Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 65

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 60). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 65 — Party at The Meadows — Pt. 2 of 3


I loved fucking the porn queens, plus Felicia and Monica, the wanna-be’s who at their slightly advanced age — forty something — decided that they too wanted to make porn videos. Who would’ve ever guessed that a county commissioner and one of the top attorneys in the state would have such repressed fantasies and could fuck so well? I guess we all have ways to make ourselves feel fulfilled.

To assuage Felicia and Monica’s desires to make porn films, I got my cellphone and we started to make a video of the six of us fucking away: Andy, Vanessa, Anna, Felicia, Monica, and me. Two of the new males also joined us partway through — Brent and Carl; nice guys who worked at Cindy’s investment house and guys she’d been flirting with for two years. I played director and videographer when I wasn’t fucking and being recorded by one of the others in our octet.

When we stopped to come up for air, I had cum in or on each of the four women and so had most of the other men, and we had about ninety minutes of porn that included many variations in position, partners, place, and practice. I love alliterations. I wasn’t sure what I intended to do with it ultimately, but I knew what my first move was.

I led my seven compatriots to the family room where we had a super-large screen television. Two other couples were fucking on the sofas in the room, and I assured them they were all right and to carry on. They smiled and kept fucking after that.

I connected my phone to the TV with a Bluetooth connection through my AppleTV, and started to play the video. The videography wasn’t too bad, and got even better after a few minutes when Vanessa made a few production suggestions. We stood and watched, and I let it run for a while, and then went in search of liquid refreshment.

I came back with a tray of beers and wines for my friends. The video had advanced to the point where I was giving Felicia The Experience. We watched the scene; Vanessa had been the cameraman at that point. She got right in close as I fisted the pretty woman. Andy and Anna were fucking right next to us. She captured the look on Felicia’s face just before the orgasm of all orgasms overtook her and sank her into oblivion for a few moments, and then she captured every word as Felicia promised me her love and body for all of time.

Felicia came to me and hugged me. She said, “You may think I spoke in a fit of passion on that video because of what you did to me, and I did, but I meant every word of it. So did Monica. We’d be honored to be your sex slaves forever.

I smiled, “I like you too, and I think I have more than I can handle now, but we can connect at parties like this. I liked you too.” I had decided I needed to manage expectations, especially with partners to The Experience that I didn’t plan to pursue beyond a sexually casual relationship.

My touch of reality seemed OK with the girls, and both just accepted it as a matter of course. I left them to watch our handiwork, and migrated outside and into the pool to cool off. Alice’s fabulous body was just coming up the steps out of the pool. She smiled at me and shook her boobs just for me and gave me a coy look of invitation. I got a kiss too. She’d been pulling Lucas behind her and he just nodded to me, but he did have a smile.

Alice bit my ear lobe and whispered, “I hope you saved some time for me later. I feel a real need to make love to you.”

I promised her some time and then she left for the bedroom wing of the house with Lucas in tow. He looked happy to be in tow by the gorgeous redhead.

I took a dip in the pool, and as I came out, Janet flowed into my arms with a warm hug and kiss, not caring that I was wet. It was a warm night. Janet was Troy’s wife — a man who had what he thought was a simple one-night stand with Elsa, Cindy, and his best friend, but since then had turned his wife into an appreciative sex kitten who could never get enough and who had declared herself as a hot wife that needed to be shared. I liked to share things.

Janet said, “I still meant every word I told you months ago. I love you. Whenever you want me, just say so and I’ll be here or wherever you are.”

I teased, “And what about Troy, your husband?”

Janet snickered, “I’m still getting revenge, and I’m ankarada yeni escortlar loving every minute of it. I think he does too. He likes having a hot wife. We’ve talked and he’s really fine with what we’re doing.” We shared a passionate couple of more kisses.

“And what have you done that’s hot?” I asked, as I toyed with one of her nipples.

Janet started to massage my tumescent cock with her right hand, quickly restoring some of its vitality. “Sandy and I went to one of our local pickup bars near home, and we connected with a couple of businessmen, just the way Dan and he’d done with Elsa and Cindy. We fucked them all night long, with great success I might add. We had a ball, and got sterling reputations plus their contact information in case we want more — and we do. They come to town about once a month, but we’ve only seen them that one time.

