A Camping Affair

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Laying there in that dark, all that ran through her mind was panic, momentarily. She was fine a minute before, it was just now that everything had stopped and her brain had time to actually think about it. Her breathing was restraint by her corset as it got heavier and heavier. She felt like she was going to explode out of it. She closed her eyes for a moment and bit the inside of her bottom lip. As she did she felt a slight brush on the inside of her right thigh, like the light brush of someone’s’ lips. It sent a tingle down her spine.


She’d arrived on the train with her two close friends, a couple Matt and Claire, just as she had every year for the past ten years. It had become tradition since that year when her plans to go abroad were cruelly snatched from her without so much as a weeks notice. She had felt bad about tagging along, as they were a couple, but they had assured her she was doing them a favour not leaving them alone together to kill each other. It was the same every year since with one exception; it was planned. Them two were in on the plan as they were present the first year, the first time.

Her husband didn’t mind at all that she got away with her friends for a little while, as it was only two days. He’d helped her pack the night before; getting out her big woolly jumper that she always wore and finding out the sleeping bag and tent. A shiver went down her spine as she thought of the short week ahead, and as Carl climbed up the ladders into the loft she opened the front compartment of her rucksack and threw in a couple of condoms. She wasn’t sure why she had done this the first time, but had. A small smile crept onto her face as she let out a small sigh. Carl returned with her necessary camping equipment and looked a little surprised when she jumped. He placed them next to the bedroom door, then picked up her rucksack and placed it with it. He walked around the bed to her and held her close.

“I’ll be gone when you wake up darling, I’ve got that portfolio to deliver before I start at nine. I’ll try not to wake you.”

He picked up the alarm off the cabinet and set it for half past six. He put it on the quietest setting and placed it at his side of the bed. She slid between the sheets of the bed, waiting for the light to go out so she could let her mind wander to tomorrows events: so that he couldn’t see her face. The moment they were in darkness a smile erupted onto her face. She felt Carl slide in next to her and place a single, gentle kiss on her forehead. She almost forgot of his existence as she closed her eyes to fantasise into sleep. She woke to the sound of the door closing after him at half seven. Normally she would slam her head back to the pillow to finish her sleep but today she felt like she had all the energy in the world. She laid back in the bed, placing both her hands behind her head and sighed. The smile wouldn’t leave her face, even though her cheeks began to hurt. She slipped back into a gentle sleep until about ten when she always seemed to naturally wake. She sat up and swung her tangled mess of hair over her shoulder. With a deep inhale she slid her feet out from under their warm hiding place under the sheets and introduced them to the harsh cold of the room. She shivered and instantly pulled them back in for protection. With another deep inhale she braved another attempt and flew out of bed, padding off to the bathroom to the shower.

The water hissed on as she slipped out of her pyjama top, the cold air sending goose pimples all over her body. She slid down her pj bottoms and stepped into the shower. The hot water sent a long shiver all over her body, tingling and tickling. She inhaled deep and slowly. After a few minutes her body calmed down, and she started her regular routine. Firstly she poured a pool of glistening cream shampoo into the palm of her hand. It felt cold as she swept it into her hair, before lathering it with her fingertips, over her scalp; massaging. The bubbles ran down her arms and neck, dripping onto her naked breasts, before running down her legs to the floor. She did this a second time with a different shampoo so that her hair could survive the two days in the middle of nowhere. After rinsing it well she ringed out her hair so to get every loose drop. She then coated her hair with conditioner before grabbing the large hair grip on the shelf and pined it up. She then took the body scrunch and poured body lotion on it. She squeezed it a few times to start the bubbles flowing before introducing it to her left arm. She made small circles that travelled slowly up to her shoulder, then over the back to as far as she could reach. She then travelled under her arm and made circular movements over her stomach, coating her in foam. She moved up to her neck, the scrunch scratching her skin in a soothing, cleansing way. As a more sensitive part of the body; she felt the scratching pain more so over her breasts, as she scoured them. The pain seemed to ease into a calm tingling as the body lotion moisturised her already soft, clear skin.

