Zoraya , Sergei

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Zoraya entered the party not knowing anyone. She had an invitation but didn’t know who sent it to her. Her curly red hair hung down to her butt, beautifully, her green dress clung to her every curve. She wasn’t nervous, not really. She continued to move about the crowd. Then she noticed him. The tall, statuesque, god like creature, with his blonde hair, a little longer then normal, and his piercing blue eyes. He glanced her way, and then caught her gaze. He smiled, and Zoraya’s breath caught in her chest.

He edged closer to where Zoraya was. He was next to her and handed her a glass of champagne. She took it and lightly brushed his hand. He looked into her eyes and smiled. She always loved his smile.

Her face radiant. Her eyes longing, searching, warm, inviting…Sergei’s thoughts were racing. He had to control his urges. He looked into her brown eyes, staring into his, deeply. He felt his pants tighten a bit in the front. He was getting an erection as he kept staring into this enchantress. He thought of himself being under a spell, captivated by her presence, her charm, her eyes.

It had been sixteen long years since they last saw each other. Zoraya forced to go back to the states, Sergei defecting, they had lost each other. Now she was here before him. That day in the barn, him becoming a man, she losing her innocense. He vowed he would love her forever. He thought of her always even with his brief marriage, when that ended, the first woman he thought of was Zoraya, his light, his love.

“It’s been a really long time, Zoraya. How are you?” Sergei asked her staring into her eyes.

“I’ve been ok, Sergei. I’ve missed Russia a great deal, not really knowing how much so until I saw you?” Her eyes tearful.

“I’ve missed you, Zo…really missed you.” Sergei wrapped his arms around her and held her close. Taking in her sweet aroma.

“Sergei, my love, I’ve missed you too.” Zoraya was crying.

“Let’s go outside.” Sergei said as he held her hand leading her out of the crowded party and outside.

The night was beautiful. The stars shining brightly and the moon over looked them. Caught in the magic of the night, Sergei swept Zoraya in his arms and kissed her deeply. Her body clinging to his as the kiss, so passionate, continued.

Moments çubuk escort passed before the two spoke. They just looked at each other. Tears welling up in Zoraya’s eyes. She loved him, truly loved him, all these years.

Sergei and Zoraya talked and talked, catching up on each other’s lives.

Sergei found that Zoraya had been married for nine years, divorced now and has a daughter.

The hours passed and Sergei asked if Zoraya would like to come back to his place.

Zoraya accompanied Sergei back to his place.

“Would you like a drink, Zo?” Sergei asked.

“Yes, Sergei, I would..a vodka and squirt if you have it.” She smiled.

“One vodka and squirt coming up.” Sergei dashed out of the room and made the drink.

“Here you go, Zo.”

Zoraya loved when he called her Zo. It made her feel like that young girl again.

Sergei sat next to Zoraya on the couch in the big livingroom, the fireplace going, the light, dim.

He put his arm around her and brought her closer to him. Zoraya looking into his eyes once again, lost in a sea of passion, lust, love. They kissed.

Sergei started undoing Zoraya’s dress. She wasn’t stopping him. She wanted this to happen, also. The dress had fallen to the floor and Sergei was mesmerized at how beautiful Zoraya was. He took a deep breath as he began lightly caressing her body. Her breasts were perfect, pink nipples, erect, and eager to be touched, sucked on. He thumbed each one and then licked and sucked them and hearing Zoraya moan made his heart race. He moved down her body with his tongue. Zoraya’s body moving with his licks, his sucks, his tiny bites. Her legs were slighty apart and Sergei gently moved his hand between Zoraya’s thighs. Her panties were wet and this turned Sergei on more so than anything. She really wanted him, he thought to himself.

He kissed her stomach as he fingered her through her panties. Zoraya moaning more and telling Sergei yes or more. He slid his fingers inside her panties and felt her wetness, the sweet aroma. He wanted to taste her. He pulled her panties down, found her swollen clit and licked it, round circular motions. Zoraya gasped with this and spread her legs more, placed a hand on his head, begging him not to stop. demetevler escort Sergei continued licking her clit and sucking on her lips, tasting her sweet nectar. Zoraya was dripping wet and she tasted so good. He slid a finger inside her. She was so hot and he felt her throbbing.