“Dan and Troy sat at home wondering what we were doing — we sent them some texts and photos just so they had some idea. I confess that we fucked them blind when we got home the next morning. We’d farmed out the kids, so the four of us had the run of our house. We did each other’s husbands in front of the other as we told them about our night, and the loooong thick cocks we’d fucked, and on and on. They responded just the way we wanted. It was so gratifying.” She was chuckling over the fun she’d had remorselessly teasing her husband and his best friend.

“Will you ever be over the need for revenge?”

“Oh, I just say that because you know the background. I was pretty well over that before we even met you. What Troy did — and Dan to Sandy, just woke us up to the fact that we needed a different kind of marriage and that there were alternative lifestyles out there that we wanted to try — needed to adopt. I learned from Troy that it was called being a hot wife, and I love it — the new me. I am getting a lot more sex, almost the amount I want.

“But you are a little needy right now?”

Janet cooed and rubbed her bare breasts across my damp chest, “You are insightful. I am, and I am hoping that you could help remedy my serious sexual deficiency.”

“Public or private?”

“Oh, public, of course. Troy is over there fucking some new gal named Cari. She’s never been to a party like this, but I want him to look over and see you making love to me — this loooong shaft of pleasure pumping bliss into my hot little cunt.” She started to whisper in a conspiratorial tone as she took hold of my cock and started to massage me to full form, “I’ll tell you a secret. You’re a much better lover, but he’s coming along in his education.”

I glanced over just as I heard a long languorous moan from the girl Troy was fucking. She seemed rather enamored with what he was doing to her. It didn’t look like there was a lot of education needed. I made that comment to Janet.

“Oh, but he is going to be so much better by the time Sandy and I get through with him. Dan too. We’re working on erogenous zones right now with them. See how he’s working on her neck even as his cock is slowly pumping in and out of her pussy. That’s turning her on something fierce. He would never have thought to do that before all this started; he was kind of a jam and cram kind of guy, tender by no style — mostly take and little give; now he’s turned that around. I really think that little fling he had with Elsa and Cindy was the best thing that could have happened to us — certainly to me. I love being a free sexual spirit and hot wife. Sandy and I talked and we may do a pickup bar and hotel night every couple of weeks. I like a little strange, plus I love teasing Troy and making him a cuckold; and just so you know, he’s OK with it. Dan too.”

I smiled, “I can get that way myself, except I have six girls I feel that way with.”

Janet was as much fun and as passionate a lover as she’d been a few months earlier when we’d first met and they stayed the weekend at my condo in the city. As I romanced the beautiful nooks and crannies of her hot body, I recalled the circumstances of how we’d met. I’d punished Elsa and Cindy for going after Tanner, even spanking them. We’d then gone out to dinner and a club that evening, and the two of them connected with Troy and Dan to dance, and ultimately to fuck the night away. They wanted the guys to come to one of our first sex parties, but in doing the inviting discovered they were married, so they insisted they tell their wives about their one-night stand and bring them to the party. I was glad they did, because Janet was really hot. Sandy too.

I asked, “By the way, where is Sandy?”

Janet chuckled, “She’s pulling a train down on the mats by your cabana. She told Dan he had to be there too, so he’s getting to watch and participate in her first gangbang. Amazing, huh?” She turned in my arms and kissed me some more, rubbing those tight pointy nips of hers around my chest. “Let’s use that chaise right there to fuck. I really need you to do me.” Janet stroked bayan escort ankara my cock with both hands as we kissed.

I kept glancing over at Troy and Cari to see whether we were having any impact on his performance. We were. As I went down and started to munch on his wife’s wet pussy, he paused and watched. I wondered if he were evaluating my technique, so I put some extra-special spin on every move I was making. Janet seemed to be over acting a bit too, but not so he’d notice.

