Bisexual Anal Sex Party

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Traveling is a lot of fun. Indeed, it is an activity I will highly recommend. Who am I? Thomas Brown, a twenty-something Black man, recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts, and man about town who is doing some traveling in the wonderful cities of America. If you don’t travel, you do tend to miss out on some of the most wonderful experiences which can be had. What experiences? If you care to find out, then please read on. Oh, and hold onto something because it’s about to get hot in here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My latest excursion into unknown towns took me to Jersey. I like Jersey. Especially Atlantic City. I like the city, the people, I like everything. I was at this bar, just checking the scene when this couple approached me. The man was tall, lean and muscular. He had dark brown skin and pale gray eyes. A good-looking Black man, just like me. He was a couple of inches shorter than me, so I guessed his height to be around six feet six inches. The woman who accompanied him was equally alluring. Tall and curvy, with dark brown skin, long black hair and pale brown eyes. A very pretty Black woman. They introduced themselves as James Kane and Felicia Brown Kane. A married couple exploring the night life in the big city.

I wasn’t often privy to such interesting company, so we began to chat. I learned that James was a police officer in the city and his wife Felicia worked as a fitness trainer and accountant. Well, that explained her good looks. They looked so beautiful. As we spoke, I must say that I was really charmed by them. It’s good to see a young Black couple that is so good-looking and also successful. Gives me hope for the Black community, you know. We talked about sports, politics and the state of relationships in Black America. We had a lot in common. I had been chatting with these two for hours before they dropped the ball on me. Hit me with the truth. They were a couple of swingers looking for a good time. I looked at them and smiled. I hadn’t met any Black swingers before but I was definitely pleased to make their acquaintance. They smiled at me. I smiled back. We left the bar together.

There was a motel conveniently located nearby. We went into it, and since I was their guest, they paid for the room. I looked at them as we stood in the room together. I definitely wanted to do this but occasions like this often required icebreakers. Thankfully, Felicia proved to be quite congenial and straightforward about the whole thing. She let me have it. Looking me right in the eye, this sexy Black woman told me that she and her hubby had noticed me at the bar long before approaching me. They had noticed me checking out both men and women and that both of them found this appealing. I looked at her, shocked. In my experience with Black women, most of them were not fans of bisexual men. Especially bisexual Black men. Immediately, I felt suspicious. And more than a little worried. This woman knew who and what I was. What did she want from me?

As if reading my mind, James decided to join the conversation. He gently rubbed his wife’s shoulder, then smiled at me. He did the most shocking thing I’d ever seen a Black man do. He told me point-blank that he was bisexual. I stared at him, astonished. What in hell was going on here? In my experience with Black men, especially those among them who were bisexual, they’d rather be shot than to admit their bisexuality. Part of the reason was the homophobia in the Black community. Another reason was their own self-loathing and fear of social condemnation. That’s what kept a lot of Black men and Black women in the closet. Would the Black church be accepting of Black men and Black women who were openly gay or bisexual? Not now. Not bloody likely. Not any time soon.

Smiling gently, Felicia took her husband’s hand and kissed it. Then, she hit me with another ton of bricks. She told me that she had known about her husband’s bisexuality long before marrying him and that she was fully escort ankara accepting and supportive of him. I stared at her like she was a dinosaur springing from the Jurassic Period. If she sprouted wings and flew away like a bird, she wouldn’t have shocked me more. Was I really hearing what I was hearing? Damn! I shook my head in disbelief. My mind swirled with questions. How could this happen? Why? I had read about mixed-orientation marriages, but that was an article about white folks. I could imagine white couples where the husband or the wife was bisexual with both spouses trying to make the relationship work but in my experience with Black people, it didn’t happen. If one half of the couple was anything other than straight, and it came to light, chaos and violence were sue to ensue. That’s just how it is in our community.

Felicia and James held each other tenderly. My eyes were fixed on them, roving unsteadily. It was a lot to process all at once. A bisexual Black man living with a Black woman who not only knew about his sexual orientation but accepted it? This to me seemed more unbelievable than science fiction. I looked at Felicia and James with undisguised fascination. They really had something special going on for them. I congratulated them both on having found each other. They smiled and nodded at me. Then, Felicia brought me back on topic. Looking me in the eye, she asked me if I was ready to join them in bed. I took one look at that fine, gorgeous Black woman and her sexy husband. What did you think I said?

