Learning the Ropes Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Wrist training

Note: This one’s a bit shorter than the others. I work on whatever the flame of passion guides me to and right now it’s pointing in a different direction. Eventually it will shift back to this series though. Next one will be more plot heavy and probably a little longer to compensate.

“You… want to see me masturbate?” Being on the receiving end was an interesting feeling.

“It’s only fair.” Right. It is fair. Reciprocation is a very important part of sex and relationships. Speaking of relationships, what even was this? Was he her mentor? Her lover? She said she had feelings for him, but she was extremely horny at the time. Was that just lust speaking or was there more to i-

He was interrupted by Lai Chan rolling him off of her and effortlessly pulling him to his feet. She guided him over to the bed. Or more accurately dragged him. He was out of his element. He was so used to being the one in control, the one observing that he was unprepared to have the roles switched.

He suddenly felt like he had run 8 miles. His palms were sweaty, his knees weak, his arms were heavy. When he reached the bed, he allowed her to pick him up princess style and lay him down. It would have been embarrassing had he been paying attention to anything outside of his mental space.

Lai Chan settled herself down next to him, facing the opposite so her head was closer to his crotch. The mild panic attack he was suffering had caused his dick to start to soften, which confused her. It had been so hard this whole time, why was it going away now? Was he not having fun?

HR reconnected with the outside world when he felt her poke him. His eyes focused and he raised his head to look down himself, watching the naked girl lay on her stomach and poke his dick. Getting an amazing view of her ass, he started to immediately harden again, and her excited reaction only quickened the process.

“It’s back!” she beamed up at him.

“Uh, yeah. Are you sure you want this?” Stage fright was only half the problem here. He never expected her to want to touch him. He felt this would cross the line he had been so close to breaking nearly a minute before. Plus it just felt weird. Sex was one thing but masturbating in front of someone felt… vulnerable.

He didn’t have her lack of shame. He didn’t have her winning smile. He sure as hell didn’t have her body. She could make anything look good. HR thought that the way she had just cum was downright beautiful and he couldn’t live up to that. He’d never thought about how he looked jacking off but he knew it wasn’t good. No one wanted to see that.

“Yeah. I wanna see it!” The genuine excitement from her was intoxicating. It only took a moment of hesitation for him to make up his mind.
“…Ok.” He lifted his hips slightly and shuffled his briefs down and off his legs. He heard her giggle once again when it sprang from the elastic, bouncing to and fro. After he got it off, they laid there for a moment. He watched her as she intensely watched his dick, the way it throbbed with his heartbeat.

When she had had enough observation, he watched as she reached out to touch it directly. Unconsciously he flinched and she recoiled. She looked up to him worried.

“What’s wrong? Rule one?” She sounded disappointed. He could tell how much she was looking forward to… this.

“No, no. I just wasn’t expecting this to happen. At least not right now. You can go ahead.” He remembered her monster strength and added “Gently! Please.”

Her smile returned. “Ok.” This time he held still as she reached out her hand and wrapped it around the shaft. The warmth of her hand felt amazing.

They spent another moment or two of her experimenting with his dick. HR noted her grip was surprisingly delicate. She squeezed and rubbed different parts. She rubbed and poked the head. A few times when she did something that felt really good it jumped in her hand, causing her to pull back and look at him worried. Each time he gave her a nod to let her know he was alright and let her get back to exploring.

She gave it an experimental stroke, and when her hand reached the bottom she then noticed his balls. She fondled them for a while, rolling them together and individually in her palms. He felt more like an anatomy model than a sexual partner.

He waited patiently for her to finish her inspection. The look of fascination and wonder on her face was too precious to interrupt.

“What’s it feel like?” She didn’t stop her hand and kept her eye on the prize as she questioned him.

“What do you mean?”

“Like it’s just, there. How do you deal with something down here all the time? Sometimes I wear pads and even that gets annoying.”

HR shrugged, then realized she didn’t actually see the shrug and explained, “I don’t know, I was born with it so I’m used to it. I could ask you the same thing, how do you deal with nothing being there?”

“That’s true.” She cradled his balls. “Do these shrink too? Like the penis bit?”

“Well, bursa escort they don’t shrink per se. Depending on the temperature or how I’m feeling they sorta just go up into my body.” At that she finally looked at him, her face practically screamed skepticism.