She gave me a fabulous blowjob as I fingered her twat with three fingers. She looked at me; I think wondering if I would give her The Experience again. I shook my head and she relaxed a little and made a little whimper of acceptance and regret.

I lay on my back and had Janet mount me, first with her cunt over my face so I could eat her some more, even pulling some of the cum already in her from her hot box, and then helping her move her straddle down my body so she could impale herself on my inflated cock in the reverse cowgirl. Troy could look over a few feet and see how my cock penetrated into her pussy. She made a little exaggerated noise that carried across to Troy and his head jerked up to watch her. I wondered what he thought of this.

I needn’t have worried about the small noise because Janet announced to the world, “Oh, FUCK. WHAT A GREAT COCK! I’M SO FILLED! THIS IS SO WONDERFUL.”

If Troy missed that, he needed more than hearing aids. I looked over and he was watching his wife as she started to rise and fall on my elongated man meat. The fact was, I think I was filling her up more than many men could, and personally I had always thought it was a great cock, I’d just never shared that thought with the entire world including the husband of the woman I was fucking.

Janet gave Troy a little wave. She talked to him too. “Oh, Troy, baby. Mark is hitting spots inside me that you never reach. He really knows how to use his tool. I bet you didn’t know that he can touch my cervix with the end of his dick and it feels so arousing when he does. Sometimes his glans even touches my A-spot. You know I’m going to let him spurt his load of man cum deep inside me — right up against the deepest part of me.” She didn’t stop there, but he was getting the idea and the cuckold teasing.

Janet whispered to me, “Join in. Talk to me, but so he can hear. Try to make him appreciate what we’re doing and how great fucking me feels.” She turned around over me without extracting my cock so we could kiss.

I thought about that request for a minute before I started. I didn’t want to start a divorce proceeding, but they seemed to have adjusted to their new lifestyle so I thought I’d try teasing a bit.

“Oh, God, Janet. You’re pussy is the best. You are wrapped so nicely around my huge cock. I love how snug you feel. I guess you had a load of cum already in there from someone you fucked earlier. It didn’t taste that bad. I hope Troy eats your pussy after there’s another guy’s cum in you. You taste divine. You fuck even better. You’re fucking skills have improved dramatically since we met; I bet you’re finding some outside-the-home cock to practice on and you’ve learned lots of new things. I hope you keep coming back to my cock over and over again to fill your pussy.”

Janet was smiling and nodding. She whispered, “Perfect. Keep going.”

“Janet, you are such a hot cunt. I could fuck you all night long. Maybe I should get a couple of other men and we’ll trade you around between us until dawn. I bet we could fuck you nonstop for days that way. Wouldn’t you like that? You would. See I knew it. You’d like to be gangbanged and fucked over and over. Troy wouldn’t count. He’d have to wait his turn for after he gets you home. Do you still let him fuck you; I could see where you might not?”

I heard a moan and from the looks of what was happening Troy has just jettisoned a full load deep into Cari’s snug little pussy. I didn’t know her, but I hoped that if not that night then soon I’d have the chance to tap that nice looking woman’s pussy. It was full of Troy’s meat and juices about then.

Janet and I turned our dirty talk into a game, trying to out do one another. She was better at it than I was, so good that I wondered where she’d gotten all those lines and inspiration.

Eventually, I did indeed fill Janet with a load and we made out like long lost lovers for quite a while after that. We parted and I had no doubt but that she really did love me. We went into the pool for a refreshing swim. Troy and Cari joined us, and I watched as Janet went and kissed her hubby and they said some loving words to each other. As they exited and passed by me, Troy bumped fists with me and gave me a conspiratorial wink.


After making love with Lucas and having a great fuck with Wes, one of my flight instructors, I took a golf cart and rode naked down to the cabana to see what the party down there was like. There were about twenty people and everyone escort bayan ankara seemed to be taking advantage of the mats that Mel and Sheila had laid out earlier, plus the warm night and the river for swimming.

Sheila had a young man fucking her who looked fresh out of high school. Melanie had the attention of two older men who were spit roasting her as the centerpiece of the evening on the mats. She also had an audience watching her threesome.