With age she had slimed, her body forming a perfect hour glass shape without becoming bony. She adored her curves more and more each year, bahis firmaları and kept her shape with exercise, not diet. She moved her hands lower, taking in such attractions as her bum and thighs before cleaning her whole legs. She stepped back under the water to wash off the bubble cocoon. She then picked up her shaver from the shelf next to the shower and ran it over her legs. They were completely hair free from the epilating session she had put herself through a few days before, but just to make sure. She run her hands down her long legs, taking every inch, making sure they were perfect. Her hand slipped higher, closing her eyes, feeling her body. As she reached the top of her legs her fingers spread and ran through the short hairs that grew there. Her middle finger slipped between her thighs and she placed just the slightest bit of pressure, before sliding her hand back down her leg. She let out a long deep sigh, expressing her desire, but also her patience.

She glided her hands up over her breasts and to her neck, sliding up towards the clip and releasing it, dropping it to the floor with a clutter. Using her long fingers she massaged her scalp, rinsing it completely of conditioner. After leaning her head back and letting the water run over her face, she reached up a hands and clicked the button on the shower box. A few seconds passed and the water stopped hitting her face, and she scrambled her hand blindly out of the shower curtain to find the towel. Failing, she stepped out from behind the curtain completely unashamed of her naked form; as there was no one in the house and there was nothing will ever make her feel as sexy as she would tonight. The mirror was frosted over with condensation. She found the towel on the floor where it had slipped off the radiator and wiped the mirror. At first it just smudged but after a few more wipes it started to clear. She then swung the towel around her and admired herself in her reflection. She certainly had a glow about her today. She went to the sink and brushed her teeth and flushed her mouth out with mouthwash.

She waltz into the bedroom, and shivered as the cold, un-humid air of the room hit her. After throwing her tooth brush in her rucksack she quickly got out her clothes and was about to throw them on when she stopped, looked at the clock and decided she had plenty of time. She flicked the heating on and ran back upstairs, then laid back on the bed until the room began to warm. She sat up, and grabbed the underwear on the end of the bed. She stood and let the towel slip to the floor. She turned to the full length mirror at the other side of the room. She bashfully watched herself slip the lacy French knickers up slowly over her bum. They really did make her ass look amazing. She leaned over and took the matching bra and slid that on with the same grace and sauciness. Next, the jeans that she only wore once a year so not to wear them out. They were very specific as they had four buttons at the front rather than just one and a zip. She dreaded having to go without them one year. She slipped them on, watching her laced bum disappear beneath them. She had definitely lost weight since that year as they were two sizes bigger than her size now. She placed on a belt to hold them up but, as last year, would remove it when she got there. She hooked up her black corset over her light pink bra and laid out her jumper on the bed. You could tell that she had never been camping before that first time from her general attire, as she had bought the jumper from the camp shop when she began to freeze – about ten minutes into the camping holiday.

She pulled up a stool next to the mirror and swept a single stroke of eyeliner over the top of each eye. She didn’t often wear makeup like that anymore, that was a teen phase, but today called for it. Looking at the time, it was just about time to set off. Her hair was almost dry, so she blasted it with a hairdryer for a minute or so and swept it up in a hair grip. She threw on the jumper and slung the rucksack over one shoulder. She always packed the exact belongings so she knew she had no need to check she had everything. Over the other should she threw the tent bag and sleeping bag. She squeezed through the bedroom door and clambered downstairs, knocking a few things over on the side. Reaching the door she grabbed her keys from the hook and opened the door; the light hurting her eyes a little as she had left the curtains shut.

After a few blinks she stepped out onto the street, locking the door and walking with a quick pace to the bus stop. She got there at the last minute as usual, and would have missed it if not for someone already being there to flag it down. She paid her fare, which had definitely changed since her first trip, and sat down at the folded seats so not to take up too much room. The bus route had also changed, but had the same destination. As it pulled up at the train station he saw Matt and Claire already there; as usual. And as usual they commented on how it would be easier to catch an earlier bus, and how the train will probably be late again. As it pulled up they stepped on bored and butterflies filled her stomach. She remembered how she had never been kaçak iddaa camping before the first year, and how the only time she had spent in a tent was in the back garden. They sat in similar positions on the train, them two at one side and her at the other side of a table. Matt wandered off to the toilet half way through the thirty minute journey, taking his time purposely for the sole reason to give the girls a few minutes alone to chat.