“I’m serious.”

“Do it right now.” He wasn’t prepared to be called out on the spot.

“I can’t. It just happens. I don’t control it.” She seemed to believe him but was unsatisfied by his answer none the less. She went back to prodding and squeezing his shaft. She tested every inch of him, seeming to expect differences somewhere. Then she just held him for a full minute.

“One hundred twenty beats per minute. Your heart rate is kinda high.”

“Well, this isn’t your average situation, I think. I’m a little nervous.”

“Why? You have a nice body. What’s to be nervous about?” She felt him stiffen even more in her hand as the words hit him. He was not ready for that.

“It’s not really often I let someone just play with my body.” He remembered all of their sparring matches. “Or at least my penis like this.”

“Why not? I think it’s fun.” This sweet summer child.

“It’s just not something I normally do.”

She went back to playing with his dick, eventually moving her inspection to the head. She poked it. Then she took it between her index and forefinger and gave it a little pinch. She removed her hand immediately when his hips jumped and he released a hiss through his teeth.

“Sorry!” Guilt radiated from the girl.

“It’s fine, just be careful especially around that part. It’s kinda like the guy equivalent of your clit.”

Something seemed to click for her. “Oooooooh.” She returned her hand and pinched it again, this time much softer. “Like this?”

HR had to fight back a moan. “Yeah, like that.” Then he lost that fight when she gripped the shaft with her hand and started to knead and rub the head with her thumb.

He let out a drawn-out moan and thrusted up into her hand a bit, closing his eyes at the pleasure. Then he heard her give a little giggle.

“Now who’s cute?” He opened his eyes and looked down at her. Was this revenge for earlier? He didn’t know she was capable of holding grudges. And did she just call him cu- she continued her head rubbing and soft strokes and his brain decided it could save deep contemplation for later.

This went on for another minute. It was heaven in hell for HR. Her hand felt so good, but she wasn’t going really fast enough or hard enough to get him anywhere.

He spoke up when she had stopped stroking and began literally playing with it. Pushing it down and watching it spring back up and lightly batting it to watch it swing like a metronome. “So, what do you think?”

She pondered his penis a little, giving it a few more strokes. “I don’t know. It’s not what I expected but I don’t know what I expected. It looks weird. Do all of them look like this?”

That hurt his pride slightly but he looked past it. “No, every one is unique. Just like vaginas.”
“How many vaginas have you seen?”

He decided not to lie. But also not tell the whole truth. “A few.” If you counted hers, his ex-girlfriend’s, and a couple of porn stars.

“I didn’t expect it to be so soft. I always thought getting hard would be like, hard.”

“Yeah I don’t know how to explain that one.”

“It’s also smaller than I thought it’d be.” That one hit him. And the matter of fact tone she had did not help. “It looked a lot bigger in your underwear.”

“Everyone is unique. That includes size.” Some were more unique than others and it isn’t fair but that was a conversation for another day.

The shots at his manhood did not deter his need to cum though. He decided that the time for learning was over. “So. You want me to start now?”
“Start what?” She looked confused.

“Masturbating, isn’t that what you wanted?”

“I thought I was gonna do that. Like you did me.” There’s the innocence he forgot about.

“Wait, no. Lai Chan what I did to you was called ‘fingering.’ That wasn’t masturbation. It’s only masturbation when you do it to yourself.’
“Ooooh. Well then how do I ‘finger’ you?” He panicked when she started looking at his urethra.

“Wait! When it’s for a guy it’s a hand job or, ‘jerking off.’ It’s different from what I did to you.”

Lai Chan was committed to the whole “fair” thing. “Well what do I do? You did me first so I wanna do you first.” If a naked demigod of a woman wants to jerk him off, who was he to stop her?

“Well first you’re gonna need to get your hand wet. Do you have any lotion or oil or some-” Once again he throbbed hard as he once again watched her reach between her legs and slather her palm in her own juices.
“Done!” He would never understand how she could do such obscene things with that smile on her face.

“Ok. Well that’s the hard part down. Now you just gotta do what you were doing before but more and a little harder?” She gave him a confused look, then shifted her gaze back to his bursa escort bayan dick.

