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On return to home our once again aroused trio prepare for further sexual adventures. Mutual masturbation, fondling and fingering have moistened and stiffened appropriate intimate parts. After showering and dressing to the prescribed code, they snack and prepare suitable seating.

“We could use the dining table, love it’s clear see through qualities,” suggests Celia.

“Yeah but if it’s a group forfeit it does not allow much room,” argues Dave.

“Ok main lounge then, couches and pouffes in a wide circle for easy viewing and access,” notes Fi.

“Girls l love your outfits, lots of naked flesh and inviting openings,” leers Dave.

“I notice your undergarment is a vest,” smiles Fi, “and those tight shorts hide nothing my horny beast.”

The girls are wearing short school girl skirts which allow easy viewing of their g strings and see through open bust crop tops. Dave is also aware of fishnet stockings and suspenders.

“Right ladies, as all is ready why don’t l sit between you so we can have a fondle?”

“Yes please,” agrees Celia, lifting her left leg over his right, pulling her skirt hem up to reveal her open pussy.

“Now put your hand between here and stroke pretty kitty,” she quips, placing his hand on her cunt.

“With your free hand you could do the same for me my darling,” purrs Fi, imitating Celia’s actions.

As their minges start to moisten and relax, they enjoy watching as Dave’s cock grows and stiffens. Both girls tease more by fondling their breasts, nipples hardening as their self groping intensifies.

“Hello girls,” shouts Maxine in greeting, “l thought you would be busy so let myself and the others in. Hope we’re on time.”

“Maxine honey your timing is perfect, hi Paula, Sonia and B, my you all look ravishing. So you must be Marraday? Such a pretty name for such a pretty lady.” Celia enthuses.

“Yes thank you, l must say you look good enough to eat, all three of you,” Marraday smiles, looking between three open pairs of legs and licking her lips.

“Girls if you care to get comfortable and find a seat, Dave could you get some drinks please love and we’ll start.” Fi requests, moving her leg to let him rise.

Seated with suitable refreshments to hand the game begins. They are seated so that no lovers or partners are together, however Dave notices that Paula and Marraday have clear views of each other’s pussies, as do Celia and Fi. Sonia and B face each other, leaving Maxine opposite Dave. Stocking tops are visible on all the girls who have pulled up their skirt hems, a lot of female flesh is exposed with Maxine and Paula leaving ample tits on display.

Using two dice they throw to see who will be Sex Leader. Double six is an automatic win, Celia throwing this on the first throw. With anticipation rising the game starts in earnest. Dave is the first to throw, with the dice then moving to his left. With Paula, on his right, throwing 11 the loser for this round, throwing 5, is Marraday. She now turns the top card:

‘You are to crouch in front of the person 2 down on your left, expose and let them see your genitals while they wank for one turn. All players are to watch.’

Marraday moves in front of Celia, slowly removes her thong in a well practised provocative way, squats down with her thighs spread wide and allows Celia to ogle her cunt. Celia slouches back uses v fingers to open her pussy and rubs her mons. As her lips moisten she rims her labia with one fingertip. The rest of the party settle back, legs open and a lot of bum wriggling takes place as all show a keen interest in the proceedings. A familiar odour is discernible and Dave notices nipples are hardening. The two girls either side of him stare at the large bulge in his shorts, Fi in particular breathing heavy and licking her lips. With all now in a suitable state of arousal, the forfeit ends.

“If clothing is removed after a forfeit it is not to be replaced,” intones Celia, ” So Marraday honey we can now enjoy the sight of your dewy pussy.”

“In that case l’ll spread my thighs so you can all have a good look,” giggles Marraday.

“Yes please,” requests Paula.

Fi throws next to start the second round, the loser this time is Maxine.

‘You are to kneel before the person two down on your left, help them to expose their genitals with your mouth, then starting at their toes you are to lick up their inner leg to their groin and then give head. All players are to watch.’

Sonia stands, places one foot on the pouffe before her, all can see she is naked under her high split mini skirt.

“Maxine honey as l’m exposing my genitals maybe you should give my pussy some extra tongue before you lick up my legs?”

“That sounds an excellent idea,” agrees Maxine who glues her mouth to Sonia’s mons, sucking until moisture starts to flow.

Sonia trembles, pushes her hips forward. Maxine now moves her head downwards, licking the tender inner flesh. She kisses and licks down to the ankle, then back up. Low moans and ankara ucuz escortlar whimpers escape from Sonia as her sexual tension rises. Around the group girls spread thighs, clench pussies and squeeze legs together to increase pressure on cunts. Maxine pushes her tongue between soft dewy pussy lips, licking up the slit as she opens. Now she flicks her tongue on the throbbing clit.

