Ann: The Married Years Ch. 41

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Ann bounced up and down, unable to contain her excitement. Her uncontrollable giggle became infectious, affecting all those that were around her.

“Is she always like this?” the salesman asked Neil as he tried to complete the paperwork.

“I don’t know, Ryan. This is new for us. We’ve never done this before, at least as a couple,” he replied, smiling at his wife as he held Owen in his lap.

“Family,” she sang happily, her smile lighting up the small office.

“Yes, babe… as a family,” he laughed.

“Well, this is all about us as a family, isn’t it?”

“No, you’re right. I was just talking about the purchase. We’ve never done this together.”

“I can’t believe how much fun I’m having,” she grinned.

“Yeah, this paperwork is a hoot,” Ryan laughed. “I have to tell you, Ann, I’ve been doing this a long time, and you might be the most enthusiastic customer I’ve ever had.”

“Well why not? This is exciting!”

“Well I’m glad you feel that way. And I’m glad you showed up today. I can’t tell you how much you’ve changed my life.”


For what it was worth, it was the least stressful vehicle purchase Neil had ever experienced. But that was because Ann had put so much effort into it ahead of time it took most of the surprise out of it.

He had promised her they could get a new car after the first of the year. Actually, he said that he’d consider it once they knew where they stood with their taxes. But having filed as soon as they could, they were pleased to actually be getting a pretty nice return coming their way, thanks in part to having another deduction because of their child.

With all of that in mind, he told her they could go ahead and get something more family friendly, as both of their cars were of the two-door variety, which made it almost impossible to deal with Owen and his car seat. Not to mention all of the things a baby needed whenever they seemed to go anywhere.

Thrilled at the prospect, she threw herself into it, looking at the idea of buying a new car as a challenge, wanting the best value along with the best safety features. She knew their budget, so she began researching. She bought several auto magazines, and went about making stops at local dealerships, picking up pamphlets and brochures. There was a trip to several places to get estimates on what her car would be worth on a trade in… which was much higher than she expected because of the immaculate condition she kept it in.

By the time she got Neil involved, she’d zeroed in on several choices. One was what she wanted, and there was a second one that she’d be okay with if they couldn’t make a deal that made sense. There were a couple lesser options that she had information on, but she hoped not to have to go that route. Still, knowing how excruciating the process could be, she had them as a back-up plan. At the same time, she was determined to make the buying experience different, and she had a plan on how to do it.

They set out on a Saturday morning, Owen in tow. She had a briefcase filled with information, looking like a business woman as she made her way to her car. She was wearing a stylish, sexy grey business outfit. The pleated skirt came to just above mid-thigh, accentuating her legs and ass. Her jacket was perfectly tailored to show off her chest and slim waist. She had on a sheer red blouse that was more transparent than not, a part of her lacy black half-bra showing through. Her cleavage seemed more prominent than usual, what with the way her breasts where pushed up by the bra, and how the buttons of the blouse were conspicuously undone at the top. Slipping behind the wheel of her Honda in her sexy black heels, she started the car and backed out of the garage.

Neil was a bit surprised by what she was wearing, considering he was wearing jeans. He did have the foresight to put on a yellow button-down shirt, but he’d left it un-tucked. His brown shoes at least gave him a higher profile than his Nikes would have, but he felt underdressed compared to his wife.

“Should I have worn something else?” he asked as he looked at his attire along the way.

“You look great. Why?”

“Because you look like you’re going to a board meeting. I look like I’m going to a keg party.”

“Neil, you should know better than to compare what you wear to a woman. We’re always thinking differently. Besides, this isn’t about you. It’s about us.”

“You’re still dressed like some hot executive. And I’m dressed like –“

“You really think I look hot?” she winked.

“I always think that. But yes, you look incredible today.”

“Thanks, baby. That’s what I was hoping for.”

“What are you up to, Anna?” he asked with an arched eyebrow, sensing a bit of mischievousness in her manner.

“I’m about to buy a new vehicle. They have their tactics. I have mine.”

“And just what does that mean?”

“You’ll see,” she smiled, driving with bedava bahis a purpose like she already had a destination in mind.

