Learning to Surf Ch. 10

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Chapter 10 (him)

It was incredibly intense as I came inside Amelia for the first time, with the sound of the roaring waterfall behind me, the water splashing everywhere, and the sound of our two voices moaning in unison. I felt her pussy clench hard against my cock, and I pumped her so hard as she screamed out in pleasure. I held her so tight, as if we had merged into one hot two-backed body. She looked me full in the face with those beautiful green eyes as I shot my load within her. After I came I carried on moving in and out of her, more gently now, more slowly, and held my face against her neck, breathing in the smell of her wet hair. Her shoulders were rising up and down with her heavy breathing. I was also panting loudly as I withdrew; we held each other again, watching the white foam of the waterfall breaking heavily against the rocks.

“My God that was quite intense,” I said. “I think it’s time for some relaxation now.”

We walked back through the power-shower of the waterfall and stopped to swim around in the pool for a bit. It was pleasant to feel the warmth of the sun on my shoulders and face again. The pool was surrounded with all manner of jungle foliage, in an array of deep, rich greens. Above us, there was nothing but turquoise sky, broken only by a couple of small white clouds. I lay on my back in the water next to Amelia, staring up at the sun.

Then, clambering out of the pool, I went to pick up the wine bottle and beckoned for her to join me. Still naked, we sat with our feet in the water and shared the rest of the drink. Amelia seemed to be ever so slightly tipsy. As we drunk and chatted, laughing at each other’s stories, I stroked bahis firmaları her thighs and sometimes held her hand.

“I have a treat for you,” I said. “You’ll have to come with me though.”

Standing up, still naked, I took her by the hand and led her along a path which snaked past the pool, up the hill to the right of the waterfall and above. I still had a bag of stuff with me but otherwise we were both completely nude. We soon reached a big rock, which jutted out high above the waterfall. It made an amazing lookout point, with views down over the waterfall and out across the bay beyond. We could see the tourist resort and the beach a few miles away, and then an endless stretch of ocean. In full glare of the sun, the dark rock was hot to the touch.

“I want you to lie down on there, on your back, and I’m going to give you a treat that you’ll never forget,” I said.

“Another treat?” she teased. “Haven’t you already given me enough for one day?”

I laughed, and kissed her on her full lips. “Do what you’re told,” I repeated.

Amelia clambered up on to the outcrop and sat down, still looking at me. Her blonde curls were starting to dry off in the tropical heat. Then, very slowly, she lay back on the rock, holding her hands behind her head, still looking at me. From my bag I took out a bottle of coconut oil, and poured some into my hands. I then began to stroke her legs, in long, deep motions. I gave her a proper deep tissue massage, digging into her muscle with my fingers, loosening up her limbs and relaxing her. My hands moved up to her shoulders, still stroking and kneading, and then down her arms and hands. Touching her again was making my kaçak iddaa aroused, and she laughed when she noticed that my cock was hard again. I took out the bottle and drizzled some oil over her chest and stomach, before rubbing that in again. Her eyes closed as she settled back and relaxed on the hot stone underneath her back.

When I felt that she was relaxed enough, I worked my fingers back down to her legs, but this time stroked more softly, more sensuously. I traced a couple of fingers from one foot, up her legs to her thighs, stopping just short of her lips. Again on the other leg, tracing a gentle trail towards her pussy. She murmured, quietly. Holding her legs wider, I lay down between them, and moved my face up towards her most private parts. I started to lick, just outside her labia, teasing her gently. Ever so slowly, I licked up and down, just beyond her shaven pussy.

“Please,” she said. “Do me, stop teasing me.”

This time I kissed her with my lips, against her pussy lips, again very softly. I wanted this to be slow and gentle. I reached out my tongue again and this time licked a slow path across her labia, tasting her for the first time. I could tell from her aroma that she was very turned on, and could taste her wetness as my tongue started to slip between her lips and up against her clit. I worked on her little bean for ages, kissing and tonguing it until she was groaning with pleasure. Then I made long licking motions from her clit, through her pussy and down to her ass, and then back up again. Again and again, I worked my mouth against her. By now she was gripping my head with her hands, holding me against her, as if willing me to never stop. kaçak bahis I had no intention of doing so, and kept working my tongue against her. With my mouth on her clit, I eased one finger into her pussy, which was still quite open from where I had fucked her only an hour before. Another finger slipped in easily, and I pushed the two in and out, twisting them slightly as they entered and re-entered her hole. I was still licking her clit hard. My fingers began to speed up, so that instead of exploring her they were driving home deep and fast. I felt the sun on my tanned back and wondered if I was going to get burnt. Who cared, I thought to myself. Amelia was now moaning with happiness as I pumped her with my fingers. Subtly, so that she would hardly notice, I picked up the empty wine bottle from my bag and held the end of it against her pussy. Pressing it gently against her, her lips opened up to receive their new gift.

“James, you are so naughty,” she said, watching me insert the head of this bottle into her. With my right hand I started to fuck her harder with the bottle, while with my other I licked a finger and started to push it against her ass. The little hole started to give way, under the pressure, and soon opened to receive my finger. Amelia, lying back on the hot rock, started to thrust against the double entry she was receiving. I could feel the pressure building within her, and knew that it would not be long before she came. Her orgasm started like a small wave, her eyes wide open and watching me as she bucked against the bottle in her pussy and my finger in her ass. Just before she came I withdrew the bottle and put my tongue back in her pussy, lapping hard against her hole with my finger still in her bottom.

“Oh, God, so good, keep going, uh!” she cried as her release finally came. Again she gripped my head with her hands, and I kept going as she rode her climax…….

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