Jill Meets the New Neighbors Ch. 01

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This story is a follow-up to the Sharing Jill series. I didn’t add it as a new chapter because I wanted it to be a stand-alone story where you didn’t have to read five other chapters to enjoy reading it. It has also been a while since I last wrote a chapter in that series too.


While Jill and Kevin had enjoyed a flurry of wild adventures after he had convinced his wife to open their relationship to allow her to explore having sex with several male partners. It also went against her conservative, Asian-American upbringing, but Jill finally gave in to her most basic sexual urges and had very satisfying sexual relationships with an older neighbor, a sexy former student, co-workers among other multiple partners. Jill did this with the full knowledge and encouragement of Kevin who participated in some of the adventures or reveled in hearing all of the juicy details when Jill would wander sexually when he was not present. Her becoming more willing to experiment sexually also sparked the love life she shared with her husband.

Things changed dramatically when Jill got pregnant with their first child. She knew it was Kevin’s baby but it made her stop and think of what would happen if she got pregnant by one of her other lovers. With her petite, Asian body undergoing a dramatic change, Jill no longer felt sexy. She didn’t feel she was sexy even before she became more sexually active because of her small breasts and frame. Jill’s self-confidence rose when she realized that other men were, indeed, attracted to her but now she was going to be entering a new phase in her life, that of a mother who needed to set an example for their child. Jill didn’t want her newborn daughter to know that her mother had a history of being a slut and the days of her being promiscuous were now over.

Kevin completely understood his wife’s feelings but that didn’t stop him from hoping to convince Jill to repeat those glory days. Unfortunately, his efforts were unsuccessful, and was left to relive those memories in his mind. Jill being pregnant did have its benefits though. There were times when her changing hormones made her extremely horny and her small breasts became larger and more full.

After their daughter was born, their sex life took a backseat which many couples experience. The needs of a baby take precedence over everything else while both Kevin and Jill juggled the pressures of becoming parents with work. Now that their daughter was a toddler, Kevin had given up hope of Jill ever returning to her wilder days. The positives of their new life are that they had brought another person into this world and could help their daughter grow up to be an adult. Jill’s job as a professor at a local university allowed her plenty of time off to give their child the love and attention she needed. During the breaks, Kevin and Jill would still take their daughter to daycare several days per week to allow Jill time to run errands and to teach a class or two remotely. It also saved their spot in a very competitive daycare situation.

One day shortly after Jill’s spring semester ended, Kevin came home from work and informed her, “It looks like we’re getting some new neighbors.”

“Yeah, it looks like a middle-aged couple with their two sons. The boys might be in college,” Jill replied.

It’s only natural to be curious when you get new neighbors so Jill had been keeping a watchful eye on them most of the day. The family had a moving company bringing in most of their stuff but it didn’t appear like they had a lot of boxes for four people. Over the next couple of days, more boxes were brought in, utility companies were seen turning on the power and internet. Jill kept peeking out the window to satisfy her curiosity about the new neighbors. While the boys were still around, Jill hadn’t seen the parents which she found odd. Kevin told her to quit being nosey but she was home all day and couldn’t help herself.

The one thing Jill noticed was that the older brother was extremely handsome with a great body while the younger brother was overweight and not as attractive. The older brother had dark hair, a day-old beard, broad shoulders, and a muscular chest that stretched the fabric of his tight t-shirt. He often wore gym shorts and had equally muscular legs. In short, he was hot. Jill couldn’t help checking out the older brother when he was outside and even felt her pussy getting damp.

After several days, Kevin and Jill noticed that the parents were no longer around. One morning after dropping their daughter off at daycare, Jill ran into the older brother outside and he came over to introduce himself.

“Hi, I’m Ryan your new neighbor. I just moved in next door with my brother Chuck.”

“Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Jill and my husband, Kevin and I live here with our daughter, Marie. So your parents aren’t living here too?”

“No, they bought this house while my brother and I go to school. It’s cheaper than paying to live in the dorms and an off-campus ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar apartment, plus with the hot housing market, they’ll probably make a nice profit in a few years. We plan on getting a couple of roommates too.”

“Oh, so you’re going to the university?”

“Yeah, I’m in grad school and my brother is junior.”

“Well, welcome to the neighborhood, Ryan.”

