Lee Gets On The Job

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“Hello, is that Mr Jones, the plumber?”

“Yes, this is he, who is it please?”

Oh, hello Mr Jones, you don’t know me, but live just across the way from the house that you were working at today, and I have a little problem. I saw your truck, and the name on the side, so I just called Mrs Kaminski for your number. I forgot to write it down earlier.”

“You have a plumbing problem you say Mrs…..?”

“Oh I am sorry, I didn’t tell you my name, I an Mrs Bennet. And yes I do, the problem is my shower, it is hardly working at all, normally my husband would look at it, but, he wont be home until next week. It has been like this for a couple of days now, and I can’t cope, I just can’t.”

Lee could tell from her voice, that she was getting a little upset, so he spoke quietly, trying to reassure her.

“Not to worry Mrs Bennet, even though I have finished at the Kaminski’s, I do have a little free time in the morning. How does 9.30 sound? I am sure it wont take long to sort out your problem.”

That seemed to calm her down, and she told him the house number, and said she would see him in the morning. Lee’s wife said nothing as he sat on the couch again, by her side. She was used to his work calls by now, but she was pleased that he had abandoned the 24-hour service, that had been a killer. The next morning dawned hot and sunny, as it had been for every day since July 4th, three weeks now. Lee again donned his sneakers, shorts and T-shirt; he had to be comfortable working in this heat. If Mrs Bennet didn’t like it, tough, that was her problem. At precisely 9.30am, Lee parked the pick up in Mrs Bennett’s drive, and carried his tools to the door, putting them down while he rang the bell and waited.

The door opened slowly, to reveal a tall woman, with dark hair, clad in only a short nightdress, and an open housecoat.

“Yes, can I help you?”

“Lee Jones Mrs Bennet, the plumber, your shower.”

“Oh, Mr Jones, oh dear me, I had forgotten you were coming, and here I am, still in my night clothes, oh dear, you had better come in, please.”

Lee looked at her, make up perfect, not a hair out of place, nails painted. Straight away he realised, the shower was a subterfuge, all she wanted was fucking.

“Another one,” he thought to himself “Ah well Mrs, Bennet, you will get what you want, but you will bahis firmaları fucking pay for it too.”

Lee followed her indoors, looking at her as she walked, wobbling a little on her heels, but it did make her look good. She took him to the bathroom, and stood by the shower. She must have known how revealing her clothes were, the nightdress almost see through, giving Lee glimpses of her neatly trimmed bush, and her hard nipples, begging to be licked almost. He could see her watching him, taking in his muscular tanned legs and arms, glancing at his shorts. He knew that within a few minutes, he would have this beautiful horny lady on the end of his cock. He decided to play along with her little game, and to tease her a little with some innuendos.

“So Mrs Bennet, what is it that you are not getting, from your shower I mean, what is so sadly lacking in your life?”

Her eyes sparkled, as she realised he knew what was going on here.

“Please Lee, it is Lee isn’t it?”

Lee nodded to her

“You may call me Michelle, no need to be so formal is there Lee? Now then, about the shower! When I use it, it just dribbles out, there is no power there. I need something forceful, something to splash and sting my body, make me feel alive. Do you understand me Lee? Do you see what is required?”

Lee smiled at her, taking hold of the showerhead, and suggesting she sit while he checked it out. Michelle moved away slightly, taking a seat on the bidet, legs apart, giving him a clear and unobstructed view of her pink pussy. He smiled at her, nodding slightly in appreciation, as he unfastened the showerhead, and removed the perforated plate. He moved to where Michelle sat, bending down to speak to her.

“You see this Michelle?” he said, as he brushed his forearm across her breast,

“This is the problem, the holes are blocked, and that is no good now is it? Holes should be free of obstruction, don’t you agree, to allow immediate access.”

He “accidentally” caught her nipple, hard and erect, with the plate, and before she could react, he moved away, and, taking a small wire brush from his tool bag, he held the plate under the running water, cleaning it. He dried the plate off, and reassembled the showerhead, before turning to Michelle, and asking for a couple of dry towels.

“Towels Lee? What for?”

“Well we have kaçak iddaa to test the shower Michelle, surely, to see if it is repaired.”