After staring out of the window for a minute she heard her friend let out a single sigh of laughter.

“Another year then” Claire commented, smugly.

She mirrored her with her own sigh with a smile “Yeah.”

“Laura, I don’t get you!”


She shook her head while trying to not repeat her conversation from the last time. Although it would be suitable. “I dunno, you do the same thing every time.” After another pause “You’re not a child anymore, I don’t know why you still do this!”

“I dunno. I need it, you know, to remind me I’m still alive!”

Claire shook her head with a smile. “Ok. You’re nuts, but ok!”

After a slight nod of agreement she added “Anyway, who’s not a kid?” She smirked as she pulled out a packet of Harribo and ate them childishly, playing with the sweetie toothbrush.

Claire tutted and shook her head again, just as she did she saw Matt coming back. As he sat he raised an eyebrow to her silliness.

The train pulled in at the station in the middle of nowhere, and the trio clambered off with their luggage, Laura more as she had her own tent to carry. It was a ten minute walk to the campsite, which wasn’t too unpleasant as the air was fresher which seemed to give them all strength. The site itself was lovely, it had a stream flowing right next to where they pitch their tents. Nowadays they actually book with rights to that spot, as they were regulars. The owner was in fact very nice and so couldn’t do enough. As usual, them two struggle with their tent and end up falling out a little over it; while Laura puts up her tent with ease, pegs it down, sets her stuff inside, unrolls her sleeping bag, then goes to help them. You’d think ten years would be enough practise for them.

As the day rolls on, the sky is highlighted with a pink tint. The cool evening air sent a shiver down their spines, and for warmth Claire and Matt huddle together. The sky turned a dark blue, the only light being the moon. It was nearly full, like it was the first year. They plan on a walk, and so gather their belongings and put them in their tents, padlocking them. The only thing they really needed was a torch. Laura whipped off her belt too, and threw it in the tent, so it was not to interfere. She held her jeans by the back belt loop, and had to permanently hold them like that as they could fall straight off her. The three of them wandered down a small path that they stumbled on the first year and went to explore. This year it is just part of it all. The path led through a couple of fields, and at the end there was a big gate and a bridge over the train tracks. They sat on the gate waiting for the stars to come out, telling bad jokes. Laura was never any good at telling jokes, as she always found them so funny she couldn’t survive any longer than one liners. Her only joke really was “What’s green and brown, with six legs, that would kill you if it fell out of a tree? A snooker table!” It was also her most told. It was about midnight as the stars started to show themselves from their hiding place under the clouds, which now started to break away. Laura felt his presence and closed her eyes for a second, before turning round to see him at the end of the bridge. She wasn’t sure if she heard him or something but she could always tell when he’d arrive. Originally they had all travelled together, Matt, Claire, Laura, and the two lads. Laura didn’t really know them and they kept to themselves so as the years went on they made their own ways there. She wandered over to him, unsure, heart racing, like a first meeting.

“You made it.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world” he smiled.

They sat on the wall on the bridge and talked like they did all them years ago, not about what they had done over the past year but about their likes and dislikes, like it truly was a first meeting. After about half an hour Matt wandered over to them.

“Laura; you ok to get back? We’re a little tired.”

“It’s ok sir, I’ll get her home safe” he gentlemanly offered with a smirk and a tint of cheekiness.

Matt looked at Laura with raised eyebrows to see if that was ok, and with a smile she gave a single nod. This was all part of the ritual, and as they walked off they could hear Matt laughing about the charade.


The two sat, legs swinging, like teens that were expecting their parents to drive past any moment so trying to look innocent. Laura yawned, it was about one o clock, and so he offered to walk her back. As they strolled, the conversation led to school. It turned out they went to the same school, and so when they reached her tent, they didn’t want the conversation to end. Laura was about to suggest sitting on the wooden bridge over the stream but the skies kaçak bahis opened. They ended up inside the tent, a little damp, trying to squash into a space made for one without sitting too close.

Ironically, this year it did actually start to rain as they reached the tent. The conversation was mainly made with eye contact as they knew what came next. Inside their heads they watched how the conversation led off into silence. There was only one thing to do and that was to separate and get some sleep.