She did of course, because she was prepared. It seemed more and more to him that it had become a running theme in her life. She’d always believed in being ready for anything, but since having a baby, she’d had to become even more organized in her life. It was a struggle at first finding balance between being a mother and a wife, not to mention wanting to be a bit slutty every chance she could. That took planning, finding ways to make each one work with the other. In doing so, she’d learned the value of thinking ahead more than she ever had before; taking something she already excelled at to a whole new level.

Pulling into a Dodge dealership was a bit of a surprise to him. It wasn’t one of the car brands she’d discussed in passing, but he let that go. She obviously had a plan, and he knew enough not to interfere. After all, whatever they were going to purchase was going to be her vehicle, and she needed to be happy with it. While he worked to extract Owen from his car seat, she grabbed her briefcase from the behind her seat.

“I’ll meet you inside, baby. I want to find the right salesman.”

“The right one? Does that imply there’s a wrong one?”

“Yes it does. Take your time… it’s a beautiful day outside. Why don’t you browse around the lot for a while? I want to pick him out before you come in.”

His confusion was evident in his voice. “Pick him out? I thought we were here to buy a car.”

“We are, silly. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a right way to do it. And it starts by picking out a salesman that’s willing to listen to reason.”

He chuckled at her phrasing, afraid to ask what she meant. She was in a playful, happy mood, and he wasn’t going to spoil it by interfering. He knew her well enough to know she had a plan, what with how she was dressed and the briefcase she was carrying. Instead he went about extracting Owen from the car seat as she strutted into the showroom, deciding to let her have her fun, whatever that may be.

She walked with an air about her that was unmistakable. While the circumstances weren’t anything like what she’d experienced a few months before, her mindset was the same as when she approached the ten naked men at the conclusion of the Super Bowl party. She felt confident and self-assured, totally prepared for what she was about to do. And she exuded sexuality with every step, her breasts bouncing underneath her sharp jacket; her hips swaying provocatively as she burst through the door like a windstorm.

Much like that memorable night at Carol and Barry’s house, she became thrilled at the attention she immediately drew. She stood stoically by the entrance, scanning the room, smirking sexily as heads snapped in her direction. It was exactly the reaction she’d hoped for, feeling the eyes on her as she began casually strolling about, pretending to look at the cars and trucks inside the large showroom area.

One by one she was approached by salesmen, attracted by more than just a prospective customer and the sale that might go along with it; her pheromones calling out to them like a homing beacon. Most of them were young, trying to make their mark in the business. Yet she dismissed her would be suitors, simply ignoring the timid ones while brashly brushing off the more aggressive sort.

And then there was the most arrogant, a cocky guy in his mid-twenties that put a premium on his appearance. He showed up at her side more like she was sitting at a bar than looking at a window sticker, her briefcase on the floor beside her as she perused the information.

She’d seen his type a million times before during her time in California, sizing him up even without looking directly at him. Just the way he’d sauntered toward the car made her want to crawl underneath it. He was by all accounts what she described as a player; a self-proclaimed ‘God’s gift to women’. Yes, it was a snap judgment, but she’d been in similar situations too many times not to see him coming from a mile away. And her defenses went up, just like they would have if she’d been in that bar.

Clearing his throat annoyingly to get her attention, he went into his smooth introduction. “Hey there, I’m Bruce. And you are?”

“Surprised,” she replied, never taking her eyes off what she was reading.

Her comment caught him off guard, and he found himself without the witty response he was planning on using. All he could think of was to ask, “Uh… by what?”

Turning, she went on the offensive, giving him a quick wink. “How long it took you to approach me.”

His confidence returning, he leaned against the top of the car, turning his body to face hers in a way that was anything but sexy. Yet she could tell that’s what he thought he was doing. “Yeah, well, I have to let the other guys have their shot sometimes.”

Her eyebrow arched as she resumed reading. “Their shot, bedava bonus eh? Seems pretty risky.”

“Not really. They’re inexperienced. What you want is someone that knows his way around the showroom.”

She playfully threw her hair over her shoulder, offering him a better view of her cleavage. “I don’t know. Sometimes the ones that are less experienced make up for it by being very attentive to your needs.”

