Living Up to the Hype! Pt. 01

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“Were you planning on getting into my ass this weekend?” She said in a very matter of fact way from the passenger seat as we sped to our weekend getaway in Lake Tahoe.

My cock jumped at the thought of getting into her tight ass this weekend. Our frequent trips to Nevada, whether it be Tahoe or Las Vegas, always produced some of the hottest dirtiest sex we have.

“Yeah, I’ve thought about it”. I sheepishly said with a smile.

The truth is, I had been thinking of fucking her ass on this trip for a long time. It’s something we’d done a few times over the years, but not in a long time. We have been getting into a lot of ass play recently, but actually getting my cock into her ass would be a treat. I hoped that it would be on the menu this weekend.

Not much else was said about it the rest of the drive. We arrived at the hotel, and once checked in I fixed us both a cocktail. I took a shower and enjoyed my drink sitting on the on the edge of the bed, looking out at the amazing view of the lake and surrounding mountains. I was wearing only my boxer-brief underwear while my wife took her turn in the shower.

She emerged from the bathroom with only a white towel wrapped around her glistening body. She was covered with a fresh coat of baby oil. Her light brown sugar colored skin glimmered in the late afternoon sun. She strolled over to where I was sitting on the edge of the bed and pressed herself against my legs. As we began to kiss, I ran my hand slowly over her exposed thigh. She responded by pressed her leg against the growing bulge in my underwear. She began to kiss and suck on my neck, which she knows drives me wild. My cock was starting to throb as she continued to suck and lick my sensitive neck while grinding her thigh into me.

“You need to confirm our dinner reservation”. After a few minutes of this, she abruptly stopped.

“Right now” I asked in disbelief that she wanted me to stop what we were doing.

“Yes” She untangled herself from my grasp and walks to the other side of the bed.

I reluctantly dialed the restaurant to confirm our reservation. Once I’m done I notice that she has changed into a snug fitting, black camisole with lace trim. It was more of a shirt, as it only went down to her waist.

“I think this looks funny, you can see my pussy and ass, and nothing is hidden.” she complained as she walked around the room modeling the outfit. She was stunningly sexy prancing around hotel room, she stopped and arched her back a bit pushing her naked ass in my direction.

“Looks pretty good to me” I said with a big grin.

She gave me a sly sexy smile as she found some black panties to put on to complete the outfit. Then she walked past me, and as sexy as could be, leaned over the bed presenting her panty covered ass to me.

“Isn’t that much better?’ she said as she gave her black satin covered butt a little shake in my direction.

“It will be better, once I slide those off you.” I said as I started to move my hands over her ass.

I walked over and I pressed my cock, which was still straining to get out of my underwear, against her ass. She responded bursa escort by pushing back against me, making my cock grow even more. I reached down and ran my hand over her slippery underwear. I hugged her firm cheek nice and tight and make my cock grow even harder.

I cautiously started to pull her panties down exposing her sweet brown butt, hoping that she wouldn’t stop me. Thankfully she allowed me to remove them completely, leaving her bare bottom right in front of me.

“Why don’t you get that chair and put it behind me.” Said suggested pointing at the desk chair.

Sitting in that chair would put me eye level with her ass as she bent over the bed. Something we had done the last time we were in Vegas and had been the topic of dirty talk a lot recently.

“I’m not being presumptuous, am I?” She inquired.

“Not at all, sounds great to me” I said nonchalantly.

The truth was my heart was racing at the anticipation of what about to happen. I set up the chair and took a seat. She arched her back and bit and pushed her naked ass in my direction. I leaned in to rub my face in her smooth ass cheeks. She responded by lifting her ass up and pressing slightly back against me. I spread her ass open exposing her intimate parts so my gaze. The anticipation was clearly a turn on her too, thick clear pussy juice was visibly oozing from her hole and down her inner thigh. Craving a taste of her sweet nectar, I ran my flat tongue all the way from her clit to the top of her ass crack.

“I just finished my period, probably best you stay away of there” my tongue had paused for a second at the source of her sweet juice. But she was telling me to stay away from her pussy and focus on her ass. I was very happy to oblige her request.

Eating my wife’s ass was somewhat new addition to our sexual menu. I confessed a few years ago that I would love to eat and lick her ass as much as she’d let me. Since then it has slowly but surely been worked into routine. Each day our comfort level with this subject seems to increase. Since it’s clearly such a huge turn on for me, my wife has begun to enjoy it more and more. Which was quickly demonstrated when I got so turned that I came into the bed during one of the first times I ate her ass. Now she was leaning over the bed, offering me a chair so I could spread her cheeks eat her asshole, it was one of the sexiest and dirtiest things she has ever done.

I could hardly contain myself, my heart was racing. I am tried to calm down and reining in my excitement. I’m tried to slow down and concentrate more on the details of what I was doing. I spread her cheeks wide, and gave her tight asshole several long licks. She let out a low soft moan and pressed against my intruding tongue. I pointed my tongue and licked in slow circles around the outside of her hole. She seems to like that as I received more positive physical feedback, she began to rock her hips a bit. After a few circles around the rim of her asshole, I pressed my tongue inside slowly. This made her jump away a bit, but I held onto her hips and continued to probe her backdoor with my tongue.

