Enticed Pt. 08 – True Nature

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This is the eighth part of my adventures in the early 90s with a gay man about 15 years older than me who saw me as a near-reincarnation of his first boyfriend. Check my post history for earlier installments of the story of an older man’s toy.


Blaise decided to give my ass a full week to recover from my first encounter with Big Ben. So, we didn’t try out Double-Date Danny, our new double-ended dildo, until the following Friday night.

Neither of us had mentioned it all week. But, I knew he had thought about it as much as I had.

“So, do you want to catch up with Danny tonight?” I asked him as we sat in the pizza place across from the office.

“Danny? Hell, yeah,” he replied enthusiastically. “I can’t wait!”

I beat him home, as I did most Fridays, and showered and “cleansed,” and had everything ready in the bedroom.

When he walked into the living room, Blaise found me lounging on the couch wearing a new black thong.

“What the hell is that?” His jaw was halfway to the floor. His eyes were popping out of his head.

“It’s been a while since I bought anything new for you,” I said, standing up to model the tiny piece of fabric for him.

It was sold as a “contouring” thong that was supposed to accentuate my package. It lived up to the advertising. Somehow, in the way it was cut and sewn it definitely pushed my dick and balls up and forward and made me look like I had more than I really did. And, of course, having my ass completely uncovered should be a bonus for those who might like to see that sort of thing. Blaise had been growing more and more fond of my ass over the last few weeks.

“Damn!” Blaise was ogling my crotch. I had been fondling myself a bit to make sure the thong was sufficiently filled. I was nearly half-hard.

“That’s hot!”

His hands were on the fabric immediately, caressing its smoothness and cupping and groping the body parts that filled it.

“God!” he said. “Give me that catalog. I’ll buy you one in every color.”

“It’s on my dresser,” I said. In that instant, I realized I had just claimed the dresser in the spare bedroom as my own. Sure, I had more than half of my clothes in the dresser and closet in that room. But, we’d never established that it was mine.

Blaise stopped for a second also.

“‘Your dresser,'” he said, thoughtfully. “I like the sound of that.”

He grabbed me in a tight hug that turned into a long kiss. His fingers slid under the thong strap that ran between my ass cheeks. The kiss was long enough that I felt my new thong begin to tighten a bit more.

When we finally broke, I gave Blaise a spin to show him every angle of my new underwear, or should I call it a costume? I especially pointed out how far out my growing cock pushed the fabric.

“How does it feel having something between your cheeks?” he asked.

“Not bad,” I said. “After a few minutes I didn’t really notice it anymore.”

“Good. So, you won’t mind wearing them all the time.”

“Your wish is my command,” I said. It just became a uniform. “But, isn’t a little cliche to have your young, kept, boy toy wearing skimpy outfits all the time?”

“I wouldn’t describe you as ‘kept,'” Blaise said as he reached down to cup my dick and balls and bounce them a little in the Spandex bag that held them. The bouncing turned into caressing and squeezing. “And, you’re hardly a ‘boy.’ But, cliche or not, you have a great body and I like being able to see it and watch how it moves and changes as you do things around the house. You’re a work of art that I love to admire.”

“And, I love this,” he continued, still admiring the thong. “I’m going to order you more of these first thing Monday.”

“They’re in California,” I said. “It’s probably only about 3 p.m. there.”

“Let’s get that catalog and the phone.”

I pointed out the thongs and showed him that this was the same catalog from which I’d ordered my trunks. When he asked, I showed him a few other things I liked. He used the phone in the kitchen and I headed back to the living room.

“OK. They should be here Tuesday,” Blaise said, as he sat beside me.


“I’m not wasting any time,” he said. “I got you some more trunks, too.”


“Another black one, blue, red, white, and pink,” he said.


“I am a fag, you know. Besides, pink looks good on you.”

“What colors did you get in the trunks?”

“Same colors, and two blacks. I like black on you. But, I only got pink in the thong.”

“It sounds like I’ll have enough to live in one or the other when I’m at your house,” I said.

“That’s the plan.”

“Well, thank you – I think,” I said. “For now, just enjoy your whiskey. After that, I’ll bathe you so we can spend some time together with our new friend.”

Blaise’s eyebrows shot up as I knelt before him lightly caressing his cock through his pants.