She gave it a solid smack and watched as it bounced back in forth, then looked back at him. “That feels good?”

The slap didn’t hurt him, but it sure as hell startled him. Then he realized who he was dealing with and he pretty much walked into that one. “No. No not like that. I meant like before.” Another confused look. HR sensed the danger and decided to guide her.

“Ok. First take your hand and wrap it around it. Lightly.” She nodded and gingerly gripped it. He could feel her skin and the slickness of her juices but there was no pressure. “Good, but now I want you to slowly start squeezing and I’ll tell you when to stop.”

“Ok.” Her grip slowly tightened around him, when it got around to what he would normally he stopped her.

“Good. Now just go up and down on it like you were before. Try to mix up going faster and slower but when I’m about to cum go fast.” He remembered her experiments. “Oh, and sometimes throw in rubbing the head like you did before.”

“That’s it?” She looked confused again.

“Yeah, that’s about it. Why?”

“That’s like, two things. When you do me you do a lot of different things. Like touching my hair or my boobs or holding me. Even when you fingered me you did a bunch of different stuff. You don’t want any of that?”

“Guys and girls are different,” or so he heard. Being held sounded pretty good right about now. “Girls feel it more when all that stuff happens. Not to say that guys don’t like it too, but all we really need to get off are those two things. It’s pretty simple.”

“Get off?”

“Sorry. Get off means to cum.”

“Do… do you want me to do those things to you?” He could tell by her tone that it was less of asking him if he wanted them and more of her wanting to do them to him.

“Sure, just do what you think feels right. If anything bothers me I’ll use rule one ok?”

“Ok.” And with that he shut up and left her to her own desires.

First she tried to hold him but that didn’t work out that well since they were reversed on the bed. She settled for pressing up against him as much as she could. Then, while one hand pumped she had the other one explore. At first she caressed his inner thighs and down his legs before switching hands and using the now free one to run along his pelvis and toned abdomen.

HR almost couldn’t process how good this felt. He definitely got the appeal as to why girls liked this sort of thing. Doing it yourself, you just focus on your genitals to cum as quickly as possible but when it’s done like this, especially with another person, there’s a layer of intimacy that enhances the sensations tenfold.

Lai Chan seemed to be having a blast. She alternated between staring intensely at his dick and flashing him smiles everytime he moaned and/or thrusted slightly. She was a quick learner as she alternated her hand speeds, sometimes going fast and other times taking long, slower strokes. She seemed especially pleased with herself whenever she rubbed the head with her thumb and watched him squirm. Then an idea popped into her head.

“You said the head was like the clit, right?” She brought him back down from cloud nine.

“Yeah. Why?”

“Well, rubbing my clit earlier felt really good but sometimes if I did it too hard or long I had to stop because it felt too good. You know what I mean?” The whole time she was talking to him her thumb was rubbing hard circles on the crown of his dick.

He struggled to respond as she proved her point and had him writhing next to her. “Ye- Yeah. I get what you mean.”

“I wanna try something!” The juxtaposition of her excited smile and her tortuous hand made it hard to say no. Even if he had a clear head the smile alone would have probably won him over.

“Sure. Just, be careful.” At this point his head was clouded enough that as long as it got him to cum he was down for almost anything.

He watched as she shifted a bit, slathering her other hand in her own lubricant. Her other hand stopped stroking and instead gripped his dick just beneath the head. She flashed him one last quick smile before using her newly slick hand to roughly massage the head.

HR’s brain temporarily shut down from the feeling. She used her hand in alternating ways in quick succession. At first she cupped the head in her palm, rotating her wrist and hand to rub his flesh mercilessly. He started thrashing on the bed, his body trying in any way to stop whatever it was feeling. In small doses it could have been considered pleasure, but this was overwhelming,

Lai Chan on the other hand was enjoying the power she had over him. The noises he made and his face contorted in… pleasure (?) were among the cutest things she had ever seen. She liked knowing that she was causing him the same feelings that he gave her. Though all his movement made it difficult to continue. So she decided to stop the movement.

Using her training she casually mounted his stomach, escort bursa catching his arms between her strong thighs. When he continued to thrash she casually stayed on, bucking her own hips with him like a rodeo and leaving a nice couple of smears of her own fluids on his stomach. She smiled while on her wild ride. The cute thing wasn’t the only grudge she held.

