Wrong Number Ch. 01

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Greg Moore sat quietly at his desk as he continued his homework. He was eagerly awaiting his High School graduation and at nineteen years old, it was long overdue. He struggled to not be distracted by his phone like his generation were prone to be. He finally gave into his addiction by putting down his pencil and picking up his phone.

Since he was home alone, he opened the browser on his phone and began to direct it to his favorite porn site. As he used his thumb to put in the address, he slid his pants down and dug into his boxers to free his cock. He began to browse the video thumbnails and stroke his hardening cock when he got a video phone call.

He cursed the caller, “Damnit, Mom!”

He accepted the call expecting it to be in error. When the video stabilized, he saw a chair filling up a large portion of a small room facing him. There were boxes and file cabinets lining the sides of the room. Greg was about to hang up when a man entered the scene and sat in the bahis firmaları chair. His shirt was on but his cock was rock hard and bobbed up and down until he settled into the chair. The man’s fingers were soon wrapped around his cock, keeping it hard.

Greg’s cock was going flaccid and he once again went to terminate the call when a woman entered the scene completely nude. She walked in and turned to face the man. Greg’s eyes shifted around as he tried to make sense of what he was seeing. His eyes narrowed as he looked harder at the details that made up the woman. He rapidly scanned her hair color, face, body type, and skin tone. It took him a few seconds before it clicked.

“MOM!?” he mouthed, but no sound escaped.

Nancy Moore spread her legs, bent at the waste and took the man’s cock in her mouth. Greg’s cock began to rise again, despite the kink show being played out in front of him. He could see the lips of her pussy and her ass hole as her upper body began kaçak iddaa to rhythmically move up and down.

“Fuck! Was that Dad? Why am I seeing this?” he asked himself

Regardless, he continued stroking his cock. Once the man’s cock was slick with her Saliva, Nancy stood up straight and stepped up, straddling the man’s legs. She said something inaudible to Greg, but the man responded to her. He gripped his cock with one hand and placed his other on her hip, guiding her down onto him. She sank slowly down until not an inch of his shaft or balls were visible and began to ride his cock.

Greg leaned back in his chair and was furiously stroking his cock watching his mother, Nancy, fuck the man who could be his father or a complete stranger. He cursed the distance her phone was from them fucking. He wanted to watch a more detailed show. As his mother rose up, you could see most of the man’s cock before she would sink back down. This went on for several minutes before she got kaçak bahis up and turned around.

She repeated the same actions, sinking down on the man’s cock while his hands were on her hips. Greg knew his orgasm was not far off as he was able to see his mother’s tits and her well-trimmed pubic hair. He watched his mother tweak her nipples and rub her clit as she bounced up and down on his cock.

“Come on, Mom. Let me see you cum,” he whispered to the empty room.

He continued to jerk his hard cock watching the scene unfold on the phone. After a short while of watching this strange cock emerge from and disappear into his mother’s pussy, he watched his mother pull the cock out and make several quick strokes. Greg was able to see his mother’s belly get soaked with the man’s cum.

He was almost there himself. It was the moment he saw the dark hair on her pussy get soaked with the stranger’s semen that he began to shoot his load. There was nowhere to catch it, so he pointed the head toward his chest and came all over his shirt.

As he recovered, he went to end the call only to see the horrified look on his mother’s face as she realized she invited the wrong person to watch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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