“Thanks, Jill. I’m glad we have such a beautiful neighbor.”

Jill was flattered by Ryan’s compliment and only strengthened her infatuation with her handsome, young neighbor. Over the next week or so, Jill and Ryan exchanged pleasantries with Ryan never going without complimenting Jill on her attire, her lovely smile, or beautiful big brown eyes. One afternoon, Jill had just come back from grocery shopping and was struggling to handle a fidgety Marie and the several bags of food, and boxes of diapers she purchased. Ryan noticed and offered assistance. At first, Jill told him she could handle it but Ryan didn’t listen and helped her unload the car and carry the items into the house. Ryan complimented Jill on the nice home she and Kevin had but his eyes were drawn to the inground pool in the backyard.

“Wow, that’s a nice pool you have.”

“Thank you, Ryan. It comes in handy on a hot day like today.”

“I bet it does. I used to be on my college swim team and enjoy a good swim.”

“You can come over anytime you want.”

“I couldn’t impose like that.”

“It’s no imposition at all, Ryan. I’m going to put Marie down for a nap after I feed her. You’re more than welcome to come back and enjoy the pool.”

“Really? Are you sure you wouldn’t mind?”

“I wouldn’t mind at all. Sometimes, I miss working in the summertime and could use the company. Come back in about an hour.”

“I think I’ll take you up on that, Jill. It’s a scorcher out here today.”

“You can invite your brother too if you like.”

“He won’t come. He’s not into swimming. He’s probably in the house playing video games with his friends.”

Not only was Jill being neighborly offering to let Ryan use the pool, but she had an ulterior motive. She secretly wanted to see him in his swim trunks. From her upstairs office window, Jill had been acting as a voyeur whenever Ryan was outside. He would mow the lawn without wearing a shirt. Jill was awestruck by his well-defined chest and arm muscles, and broad shoulders. The sight of his six-pack abs drove her wild. She also noticed that several different girls would often visit him at all times of the day and night. Ryan was understandably very popular with the ladies and she could see why.

After Jill and Marie had lunch, Jill put the toddler down for what would hopefully be a long nap. She changed into a modest bikini but put a beach coverup over it, then waited for Ryan. Jill got a broad smile on her face when she heard the backyard gate open with Ryan appearing a few moments later.

“Are you sure I’m not imposing?” Ryan asked.

“You’re fine. I’m looking forward to talking to another adult after dealing with Marie all morning,” Jill replied half in jest.

Jill tried not to stare as Ryan pulled off his tank top allowing Jill to get a close-up view of his muscular torso and abs. Jill couldn’t help but stare when Ryan pulled down his shorts to reveal that he was wearing a Speedo swim brief. Her eyes were drawn immediately to the large lump in the front, the way the light fabric cupped his heavy balls and his tight, muscular buns in the back. Jill had a live version of a calendar model in her backyard which made her pussy wet. She tried to control her naughty thoughts as her eyes studied every inch of her young neighbor’s athletic body. Jill had to fight the urge to drop to her knees, peel down his briefs and stuff his large cock into her mouth while having a firm grasp on his gorgeous ass cheeks. She watched closely as Ryan rubbed suntan lotion on his mostly naked, 6’4″ body, making his muscles glisten in the afternoon sun.

When Ryan struggled to put the lotion on his back, Jill spoke up and asked, “Do you want some help?”

“Yes, please. We hardly know each other so I didn’t want to ask for help.”

When Jill replied, “It would be my pleasure,” she wasn’t only being polite, she meant it.

Ryan handed her the lotion and Jill spread some on his back as he sat on a lounge chair in front of her. Jill’s hands glided over Ryan’s hard, powerful, swimmer’s shoulders then down his broad, powerful back. She took her time to ensure his entire back was covered.

When Jill was finished, she asked Ryan, “Will you do me, now?”

Ryan couldn’t hold back a nervous laugh while Jill blushed when she realized her question had a double meaning. She turned her back and felt Ryan’s large, strong hands touching her soft skin which sent shivers down her spine. Jill had to fight to keep herself from moaning out loud as Ryan’s hands glided over her back. When he was done he returned his hands up to her elvankent götü büyük escortlar shoulder and neck area.

As Ryan began to massage Jill, he said, “Wow, you’re really tense.”

