Business Trip to Dallas with Monika Pt. 03

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Sharing my wife with family and stranger

The continuance of my business trip to Dallas where Monika enjoys her son!

My business trip continues…

Angela could see that Monika needed to get off her knees and into a more relaxing position and announced that it was time for us to move into the bedroom for some more fun!

* * * * *

James helped his mama up as I handed her a refreshed drink. Monika enjoyed the coolness on her throat as it washed all of James’s cum down into her belly. James hugged his mama from behind, kissing and nibbling on her neck showing his appreciation for what she had just done for him. His spent cock was nestled between the cheeks of her ass while his hands traversed up her torso to caress and squeeze her big sexy tits. His tugged and twisted on her nipples with his thumb and forefinger making her delight with enjoyment as electricity ran from her nipples down to her clit.

Angela and I moved into the bedroom and tossed aside the bedspread. My hands explored the sexy curves of Angela as we moved about the bedroom getting things adjusted. As she leaned over the side of the bed to grab the pillows her bubble butt ass was sticking out and calling for my cock. As I had not cum yet I was at full mast. The soft tender curve of her ass cheeks felt amazing as my cock moved between them. I leaned forward kissing her shoulders as I slid my hands around her body to caress and squeeze her breasts.

Her breasts were firm and her excited nipples felt amazing as they rubbed against the palms of my hands. Monika enjoyed the feeling when I would cup her breasts without squeezing, making her nipples rub around and around in the palm of my hands. Angela was no different. She pushed back with her hips as she stood up and lifted her arms up and around the back of my head. She pulled me in for a deep soul searching tongue kiss. I started a slow up and down motion with my hips. My cock enjoying the soft pillows of her ass cheeks.

I ran my Right hand down her soft silky smooth body until my fingers were gliding across her pussy lips. My tongue was in a tango with hers as my Left hand continued to enjoy her breast. I was caressing and squeezing them firmly as I twisted and pulled on her nipples. Angela opened her legs and invited my fingers to explore deeper. Her pussy was soaking wet. I moved my hand side to side rubbing her clit. Her pussy lips were between my fingers moving with my actions intensifying her pleasure.

She leaned forward and placed her elbows on the mattress pushing her ass out. I straddled her legs and my cock was now rubbing against her rosebud of an asshole with each thrust. My hands grabbed those sexy globes of an ass and I started pumping harder. My cock was leaking precum and her skin was hot. My cock was loving the feeling of her sexy ass cheeks hugging my cock. She reached between her legs to play with her pussy and I could feel my ball sack slapping against her fingers as they worked inside her.

Monika walked into the bedroom and stood beside me watching my cock move forward and back. She placed her hand on the top of Angela’s ass cheeks and caressed my cock as it rubbed against her asshole bringing her to orgasm. She moved her hand up to my chin and brought me down to her lips to enjoy a tender kiss. She looked into my eyes and said thank you before leaning down and taking my cockhead into her mouth with each forward thrust. The feeling of the head of my cock being bathed by her mouth every time I pushed forward and parted her lips sent me over the edge.

My cock was swelling up with every thrust and I couldn’t hold off any longer. Monika’s hand was caressing my balls as I pushed forward one final time. Her lips welcoming my throbbing cock as I erupted and fired off several loads of cum. Her fingers soon found Angela’s pussy and played with her clit as my cock pulsated in her mouth due to her intense sucking trying to get every last drop. I was finally done and withdrew my cock from my lovely wife’s mouth.

I pulled her up to me for a deep embrace and another tongue tangling kiss. Angela told Monika that she had gotten the end of the bed ready for her. We parted and Angela helped Monika get onto the bed and lay down. A pillow was placed at the end of the bed and Monika was on her back with her ass on top of the pillow. I had already moved am oversized arm chair near the end of the bed so she could place her feet on. I moved to the end of the bed and lifted her legs so I could take a seat and position myself between her legs. The one thing I had enjoyed over the many years was eating Monika’s sexy pussy.

I placed her feet on my knees which caused her legs to open and I started kissing my way up and down her thighs. My tongue dancing on her skin enjoying the softness of her body. I kissed my way all around her pussy before having the tip of my tongue dance across the top of her clit. She moaned out with excitement and raised güvenilir bahis her hips. I ran my tongue up and down the folds of her beautiful butterfly pussy lips. I enjoyed the sweet taste of her orgasms that she had while sucking her son’s cock.