“Where’s your tent?”

“Oh, I’m sharing with Joel.”

“Right.” She smiled as if to say goodnight, yet he seemed to want to stay. He turned as if to go yet stopped in his tracks. He turned to face her, and bit his lip.

“Can I admit something to you?” There was hesitance in his voice but he seemed the fight against it.

Confused, she replied “Erm; yea.”

“I remember you at school. I went out with Jay, my mate.”

“Oh, yea, that was me.” She said with a laugh like she had forgotten, but mainly because she had been remembered.

“Well; I kinda had a little crush on you,” he blushed.

Testing her luck she raised one eyebrow and smirked “Used to?”

He sighed out of bashfulness. “Well, no.”

“Oh.” She expected a compliment, now felt silly.

“It was kinda more than that really,” he continued. She looked up. “…you could say I was…in love with you.”

Her eyes were as wide as an arachnophobe who found a ten foot spider. She choked “What?”

He scratched the back of his neck and scoured the floor for words. Eventually, he looked up, into her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I’ve scared you now. I don’t know why I told you that. I’ll go.”

“No!” She paused when she realised the urgency in her voice. She didn’t even want him to stay really. She calmed her voice in hope that he hadn’t noticed. “You don’t have to. I…” her words disappeared into silence. “I just don’t know what to… say.”

He looked around, and was about to shrug, but something caught his eye. He bent his head a little to the left, intrigued, as he was looking right into her eyes, who was looking right back into his.

That moment her memory kicked in. “Wait. I do remember you,” she whispered. “You were so… different.” Her mind flickered to boy who was short and tufty, and his face was all scowled. She looked into this mans eyes who smiled with genuine happiness.

He interrupted her thoughts. “You didn’t like me?”

“No.” She answered before realising the hurtful tone of agreement. She corrected herself, turning her tone more sympathetic “I mean… I didn’t not like you.” The emphasis on ‘not’ suggested that there was nothing to dislike.

He smiled as he read her thoughts “I know.” He was still looking right into her eyes. He leaned in, ever so slowly to kiss her, and in shock she pulled away a little, but there was nowhere to go. If he indeed went to kiss her, he would have trapped her between in the limited space. The truth is she would have been disgusted, and all of the fresh fondness she felt for him would have been lost. She closed her eyes for just a second and pleaded to herself that he had just received mixed signals and would withdraw. But he didn’t, he just waited before her lips. He hadn’t actually intended on doing so but it felt right. She had to chance it and escape. Her brain was shouting at her to move, and cause a little embarrassment. It was harsh but it was all she could do. But she didn’t. She stayed there. Her lip quivered a little and her breathing got a little shallower like she was holding her breath. She waited for him to move in, where she could still push him away, yet her lips seemed to want otherwise. The waiting was unbearable. Then unexpected to both of them, she leaned in to touch their lips together. Her eyes slammed shut and her breathing stopped all together. Why had she done that when all she wanted was escape; from this. From this kiss. At first they just held their lips together, holding their breaths; until the need to breath forced some movement.

He had to breath. He held it just a little longer until the pain in the bottom of his lungs was unbearable. He opened his mouth, with her still attached in hope that she wouldn’t move, to take a deep breath. He dreaded the possibility that she could snap out of it, what ever it was, and snatch away the one thing he’s ever wanted since he met them in school, nearly six years ago now. He closed his lips again once he had enough air to hold for another couple of millenniums. She took a deep breath also, but let it out again straight away. Now her breathing was deep, and her lips brushed against his as the air in the tent started to move again. Still with her eyes clamped shut, he saw her move in a little more, firmly pressing them firmly together in this deadly kiss. Her lips moved over his soft skin as he scanned back in his thoughts as to how he got here. Her head bobbed a little as she moved and he started to move also, activating his lips to move in sync with hers. Their mouths got wider as they ate each other up, closing again with every connection. Then, as he felt he was safe from being accused of misunderstanding he bravely ventured out his tongue to lick her lips. As he did he felt her take a short breath of shock and her lips stopped moving. He stopped also, thinking what to do, but he switched in to natural mode – no more thinking.

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