We wash each other, and touch and play some more, then naked and clean we crawl back into your bed and fall asleep holding each other……

Then I wake up and smile, wishing the dream was as real as it seemed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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