“Stop,” calls out Celia, a little breathless, “time for the next throw.”

Many of the girls continue to clench and squeeze thighs together, the whole party are getting aroused. The next to pay forfeit is B.

‘You are to place yourself behind the nearest lady on your right, expose their tits. Using one fingertip from each hand you are to rub both nipples, only one fingertip on each nipple.’

B positions herself behind Fi, seductively removes her top. She reaches round, puts the tip of each forefinger on a by now erect nipple and rotates her finger, pressing lightly on nipple. Fi settles back against B, clenching her thighs as her tingling nipples engorge. Celia and Marraday open their thighs, cunts seeping juices as they watch Fi writhing and wriggling. Maxine is licking her lips with longing. Dave’s bell end oozes and a stain grows on his shorts. Paula stares at his hard cock, hands fluttering, wanting to fondle and tease. B continues to excite Fi’s tingling bullet hard nipples, pressing harder, rotating her fingers faster. Fi spasms, Celia calls a halt.

The girls are now ravenous, sexual tension is a tangible force within the group. The ladies offer their bodies in wanton displays of lewdness, pussy lips are spread wide for debauchery with swollen labia inviting attention.

Next to forfeit is Dave.

You are to expose your genitals and lie on your back, legs and arms spread wide. The player 2 down on your right is to expose their genitals, stand above your face and masturbate.

B smiles gleefully, eyes shining and tongue licking her lips, she is practically salivating as she watches Dave remove his shorts. His hard cock stands proud, bell end dribbling. The girls gasp as they lech at his erect manhood, more so as he lies on his back on the pouffe in the middle of them. B stands over him, uses two thumbs to remove her thong, bending forward so her tits rub his face. She places her left knee by his head, opens her oozing cunt with v fingers then rubs one fingertip around and just inside her pussy. Maxine shudders, gasps then screams her release as she bucks and floods her pussy, the sight of Dave’s hard cock and B’s open pussy driving her over the edge.

B fingers her wet cunt, creaming her thighs as juice flows. Now rubbing her mons she slips two fingers deep into her minge, pushing her groin into Dave’s face so he can smell and taste her womanhood. The girls are clenching and fidgeting as they leer and fantasise watching B bring herself to the peak. Her cunt gushes, fingers fucking her gushing pussy. She tips over, bucking and writhing as her climax hits.

Time for the next forfeit. Sonia rolls 3:

You are the new Sex Leader. To celebrate this all players are to take off all removable clothing. You are then to watch all players masturbate, the turn to start after the last garment is discarded.

Within seconds all are naked apart from stockings and suspenders. Legs are spread and open cunts are juicy with fingers slipping in and out, around lips and mounds being rubbed. B plays with her tits, pulling and twisting, squeezing and fondling her hard nipples. Screams, squels and shrieks rend the air as the girls release their pent up sexual passion. Dave fingers his balls and wanks his drooling hard cock.

All too soon Sonia calls time. Fi is the next to forfeit:

You are to finger and eat out the leader. All others are to watch.

Sonia beams, leans back and opens her legs, her yearning pussy glistening, wanting attention. Fi crouches between her thighs, her own cunt open and dewy. She places thumbs either side of Sonia’s minge and pulls her labia apart. Massaging the fleshy lips Fi now pushes her tongue into a hot cauldron of cunt nectar. Sonia moans and whimpers, trying to clench her thighs as Fi flicks her tongue up and down in the oozing portal, licking wet fleshy lips. Sonia pushes her cunt into Fi’s face. Fi now sucking her hard throbbing clit. She uses two fingers to frig hot flooding pussy. Sonia bucks and writhes as her orgasm hits, cunt nectar pouring, soaking Fi’s mouth. All watching are sharing the excitement, pussies and cock awash with oozing love juices.

“Stop,” screams Sonia, panting and flushed, “time for the next turn.”

Maxine is lowest this turn:

You are to organise 5 players to fuck each other, you and the others to watch.

“Celia please perch yourself on a couch, pussy near the edge and Dave, lie down on your back on the floor and put your mouth to Celia’s cunt. Good your cock is erect and hard, Paula sit on his hard on and face Celia. Now fuck Dave and fondle Celia’s tits. Mmm hope you are ankara üniversiteli escortlar all enjoying this?”

“Oh yes,” pants Fi, clenching and unclenching her thighs.

“Marraday and B, stand either side of Dave, Celia and Paula finger their pussies. With free hands feel free to fondle tits and nipples, let’s see you cream cunts.”