I looked around and found KC in one of the tents with five intimate friends. She was airtight, and jerking off or sucking on two other guys in her small gangbang. Having done that myself, I knew the erotic behavior took a lot of coordination, strength, and stamina to keep it up for very long.

KC saw me and panted, “Oh, God, Elsa. Come and help me. I’m about done for.”

I laughed as I came all the way into the tent. “No, you look like you’re doing just fine, but I will share your wealth.”

I got down on the large air mattress in the tent beside KC and we kissed in a highly erotic fashion. The two guys she’d been jerking came to me and we made out. I mumbled, “Hi. I’m Elsa, your hostess.”

One guy said, “I’m Bob, a friend of Ryan.”

The other guy chimed in, “Rich, a friend of Sean and Pam.”

I looked at KC and made a little gesture where I pointed to the men and made a circle in the air to indicate some switching around. KC broke into a smile and said, “OK, gentlemen. We have a new playmate and we’re going to switch around. No more than two at a time on any one girl. Odd man rests up.”

The men all separated from KC. A couple of them looked relieved that they got a break from pleasing my hot sister. Even Mark had commented about how she could be hard to sexually satisfy on some days. Like most of my sisters, KC had started having sex at a young age, rapidly getting into group situations appropriate for a nymphomaniac.

Bob laid me back in his arms and started to kiss me. He was a really nice kisser too — soft and tender, and then made exciting use of his tongue not just thrusting into my mouth but also running about my lips and even my eyelids in an erotic way. I got into him fast. He was romantic and thoughtful.

As Bob romanced me from the waist up, Rich went down on me with three fingers going in and out of my wet cunt at various speeds. I warned about a possible excess of other men’s fluids inside me, but he didn’t slow down one second. I felt his cock slide into me not too long after that; a very satisfying sense of fulfillment overcame my senses.

A few minutes later, Bob had his cock in me and I was sucking on Rich’s cock and tasting my own pussy juice mixed with his cum.

Woody swapped off with Rich while he rested, sucking on my breasts in a nice way that I found highly stimulating. He made my nipples white hot with passion, and because they linked straight to my pussy I wanted to fuck everybody in the world. I had to ask his name. He apparently liked erect nipples and kept stimulating them. I felt Bob ejaculate a load inside me, and then extract. Another cock I discovered belonged to Clark filled me instantly. I’d not met Clark before either, but he volunteered his name as he sank into my sodden cunt.

KC teased me, “Feel like a slut much. You start fucking some guy and don’t even know his name until he introduces himself after he’s got eight inches of delicious man meat oscillating in and out of your hot little cunt.”

“You calling the kettle black?” I taunted back at her.

I at least know I’m being fucked by Paul,” she countered.

The young man going to town on her pussy with his long cock laughed and said, “Sorry, KC. The name is Peter.”

I laughed so hard I forced Clark’s cock from inside my slippery hole for a few seconds. I teased, “What was that about fucking someone who’s name you don’t know?”

KC replied in a resigned voice, “Whatever. Peter has a nice cock. You’ll see in a minute.”

“I look forward to it.”

Peter did indeed have a nice cock. He decided after that interchange to share it with me right that instant. He left KC’s hole gaping, nudged Clark aside, and plunged into my wet hole. Clark went right to KC and plugged her leaking hole. God, it was nice to know my sister was as much of slut as I was.

We had fun swapping around. Despite the cooler night, everyone seemed warm because of all the physical activity. After enjoying five new cocks, KC and I went into the river for a swim in the cool water. We got out of the water and as we air dried got some drinks at the bar that had become self-service.

I wondered about the bar maids, but saw two of them on the open mat working on some man I didn’t recognize. He was eating one’s hairy pussy as the other sucked on his cock. I guessed that the third was in one of the tents with someone. I saw some other new guy sidle up to KC and whisper a few things to her; after their interchange they went off to one of the tents, but left the flap open — an informal invitation to others to join in the sex taking place inside.

My other flight instructor, Scott, found me and pulled my naked body to his as we kissed. “How’re you doing? I’m about done for a while.” He crooned after some kisses.

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