Lazy Morning

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I roll over this morning and glance your way. Sound asleep and peaceful. The sheet barely covering your belly button moves up and down slowly with each breath. In. Out. In. Out. God I could watch you forever. There’s too much covered for my tastes though.

I reach over carefully so as not to wake you. I don’t want to ruin this moment. You’re relaxed and carefree. Your face smooth and lips slightly pursed. I gently lift the sheet and slide it down your legs. It’s warm in here (or is it just me).

Geez I’m always waking up horny. Every morning. Your cock’s bare and lying on your inner thigh. My hand twitches with my effort at restraint. I want to touch the soft silky skin. Lightly, so lightly I trace my fingertips over you. I’m listening intently to your breathing. I notice I need to take a breath.

Your cock twitches a bit as you open your legs more. Unconsciously welcoming my playfulness. You shift a bit my way. Mmmmmmm! Much better! My fingers make their way down to your balls. I cup them in my hands rubbing gently.

I flatten my tongue and lap from your body outwards coating your balls. My bahis firmaları left hand rests on your right ass cheek. As my licking gets me more excited, I squeeze. My right hand lightly strokes your cock. My tongue darts back in my mouth gathering more saliva for the next lick.

After paying special attention to your balls my eyes are drawn to your semi-hard cock. Damn it looks good. All laid out for me. My mouth waters and I lick my lips. Your body is too tempting. I’ll have to try hard to let you sleep as long as possible. I’m so enjoying having my way with you.

I slowly slide closer to your cock. My eyes on your face are testing for wakefulness. You’re still peacefully motionless. I lower my head and tentatively blow hot air over your shaft. I glance up at your face. The side of your mouth has curved up a bit but you’re body lays loose in sleep.

I wet my tongue and lightly trace the head of your cock. Circling slowly. Enjoying the feel of you on my tongue. You grow as I watch. Lengthening and growing wider. Your body is preparing for me. My mouth waters more. I run my tongue back and forth on your kaçak iddaa shaft.

Finally I can’t take anymore. I suck the head of your cock into my mouth. I continue with the suction and start swirling my tongue around. I love the feel of your hard cock in my mouth. I place my left hand so it gently cups your balls and rub lightly

My breathing is getting a bit erratic. I can feel The wetness between my legs. I’m so fucking turned on with your cock hardening more in my mouth. The taste and feel of you entering and leaving my mouth is so arousing!

I notice a hitch in your breath and glance up to see you watching me intently. Your eyes seem to sparkle a bit as you sleepily smirk down at me. Fuck. I know that look and I can’t wait for all the pleasure that accompanies it.

Without words I begin sucking a bit more. Hollowing my cheeks and swirling around your beautiful cock. My left hand continues gently caressing your balls as my right hand grabs your ass. I keep my eyes on yours because I know how much you love seeing the desire in my eyes as you watch your cock and my mouth.

You grab my kaçak bahis hips and pull them towards your head. Your hand begins rubbing my ass. I squirm at the light touch. My wetness has begun to run down my thigh. When you feel it, you move your hand to my pussy. Smearing my juices all over my pussy lips. So fucking wet.

You grab my hips a bit roughly this time, pulling one leg over your head. You raise your head and use the tip of your tongue to trace my pussy lips. I hear a growl deep in your throat. Oh fuck. This is going to be good.

Your tongue dives into my pussy fucking me over and over. It feels so fucking wonderful. I try to concentrate on your cock that I’m sucking frantically now. The tip of your tongue begins circling my clit. Flicking back and forth. Faster. Fuck! I look down to see that somehow I’ve got most your hard cock swallowed. I feel my orgasm. It’s almost here. Fuck yes!! Please!!

I take a deep breath and lower my head all the way and suck with all I’ve got. You nibble on my clit and I shatter screaming out around your cock. Then you’re cumming and grunting. Your head still between my legs. Your tongue lapping up the cum dripping from my pussy. I swallow as much of your cum as I can before letting it drip down your cock.

I lick up your cum and turn to grin up at you. Good morning baby!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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