“My initial plan was to be your servant when I’m wearing the thong,” I said. “But, I might have to rethink that when maltepe escort I have enough to wear them six days a week.

“But, for now, I am entirely under your command and control. I’ll do anything you wish any time you wish. I’m yours.”

“Fuck! My first command is to stop trying to make me cum in my pants,” Blaise said.

In a few minutes he was standing in the tub with the shower running over his naked body. I stood beside the tub still in my thong and washed him lovingly, caressing every inch of his body with my soapy hands. Eventually, I was on my knees to pay special attention to his growing cock and balls.

His eyes were closed most of the time while I purposely touched and cleaned every single inch of his body below his neck. I massaged and scratched his back from his shoulders to the underside of his ass cheeks. The hot water and massaging had relaxed my friend so much he didn’t even respond when I worked on his cock and balls.

I went over everything again while rinsing him and gave some select parts of his body a cat bath with my tongue. This time, his cock responded to my attention and began growing.

But, I only wanted to clean and arouse him. We had other plans for the evening. I didn’t want to tire him or any of his parts out too early.

When Blaise entered the bedroom a few minutes later, I was sitting up on the bed waiting, still in the thong. His relaxation from the bath and extra attention was visible on his face. He was naked and sat on the bed just in front of me and we kissed for a long time. His hands caressed every inch of my bare skin they could reach. My cock was responding quickly.

I stood up to let him peel my thong off. My swelling dick bounced up into this face when he freed it. He gave it a good lick before pushing the skimpy underwear down to my ankles.

He sat back on the bed and I dropped to my knees. I began massaging his growing cock with my hands and mouth. He placed a hand on the back of my head as I began slowly bobbing up and down, my tongue swirling around his meat. I hummed and moaned the entire time to heighten his experience.

When he was completely hard, I pushed his chest to force him to lay back. Then, I began swallowing him as deeply as I could. When I had all of his length in my mouth and was throating his cockhead, I stuck my tongue out and licked around his base and the first wrinkles of his balls.

“God, that’s new,” he inhaled loudly.

“Anything for my master,” I said before swallowing him again.

I kept up my work for a few minutes. But, I didn’t want him to cum yet. I wanted to save him for our latex “threesome.”

When I had him just at the edge of a pulsing orgasm, I climbed on to the bed and we faced each other, our legs spread and extended behind each other. We started kissing and caressing each other’s body. I had one hand caressing and jacking his cock; the other hand held the back of his head and pulled him in closer to deepen our kiss.

Blaise also was squeezing and fondling my dick and balls at once and rubbing my nipples with the other hand.

I grabbed Double-Date Danny and pulled the bottle of lube and covered one end with lube as Blaise leaned back and pulled up his knees to show me his willing ass.

I pushed the double-ended dildo slowly into his tight hole as he moaned, his eyes closed. I pushed more and more in until he touched my hand to tell me he had enough.

Then, I leaned back and lubed the other end of the double-ended dildo and began pushing it into my own sphincter. The feeling of pressure and then penetration had my eyes closed as I sucked in my breath. I pushed it in farther and farther, scooting my butt closer and closer to my lover. I didn’t stop moving until I had all I could take, nearly half of the eighteen-inch toy.

I lifted one of Blaise’s legs up on to my shoulder and began bucking my hips into him, forcing the dildo to move in and out of us both.

I opened my eyes and found him completely enraptured. I pulled him as close as possible. He opened his eyes just as we got close enough for our lips to meet. Our cocks strained against each other. We both moved a hand down to our heat centers. I grabbed his; he grabbed mine. And, we stroked each other slowly at first.

But, as I increased the speed of my ass pushing against his and forcing the double dildo to fuck us at the same time, he let go of my cock and pulled me close enough to stick his tongue into my mouth. I continued pumping his hard cock, rolling my palm over his glans with every stroke.

I grabbed both our straining cocks together and started jacking them, allowing the motion of our hips to cause them to stroke against each other, underside to underside. The sensations inside and outside were driving me close to my limit. I could feel my cock pulsing – or was that Blaise’s. I couldn’t tell one from the other anymore. Somehow, we had become one, sharing the same sensations through anal and phallic stimulation.

