What Happens at The Cabin Ch. 01

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On the night before hunting season, I was going out to my cabin to stay so I would be able to get up bright and early and be in the woods already. The cabin is about a mile down an oil road on some property my family owns. The road becomes impassable around the time of deer season every year, which is just as much a help as it is a hinder, because the rapid freezing and thawing of the ground causes it to be muddy with the consistency of a thick soup. This keeps most people from being able to get in to trespass and poach. So I parked my vehicle at the fork that branches off to another well, grabbed my pack and gun, and trekked through the woods toward the cabin.

Since I was taking the scenic route and checking for signs of deer, I didn’t even think to check more of the road to see if, by chance, there had been anyone with a vehicle suited to the conditions on the road recently. I mean, why would they be? The property is posted. I passed several promising scraped trees and what looked like fresh beds on my way through the woods and took my time marking them on my map and looking for a good spot near each one that would make a good hide. As the sun started to sink below the tree line, I decided to make my way to the cabin to get a fire going in the stove.

When I got back to the road, I found I had completely bypassed the mud soup and made it to the portion we have graveled. I was still about a half mile from the cabin, but it doesn’t take very long to get there from where I came out. As I was walking up the hill, I could smell the smoke from a healthy, warm fire. I thought the closest neighbors must have decided to use their fireplace. When it’s cold enough, smoke will stay close to the ground and travel farther horizontally. So the strong smell of it didn’t surprise me much. As I got closer, I could hear something banging on the wall of the cabin and a faint moaning sound. There are trees all around it at the very top of the hill and it was a little breezy. So I didn’t think anything of beşiktaş escort it.

When I got to the top of the road, it was pretty dark, and I was in such a rush to get to the cabin before the coyotes came out that I didn’t register the jacked up truck sitting about a hundred feet from the trail that makes up the last quarter mile of the hike. Half way up the trail I started to notice that the smell of smoke was getting stronger and the banging was a constant rhythm. I could also see a faint light coming from inside.

As I got even closer, the source of the moaning became clear. I quietly set my pack and gun down by the tree closest to the porch and sneak around to one of the windows to try to get a look at who is there and what’s going on. The front of my pants are about to blow out from the stress of my dick getting hard at the thought of catching someone fucking in my cabin. When I got around to the window my jaw hit the dirt.

There were 3 couples and two other girls all nude and fucking like rabbits. I was shocked and so turned on that my hands couldn’t undo my zipper fast enough. In my rush, I had forgotten how cold my hands were. As soon as I wrapped one around my warm, throbbing dick I yelped. I jumped back from the window because I knew it had been loud. I waited and listened, but the rhythm went uninterrupted. When I moved back to the window one of the other girls was out of view and the other had changed her position so that I could see her in all of her glory.

She looked to be about five and a half feet tall with a firm round ass, blonde shoulder length hair, and a nice pair of C-cups with pencil eraser nipples. I was enjoying the show she was putting on by playing with her shaved pussy while she was playing with the balls of the closest guy that was fucking another girl on the bed. I had never seen her before and couldn’t see the guy or girl’s faces. So I didn’t know who they were either. The only thing I could see of the other beşyol escort two couples from my angle was their feet. I could smell the sex coming out of through the window over the smell of the smoke.

I had completely lost track of the girl that had moved out of my view when I jumped back. I was so transfixed by what I was seeing through the window that I didn’t notice she was behind me until she had her hands wrapped around my eight inch dick. I don’t know who was more surprised, me or her, because when she stroked up her hand found the two bolts of my jacob’s ladder. She let out the dirtiest moan that said “I’ll have some of that” without words. I had turned around and found that I was looking into the green eyes of a fiery redhead that was about five foot and eight inches. She had an amazing pair of DD’s with nipples like the tip of my fingers, wide hips with a gorgeous bubble ass, and her pussy was trimmed to just a small triangle of red hair that made a perfect arrow pointing toward the prettiest set of lips I had ever seen.

As I was checking her out, she dropped down to her knees and kept stroking as she went without a single word. She then took the head of my rock hard cock into her mouth. Her pierced tongue played hell on the underside of my shaft. After a minute or two of playing with the head she started working her way down my shaft stopping short of my bolts the first few bobs. She finally worked up the courage to try to take more of it and started over them. As she did, she did the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt. She twisted her tongue around my two inch girth. She started to come back up the same way she’d gone down, but the bolt in her tongue had a ring on the end. She got it caught on one of my bolts and panicked. Her scream was muffled by the amount of meat in her mouth, but mine wasn’t.

All the moaning and banging from inside had stopped and everyone was either covering up or running outside to see what the commotion was. By the beykent escort time they made it around the corner to find us she had managed to calm down and free her mouth from my cock with little damage to either of us. The first guy to appear was my friend, John, who I had brought on a hunting trip to the cabin the previous year. The other two guys were his brother, Bill, and a friend of theirs, Bobby, which narrowed down who two of the girls were. One was John’s girlfriend, Savannah, a hot little five foot brunette with an ass you could bounce a quarter off of and DD tits. I had seen them once when we had all gone to the strip club for a friend’s bachelor party, and they were amazing. The other was Bill’s girlfriend, Sarah, a six foot bean pole with perky B-cups, dark hair that fell to small of her back, and just enough of an ass that it could hold her pants up.

After we figured the basic situation, we all went inside to get out of the cold. I went to the tree my bag and gun were stashed by and brought them in. Once inside, I was formally introduced to the redhead, Ashlyn, who was actually the bi sister of John and Bill, who I had heard of but never met. The blonde girl that had been putting on the show earlier was Ashlyn’s girlfriend, Jessica. Bobby’s girl, Mandy, was a friend of Sarah’s. She was a five foot ten chocolate beauty with raven black hair, rocking a pair of EE’s and an ass to match, all firm and exotic.

After all the introductions were made, I looked at John and said, “So, did I miss a memo or something?”

He said, “Well, we didn’t realize what tomorrow was until we were driving in, and we already had the beer and everyone loaded up. So we decided just to surprise you. Sorry we didn’t bring another girl for you, but it looks like Ash doesn’t mind taking care of you.”

Bill threw me a beer and said, “Better chug it! Like you already know, Ash isn’t very patient.”

Ash looked at me with hungry eyes and asked, “Do you use that thing for fishing often?” and we all burst out laughing. She went on to explain that Jessica had seen me and she had heard me when I had given myself the cold hand and that she hadn’t anticipated what happened.

I cracked my beer and chugged faster than I ever have before. It was going to be an interesting night.

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