We got started with the evening’s activities at once. First, I was told the rules on no uncertain terms. Condoms would be used for every sex act. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I was totally down with that. I like those two, and I desired them a great deal but I didn’t compromise my health for anybody. Also, Felicia and James were keen on informing me on their boundaries which were not to be crossed for any reason. Most couples have such rules, even in threesomes. I was okay with that. Without further ado, we got our freak on. Felicia got started with the undressing. This mesmerizingly beautiful woman removed her blouse and pants. James and I lay on the bed, watching her. I watched, with a raging boner, as she freed her large, firm-looking breasts from the bra which imprisoned them. I smiled. Nice, very nice. I couldn’t wait to see them up close and personal, and feel them too. She pulled down her skirt, then kicked it across the room. The panties, bright red and sexy-looking, soon followed. I looked at her, stunned. Felicia smiled. Yeah, she knew she was all that and a bag of chips. Turning around, she showed us what she had in the trunk. I feasted my eyes on the sight of her superb, delicious-looking, heart-shaped bubble butt. I hadn’t seen a butt this fine since a certain Black beauty from a popular Internet site. Her booty looked so fine that it seemed like it could move about by itself without needing the rest of the body. I licked my lips. I couldn’t wait to hit that! Grinning, she joined us on the bed. Felicia lay right next to me. I looked at her fine, sexy body and felt a tremble down below. This was going to be good!

Meanwhile, James was not inactive. Next to me, the brother got up and started undressing. He pulled off his shirt, revealing a strong, muscular chest and ripped-looking, well-cut abs. He had a fine-looking six-pack! Smirking, he unzipped his pants. Oh, my, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. He kicked his pants off the bed, and I received the shock of what he was packing. Out sprang his manhood, which was long, thick and uncut. Like a jungle snake, it stared at me. I smiled and licked my lips. I’m not sure whether he meant to steal his wife’s thunder but he definitely had my attention. He turned around, showing me what he was working with. This tall, broad-shouldered, strong-armed, bow-legged, muscular brother had a body that Olympic athletes would envy. This chocolate stud looked good enough to eat and ankara escortlar his butt was the sexiest behind I’d seen on a man since a certain Black male model took the fashion world by storm. Grinning, James joined Felicia and me on the bed. I looked at those two, on either side of me, and grinned. I had died and gone to bisexual heaven! Oh, and to make things better, they began undressing me.

I simply lay there, and let those two gorgeous people do their thing. James unbuttoned my shirt while Felicia unzipped my pants. In such capable and eager hands, I was naked in no time. Only then did they show me what they were capable of. Taking my face in his hands, James kissed me full and deep. I put my arms around him and kissed him back. It had been some time since I kissed a man. I missed it. Meanwhile, I felt something hot and wet on my stomach. I opened my eyes, to see a smiling Felicia licking a path down from my chest to my stomach. I looked at her pretty face, mesmerizing eyes and long, wickedly sexy tongue. She continued to lick me, tickling me oh-so-nicely, until she arrived at my groin. My dick stood at attention like a trooper being inspected by an officer. Gently, she nudged it, then took it in her hand. I watched as she stroked me, then bent down to take me into her mouth. I held my breath as she flicked her tongue over the tip of my cock. Damn! Meanwhile, James continued to kiss and caress me. He kissed my lips, my neck and then made his way down to my chest. He played with my chest hairs, twisting them and kissing them, eventually making his way down to my groin.

I looked down as James and Felicia combined their efforts to give me the blowjob of the century. One of them sucked my cock while the other sucked my balls. At some point, I lost track of who was doing what. They were both so wonderfully talented when it came to oral sex. They licked me, sucked me and fingered me like there was no tomorrow. With such skilled oral performers working on my tool, it didn’t take me long to erupt in sheer pleasure. When I did, James and Felicia combined their skills to kick me into sheer ecstasy. They licked me dry. As I felt their wonderful mouths on my member, draining me dry, I shouted in sheer pleasure. It was that intense!

Next, it was Felicia’s turn to ride on the pleasure train. I watched as James kissed his wife and licked her from head to toe. Then, he suckled on her breasts while fingering her pussy. Felicia was writhing on the bed, moaning and repeating his name over and over. I watched as he kissed and stroked his way down to her pelvis, and gently spread her legs wide open. He slid one finger into her opening, then two. Felicia’s eyes widened and she gasped as he inserted a third. Laughing, James began fingering his wife, twisting his sleek fingers inside her.