Paula bounces up and down on iron hard cock, Dave licks around Celia’s gaping minge whilst she inserts two fingers into B’s pussy and causes nectar to flow. Paula has turned Marraday to face her, puts her hand on her bum and pulls her hips towards her, feeling arse crack whilst inserting fingers and frigging her twat. Hard nipples are twisted and squeezed as rampant sexual desire overcomes all.

As cunts flow Sonia calls time.

Next lowest is Dave.

You are to distribute sex toys to all players. You are to place yourself in their midst and masturbate, not using a sex toy. All others are to toy the person to their left.

“I’ll help you get them, the toys that is,” volunteers Celia, eyes smouldering with lust. She and Fi exchange a knowing glance.

Dave and Celia go to the wet room, as they enter Celia turns, kneels, grasps his hard cock and puts his oozing bell end to her mouth.

“Just to say a thank you for your lovely tonguing of my cunt you dirty horny bastard,” she mumbles as she takes his hard cock into her mouth and sucks him in. She then licks up the underside of his cock as she releases him. They hug and kiss, a deep Frenchy, before picking up a small cabinet filled with sex toys.

Dave carries the cabinet back to the players, Celia assisting, leading him by holding his cock, squeezing and stroking. He places the toy box on the pouffe in the middle of the girls. Looking round he is aware that the game is coming to a close, with the ladies now fondling and groping each other, unable to contain their mounting sexual passions.

“Right girls, do you want me to wank for you?” Dave enquiries, smiling and allowing Celia to stroke his cock as he fingers her moist pussy.

“Let’s see your cock drooling Dave, would be nice to chill with a slow vibe,” suggests Fi.

“Yes,” agrees Sonia, “watching lovely hard cock seeping as my cunt does.”

Dave hands out the vibes, allowing the girls a stroke and feel of his hard manhood as he approaches each in turn to select their toy. When all are ready, with pussies on display and all reclining, vibrators purring on their neighbours minges, Dave runs his forefinger up and down his lubricating cock. Slowly he turns to allow all a good look at his glistening bell end, now rubbing under his balls, lifting them to show to best effect.

Marraday lifts her hips forward, pushing her mons harder against the wand Maxine is pressing onto her mound. As her cunt lips moisten Maxine pushes harder and lower, the vibrating wand end now throbbing inside her lips. Marraday gasps and clenches, Maxine rubs the vibe up and down the flowing pussy.

Marraday is using a pocket rocket, rimming just inside Sonia’s pussy. Sonia keeps the mushy portal still, letting the vibes exhilarate her, her left palm rubbing her pert nipples. Dave stands in front of Sonia, holding his drooling cock end close to her face as he wanks his throbbing shaft with thumb and middle finger, his pre cum dripping off his bell end. His cock length is clearly on display for all, the rampant girls fantasising over his proud member.

Sonia is using a pencil vibe on Celia, pushing in and out the long stem, slowly, teasingly fucking her salivating pussy. Celia clenches her cunt, vibrations enhancing her desire, wanting more excitation. She squeezes her thighs together, gyrating her hips. With her right hand she is fondling Sonia’s tit, twisting and pulling hard nipple.

Fi is humping the rabbit Celia is fucking her with, the thick stem filling her flooding cunt as the smaller part rubs and vibrates her throbbing clit. Her thighs are spread wide, love juice soaking them.

B’s pussy is tingling as Fi uses the tip of a pencil vibe to gently excite her engorged clit. Moans and sighs attest to her mounting pleasure. Dave now approaches her, she reaches out, uses her hand to pull his bell end close to her mouth and licks his drooling cock head. Dave pushes his shaft further into her mouth and begins a fucking motion. She gags as his iron hard cock fills her mouth. Saliva and pre cum flow down her chin.

B fucks Paula with the double vibe, holding the end in her gaping cunt. Paula let’s the vibrations course through her, exciting her whole body. She clenches, dragging the toy deeper, bucking and riding the silicone rod.

Paula holds a long toy with a bullet vibe at the end which she slides up and down Maxine’s cunt crack. Down along her inner thighs, little circles, teasing. Back up to her pussy, pressing into the dewy lips. She holds the shaft of the vibe along the dewy pussy slit, letting vibrations juice up Maxine, who spreads her thighs, allowing better access.

“It ankara vip escortlar would appear our game has had the desired effect,” notes Dave, “so perhaps we could now dispense with that and just have a good fuck.”

“Paula honey that double vibe looks so tempting, swivel your leg onto this settee so l can fill my cunt with the other end,” requests Maxine. “Marraday would you like to sit on my face? Maybe help us with the double vibe?”