“Not to worry. I excel at reading what people want. Like this car here. I don’t think this is what you’re interested in at all.”

“No? What makes you say that?”

“You strike me as the type of woman that wants something bold; something with more power. You want something that can drive all night and still have a lot in the tank for the next morning.”

She had to stifle the cackle that was trying to burst from her chest. He was playing her just as she thought, actually using a cheesy pick up line, having decided early on that her appearance told the entire story of who she was and why she was there.

“Are we talking about this car, or you, Brucie?”

His crooked grin gave away his thoughts. Not only was he thinking he was going to sell her a car, he was a shoe-in to get one of the side benefits his job sometimes offered. “You read me like a book. I still didn’t catch your name.”

“That’s because I haven’t offered it yet.”

“Ah… playing coy. I love that in a woman.”


“Excuse me?”

“I’m a customer, Brucie. I’m here to buy a vehicle. Or did you not figure that out from me reading the sticker on the car?”

“Well yeah, of course you are. Why else would you be here?”

“Well, it could also be to get laid.” Her reply floored him, especially when she followed up with, “I have a friend that bought a car here a month or so ago. She… recommended you.”

Her syrupy voice made his cock flinch in his pants. His mind raced, trying to recall who it might have been. In truth, it had been much longer than that since he’d gotten lucky enough to score with girl who’d purchased a car. But he went along with it for appearances, not wanting her to think she had the wrong guy.

His arrogance rose to the surface when he grinned, “I’m not surprised.”

“Jeez, what an ass!” she thought, yet not shocked that he’d bit on the bullshit line she’d just fed him. Maintaining her composure, she pressed on. “You’re not?”

“I’ve only been here for a little over a year, but I’m already number two in sales for a reason.”

“I see. You must really know how to close the deal.”

His shrug and smile made her want to cringe. “Like I said, I excel at reading women and what they need.”

“You know, I’ve always prided myself it being able to read men. For instance, I can tell what you’re thinking right this very second.”

“Oh yeah, and what would that be?”

She moved closer, inches from his body, her steamy breath landing on his neck as she whispered, “You’re thinking that I’m a horny housewife, and I’m looking for someone to help me with that, just like my friend.”

Grinning, he said, “That thought had crossed my mind.”

“You’d be right, Brucie. I’m very horny right now. But I’m also here to buy a car.”

Puzzled about her motives, he stepped back and looked into her eyes, mystified by the wild look in them. “Wait, so what are you saying?”

“I thought you could read women, Brucie. Don’t start disappointing me now.” She winked again, which put him at ease. Moving closer, he touched her arm, trying to be charming, but coming off as more of a dick. She let him though, knowing she was still in control, reveling in that feeling.

“So you’re interested in something with that power and endurance we were talking about.”

“Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of one that has lots of room to move around in, if you know what I mean.” Once again, he was thrown off his train of thought, the bewilderment etched on his face. She touched his arm like he’d done to hers, getting his attention. “I’m sorry, did I confuse you?”

“A bit. Are you talking about a car now?”

“More like a van. I bet there’s lots of room in the back of one of those… and you’re still thinking about getting into my pants, aren’t you?” she giggled.


“Are you having trouble hearing me, Brucie? Is all the blood rushing to that little penis of yours?”

“Little… wait, what? It’s not –“

She laughed out loud, patting him gently on the cheek. “Aw, it’s not getting hard? I’m not surprised, really. Here are a couple of things for you to think about, Brucie. One, you can’t get into my pants because as you can see, I’m not wearing any. Then again, I’m not wearing any panties, either.” His head snapped down to her long, luscious legs, trying to see through the dark miniskirt. Lifting his chin with her finger, she froze him with her steely stare. “The other thing is you’re never going to get the chance.”

“Uh… what?”

“Face it, I’m more woman deneme bonusu than you could ever handle.”

“I… I don’t think –“

“That I believe,” she interrupted. Pointing over his shoulder, she asked, “If you were the type that used your brain instead of your little penis, you wouldn’t be making an ass out of yourself right now. Tell me, who would that handsome gentleman be over there, leaning against his office door?”

Turning to look, his shoulders slumped. “Th… that’s Ryan.”