Despite her lust-addled brain two days ago, she still took offence to the fact that not only had he bucked her off, he had done it so easily. This was the perfect opportunity for a little bit of payback.

Once locked into position she gave him a brief reprise, only a second or two, before going to phase two of her plan. She took her palm and laid it flat against his tip, hand stiff as a board. Then the bucking began again as this time she slid her hand back and forth over it. She loved hearing his screams resume.

Trapped in his agonizing heaven, a deep part of HR’s mind recognized a tension building. One that he felt obligated to warn her about. If he could muster the ability to. The clock was ticking down fast.

Lai Chan slowed her hand when the moans started to form words. “L-Lai Chan wait.” He sucked in air as she did the exact opposite. “Please.”

“Say you’re cute and I might.” Her usual smile was there, but it had a hint of something else. Something almost… sadistic.


“Say it!” He considered using rule one but she was having so much fun. And technically he broke rule one when he kept calling her cute. Fair is fair.

“I’m cute! Please, just stop for a second!” Hearing what she wanted along with the desperation in his voice she decided to give him a break. She slowed her hand until it stopped, then slowly she lifted her hand from his now almost inflamed tip.

Her heart dropped. She noticed that in her hand, it throbbed harder than before. It felt more solid than before. The head was red and with every throb it expanded and contracted a little. The most worrying part was that when she removed her palm a string of clear liquid that wasn’t hers still connected her hand to the dick. Upon closer inspection the dick appears to be leaking more of this liquid onto the hand that was gripping it. Leaking couldn’t be good.

Spinning on his abdomen until she was facing him, she looked down at his face. He was out of breath from all the borderline screaming and was panting to recover. What if she mistook his groans of pain to mean pleasure? Tears welled in her eyes as she leaned down, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

“I’m sorry! You told me to stop and I didn’t. You said to be careful and I went too rough and now I hurt you and -“

HR, having gotten some breath back was confused by her sudden one-eighty. “What are you talking about?”

“You told me to stop and I didn’t! And now it’s all red and bigger and it’s leaking. I think I broke it.” Oh, it was just that.

“No Lai Chan you didn’t break my penis. Though you sure did try to.”

“But it’s leaking!”

“That’s lubricant. Like when your vagina gets wet, when guys reach a certain point their dicks start letting out some liquid.” Lai Chan raised her head from his shoulder to look him in the eyes.

“So I didn’t hurt you?”

Remembering the experience he was quick to correct her. “Well I wouldn’t say that. Just you didn’t break it.” Seeing her start to cry again he then corrected himself. “No, what I mean is. It’s like what you said, when something feels too good. It felt good, but too good. Just… ask before you do that again.”

She looked down at him, still not entirely convinced that he was telling the truth about her hurting him.

“You didn’t hurt me Lai Chan. I’m fine. Well, more than fine actually.”

“What do you mean?”

“I stopped you because you were-” This was weird to say out loud. “You were about to make me cum. And I wanted to warn you.” Also because if he had to go through an orgasm feeling that level of pleasure she might have actually broken his dick.

“Isn’t that the point of this?” She had already recovered from her crying fit.

“Yeah but I just wanted to warn you. You said you know where babies come from right?”

“Yeah, when the penis goes in the vagina.”

“… that’s all you know?”

“That’s what happens right?” For the love of every god.

“Well it’s good that I stopped you then. That’s only half true. To make a baby a man has to cum inside a vagina.”

“Well, when a guy cums he shoots out this liquid called semen, or cum. Semen has stuff in it that when it goes inside of a vagina, a woman gets pregnant.”

“So guys are like some sorta sea cucumber?”

What in the fu- “Yeah sure. Like that.”

The smile returned. “I wanna see!” Quickly, she spun back around and began jerking him off the normal way, very fast, causing him to start to writhe under her again. “Hurry up. Cum!”

Hearing herself, she remembered the password to make people cum. She turned to him over her shoulder and said “cum for me Hilbane,” with the biggest, most genuine smile yet before turning back to her task.

If he weren’t already cumming, that would have sent him over the edge. He closed his eyes and let out a groan as he followed her command.

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