Then he started to pull his T-shirt over his head, as he smiled at her. Michelle grinned back at him.

“Why of course we do, here Lee, let me help you.”

In a flash she was on her knees in front of him, and opening his shorts, she pulled them down over his hips. She could see the outline of his cock now, hard and proud through his black Calvin Klein’s. She grabbed at him, pulling the material tight around him, and then covered the head of his cock with her mouth, as she stroked him up and down. Lee looked down at her, seeing her smiling at him, as she took him deeper still into her mouth. He spoke quietly to her.

“I missed breakfast today Michelle, and I am getting hungry now, is there anything you have that I might eat?”

She lifted her head, and in one movement, pulled his shorts down to his ankles, before grasping his cock again.

“I need you to promise me something first Lee, if I feed you, will you feed my pussy with this?”

She said as she licked the tip of his cock.

“Oh yes Michelle, nowhere shall go hungry this morning. Holding onto his hard shaft, Michelle led him into the kitchen, then sat on the counter facing him, legs apart. She hissed at him now, voice husky, and obviously yearning for him.

“Take it Lee, it is all yours, rip my nightie off Lee, fucking take me, anything, just fucking do it now.”

Lee didn’t need asking twice, he reached up to her tits, taking the nightdress in both hands, and ripping it to the hem. Exposing her tits, with big brown erect nipples, and her wet pussy, glistening now in anticipation. He grabbed a breast, squeezing it as he licked the nipple, and then sucking on it. Michelle moved her hand to the back of his head, trying to pull him closer. Lee’s other hand was between her legs, fingers stroking her pussy lips, as she started to sigh. He pushed with his fingers, opening her up, and slipped two into her wet begging cunt. She gripped on them, moaning as he started to seesaw them in and out. Lee bit down on her nipple, and tugged it, as she shuddered beneath him, moaning in delight. Lee released Michelle’s nipple, and lifted one of her legs onto the counter. He smiled at her, and spoke.

“Your cunt looks lovely Michelle, kaçak bahis I am wondering what I should do with it.”

“Oh fuck, eat it you bastard, fuck me with your tongue Lee, for fucks sake, yes. Eat the fucker baby.”

He bent over, laying his tongue on his fingers, as they slid in and out, slower now, feeling her cunt pulling on them. Pulling his fingers free, he lifted his hand to her face, offering them to her. As he started to lick her slit, opening the lips with his free hand, and playing his tongue around her love hole. Michelle sucked hungrily on his fingers, her tongue licking and swirling, she was on fire now he thought. And he was correct; she pulled at his hand, crying out to him.

“Fuck me Lee, get that cock in me now, please fuck me, take me, use me.”

He stood up, and held his cock ready, rubbing the head on her clit first, and the pushing it deep. Michelle grabbed at him, her arms around his back, as her fingernails raked his skin, Crying and moaning, then without warning she came. Flooding her pussy as her juices flowed, her cunt flexing against him, as he powered into her. Lee fucked her for all he was worth, pounding her pussy, biting on her neck as his cock swelled even more, and his back muscles tightened. He could hear Michelle begging him to cum, to fill her cunt and make her cum again. Lee could not hold back, he felt the surge, the delicious pain of ejaculation, as his cum sped forth along his cock. Spurting, and splashing his cream inside of her, as she cried out in orgasm yet again.

She milked him with her pussy, the muscle tightening and relaxing against him as he hung on to, embedded deep within her. They kissed, for the first time, tongues in a dance of erotic delights.

Lee slipped his cock from her, and she whispered softly in his ear.

“May I clean it?”

He smiled as he stepped back, watching as she slid off the counter, and knelt down on the floor, to take him into her mouth. Sucking, and licking his slackening cock, gently squeezing his balls. After a few minutes, Lee gently lifted her shoulders, saying to her,

“ I need to go, I have other jobs to do today Michelle.”

She followed him to the bathroom, watching as he dressed, and wrote out the bill for the shower, She got her purse from the lounge to pay him, and wrapping the housecoat around her body, went with him to the door. She kissed his cheek, and whispered softly in his ear,

“My husband says we need someone to service the heating, regularly, is there any chance that you might be interested in that Lee?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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