For Jessica

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I wrote this for a fellow writer of erotica. Her story provoked thoughts and fantasies that I shared with her. Now I share them with you. Enjoy.



I loved the story you sent me about your time in the shower. As I read, I imagined what might have happened had I been there to join you. I wrote my imaginings in the form of another story. I hope you like it.


It had been a long time since we’d seen each other. During the time we worked together all those years ago there was always that hint of mutual desire just below the surface. When I’d contacted you to tell you I’d be in your city you offered to have me stay with you. I didn’t know if that was out of friendship or a wish for something more. Now I know.

As I got off the plane I wondered what was ahead. It’s always interesting to walk up that ramp into an airport. The temperature, the humidity, the sights, the smells can all feel so different. As I entered the airport I scanned the crowd for your face and finally picked you out along the far wall. Our eyes locked, we both smiled, and I made my way through the rest of the passengers to where you stood. After a cocktail party kiss and a hug that lasted just a fraction longer than what might be expected we left for dinner.

As we headed off to that Mexican restaurant you’d raved about I thought about how great you looked. Blond hair, nice tan, and that perfect smile made you stand out from other women. Your job as a fitness instructor had given you a firm, toned body. I don’t think you’ve ever been truly aware of how attractive you are. You’d once told me you were chubby as a young girl and how painful the teasing was. There were times I’d try to let you know you were a good looking and sexy woman but never quite came out and said it. Over our meal, and a couple margaritas, we caught up with each other’s lives. The talk and easy teasing back and forth made it feel like no time had passed.

We went back to your place and you showed me to the spare bedroom so I could unpack and change clothes. When I came out you’d opened a bottle of wine. We drank and talked before falling into one of those wonderfully comfortable silences that can be as enjoyable as conversation between those who know each other well.

Finally, as the jet lag caught up with me, it was time to call it a night. After another hug you looked at me for istanbul escort a moment.

I thought maybe you’d suggest we share your bed but you gave a soft sigh. “G’nite,” you said as went into your room.

I went into my room and laid down. Between the trip, margaritas, and wine it wasn’t long before I fell asleep.

After what seemed like only a moment I awoke to the smell of coffee. I found you in the kitchen and you greeted me with a cheery “Good Morning, sleepyhead!”.

Watching you move around the kitchen made it a good morning indeed. You were wearing just your sleep shirt and I’d have bet my bottom dollar it was the only thing you had on.

You asked what I wanted for breakfast. “You!” was what I wanted to say but bit my tongue.

Later we went out to walk along the beach in front of your place. You’d always loved the water and said you’d live on a beach if possible and that had come to pass. It was a hot day but the ocean breeze made it bearable. We walked and talked, then stopped for a drink at a beach front bar.

When we got back from the walk you said you were going to get a shower and when my sense of humor kicked in.

I asked, “Want help?”

You got a thoughtful look on your face and after about five seconds responded.

“Yes!” you said with a wicked smile on your face.

I followed you to the bathroom where your walk in shower awaited. We both knew that what was about to happen had been in the works for a long time. We both smiled as you came into my arms.

I’d hugged you a hundred times but this time I could make it a full body hug so you could feel my growing hardness. You never knew how many times I’d been aroused when we hugged but now it didn’t matter. You answered by rubbing yourself against me.

My hands pulled up on your t-shirt and you stepped back to let me pull it over your head. The jog bra soon followed and I was finally able to lay eyes on those magnificent breasts that I’d fantasied over so many times. You’d told me about having the boob job and I could now see the result. Your nipples were hard as a rock and begged to be sucked. I took one into my mouth while gently twisting the other. Your gasp told me how much your body loved the attention.

I stopped to take off my shirt and you bent down to slide off my running shorts. My erection was freed and you could see how aroused I’d become. Already pre avcılar escort cum was starting to appear and you gave a quick swipe of your tongue to taste it. Then you turned on the shower.

