Lily on the Beach: Day 1

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Day One of our first day of vacation was coming to a close. We’d arrived on the island early in the morning, and, after checking in to our hotel, had gone exploring. This was more than just a vacation for us, as it was our first trip away together since college, nearly 20 years before. Lily and I had dated for a while back then, but had gone our separate ways, both of us marrying and having children. We never left each others’ minds though, and had this way of bumping into each other. When we both ended up available again, the “bump” turned into a full-blown romance.

The island was special to us, but not in the ways you might think. We’d never been there “together” although we had both had a vacation there at the same time with our respective spouses. In fact, some would have thought it odd that I would want to take someone else to the place I’d also honeymooned, but from the beginning of this latest round of Lily & Jack, we’d talked about going there, and I think we both knew we had unfinished business there.

The afternoon found us wandering down the beach, past the public areas and toward a place where the bluffs came close to the water and the hills and grass made things a little wild. Frankly, we’d been looking for a place to fulfill one of our fantasies, making love on the beach. Lily was too shy to just do it anywhere, and I wasn’t all that much more daring, so we had to look carefully and do some planning. We picked out a spot, and hoped that someone else wouldn’t think of it first. All the rest of the day was devoted to more exploring, with a level of sexual tension that was unusually high, even for us. We went out for dinner and had a wonderful time at an outdoor restaurant on a pier, enjoying each other, the entertainment and a couple of delicious vacation drinks.

We found the place we’d been earlier in the day and laid out our blanket, opened the cooler and poured some wine. The drinks at the bar had definitely loosened up any inhibitions that Lily might have had, enough that I’d convinced her to wear her two-piece swim suit (which she hadn’t yet dared to wear to the beach in the daytime). I could also see a sparkle of anticipation in her eyes that had to come from knowing at least some of what was going to happen tonight.

After a little bit of small talk about how nice the day had been, and how beautiful the moon was over the ocean, we started giving into our desire. Our lips found each other and hungry mouths and tongues started gently but got insistent as the drinks and the setting inspired some playful lust. I felt Lily’s hand rubbing my chest while her other hand on the back of my head pulled my mouth tighter onto hers. That roaming hand soon found its way into my shorts and gripped my cock, which grew even harder at her touch. Soon we were lying down on the blanket, still locked at the mouth but with hands busy exploring. I found the hook for her top and flicked it open, and while there was a moment when she stiffened with a little self-consciousness, she relaxed and squirmed against me as my hand replaced her top as the main means of supporting her breast.

The kissing left the mouth as we both slid against each other, turning slowly but inevitably into a delicious sixty-nine. We slid the remaining clothes off and tasted each other, nude, lying on the blanket on the beach as the waves crashed with the incoming tide. For some reason we both knew that the purpose bahis firmaları wasn’t instant orgasm but teasing and pleasuring, and the oral caresses were slow and delightful. Lily lifted one leg over my shoulder and my head rested on her inner thigh. I ran my tongue along the lips of her pussy, teasing her clit, twirling little circles around it. Occasionally I would suck her pussy lips into my mouth, in and out, letting them rub over her clit. When I didn’t think she was expecting it, my tongue would dart as deeply as I could get inside her, gently fucking her with it, sometimes adding a finger or two to my tongue. Meanwhile, Lily was doing her best to give me the best slow head of my life, licking and sucking my cock and balls. One moment I’d feel her lips kissing the head, and at the next moment she was sliding her sweet mouth down, taking as much of me into her mouth as she could, and then I could feel her tongue working its magic.

I was in that wonderful world where the excitement was constant, but there was no danger of an imminent orgasm; this could go on for hours. From time to time we’d bring each other close, and while I held off, I did my best to make her cum as often as possible. I’d feel that shudder and the more intense sucking, and feel the moan around my cock when she came; the hum was tremendous and always made me want to return the pleasure even more.

There was a point where things slowed down momentarily, and I used that opportunity to pinch her ass lightly. When she looked up and back at me, I teased her:

“Let’s go for a swim,” I said, “I want to play in the ocean with you.”

“You’re crazy,” was her response. “There could be other people around.”

“That’s exactly the idea. Now, if you ever want my cock in that hot little pussy of yours again, you’ll come for a swim,” I teased back at her, pulling her to her feet on the sand. She still looked at my like I was crazy, but slowly, with a little encouragement, she moved with me out of our slightly hidden spot and walked down to the water.

When it was clear that if anyone was watching us, they were keeping quiet, Lily relaxed and started to enjoy splashing and tackling me in the water. We didn’t want to get out too far, and the water was still quite shallow, so we must have been quite a sight, naked and groping each other in the moonlight. One particular wave caught us off balance and we both fell down. We were in about a foot or so of water, but because of the waves it was anywhere from nothing to a couple of feet at any given moment. Lily landed on her hands and knees facing the beach. I couldn’t help but notice how hot she looked in that position; her hair was wet and clinging to her back and shoulders, and her breasts hung temptingly in front of me. I was on my knees next to her and took the opportunity to direct my cock at her mouth. Once again I praised my luck for having such an orally gifted and fixated woman, as she greedily took my cock into her mouth. This was our most public display so far, despite the fact that we didn’t think there was a “public” to display for (at least we didn’t think so at the time). I did my part by grabbing her hair and holding tight; it was incredibly easy because her wet hair was easy to wrap around my fist. She moaned in appreciation and sucked harder. We were a constantly increasing positive-feedback circle – as she got me hotter, I got her hotter.