I looked at the two of them. Without a doubt, they were longtime lovers, with their own very special and very sexy bedroom rhythm. James ate Felicia out, licking and probing her pussy like it was the sweetest thing he’d ever tasted. I decided to help a brother out since I was starting to feel left out. I looked at that hard, thick-looking cock of his and licked my lips. Time for a little impromptu oral action, courtesy of yours truly. I crept closer to James who was too busy licking Felicia’s pussy to notice me. I reached for his long and thick cock and began stroking it. He noticed and glanced at me. I smiled and bent down, taking him into my mouth. My way of paying him back for services rendered earlier. My first impression upon taking him into my mouth was one of surprise. he felt bigger and heavier than I thought he would. I had to really stretch my mouth to take in his titanic cock. Still, with a little perseverance, one can work wonders. I took my sweet time with him too. I licked his cock head, then ran my tongue along the length of his shaft before going for his testicles. Like the rest of his attributes, they were massive as well. I sucked them and licked ankara kaliteli escortlar them. They were both wonderful.

Meanwhile, James continued to eat his wife’s pussy. Felicia groaned in pleasure and stroked his head as he licked and probed her forbidden depths. James was not oblivious to the sweet oral action I was giving him. I could tell that he liked it. My oral skills are among the best! I continued to suck on James cock until he finally gave it up. He came, and rather spectacularly I might add. I tasted his manly seed, his true essence. He tasted different from every other man I’ve tasted. Dare I say, he tasted better! He screamed as I flicked my tongue over his cock head and licked him clean. A moment later, Felicia’s screams of sheer pleasure filled the room. Her husband’s expert oral skills had brought the gorgeous black babe a shuddering orgasm. I watched her, without taking my eyes off James. An orgasmic person, regardless of gender, is always something wonderful to behold.

We still weren’t done with each other. I looked at James and that splendid cock of his. I definitely wasn’t done with him. In fact, I wanted to experience him up close. When I told him, he was totally down with it. Felicia smiled and gleefully tossed us a bottle of lubricant. I lubed myself up and then passed the lube to James, who made good use of it. I assumed my favorite position. All fours, thank you very much. James came up behind me. I felt his strong hands grasp my butt cheeks and pry them wide open. His hard cock pressed against my back door, then he pushed and entered me.

My first sensation upon being penetrated by James was one of pain. It hurt, to have such a gargantuan cock deep inside you. Holding firmly onto my hips, he thrust into me. This time, it hurt a bit more but actually felt good. I pushed back, wanting more. Felicia watched us, fingering her pussy. I stroked myself, feeling my cock harden as James took me to butt fucking heaven. We went at it like this for some time, then Felicia decided to join us for some reason. I was a bit surprised, thinking she was satisfied with playing voyeur but she wanted to participate. She gently stroked my cock, which was harder than it had ever been before. Looking me straight in the eye, she told me that she wanted me inside her.

We paused. I looked at James. Was this okay with him? He nodded, eager to go back to what he was doing. Handing Felicia the bottle of lube, he went back to pounding my ass. Felicia lubed up her cute ass, then propped herself on all fours, right in front of me. I shifted. This was something new. Turning around, she gleefully told me to take her ass. Thrilled, I nodded. I spread her lovely butt cheeks, which were dripping with lubricant well-spent and then pressed my ever-hard cock against her tiny back door. Placing my hands on her hips, I thrust into her. My first sensation upon penetrating Felicia’s bottom was one of warmth and tightness. She gasped as I entered her but did not scream. She was no stranger to anal sex. That’s okay because guess what? Neither was I.

We established a nice, easy rhythm. It was very intense. James was pounding into me from behind while I thrust vigorously into his wife’s oh-so-fine ass. She was clearly loving it, judging by the way she pushed her bottom back against me, craving more. Well, if more is what she wanted, I was definitely ready to give her all that I had. The harder James fucked me, the harder I fucked his wife. We fucked energetically, all three of us screaming and moaning for what seemed like an eternity before we collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

I don’t know how long the three of us lay there but it must have been a long time. None of us said anything. All that could be heard were the sighs and pants, the whistles and moans. I looked at James and Felicia, who lay on either side of me. Man, they were something else. Like wondrously beautiful Nubians from the ancient past. Silently, I took James hand in mine and kissed it. I kissed Felicia on the forehead, then rested. Nothing needed to be said. I remember this as one of the best nights of my life. The highlight of my adventures. It was an experience I would never forget. Until the day I turned to dust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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