I took each of her pussy lips into my mouth one at a time and sucked gently as I pulled it out away from her body. After doing this several times I took her pussy lips into my mouth and sucked hard as I moved my face side to side enjoying them with my tongue. I sucked and stretched them out away from her body. As I moved my head side to side the tip of my nose would rub against her clit making her moan with pleasure. I slid my tongue deep between her pussy lips and enjoyed the inner soft walls of her pussy.

As I moved upward my tongue parted her pussy lips and I soon found her clit standing at attention waiting for me. I ran my tongue around and around her excited clit. Monika was super excited and her clit was protruding and screaming for loving. Her clit when excited, was the size of an over sized large eraser and a half inch tall. I used my lips to mouth her clit. Pulling and playing with it before I sucked it into my mouth. She trembled with a mini orgasm while my tongue bathed her clit while I sucked.

I could feel the bed moving as Angela was kneeling on the side of the bed facing James. They were in a passionate embrace and were kissing deeply. Their hands were exploring each other’s bodies. James had reached around to caress and squeeze those sexy ass cheeks of Angela’s. He had watched how my cock was parting them and thought he would enjoy doing the same thing. Angela was enjoying the feeling of his cock and ball sack in her hand as she was trying to coach it back to life. The contrast of her small hand moving up and down the length of his shaft made his cock look even larger.

My eyes shifted from them to Monika and I saw that she was now cupping her breasts. She loved having her breasts squeezed during our love making sessions and was using her fingers to squeeze, twist and tug on her nipples. This was a signal for me that she was near another orgasm and that she was enjoying the feeling of my ministrations. I moved her legs so that her feet were now on my shoulders. She could push against them to raise and lower her hips. This allowed her to adjust where my tongue was and increase the sensations that she was wanting. I wrapped my arms around her legs as my fingers joined my tongue on her clit. I used my fingers to open up her pussy lips making her clit the center of attention.

I used the forefinger on my Right hand to move up and down on her clit as my tongue moved side to side. The sensation on her clit was a mixture of my soft tender wet tongue and my finger rubbing her clit hard which always drover her over the edge. Oh I’m so close, Oh I’m so close she screamed out. I changed and used my thumb to stroke her clit adding downward pressure against her clit. It wasn’t long before she was pushing against my shoulders causing her hips to move up and down slightly. I stroked her clit one final time with my thumb then sucked her clit into my mouth.

I started a deep Hummmming on her clit as I sucked. Hummmm. Hummmmm. Hummmmm. She started to buck wildly with her hips and I knew that she was almost over the top. Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd she moaned and then her voice sounded muffled. I looked up and saw that Angela had turned around and leaned down to kiss her as James had latched on to her breasts with his hands. He was squeezing his mama’s breasts firmly and then leaned down to take a nipple into his mouth and suck.

Monika pushed hard against me raising up her hips pushing her clit deeper into my mouth. Hummmm. Hummmmm. Hummmmm. Monika went off like a rocket. She bounced her hips up and down as her orgasm over took her body. Her squirting release showered me and filled my mouth with her sexy nectar. I swallowed quickly and enjoyed the next round of her delicious love juice. I circled her clit with my tongue as she came down to the bed. Angela released her lips so she could breath. Oh my gawd, oh my gawd… I need a break, I need a break Monika moaned.

It was not uncommon for Monika to have mind blowing orgasms when super excited. Lovingly, we had nicknamed them OBE’s for Outer Body Experience. It was also not uncommon for me to ignore he moans for taking a break and I would continue to attack her clit with my tongue and she would soon be moving towards her next orgasm. As I was enjoyed being sprayed with her delicious pussy juices, I continued to devour her pussy so I could have more. My hands were behind her knees and I was pushed them forward so I had control of her hips and motions.

My tongue danced side to side on her sexy clit. Angela had moved down to suck on Monika’s nipples while James played with Angela’s sexy ass. His tongue was moving up and down between her pussy and tender rosebud seeing what her reaction was. He was türkçe bahis delighted to find out that she enjoyed having her asshole licked and tongued.