I knew kaçak iddaa I was ready to come soon, but I had other plans for her. At the same time my thoughts ran to how great her pussy would feel, I saw what looked like a glint of metal in the grass and sand on the beach. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I could make out the silhouettes of one or two people. I didn’t want to run the risk that Lily would bolt, especially since the idea of fucking her when someone else could see had just become extremely exciting. My cock must have grown in response to that thought as Lily made a very pleased “mmmmmmm” noise as she continued to work on me. Both reluctantly and with a degree of anticipation, I leaned over and grabbed one of those delicious hanging breasts and whispered to her “I want to fuck you, Baby.”

“Do it” she said…. “take me.”

I positioned myself behind her and with just a tiny bit of teasing, pushed the head of my cock inside her. She swiftly pushed back, and I felt her ass cheeks pushing against my thighs as I disappeared inside her. The whole experience was incredible, with the waves helping our rhythm – or was our rhythm coming from the waves? I didn’t know, and I really didn’t care. All I knew was that her wonderfully tight pussy had its grip on my cock, and my little wild woman was putting on a display for the whole world to see. I reached forward for her hair again and pulled her head back up toward me. She got up off her hands as she continued to rock back on my cock, and I reached forward to squeeze her breasts and play with her nipples. I felt like I was in a really well produced erotic movie as I thrust deeper and sat back on my heels so Lily could more comfortably fuck me while I played wither her tits. I knew I should have been looking back toward the beach for those shadowy figures, but at that point I just couldn’t care less.

I don’t know how long it lasted but it wasn’t too much longer before I felt my orgasm approaching. Lily sensed it too….

“Cum inside me, Jack” Lily said, which caught me by surprise, as it was taking a risk that I wasn’t sure either of us wanted to take. “I want your hot cum inside me, and I want you to have all of me.”

Being the brainless male I am, all I could think of was “I’ll worry about that later,” and proceeded to empty my balls inside my hot lover. She arched back as she felt me shooting inside her and I knew she was cumming as well. Her pussy milked my cock for several more strokes, and as we both came down from our highs, we found ourselves lying down with the waves washing over us, totally exhausted.

Realizing that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to fall asleep in the water, we slowly got to our feet and walked toward our blanket. We toweled each other off and got as dry as possible, under the circumstances, and curled up together with a corner of the blanket pulled over us. Neither of us fell asleep, but we dozed and watched the stars move and the moon continue to rise. We talked about the experience and the next thing I knew, Lily’s hands were behind her back playing with my cock, and my fingers were slipping effortlessly into her dripping pussy.

“Lay down, Jack… you did so much work last time that I want you to relax,” Lily said as she rolled me over and got to her knees. “Let’s see if little Jack is ready to come out and play.”

Well, little Jack very quickly became big Jack as that incredible mouth kaçak bahis went to work again. I repositioned Lily so that she could lower her pussy to my mouth, and once again we found ourselves in a favorite position, although, as she’d pointed out, it was very easy for me as she was, in fact, doing all the work, and I was just lying around getting taken care of. The combination of her natural scent, the sea water and my cum inside her made for a fantastic taste, and when I teasingly told her we needed to do this more often she shut me up by pressing her hot box against my mouth and grinding back and forth, riding my tongue.

I heard a rustle in the grass and all of a sudden wondered again if we were being watched. Once again, “who cares” was the most I could manage. Lily decided that it was time to ride me, and turned around to face me. She made a big show of getting up on her heels and positioning herself on my cock. As she lowered herself slowly down I could feel her pussy clutching as she practiced her exercises on me. She apparently had decided that I needed a little dose of my own medicine as she very slowly teased me. It was also obvious that I was supposed to just lay back and let her work. She moved up and down, very slowly, several times, and the feeling was so intense that I told her I was getting too close, too quickly.

“Not yet, Stud,” she said, and changed her tactics. Instead of the slow “fuck-tease,” she sat back down, taking me completely inside her. From there she started grinding against me, rubbing her clit against me. Now I could have the pleasure of being her fuck-toy without worrying about the friction that would have made me cum in a matter of seconds. I felt the need to do a little more, though, and reached up to tweak her nipples. I sat up a little and shifted position so that she was more sitting in my lap; I also moved my hand around her and down her back. When I was sure I could reach my target, I brought my hand back around and slid my middle finger into Lily’s mouth. She eagerly and noisily sucked on it, and when I felt it was good and wet, I pulled it out. She looked at me with a slight question until she felt me reaching around her back. With only a little bit of warning, I slipped my finger in her asshole, and that simple action set us both off. She leaned over and bit my neck, sucking on it and leaving a mark that I was sure would be noticeable for a week. The combined feeling of her pussy throbbing on my cock, and my finger pushed against it inside her set me off and for the second time that night I emptied myself in her.

After staying in that position for a bit, we moved back to the blanket to rest. Noticing how late it was we slowly began to get partially dressed and packed up. In a little while it was time to go back to our hotel, and get a little rest before starting the next day. We climbed back up the hill toward the road and the hotel, and unexpectedly ran into another couple heading in the same direction, but from farther down the beach. I had noticed them walking slightly ahead of us and was surprised that we’d caught up, and wondered whether the collision had been intentional. As we walked semi-together I heard a low voice directed at me. I held back and let the girls get a step ahead of us, when I heard….

“That was an incredible show tonight, we owe you one,” he said. “We didn’t mean to invade your privacy, but couldn’t help it. You two were incredibly hot.”

“No problem,” I stammered out, both a little embarrassed and more than a little excited.

“Seriously, if you’re at about the same place at 9 tomorrow, we’ll return the favor”……..

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