I stroked our cocks together faster and faster with escort maltepe one hand. The other continued to hold Blaise tight. He had a hand on either side of my head. Our mouths locked together and our tongues met in a fitful dance. I was satisfied to let them just lay together like two spent lovers. Blaise, on the other hand, wanted violent, passionate sex between the two tongues hell-bent on orgasmic explosion.

My mouth landed on his neck, licking and biting and sucking. His mouth was trapped just by my ear as he moaned and whimpered with every stroke of my hand on our collectively trapped cocks and every forced pump of dildo into his butt.

He was mine as much as I was his in a moment of abject ecstasy just before we both exploded together. Our combining sperm flying high between our bodies, landing on my, then his, chest and stomach, mingled for all eternity.

It took several minutes of hard pumping by my hand and by our hips, working the double-ended dildo that filled us both, before we slowed, spent, empty, and breathless. My head lay on his shoulder and his on mine as we recovered.

“That was amazing,” I finally exhaled.

Blaise only grunted his agreement.

I licked some of our combined cum off my hand and then held it up to my friend to take the rest. By the time he stopped licking, my hand was completely clean.

When we pulled Double-Date Danny from our joined asses, we both caught our breath and he immediately dropped to my crotch to use his tongue to clean everything else off my cock.

After a long, sensual shower together in which we bathed each other, Blaise and I finally headed to bed.

We sat up and read for a long time. It still was pretty early. I got us both drinks.

Eventually, we both read ourselves drowsy. And turned off the lights.

We lay quietly together for a while. But, neither of us fell asleep.

“Tell me about your boyfriend,” I finally said. “The one I remind you of.”

He stopped moving.

“Are you sure you want to hear about that?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said. “I want to know about him and why I remind you of him.

“But, only if you want to talk about it.”

“No. You’re right.” Blaise said. “You should know about him.”

“After all, he’s the reason we’re here,” I said.

We both sat up. I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them.

“This might take a while,” Blaise warned me.

“I’ve got all the time in the world for you,” I said. “Do you want me to get you another drink?”

“I might need one,” he said.

I was back in seconds with whiskey and beer. He had turned a lamp on.

I resumed my previous position.

“His name was Alan,” Blaise began. “And he had light brown hair. He was a pretty boy, sexy, muscled. I didn’t know I liked boys until his family moved in up the road.

“We were about 14 or 15 when they moved in. We spent every minute of sunlight together that summer. We were instant best friends.

“There was a pond through the woods behind my house and we would go skinny-dipping in the afternoon. I remember how much I liked seeing his naked body. He was so sexy, I thought. One time I couldn’t get out of the pond for a while because I’d gotten hard watching him and his cock swinging around.

“I guess I was acting strange because he asked me what was wrong. Eventually, he saw that I was hard. He said he gets hard sometimes when he sees me, too. He reached out and touched me. I stepped closer. It was magical. We just folded into each other and started kissing. He was my first kiss. I think I was his, too.

It was one of those moments you see in movies when something happens to bring two peoples’ faces close and everything stops and they kiss and the world explodes. That’s exactly what happened to us.”

“We kissed and suddenly everything was right. All I wanted to do was be with him,” he said. “We used to take off into the woods and find secluded spots to make out. We spent a lot of time at the pond. We kissed a lot and jacked each other off.

“Eventually, we taught each other how to suck cock. He was my first everything. It was classic. We couldn’t stand to be apart. When we were apart we thought about each other constantly.”

Blaise talked for more than an hour about the fun he and Alan had, about the close calls they had nearly getting caught. It’s much easier for two teenage boys to find private time together than a heterosexual couple might have. But, they always had to be careful about anyone seeing too much.

Finally, he got to the car wreck that took Alan’s young life. I could hear his voice beginning to crack. I put my arm around his bare shoulders and lay back with him. Now he had his head on my chest and he stopped talking. I just held him.

After a while, he sat up again and tried to apologize. I told him there was no reason.

“You should never get over some people,” I said. “You should always carry some people with you everywhere.”

I hadn’t planned to spend the night that maltepe escort bayan Tuesday. But, I stopped by Blaise’s to see if my package had arrived. A box was waiting by the carport door. It was tightly filled by what could only be soft material.