Jill was melting to his touch and didn’t want him to stop but she also didn’t want things to spin out of control, after all, she was a mother now so she enjoyed the impromptu massage for a couple of minutes before standing up. Ryan joined her in the pool to cool off on a hot, summer day. Jill got out of the pool to check the baby monitor several times which allowed Ryan to feast his eyes on her petite MILF body. When he got out of the pool, Jill couldn’t help but notice how the wet fabric of his swim briefs clung even tighter to his youthful, athletic lower body. His cock, which appeared to be larger than average, was perfectly outlined so much that she could clearly define the head from the shaft. When he turned around, the fabric closely followed the contours of his tight, muscular ass. Jill had a real-life Adonis in her backyard.

Unbeknownst to his neighbor, Ryan was intentionally teasing Jill all afternoon. He was confident, almost arrogant, in knowing women loved his body, his boyish smile, and his charming manners. He had never been with a married young mom before and was hoping to add one to his list of sexual conquests. He had other swimsuits but noticed the look in Jill’s eyes when they talked and saw her watching him when he was doing yard work, so he wore the briefs to give her a good look at his body.

By the time Ryan left, Jill’s pussy was ablaze. Working full-time and being a mom took its toll on her and Kevin’s love life but seeing a more than half-naked Ryan lit a flame deep within her loins. Soon after she put Marie to bed later that evening, Jill let Kevin know she was more than ready for some wild action in the bedroom. It was unusual for her to be so horny in the middle of the week but Kevin wasn’t going to argue with his newfound luck.

Kevin wasn’t ignorant though and he knew something got his wife’s juices flowing while he was at work. After he fucked her that night, he pressed her for answers until she finally cracked and confessed to her afternoon swim with their handsome neighbor. Kevin’s dirty mind went to work and he knew she was fantasizing about Ryan while he was fucking her. Jill knew Kevin wasn’t jealous and now that he knew what got her so horny, he made her tell him all about her afternoon. Kevin got hard again after hearing Jill tell him how she was admiring their young neighbors extremely fit body and even helped him apply suntan lotion to his back.

When Kevin fucked Jill again, he made her pretend it was Ryan fucking her, and say things like, “Oh, fuck me, Ryan. I want you to fuck me hard. I want your nice young dick in my pussy, Ryan.”

It got them both off. It also planted a seed in Kevin’s mind that maybe, just maybe, their new hunk of a neighbor might break his long drought of seeing his wife in bed with another man. Before they turned out the lights that night, Kevin told Jill he was okay with whatever happened between her and Ryan. Jill quickly dismissed those thoughts.

“I’ve seen some of the girls that Ryan has brought to the house. They’re young and pretty. I’m sure he wouldn’t want anything to do with an older woman with a child.”

“You never thought any of those other guys would want you either but they found you very sexy and attractive. Don’t be surprised if he tries to get you into bed. If he does, I want to hear all about it later.”

“You’re such a pervert, Kevin,” Jill jokingly replied.

“Well, that should come as no surprise to you after all these years, babe.”

Not that Jill needed any encouragement, but her conversation with her husband only fueled her crush on Ryan. Whenever he was outside, Jill made a point to talk to him even if were only for a few minutes. He set up a workout area on his back patio and Jill would watch from her upstairs bedroom window as her sexy neighbor lifted weights, keeping those muscles toned and seeing sweat pouring down his hard, muscled body. Jill would pull out her vibrator at times and fantasize about what she would like to do with Ryan but was convinced he would never find her attractive enough to try and sleep with her. The thought of Ryan making wild passionate love to her only added to her sexual desires from which Kevin benefited.

One afternoon while Jill was working in her upstairs office on a cool summer day, she heard a scream come from next door. She was concerned that someone was in trouble and looked out her window. She heard more muffled screams coming from next door and went into her bedroom to look out that window. Their bedroom faced a bedroom next door and what she saw shocked her.

Ryan’s window and shades were open allowing her to see into his bedroom. He was fucking a young blonde woman and she was begging for him to fuck her harder. The screams she heard were not screams of someone crying for help, etimesgut çıtır escortlar they were screams of the blonde wanting more of Ryan’s dick. Jill stood back so she wouldn’t be seen and watched as Ryan drilled the young woman’s pussy. She was thrusting her hips up to meet his with her legs wrapped around his back. Jill knew she should respect her neighbor’s privacy but she couldn’t take her eyes off of the furious lovemaking taking place before her eyes.

