A Forward Colleague

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I had been tasked to do a long-term project at work.

It started in the February, and I had to move offices, over to one of our other plants.

The office that our team was to use, was also shared by the company Sales and Marketing team.

Whilst we had no actually daily work connection with the Sales and Marketing Team, we did chat and have a laugh with them during the day.

One girl in particular was stunning; her name was Jo, and I’m not entirely sure what she did, other than sit behind a computer all day and brighten up the office!

She was quite short, with shoulder length blonde hair, and always wore the most striking outfits; all were figure hugging, and just revealing enough to be tantalising.

Every now and then during the project, we’d be in the room together alone, and she showed her colours as a complete flirt.

One afternoon especially she and I had been left alone whilst everyone else was out, and we flirted outrageously.

The day went quite quickly, as we were actually both quite busy. 5.30 came and went, and everyone else had packed up and gone home apart from Jo and myself. We were both wading through our respective workloads, and it was going to be a late one.

Around 7, the Manager who worked in the small office just off ours, got up and left. The room was suddenly eerily quiet, apart from Jo and myself hammering away on our keyboards.

“How are you getting on?” she asked me about twenty minutes after the boss had left.

“Not bad – I’m just about finished.” I replied “What about you?”

She said nothing, but instead got up, and walked slowly over to my desk, where she sat down on a chair facing me.

She lifted her feet up onto my desk and halkalı escort reclined in the chair.

“Is there anything I can do to help finish you off?!” she said, keeping constant eye contact, and licking her lips slowly.

“What did you have in mind?!” I asked, getting very turned on suddenly.

Jo smiled, and stood up. She walked over to the door of the Manager’s office, and opened it. Through the window I watched her walk in, and sit on the edge of his desk. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse, and whilst looking through the glass at me, she started to caress her breasts through her black satin bra.

She put her feet on the chair that sat in front of the desk, and spread her knees apart, before she slowly reeled up the hem of her skirt, and started rubbing the gusset of her black satin knickers.

I stood up, and slowly walked over to the doorway, and leant against the doorframe.

I just stood, watching Jo turn herself on.

I then watched her slide one of her hands slowly behind her knickers, and then slide down into them. Jo sighed heavily as she touched herself, she then groaned as she slid a finger inside herself.

She then paused, and looked straight at me.

“I’ve been sitting at my desk all day, getting so wet just thinking about having you inside me..” she sighed .. “are you going to come here and join my day dream?!”

I smiled, and walked over to her. She spread her legs either side of me, and reached for my flies. In seconds my trousers were undone, and had slid to the floor, and I reached for her knickers. Jo lifted herself off the desk slightly and I slid the skimpy garments off her. şişli escort

I stood up in front of her, and she delicately took my cock in her hands. She slowly wanked my cock until it was completely rigid, and she then splayed her legs wide. I held her legs behind her knees. She guided my now throbbing cock to her entrance, and as the tip touched her damp labia she sighed.

She held my hips, and pulled me towards her, and I looked down to watch as my cock spread her pussy and then slid into her.

“Oh God Yes!” she whispered.

I leant towards her, lifting her legs higher, and Jo leant back onto her elbows, resting on the desk.

I started slowly sliding in and out of her, and I watched as Jo closed her eyes slowly, biting her lip in bliss. I couldn’t believe how wet she was – moving in and out of her tight cavity was effortless, and felt incredible.

I pushed deeper and deeper into her each time I penetrated her, and I was soon sliding so deeply inside her that she arched her back and gasped softly with each penetration.

I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and leant forwards, putting my hands on the desk either side of her hips. I was now pushing so hard and deeply that I could feel my balls brush past her moist labia with every push.

The veins on her neck started to grow and become obvious as she tensed. I knew that she was getting near a climax, and I kept up the slow rhythm, sliding slowly out of her, pausing, and then slowly sliding as far into her as I could push.

She was soon gasping, and she finally raised her head to look straight at me, her face flushed as she tensed and shuddered.

“Oh yes” she whispered “that’s it sarıyer escort … I’m c-cumming ….”

With that I felt Jo’s pussy squeeze my cock hard, and she shuddered wildly under me as a huge climax swept through her gorgeous body.

She then sighed a huge sigh, and relaxed, lying flat back down on the desk, her breasts rising and falling as she breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath.

She finally raised her head again, and looked at me, grinning wildly.

“I think it’s time you finished off too …” she said with a wink.

“Is that such a good idea?” I asked, as subtly as I could.

“Don’t worry about it” she said with a smile “I just want to feel you cum inside me”

I started back up again, this time thrusting slightly harder into her, and Jo closed her eyes and groaned a long, sexy groan.

I put my hands on her hips making it easier to thrust inside her, and I hammered deep inside her, revelling in the sensations her pussy was creating.

Jo looked at me with a serious look “that’s it fuck me” she whispered, egging me on.

I continued screwing her, looking into her gorgeous eyes as she egged me on.

“Harder” she whispered “let me feel you fill me with your cum”

In no time at all, I felt a welling sensation down below, and my cock grew yet more.

I suddenly tensed as I felt my balls contract, and I shuddered as I reached my peak.

I felt the blissful sensation as I injected my thick fluid deep into her soaking pussy, and I continued until I was completely spent.

As I felt my cum fill her, and her pussy become slippery with my fluid inside her, I watched as Jo shuddered through another climax herself, and together we relaxed.

I slipped slowly from between her legs, and she sat up, with a HUGE smile in her face.

She took my spent cock in her hand and gently caressed it, sliding my foreskin back and forth slowly and gently.

“Now THAT was better than any day-dream!” she whispered

We got dressed, and after leaving the building I drove her home, but that’s another story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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