I ripped it open before I closed the door behind me and found the thongs and trunks I was expecting. But, I also saw that he had ordered matching lounge pants and shirts in the same colors. Now, I guessed, I really did have a uniform. I also found a pouch. I’d seen the pouch in the catalog and had considered buying one before. It was an elastic waistband and a very small, stretchy bag of fabric in the front. The pouch was surrounded by elastic and this one included an elastic cock ring inside. The ring was meant to go around the wearer’s cock and balls to lift them and make them more prominent. The pouch itself just fit snugly around the ball sac. It was a g-string without the string.

Blaise would be home in less than thirty minutes. I quickly headed to the shower. When I was done, I left him a note on the kitchen table directing him to the patio.

Before long, the back door opened and Blaise found me lounging in a chair with one leg draped over the arm wearing the pouch, surprising him with his intended surprise for me. It was as sensual and sexy a pose as I could come up with.

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed. “It’s even hotter in person!

“You look amazing! You should do more photos! You’re so – . God! You’re such a stud!”

“It’s nice to see you, too, B.”

I stood up and did my best catalog posing. I pushed Blaise down in a chair and gave him some pelvic thrusts to make my barely covered package swing and bounce in his face. I bent down and kissed him, grabbing at his crotch. I bit his lip and ran one hand up his chest while the other found and squeezed his growing dick through his pants.

Then I straddled the chair and Blaise’s chest to put my swinging dick within inches of his face. I thrust in and out wildly, just missing slapping his face with meat by an inch or so. Then I stopped suddenly just in front of his face. I reached down and slowly pulled the waistband of the pouch up until my growing cock and balls plopped out heavily, barely missing his nose and chin.

Swinging completely free now, I started gyrating my hips so that my dick and balls began spinning from their base. After a minute of this, I switched to a side-to-side motion that caused my cock to audibly slap my hips one side after the other. I slowly moved in close enough to just graze Blaise’s nose as I swung myself back and forth.

I knew they were stupid kid-moves, but I also knew they’d have an effect on Blaise.

“God!” he finally said.”Let me have it!”

I stopped moving as he reached up to grab me. He engulfed me in a second. Soon I was rock hard and he was pumping back and forth against my abs. I grabbed his head and took over. I fucked his face fast and hard, my cockhead banging his throat with every thrust.

His fingers were clenched around my ass cheeks and pulled me tightly with each of my own thrusts into his face.

I picked up my pace as I felt my cum rising, finally pumping as deeply into his head as I could when the explosions began. Blaise tightened his grip on my ass and pulled me as close as possible, my dick arching down into his throat as I continued to fill him with hot cum.

When I finally finished emptying myself into him, I dropped to my knees and groped for his dick. I had released it from his pants in a second. It was in my mouth in the next. I was swallowing his cum within another thirty seconds.

Soon we headed back inside. At 5:30 it was unbearably hot in July. Blaise followed me to the bathroom where I’d left my clothes. After I wiped my dick down, I made to get dressed.

“What are you doing?” he asked, sounding a bit indignant.

“It’s Tuesday,” I said. “I don’t usually stay here on Tuesday’s. I just wanted to check out your order.”

“One: you’re not going anywhere,” Blaise said with an unusual amount of force in his voice. “Number Two: you’re definitely not putting your clothes back on. I want to see you in that living room wearing something new in the next five minutes.”

How could I disobey a direct order like that. And, I knew which piece he wanted to see first.

“Do you want me to sit close to you or down on the other end of the couch so you can see me better?” I asked Blase as I walked into the living room, the pink thong pushing my package proudly before me.

“I wish you could pull that chair up in front of me,” he said to my crotch. “But, I also want to have you close enough to touch.”

“I have an idea,” I said. “Let’s put the love seat closer to the coffee table perpendicular to the couch. I can lounge in the love seat like I used to do and give you a little show.

“Then, when you can’t stand it any more, I’ll come over there.”

Blaise immediately got up and helped me move the love seat.

I arranged myself much the same way I lay on my end of the couch, facing Blaise with my pink Spandex covered dick and balls on full view. I had one knee up and the other leg spread to ensure he not only got a good view of my crotch, but also could see where the thong disappeared between my cheeks.

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