Bulging In Public

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This is a short piece I did for a writing competition.

Tags: Hyper Boobs, Hyper Cock, Hyper Balls, Excessive Cum, Public Sex, Humiliation


“Fuck, this thing is way too tight,” Christie cursed mentally at the ‘couple-of-sizes-too-small’ swimsuit she’d recently bought. The stunning redhead futa had figured the tight squeeze it put on her body would make her curves look good, and while it did achieve that result it had some unfortunate side effects. She looked around the beach at the sea of people watching her, all eyes focused squarely on the exceedingly obvious and obscene bulge that rested between her legs and ran up her suit. She adjusted her large floppy beach hat and looked up at the blazing blue sky, took a deep breath, and set off to the sea.

The taut blue nylon was stretched across her large tits up top, and below it was stretched even further over her even larger balls, and her thick foot-long cock was stuck upright between her funbags being rubbed raw by their bouncing movement with every step. Christie walked across the beach, parasol under one arm and a bag with her phone, sun-tan lotion, and condoms under the other. She nervously glanced from side to side at the crowds of people whispering and jeering behind her back as she approached the seaside to relax for the day. “Okay, not far to go until you can relax…” She thought to herself, her eyes focusing on the choice patch of sand by the sea she was aiming for.

But with every step her boobs bounced in their constraints, tittyfucking her hard dick which was already lubed up with her precum. She felt every inadvertent thrust into her own cleavage with her walk and her churning balls bumped off of her thighs, only adding to the uncomfortably pleasurable sensation. “Only a few more steps…” Christie thought, moving closer to the sea…

“Haha, fuck you freak!” Some young miscreant shouted as he ran up behind Christie and grabbed her tote-bag suddenly, yoinking it from her grasp and sprinting off into the crowd to disappear.

“Hey, come back!” She cried, anger and sadness tinging her voice like salt in water. Without thinking she dropped her umbrella and gave chase, running after the thief. For a few moments she ran, not noticing as she lost her hat to the breeze, before she realised why she had to take her time in the first place. “Uh oh…” she mumbled as she stopped, her balls rumbling and tensing.

She felt the basket-ball sized cumtanks clench down below, and her shaft began to lurch and swell inside her snug swimsuit. “No, no no no!” She began to yell as her thick, gooping cum started to shoot up between her breasts and coat the inside of her swimwear. The tightness of casino siteleri the garment sealed the arm, leg, and neckholes shut, and so soon the suit began to swell up and inflate with spunk.

“Oh my god, look at that futa!” One voice shouted from the faceless crowd, and soon all nearby eyes were squared solely on poor Christie. Phones came out and filmed her ordeal to be uploaded onto some dodgy porn site, with many other people starting to get weirdly aroused at the lewd view. As they watched, the sheer volume and pressure of the jizz filling up Christie’s swimsuit started to squeeze cum through the miniscule gaps against her limbs. She dropped to her knees as semen oozed from her outfit, rubbing her enormous tits and balls to try and eek out as much pleasure as possible, her mind overrun by lust and ignoring the sheer humiliation of cumming uncontrollably in public.

“That was one hell of a load!” Shouted one crowd-member.

“She looks like she’s gonna cum again!” Shouted another incorrectly, presumably getting his idea from some fake futanari porn online.

“Oh my god, she must be so embarrassed right now!”

“Ew, it’s like squeezing out of her suit!”

By now her suit had ballooned out in the middle to make her look like she was 9 months pregnant with twins, creating a bizarre and vulgar sight for everyone around. “Fuck, I need more!” Her horny mind screamed as she began to thrash around to pull the suit off, trying desperately to peel it off her body.

She yanked the neckhole open and peeled the suit off, releasing a deluge of congealed spunk onto the sand beneath her and unleashing her fuckstick from it’s nylon prison. She pulled it free from her tits and began to jerk it furiously, masturbating violently to try and empty her nuts of their potent seed. “Urgh, hurry up!” She shouted at her cock, urging it to finish spewing hot spooge.

Eventually it’s eruption started to calm down and Christie got up, her cock resting at half mast ahead of her and her body as naked as the day she was born. She glanced around at all the looks she was getting, all the phones videoing and picturing her embarrassing moment, and began to blush deeply. “Oh no, god dammit…” She thought as she imagined all the places their videos would end up online. Would her boss see them? Would her parents? “At least they don’t know my name…”

“Christie? Christie Foster? Is that you?” A voice called out, and she grimaced at it’s annoyingly sultry tone.