After a few more minutes bursa escort bayan with my head buried in between her luscious ass cheeks, she spun around and got on her knees in front of me. My cock was swollen, dripping pre-cum and twitching with anticipation. She moved in close to my cock, lips a mere inch from my purple cockhead.

“You really do like that, don’t you? She teased, not taking her eyes off my member. All I could do in response was nod my head.

She took mercy on me and slowly took my engorged cock in between her lips and started bobbing up and down. The warmth of her mouth around my swollen shaft was fantastic. She started sucking me like she couldn’t get enough inside her mouth. White Room by Cream came on the radio, and she started to really get into the music. She kept her hands to her sides and started to bob and sway her mouth and head to the beat of the music. It was all I could do to just sit there and enjoy her expert lips and not cum in her mouth as she bobbed up and down in time with the music. My cock didn’t leave her mouth for the entire length of the song, when it was over it was glistening with her saliva and was seemed even bigger and harder than ever. Looking down and seeing her lips wrapped around my cock is as hot and sexy as it gets. When she gets into a blowjob it’s the best thing ever, she is so amazing.

“What do you want to do now?” she asked after she had finally released the lip lock she had on my dick.

One of her favorite things to do to me, ask me questions about what to do next or where I wanted to cum while my cock was in her mouth. It was always a very hard question to answer, as there are few things that I would ever want to do other than sit back and enjoy one of her blowjobs. But I decided to test her new found comfort left with her ass.

“How about you keep sucking me, but I eat your ass at the same time?” I proposed.

“Ok, lay down on the bed” she quickly responded.

I was shocked that she said yes so quickly, she’s always been a bit apprehensive about sitting on my face. But this was a Nevada hotel where all inhibitions are left at home and she seemed excited to sit on my face and feed me her asshole.

I quickly jumped out of the chair and onto the bed, my heart was pounding. She followed me onto the bed, straddled my head lowering herself down to my mouth. We quickly realized that position is perfect for eating her pussy, but not her ass. For me to eat her ass, she would need to sit up and truly smother my face with her ass cheeks. I made the best of it and started to suck on her clit and slip my tongue into her juicy pussy.

“Hey, I told you to stay out of there” she barked at me, pulling away from my mouth.

She moved her legs in front of my arms and straddled my chest instead. Once she was situated and comfortable I was able to reach up and play with her ass, what a spectacular view. I spread her cheeks wide and wormed my tongue into asshole a bit, getting it nice and wet for my fingers to play and probe. She wasn’t able to deep throat my cock in that position, but she was able lick length of my cock, rub and suck balls, and even escort bursa rub my asshole a little bit. It’s probably best that she wasn’t able to deep throat my cock, as I wouldn’t have lasted long, I was more turned on than ever.

“Would you like to feel my tits?” She paused the action to take off her camisole, so she could put my cock in between her fabulous breasts.

She continued to play with my balls and asshole while my cock rested in her warm cleavage. I had to concentrate on giving her ass pleasure with my tongue and fingers or I would have cum all over her tits. She seems to sense this and dismounted me saying she wanted to lie down.

She laid down on her stomach with her legs slightly spread open, a position she is in quite often in our bed at home. I started to rub on her clit, her hips immediately started to move in response to my touch. Her pussy was dripping wet, making it a bit hard to stay on her clit as her hips continued to rock back and forth. It grabbed a bottle of lube and squirted some on her asshole. I started to press my thumb against her asshole as she continued to grind her clit into my fingers. Her asshole was still very tight, it was relaxed and opened up, almost sucking my thumb inside. I took the opportunity to inch inside her snug hole, her ass cheeks clenched as her she pressed her clit into my fingers. She started to move with purpose and my thumb began to slide in and out of her ass.

Suddenly she tensed up and her asshole began to twitch as her built up orgasm flooded over her body. My thumb was buried all the way into her tight hole, I could feel it spasm repeatedly as she came. Her asshole clamped down so tight, it felt like the circulation in my thumb was cut off. The thought of my cock being inside, feeling her cum had my cock hard as a rock and dripping. I messaged her clit for several minutes prolonging her orgasm as long as I could.

Finally she collapsed into the bed and I rubbed her back and ass, helping her come down from what I could actually feel for myself was a tremendous orgasm. She took a minute to catch her breath and flipped over and spread her legs, exposing and offering her dripping pussy to me. I didn’t need to be told what she wanted me to do then. I moved in between her legs and started to press my cock into her glistening gash. Even though she as about as wet as I’ve ever felt her, she was still very tight and it took a few strokes to work my throbbing cock inside her. Once I was inside she started talking dirty in my ear as I slowly working my cock in and out of her.

“Did you feel my asshole twitch when I came?

“Do you want your cock to feel how tight my ass can be?”

“Did you like eating me ass as I bent over the bed? She questioned me.

“Yes” was all I could muster as a response.

As I slowly pumped my throbbing cock in and out of her stretched pussy, I reached down and cupped her ass cheek with on hand and worked a finger to her slippery asshole.

“Oh yes, your so dirty” she encouraged me.

It was still open from the earlier play and my finger slide right inside. It only took a few more pumps into her snug pussy and I pumped squirt after squirt of cum insider of her.

“Unbelievable!” I exclaimed as I rolled off of her. I was exhausted from our marathon sex session.

“Nevada…living up to the hype!” she proclaimed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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