A Good Neighbor Ch. 01

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A few years ago the house two doors down was sold to a nice single woman. I met her as she was moving in and offered my help any time she needed it. Susan is middle aged, fairly attractive and has a decent figure. From time to time we would see each other and occasionally I would lend a hand to help her with some projects around the house that required a bit more brawn than she had. She was always friendly and easy to chat with. I must admit that there were times I thought about how nice it would be to get her naked but I kept things on a friendly and good neighbor basis. Sometimes she would invite me over for some pie or wine and on occasion we would grill together.

All of that changed one hot summer day when she lost all the power to her house. I had power so I knew it wasn’t wide spread. She was anxious and I assured her I would check things out and maybe I could find the problem. I headed to the main power panel and did some checking and soon found the problem. Within a few minutes I had the power restored for a very grateful neighbor.

“While I’m here, anything else I can do?”

“As a matter of fact, halkalı escort I need an item in the garage that I cannot reach.”

We headed to the garage and I couldn’t help but notice she was braless. I loved the way her tits moved under her tee shirt. I had to change my focus or soon I would be sporting an erection.

I could see why she couldn’t reach what she was after. It required a ladder and a long reach. We set the ladder but it was a long reach even for me. I asked her to hold the ladder with one hand and my leg with the other. When she put her hand on my thigh I felt a bit of a jolt and told myself to keep focused. I had to balance myself on the ladder with one leg and on a ledge with the other so I was in a spread eagle stance. I was moving boxes trying to get to the desired item and I said that I think I see it.

“So do I and how very nice.”

I looked down to see her smiling and looking up my shorts. Since I wasn’t wearing any underwear, my dick was there for all to see. Within moments I had growing cock şişli escort and making a tent out of front of my shorts.

“Oh my, how very lovely. I really like what I see from here.”

I gave her a grin and retrieved the desired item. I handed it to her and she asked me to come down off the ladder. I did as instructed and as I came down a couple of steps, my hard cock straining under my shorts. She reached up under my shorts and stroked my cock. I closed my eyes and moaned with pleasure from her sensual touch. Suddenly she stopped stroking and pulled completely off. I stood there wearing only my shoes and a big grin. I was so looking forward to where this was going.

“I’ve wanted to see you naked for a long time and run my mouth and hands up and down your cock.”

She cupped my balls and slid her mouth down my throbbing cock.

“Oh baby, that feels so wonderful,” I said with a gasp.

She worked her magic with her tongue around the head of my cock while she stroked the shaft. I was in heaven. After a few moments I had to stop her so I wouldn’t sarıyer escort cum too soon. I pulled her up and kissed her.

“That was wonderful. I must confess that I’ve wanted to see you naked and fill your cunt with my cock.”

“I like that a lot and I have had many dreams where we did just that.”

I took her top off and admired her beautiful breast. I cupped them and ran my tongue on each tit. She gasp as I nibbled her nipples and she ran her fingers thru my hair. I moved my hands down her sides to her shorts. With a quick movement her shorts were on the floor. I knelt down and kissed her pussy. I ran my tongue up and down the slit of her pussy lips. I slid my finger into her wet cunt and I could hear her breath quicken. I licked and fingered and soon I felt her body shudder with her orgasm. When she caught her breath I placed her right knee up on a ladder step exposing her lovely cunt that was wet from her cum. I slid my hard cock into her cunt and cupped one of her breast. She reached under and held my balls in her hand as I slide in and out of her cunt. It didn’t take long and I shot my hot load deep into her cunt. A few moments later she shook with an intense orgasm.

When we recovered I helped her stand up. Both of us were a bit wobbly from our intense play. She knelt down and took my cock into her mouth. She licked it all over and then held it in her mouth.

“I want to enjoy the last drop.”

“Susan, you are the perfect neighbor.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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