“I take it he’s the top salesmen in the group.”

“Uh, yeah. He’s been here a long time.”

“Then that makes him more experienced than you, now doesn’t it,” she teased, “And more successful too.”

“I suppose, if that’s what you’re looking for.”

“Oh, it is. I’m a woman that knows what she wants, and fortunately it certainly isn’t you. Thats because you put a priority on trying to score a piece of ass over trying to score a sale. if you would have been thinking the other way around you might have had both.” She let her hand brush up against the front of his pants, pressing against his shriveling cock as she picked up her briefcase. “It’s okay. At least you’re still number two, right?”

He puffed out his chest, trying to make the best of being shot down in his attempt. “That’s right.”

“You do know what that means don’t you?”

“Uh… yes?” he questioned, unsure what she really getting at.

Stepping past, she brazenly grabbed his crotch, squeezing it. Her naughty giggle filled his head as she shook hers. She leaned in close, whispering, “It just means you’re a piece of shit. Why don’t you go to the restroom and stroke this little thing and see if you can get it hard? Maybe try thinking about me in Ryan’s office, flashing him my pretty pussy when I buy my new van from him.”

Walking away triumphant, her conquest left deflated and embarrassed, she made her way directly toward the man leaning against his office door, sipping his cup of coffee casually. He was indeed handsome, appearing to be in his middle 40s. The wispy grey at his temples did nothing to diminish his good looks, a charming smile welcoming her as she neared.

“Good afternoon, Ryan,” she said as she held out her hand. “I’m Anna… and I’m here to buy a new vehicle.”

“Funny, I would have sworn you were here to ruin a young punk’s day,” he winked as he shook her hand gently. “You have no idea how much I enjoyed watching that, and that’s without hearing any of it.”

“How much did you win?” she asked playfully.

“Pardon me?”

“I know his type, Ryan. The youthful bravado… all full of piss and vinegar. But he’s obviously been prompted by someone to show off what an ass he is to a pretty woman. He wouldn’t approach just anyone like he did. My take is that you’re the one fueling that stupidity.”

“I wouldn’t say I’m fueling it. After all, you said it yourself; he’s full of it already. I’d say it’s more like a match lighting a fuse… me being the match, of course.”

“Well of course.”

“And I have to say, that was a spectacular explosion. That was better than I could have ever imagined. I only wish I could have heard some of the things you said to him”

“Well, that will have to remain a mystery. I don’t mind being a part of your game with him, but mind you, I didn’t come here to castrate a car salesman. And my question remains, how much?”

He nodded appreciatively; intrigued by the way she spoke. She was obviously as intelligent as she was beautiful. He answered. “Two hundred, but I only get it if I sell you a car.”

“You’ll be getting a hundred, then.”

“I’m sorry?”

“You’re going to sell me a car, Ryan. And we’re splitting the profits of the wager. After all, I’m the one that did all the work. You’ll take it off the purchase price… agreed?”

“How can I say no to the woman that just made my whole week? Come in and have a seat, Anna… let’s talk about what you’re looking for.”

She sat across from him at his desk, opening her briefcase in the empty chair next to her. Pulling out a manila folder marked with the dealership name, she set it on his desk and flipped it open.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

“I think so. Do you have any idea what you’re looking for?”

Handing him a paper, she smiled. “That’s the VIN number of a minivan on your lot. I scoped it out last week. It’s a dark burgundy with a nice gold double pinstripe down the side. You should be able to pull up the details of everything that’s on it.”

“Are you sure it’s still here? We sell a lot of minivans these days.”

“It was there fifteen minutes ago when we pulled in.”

He shuffled through a file and found the manufacturer’s sheet, smiling when he saw the package. “Hmm, let me see. Air conditioning, fully tinted windows in the back, premium cassette player, sport package, second row cabin seats… this is a nice one.”

“Yes it is. And this is what it should retail for based on all the things you’ve listed.”

“Excuse me?”

“The sticker on the window adds a lot of things that shouldn’t be there. Destination fees, handling fees, preparation charges… there’s a lot of that kind of nonsense. This is what the features listed on the van actually cost the dealer.”

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