Angela moved forward on the bed so that her breasts were now aligned for Monika to suck on her nipples as she returned the favor. James laid down on his back and parted Angela’s knees as he positioned himself between them. His tongue soon found her pussy and he used the full part of this tongue to lick from her asshole all the way up to her clit. She opened her legs wider to push her hips down onto his tongue. She wanted more pressure on her clit and started to grind into his face. Angela and Monika were both enjoying the pleasure and torment that they were getting as their clit’s were licked and sucked on.

Angela look up and our eyes met while I pushed harder with my hands, rocking Monika’s hips forward. I moved my tongue lower to run circles around her asshole and pushed the tip of my tongue into her. My nose was working side to side on her clit as Angela slid her fingers down Monika’s body to join in the teasing of her pussy. Her fingers slid inside Monika as my tongue darted in and out. I could feel her muscles tensing up and squeezing my tongue. She loved when I teased her asshole with my tongue and fingers. She also knew that when I did this it was a prelude for me to enjoy her asshole with my cock or one of her many vibrators.

Angela started kissing her way down Monika’s body and I felt her tongue on bathing Monika’s clit. I used the tip of my tongue to enter Monika’s pussy and suck in her juices before continuing up to her clit. I turned my head sideways and licked the lower part of Monika’s clit. Angela turned the other way and licked the top portion of Monika’s clit. We alternated the stroking of our tongues so they were in opposite directions as we played with Monika’s clit. Angela took her clit into her mouth and sucked hard pulling it up and away from her body.

Monika pushed hard against my shoulders with her feet which raised her hips up into Angela’s mouth. I took the opportunity to suck on her pussy lips. My tongue played with them in my mouth as I swirled my tongue around and around. I brought my Left hand down to her pussy, using my middle finger to run circles around her asshole as my forefinger slid easily into her wet pussy. I moved my hand in a slow steady motion allowing both my fingers to enter her. Monika loved the feeling of having both her holes filled at the same time. She enjoyed the feeling of having one of her large vibrators in her pussy while I worked one of her bullet style vibrators into her asshole.

Angela had moved further forward so that her knees were now on either side of Monika’s head. Once Monika had opened her eyes, she reached up with her hands and pulled Angela down onto her tongue. She quickly found out that hers was not the only tongue on Angela’s pussy.

Monika reached out around Angela to caress her ass and pull her lower. Her tongue parting Angela’s pussy lips and diving deep into her. She tilted her head back and could see James’s tongue swirling around in circles on her asshole. She quivered at the thought of her son licking her asshole. Monika and James’s tongue danced together pleasuring Angela and in between stole a kiss, enjoying the sweet taste of Angela’s pussy.

James placed his hands on Angela’s ass and pulled himself up onto his knees. He shimmied forward so that his cock was now between the cheeks of Angela’s ass, just as I had been when they walked into the bedroom to join us. He pushed Angela’s legs wider apart and his knees were now on either side of his mama’s head. Monika continued her tongue ministrations on Angela’s pussy while James was enjoying the feeling of those pillow soft ass cheeks around his cock. As he thrust forward and back his ball sack would slap against Monika’s forehead.

When her tongue was deep inside Angela, Monika’s head was tilted back into the bed, her nose and eyes would be slapped as James thrust forward. Neither James or Angela knew, but this had always been a secret thrill of Monika’s. She loved the feeling of a strong man and a large ball sack slapping against her body, although her favorite as I mentioned was against her clit as she was fucked doggy style. It didn’t take long for her to position her tongue up higher so she was bathing his cock and balls with each thrust. Monika sucked on his balls when he would push forward and stay still for a few seconds. As he pulled back, we could hear the audible pop, as his balls were released from her mouth.

Monika worked a hand up between her and Angela so she could wrap her fingers around James’s hard throbbing cock. Her fingers were slippery as it worked his thick throbbing shaft. When James pulled back away from Angela, Monika pulled his cock down to her lips so she could suck on it again. He pushed forward driving his cock into her mouth. He cock was once again in his mama’s mouth and he was loving güvenilir bahis siteleri every minute. He worked his hips over and over looking down to watch his mama take his cock into her mouth. He started to push harder and he was soon down her throat. The sensation of her throat milking his cock felt unbelievable to him.