“Maxine my love l would absolutely adore that, mmmm oh ummmm yes,” Marraday groans as Maxine licks into her spread cunt, tonguing her throbbing clit.

Marraday leans along Maxine’s body, spreads and fingers her minge then slides the free end of the double vibe into her lubricated snatch. As Maxine uses lingual dexterity to excite Marraday’s juicy clit she in turn switches on both ends of the vibe, to full power, and now pulls and pushes the rod, fucking both girls. Maxine presses her wand onto Marraday’s tits, brushing her erect nipples, across her bosom, along her cleavage.

Dave moves to beside Paula, hand behind her neck he turns her face and brushes his drooling bell end onto her mouth. She opens and flicks out her tongue, the tip licking his frenulum, his hard cock jerking as pre cum oozes. He reaches over and pinches Paula’s hard nipple, twisting and pulling the erect bullet hard morsel.

“Marraday honey give me the rocket please,” she pants, writhing and wriggling with mounting passion.

Taking the pocket rocket Paula palms it and cups Dave’s balls, squeezing his sack to induce maximum vibration. As his bell end engorges she continues to lick his g spot, mouthing her lips over his dribbling cock head.

Fi is watching the foursome, letting the tip of her pencil vibe gently rub up and down her pulsing clit. Her cunt is flowing with love nectar, the vibrations wracking through her. She reclines with legs open wide, motionless except for her gentle hand movement as she excites herself. Low sighs and moans attest to her arousal.

B, Sonia and Celia are licking each other’s clits whilst filling cunts with vibrators, muffled shrieks and yelps, along with pungent pussy odour emphasising their decadent enjoyment of each other. They lie on the floor in a triangle, faces buried between each other’s thighs.

Paula goes into spasm, mouthing cock, tit manipulation and cunt vibing send her over the edge. As her orgasm hits Dave forces his cock to the back of her throat. He fucks her mouth and squeezes her nipple, hard, as her trembling subsides. Withdrawing his cock he looks over to Fi.

Fi is clenching and clasping her pussy, now also rubbing her mound, her cunt juices forming a slick over her thighs. Dave moves beside her, using finger and thumb to wank his hard drooling cock.

“Hi honey, want me to wank as you pleasure yourself?” Dave leers.

“Mmm oh yes,” sighs Fi, as a spasm clenches her flowing gooey cunt. “Do you like watching women getting themselves off?”

“Certainly do,” replies Dave, a shudder running through him. “You look nice and fucking rampant there.”

“Feels lovely, just edging my clit, my cunt is sopping wet and oh so juicy. Love letting this vibe pulse on my g spot. Mmm ooohh l’ve just come a little, your hard dribbling cock is so horny.”

“Do you and Celia watch each other masturbate.”

“Yes, often, when we’re in the mood we like to lie toe to toe, prop our heads up with pillows and use the wands. We talk about our fantasies or past experiences and just let our juices flow. If Maxine is around she likes to join us, so we have a good mass wank, followed by a good cunt ravaging.”

“So do you like to watch men wanking.”

“Mmm yes, your hard cock is really keeping me wet, come here and let me lick your drool, you are dribbling like a good ‘en”

Dave leans close to and over Fi’s face, she pokes her tongue out and with the tip licks up his pre cum.

“Stay there honey, your hard cock and full balls are a real turn on. Now keep wanking and dribble over my tits. Mmm oh yes, fucking hell, mmm.”

Fi bucks her hips, clenches her churning pussy and slides her vibe all the way into her cunt, now starting a fucking rhythm. Dave wraps his fist around his throbbing cock and with long slow strokes brings himself to climax. His spunk shoots over Fi’s tits, then he rubs his oozing bell end over her chest, letting his jil soak her breasts.

“Let me lick you babe, suck your balls and make you hard again,” Fi pants, as Dave lowers himself so his genitalia are within her tongue reach. He reaches down and covers her hand with his, helping her to hold the vibe as she rides the throbbing shaft.

He rubs his chest against her’s, feeling her hard nipples, brushing them to engorge them further. His balls and cock tingle as Fi sucks his sack, licks along his Perineum, rims his Anus. Fi spasms, bucks and her cunt clenches as she once again climaxes.

“Let me lick your pussy babe, want to taste your cunt juice,” Dave leans further forward, as Fi opens her lips he runs his tongue around her dewy labia, licks further inside and tongues her moist trembling clit. Fi engulfs his scrotum with her mouth, sucking and licking, bringing more of his sap to his testes. His flaccid cock responds, growing and hardening, ready for more rampant pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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