Sergei’s cock was hard and Zoraya could feel it against her leg. She wanted to touch him, to lick him, to suck him. She sat up. “Sergei, I want to have your cock in my mouth now.”

Sergei looked up and saw her sitting there, licking her lips. He sat up and undid his pants, took off his briefs, and saw Zoraya’s eyes get really big.

Zoraya hadn’t seen him in so long. She was amazed at how well he grew, in all the right places. He was uncut and very well endowed. She thought to herself, how the heck am I going to deep throat that.

Zoraya moved before him and was on her knees. She took what she could of him deep inside her, gagging a bit. He was big and she loved it and tried to please him. She sucked and sucked, stopping only to lick and suck his balls and then back to his cock. He didn’t want to cum so he asked Zoraya to stop. She did.

He grabbed her and placed her on the floor. Spreading her legs, kissing her, pressing his body against hers. She felt his weight, his throbbing. He entered her slowly and gently. Zoraya gave out a cry. Sergei was in and Zoraya was tight. He didn’t want to hurt her but she asked him to keep going.

Her body moved with his. Sergei knew Zoraya was into this and he thrust harder. She clung to him, asking, “Fuck me Sergei, please.”

To hear her talk like this sent a surge through Sergei. He rammed her harder and faster. Zoraya screaming yes, made him go even more.

Zoraya reached down and rubbed her clit. Sergei liked the woman she had become. So lustful, so wanting. He fucked her and sucked on her breasts. Every so often sitting up a bit to look at her touching herself as he was deep inside her.

“Sergei, rub my clit for me. I want to feel you do it, please, make me cum.”

Sergei rubbed her and Zoraya moaned so loud.

He thrust deep inside her and she squirted her warm juices all over his cock.

“I want you to cum in my mouth, Sergei.” She pleaded.

Sergei was ankara escort about to cum and he pulled out and her mouth was ready for him as he ejaculated and she swallowed.

Exhausted, he lay down beside her. Zoraya still breathing heavy, whispered how much she still loved him. He leanded on his side with his arm over her and asked her to marry him.

Sergei didn’t have a ring, however, laying on the coffee table were a box of cigars, he removed one of the paper rings and placed it on Zoraya’s finger.

Zoraya in tears, thought it was the most precious proposal. Sergei brought her hand to his lips and kissed it.

Sergei was hard again and Zoraya wanted him.

Zoraya eased her way down Sergei’s body with her tongue, kissing and licking him. She took his cock in her mouth once again. She loved the way he smelled, the way he tasted. She sucked a bit and was getting really turned on by his moaning.

Zoraya stopped. Looking up at Sergei she asked, “could we do anal?”

Sergei kind of looked stunned. He never had a woman ask to do anal. He had a big cock, thick. “Yes, we could, but Zo, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“So get some lube.” She winked.

Sergei left the room and returned with lube. Zoraya poured the lube on Sergei’s cock. It was dripping down to his balls. She loved the way that looked.

Zoraya staring into Sergei’s eyes, asked him to spread her ass. He did so and she eased his cock in. First, the head and worked that a little, then his cock slid in more and more until he was fully in her. It hurt but Zoraya wasn’t going to tell him that. She looked at him and rode his cock.

Zoraya was wet and raging with a fire Sergei had never seen before in any woman. He met her thrusts and heard her moans. This woman loved anal and after a while her pain ceased and passion took over.

Her ass was tight around his cock. He would explode at any time. He reached down and found her clit, it wasn’t a hard task, her clit was swollen and she was wet. He rubbed her while fucking her ass.

“Sergei” Zoraya screamed as a big wave of orgasmic fluid escaped her pussy.

Her ass had tightened even more as she came. He was drenched in her cum and her ass so tight, he burst inside it.

He held her close to him, listening to her breathing. She was exhausted. Her heart beating fast. Unable to talk, she just laid against his chest, listening to him, falling asleep.

After a while, Sergei carried Zoraya to his bed. She was fast asleep. He stared at his beautiful Zo for a long time and then he too, fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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