Angela released Monika’s clit telling her to get James’s cock nice and hard for her as she wanted it in her pussy filling her up. Monika enjoyed his cock a few more deep strokes before pulling his cock from her mouth. She stroked it several times feeling how hard it felt between her fingers. She loved that her sons cock was long and thick. She moved the tip of his cock up and positioned it against Angela’s pussy lips. She kept her fingers wrapped around his cock as James pushed forward. Her fingers slid down his shaft as his cock penetrated Angela’s pussy getting covered by her pussy juices. As James pulled back, Monika kept her fingers wrapped around the shaft of this cock squeezing it. The feeling of Angela’s pussy on his cock head and his mama’s fingers squeezing his cock was something new, making his cock swell up even thicker.

James started a more fervent pounding of his cock in and out of Angela. Monika moved her hand down to cup and caress his balls as he stroked his cock in and out. Monika moved her tongue back to Angela’s clit. She used her lips to tug and tease her clit than flick the tip of her tongue back and forth across the top of her clit. Angela was enjoying the feeling of James’s cock stretching her pussy wide due to his thickness. The tip of his cock was hitting against her cervix as he stroked deep into her. James looked down to watch Angela’s ass cheeks shake and wiggle as he thrust forward. He placed his hands on her ass cheeks and squeezed them as he started pounding into her harder and faster.

Monika was getting a very close up view watching her son’s cock pound into Angela. She sucked hard on Angela’s clit and started humming… Hummm Hummm Hummm. This drove Angela crazy and she started to squirt all over James’s cock as her orgasm ripped through her body. James’s cock was being coated with her sexy juices. Monika moved up to position her tongue just on the underside of James cock. His cock was being licked by his mama’s tongue before it split Angela open. And his cock was cleaned of her juices when he withdrew. Monika’s thumb and forefinger made an “O” around the shaft of his cock. His cock pumping forward and back as her tongue licked his cock and balls.

Monika could feel James’s cock start to swell up and getting thicker. She knew he was going to explode soon. She wanted his cock however, wanted Angela to enjoy his cock as she had shared him earlier. James started to slam into Angela’s pussy with a fiery compassion. Her ass cheeks giggling and shaking with each thrust. Fuck… I’m going to cum. Fuck… this feels so fucking amazing… James yelled out. He thrust forward and buried his cock deep down into Angela’s pussy smashing her down onto Monika’s body. His cock pulsated and shot the first volley of cum deep into Angela. Monika watched as his balls tensed up and his cock pulsated shooting several loads of cum deep into her. It felt to James like it was 10-15 minutes as his orgasm ripped through his body however, it was more like 2 minutes before his cock finally shot the last load.

James slowly withdrew his cock now that he was spent. Monika used the tip of her tongue to lick the underside of his cock as it slowly appeared. As the head of his cock slipped from Angela’s pussy Monika sucked in into her mouth and milked it for every last drop of cum. She then released his cock and pushed her tongue into Angela’s pussy to lick and suck all of James’s cum from her pussy. James watched as his mama enjoyed every glob of cum that she could extract out of Angela’s pussy. Monika reached up to grab Angela’s ass and pull her pussy down to her mouth. She took her pussy lips into her mouth and sucked tenderly as her tongue played between them.

Monika could feel the head of my cock rubbing up and down her pussy lips as I was now standing between her legs. She asked Angela to return the favor and get my cock hard so I could fuck her. Angela lifted her head from Monika’s stomach as I pushed the head of my cock between her pouty soft lips. I was already hard as a rock but I wasn’t going to give up the chance to have my cock gliding into this beauty’s mouth. I enjoyed the tongue action Angela was giving my cock when Monika said she wanted my cock.

I pulled my cock back out of Angela’s mouth and she grabbed my cock and lined it up with Monika’s pussy. I pushed in and buried my cock into her with one stroke. God how I love fucking Monika’s pussy. I had Monika’s legs pushed back and I was deep stroking her with my cock as Angela was using her tongue on Monika’s clit. Angela licked her fingers and then started rubbing Monika’s clit side to side as my cock plunged into her over and over. It didn’t take 30 seconds and Monika was screaming as her orgasm hit. He pussy was squirting her sexy juices all over my cock. I pulled out and Angela dove her face down into Monika’s pussy to suck it all up.

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