While we waited for the hot water I pulled down your shorts. The light blue panties that greeted me had a large damp spot was a giveaway about your desire. I slid the panties off and brought them to my nose to savor your scent, slightly sweaty and strong with the smell of a woman who’s sexually aroused. In front of me was a completely shaved pussy that begged for attention but right now it was time for that shower.

We stepped under the hot water. I took the soap and began soaping and rinsing. Arms, legs, then down your back. As I finished rinsing your back I planted a small kiss and lick on each cheek of that taunt ass. Then, turning you around, I started washing. I paid special attention to your breasts. Your nipples looked hard enough to burst and I couldn’t resist again taking one in my mouth. You moaned but backed away, taking the soap to start cleaning me.

Your hands were driving me crazy when you started washing my cock and balls. You knelt and took me into your mouth, tongue swirling. I thought I might lose it then and there.

Gently stopping you, I pulled you to up to me and let my hands trace down your back and my fingers to glide gently along the crack of your ass. You squirmed at the sensation. I wanted to pleasure your pussy with my tongue but that would be better on a bed with your legs open wide. There was just one thing we both wanted right now.

In your story, you fucked yourself with the handle of your razor. This time it would something bigger and warmer. You turned away and put your hands on the tile and spread your feet apart, bending over to present yourself to me. I took my cock in hand and gently guided it along your outer lips.

I kept teasing us both, sometimes letting my hardness go up and rub against your clit, other times entering an inch only to stop and withdraw.

Teasing wasn’t what you wanted.

“I need you inside me, please fuck me!” you said.

I fully intended on doing that after one more tease. I put my cock at the entrance to your pussy and ever so slowly inserted it. I put it in very slowly, centimeter by centimeter as you enveloped me. Finally I was fully inside you and started to stroke. Again, I went slowly as I savored the sensation of being inside you. Each şirinevler escort stroke was a bit faster and harder. You reached down to finger your clit as I held your hips and drove deep inside you. A groan and a shudder told me you’d cum. I stopped pumping, amazed I hadn’t shot my load.

As we caught our breath I knew what I wanted next was best done in bed. I turned off the water and led you out of the shower. Grabbing a couple towels I walked us into your bedroom, spreading the towels on the bed and pushing you gently back on them.

I knelt by the side of the bed and moved between your legs bringing my face close to your sex. You were dripping with your own juices and I began to do what I’d wanted for so long. If there’s one thing above all that I love about sex it’s tasting and orally pleasuring a woman.

I started by putting my nose up close to your lower lips and inhaled deeply. The sight and smell of your just fucked pussy nearly sent me over the edge. Your wetness had nothing to do with the shower. I started to let my tongue tease around the edges and occasionally blew gently on your engorged lips and clit. You squirmed and moaned with pleasure.

“Please, please eat me!” you begged.

I gently spread your lips apart to reveal a delicious sight. Your juices were flowing and your inner flesh glistened. I licked harder, trying to cover my face with your essence. I slid first one finger, then two up inside you as my tongue teased your clit. Taking it between my lips and sucking hard brought what I was sure was another orgasm.

You gently pushed my head away and then pulled both legs back toward you, inviting me in without words. I stood and put the head of my cock at the entrance and slid it all the way home. My God you felt amazing! It was like I was enveloped by liquid silk. I started pumping in and out, feeling your heat and hearing the squishing sounds.

“Cum inside me!” you said.

“Not yet!” I replied.

“We’ll see about that!” you said with a devilish look on your face.

When you clinched your inner muscles I knew I’d lost that challenge. Feeling the explosion coming I surrendered to the inevitable. After all, what’s great sex but total loss of control?

I started slamming away as your pussy clenched hard, sending me over the edge. I’d forgotten I could cum that hard or that much. Spent, I reluctantly withdrew and saw our combined juices start to trickle from your well used pussy. The scent of our sex filled the room. I laid down by your side and we held each other, knowing there would be much more sexual sharing during my stay.


So, there you go Jess. I hope my story did for you what yours did for me. 😉 By the way, you truly are a beautiful and sexy woman.

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