Jill could only wish that Ryan was fucking her that hard with a larger-than-average-sized dick too. Her hand drifted into her shorts and panties and started to play with her clit. Jill watched for a few minutes as the young couple fucked in her full view. She saw Ryan’s naked ass tighten each time he plunged himself into his beautiful date, then relax as he pulled back. As the young woman began to cum, Jill likewise responded and brought herself to an orgasm. Little did Ryan know, but he made two women cum that day. When he came, he thrust himself into his date several times, squeezing his ass cheeks even tighter as he released his cum. When he was done, the young lady licked him clean and that’s when Jill saw how truly big his cock was. She wished it was her sucking his dick after he came inside her pussy.

When Ryan withdrew his dick from the woman’s mouth he turned around and looked towards Jill’s window. She got scared and jumped to the side. Did he see her watching? What would he think? Would he be upset if he saw her watching?

From that day forward, anytime Jill saw a young lady going into Ryan’s house she would go into her bedroom about half an hour later and see Ryan fucking them. He seemed to frequently have a new date. Jill saw him eating their pussies, them sucking his dick and fucking them in a multitude of positions. Each time, she would use her vibrator or fingers to bring herself off dreaming of someday fucking Ryan herself.

One time after Ryan got done fucking one of his female friends, he must have asked her a question to which she nodded her approval. Jill watched as Ryan left the room and came back with his brother Chuck. Ryan left them alone while Chuck stripped off his clothes. He was the polar opposite of Ryan, short, chubby with a smallish dick. Ryan obviously set his brother up to get laid which Jill was sure didn’t happen that often. The girl blew Chuck for a few moments before he climbed between her legs and fucked her. He didn’t last too long, came and left the room. Shortly thereafter, the girl got dressed and also left.

Whenever Jill would watch Ryan’s sexual activities, she would later tell Kevin which would lead to a fun night of sex for them. There were times at night that Kevin was able to see some of the action himself which only drove his desire to have his wife sleep with their neighbor too. Ryan’s voracious sexual appetite turned out to be a benefit for Kevin. This went on for several weeks with Kevin continuing to encourage Jill to have some sexual fun with Ryan if the opportunity arose. She continued to deny that a young man who had his choice of sexual partners would ever want to have sex with her. Kevin was unsuccessful in convincing her otherwise.

Jill would still play the voyeur of Ryan’s sexual activities, watch him doing yard work, and work out. A couple of times per week, he would come over to use the pool during the day. Jill couldn’t help but undress him with her eyes, especially after seeing him naked several times with an erection. She relished the times when she could apply suntan lotion to his tight, muscular body and got a charge when he would return the favor. He took more liberties to massage her neck and shoulders with Jill almost melting to his touch.

Ryan would never fail to compliment Jill on her beauty, being a great mom, or her attire. What Jill didn’t know was that Ryan was plotting to get her to have sex with him. He knew he had to be careful trying to fuck a married woman living next door. However, he was an unapologetic horndog who tried to lay as many women as he possibly could. The more Jill and Ryan talked during their afternoon swims, the closer they became. They did some mild flirting while they frolicked in the pool. At times, Jill would playfully splash Ryan and he would grab her to try to get her to stop. In doing so, his hands would touch various parts of Jill’s bare skin and, there were times, his hands would get a quick feel of her ass. He would also pick her up in his strong arms and toss her into the water like a rag doll. Jill found his overpowering strength an extreme turn-on.

Jill would tell Kevin each time Ryan came over to the house while he was at work which would end up with Kevin fucking his hot wife. Kevin would keep encouraging Jill to take things further with Ryan but she was still reluctant to sleep with their young neighbor. She did take the liberty of wearing more revealing bikinis though. They weren’t anything outrageous, after all, Jill was still a conservative dressing Asian-American but they were a bit more cheeky, showing more of her ass and even more when she moved around when the fabric would be pulled further between her ass cheeks. She knew Ryan was checking out her butt so Jill would leave her cheeks exposed for a while before pulling the bottoms back in place and not being shy about bending over in front of him.

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