“Of course.” She turned to find herself facing one of her old classmates, Lori Banks – another futa who was wearing her own tight swimwear. Her deep scarlet bikini covered her large chest, one triangle emblazoned with gold lettering spelling canlı casino ‘BIG’ and the other with ‘TITS’, and there was a watermelon sized bulge between her legs, encased within a suitably sized pouch of cloth. “Wow girl, you’ve really made a mess here!” She commented as she wandered up, stroking her bulge with one hand and holding a lollipop with her other, looking down at Christie’s discarded swimwear in a deep puddle of cum.


Back in their later years in college, Lori was known as a total slut around campus and as one who continued to give a bad name to futa-kind. Most people already looked at people like them as sex-crazed weirdos thanks to their often obscene and exaggerated proportions, so the last thing futas needed were people like Lori who leant right into the stereotypes. She started doing porn as soon as she turned 18, and several years later she won “Best Futanari Actress” at some famous award show in Vegas.


Now, a few years later on from that award, it seemed not much had changed. She had her black hair up in a high ponytail, wore a pair of comically oversized sunglasses and some gold jewelry, and thanks to Christie’s previous experience of being around her, the redhead noticed the tell-tale wire of an inserted vibrator coming from behind her balls and held up under her bikini strap. Back in college, Lori wouldn’t go anywhere without some vibrator or a set of anal beads inside her to ‘have some fun’ as she called it. Lori looked around at the beach crowd that was staring at the two as she sucked her sweet, and she scoffed at the lot of them.

“So many perverts out today! I love it! Who wants a real show, huh?” She called out, and a few people in the crowd cheered.

“We love you Lori!” Once voice spoke up, sounding like a typical frat-boy out for some beers on the beach.

She rolled her eyes and removed her bikini top, unveiling her own enormous tits and receiving a louder cheer from the public. She smiled and did a little jump to make them jiggle, before returning her attention to Christie. “What about you Christie, want some real fun?” She cast her sunglasses into the crowd and wiggled her eyebrows as she moved forward to bump into the other futa’s dick with her straining bikini-bulge.

Before Christie could even get a word out, the same frat-boy voice yelled out from the crowd. “Wooo, yeah! Fuck each other!” Lori blew a kiss in the direction of the faceless voice and returned her attention to Christie.

“Looks like it’s been decided. Sorry hun.” Shrugging her shoulders without another word, she pulled a string loose from her bikini-bottom and revealed her own fat balls and monster cock, letting them flop free to another raucous cheer. “Come kaçak casino on, it’ll be fun,” She added as she pushed Christie to the floor. She spun and fell down on her front, landing on her boobs as Lori knelt down and dropped her schlong onto Christie’s ass. “Damn bitch, have you been doing squats?”

Her rod hardened and she quickly shoved it into Christie’s pussy, finding it to be soaking wet already. She leaned in to whisper into her old friend’s ear. “I knew you had a public sex fetish you slut! You should’ve told me, you could have been in one of my films.” She pulled her hips back and started to pound hard and fast, drawing many more cheers and shouts from the crowd with each passing thrust into Christie’s helpless cunt.

On the sandy ground, Christie moved around with each pump into her snatch as Lori filled her with cock, and as she was bumped around her own cock began to stiffen under her tits again. In the back of her mind she knew she should have fought back against Lori harder, running away or punching her or something, but now as got dominated on the sand in front of everyone, she realised she quite liked it. Her dong swelled beneath her and she started to feel an orgasm come on again, being brought up rapidly by Lori’s incessant pounding, and soon her balls released their bounty again.

“Ah, fuck!” She shouted as cum began to spill out from under her, coming out in thick ropes that coated her front against the sand.

“Haha, yes! I win!” Lori exclaimed behind her as she started to cum herself, going balls deep into Christie and filling up her womb within seconds, bulging her stomach.

‘This… wasn’t a competition…” Christie moaned past her lolled tongue as she simultaneously was inflated with cum while she came herself.

“Oh honey,” Lori growled as she sat up, cock still buried in Christie as she ran her hands through her hair like a glamour model for the seemingly endless array of cellphones filming them. “It’s always a competition!”

They both continued to ejaculate for a few minutes, bodies spasming and voices moaning, only stopping just as Christie’s belly started to reach its limit of inflation. Lori extracted her spent member from her old friend and got up properly, making sure to bounce her tits around for the crowd like a total bimbo, and she helped Christie to her feet. The redhead shakily stood up, using Lori for support like a crutch, and revealed her massively distended belly under a load of sand stuck to the cum coating her front.

“Whoa, nice look girl. Very ‘beach chic’. Take a bow!” Lori beamed, holding Christie’s arm up like a boxing champion and waving to the crowd. “Thank you everyone! Tips are appreciated, and make sure to follow my OnlyFans!” Shouted the black haired futa as she drank in the limelight with Christie, watching people applaud and throw some money at the two.

Next to her, Christie slowly smiled and waved too. “I knew that suit was too tight…”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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