Friends Forever

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Ok, this is a sort of message to those of u who have read any other story I have written: My friend and I wrote this together, so it’s got a bit of a different styling to it. Oh, and it’s from his point of view 😉

I had always really liked her, but we were just friends. She never sought after me since my friend suited her better (our friendship grew from their going out so it wasn’t that she got me to get to him thing). Well I moved to the nest town over (11 miles) in the 7th grade and didn’t hear from her.

Well like 5-6 years later I saw her in the skating rink and called to her. She and I talked all night and caught up with stuff. Our friend broke up with her, Mrs. I have a crap up my ass was still a bitch, etc, etc. I asked her but she refused me and I never really tried again. We kept in touch over the years, going places, calling, letters (she went on week-long vacations in the summer), and so on, but I had never been in her house, nor she in mine.

Well I get a call one day and she says “Taren I need you to come over here”

I said “Ok, I’ll be there in about 15 minutes.”

When I got there, she answered the door wearing really short shorts, showing off her tan legs (I have a leg fetish so that drove me wild seeing her like that), and a belly shirt showing her belly ring. I also noticed that her mom wasn’t home. No one but her and no me.

She let me in, showed me around, and asked if I wanted something to drink, sure a pop. I sat on the couch and she popped in a tape anadolu yakası escort and we started watching.

A while later she said she’d be right back. Well ok but it’s now been 10 minutes since she left. I go and look for her. I see her through a crack in her bedroom door. She’s fucking a fucking dildo. OOOK! I turned but then I heard something that made me stop dead in my tracks: she had just moaned my name. MY name! Me, the one she refused all the time, Taren, the best friends forever Taren!

Well I turned around and watched her and I saw her better than I had ever in my life. I saw her perky tits bouncing slightly as she moved on the dildo. She was really tanned and her pussy was trimmed pretty short. My pants suddenly weren’t big enough. I let myself out and I started stroking it. I stopped and decided not to cum on her floor and maybe give away that I was watching. I put my dick away and went back to the living room and flopped on the couch, going over what had just happened.

She came back a few minutes later. I didn’t inquire where she went. I did notice that she was a lot closer than she was at first. And then she started moving closer. Every time she got closer I got stiffer, until finally she looked at me and said, “This is boring” turned away and crawled to the other end of the couch, her ass looked really good. She turned over and laid down, her cute little feet on my lap. She reached down and grabbed her water and sucked on ataşehir escort it.

She threw it when she emptied it and said “This isn’t what I want”

I looked at her and asked her what she meant.

She smiled and nudged my growing cock with a toe “You know what I mean Taren” I kept looking at her and then she suddenly pulled her feet out of my lap, got on her knees and crawled towards me on the couch. My dick was aching so bad I swear veins were throbbing, popped, burst, she looked so fucking hot I was gonna cum on the spot. I saw down her shirt, no bra. I could see her tits swinging gently as she moved towards me.

She straddled my lap and put her arms around my neck and looked at me and said “Taren, I never noticed how hot you’ve grown up to be until someone pointed it out. And you now what? I want to fuck you, really bad”

I just looked at her and then she suddenly leaned forward and we were kissing. She moved in closer and I could feel her tits rubbing on my chest. She pulled back and looked at me. I told her to get up a second.

She looked hurt but I said “No, I gotta fix something” I got up and pulled off her shirt. She smiled and kissed me again, and then starting working on getting my pants off. She pulled them and my boxers off. She looked down and just gaped. I laughed and she said “That’s a big 8 inches” I laughed again and said “It’s been a year since you asked last”

I frenched and while doing so pulled off her shorts and thong. ümraniye escort She pushed me on the couch when I pulled those off and straddled my lap again. I leaned forward and starting sucking on her neck. She moaned and told me fuck her wild. She buried her face in my own neck, lifted her sexy little self, and sank down on my dick. She moaned into my neck and I groaned, she was so tight. She started rocking back and forth on me and moaning. I grabbed her hips and twisted around so that I was stretched out on the couch. I reached up and took a hold of one of those sexy little tits and massaged it. She took the other one and did the same.

She then leaned down and kissed me again. She buried her face in my neck again and whispered she was gonna explode. I instinctively grabbed her hips and she started screaming into my neck and her hips jerked around but didn’t slip off as I held them in place. I came second later inside her and she moaned louder yet. She lifted herself off and went down on my dick and licked it clean.

I had got semi soft but by the time she was done I was hard again. I sat up and grabbed her. I switched places with her and went down on her pussy. I flicked my tongue in and I felt her shudder. I smiled to myself. I sucked on her clit and felt her move her pussy towards the pleasure. I then licked around the pussy and finally in it. I tasted blood. Fuck I popped the girl! No wonder she was moaning like that. I cleaned her out and came up next to her again.

She came up close to me and said that was the best thing that has ever happened to her. I kissed her forehead and she looked at me and said she loved me (awwww!). I smiled and said I loved her too (awwwwwwwwwwww!) but we had better get dressed.

We got dressed and have fucked plenty since. She has and always be my favourite.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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