Long Time Coming

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Her heart was racing. She knew she should be sleeping but she couldn’t. Tomorrow it was finally going to happen. After eight long years, she was finally going to be in his arms.

She paced. Stopped & looked out the window to the french style courtyard. Images danced in her mind. Images of all the video chats they had shared over the years. The twinkle in his eyes when he smiled at her. The sound of his voice when he would say “Hello Beautiful.” The sound of his laugh. All experienced from a distance. But not for long.

He was thinking about her, she could feel it. She always could. She could feel his arms reaching for her. Holding her. It made her smile. As if on cue, she received a text message on her phone.

“Hello Beautiful. All settled in?”

She typed back. “Yes baby. Wish you were here.”

He replied, “Me too. Soon baby. Sweet dreams.”

“Good Night Handsome. See you soon.”

With that she closed her eyes & drifted off into a wonderful, peaceful sleep.

She awoke to the sound of her cell phone ringing. “Without you I am incomplete.” sang her phone. She laughed. It was him.

“Good Morning Beautiful. This is your wake up call. Would you like some coffee?”

“Yes please.” she answered.

“I have a meeting this morning but I should be there shortly.” She could hear the excitement in his voice. She wondered if he knew what it was doing to her.

She jumped into the shower. Taking time to wash every inch of her body. She wanted to be his fantasy come true.

“Now, what to wear?” she thought. She could wear just a smile, which was his favorite outfit, but she wanted to tease him a bit. Let him see but not see. She chose an almost see through short robe. Just enough to hide the best parts of herself.

She bursa escort was more than ready for him when she heard a knock at the door. She opened it, and held her breath.

“Coffee delivery.” he said as he walked through the door and smiled. He put the coffee down on the table, took her into his arms and kissed her deeply.

She felt weak in the knees. She was lost to him.

“Did you forget to tell me you were so tall?” he asked.

She laughed & kissed him again.

He moved his hand down the front of her body & untied her robe. His hands wandered up to her shoulders & pushed it to the floor.

He stepped back, admired her & smiled.

“One of us seems to be wearing far too many clothes.” she whispered.’

“Yes ma’am.” he said as he started peeling off his clothes.

They stood there, holding each other, breathing in each other. Knowing this fantasy was real.

He guided her backwards towards the bed. Laying her down on her back, waiting. He slid down next to her, taking her nipple in his mouth. Gently nibbling it. She moaned. His mouth was so warm. She wanted him. All of him.

His hands traveled down her body. Hungrily searching for what he had waited for for so long. He slid a finger between he swollen lips. She was so wet. His finger dances around her already throbbing clit. She grinds her hips towards him, making his finger ride her love button. She moans loudly.

He takes her hand & guides it down to his cock. She smiles. It is so much thicker than she thought. It feels so good in her hand as she slides up & down along the shaft. He moans.

“Fuck me please.” she begs.

He climbs between her long legs, sliding his throbbing cock between her waiting pussy lips. The head of his cock teases her bursa escort bayan clit, sending shivers through her body. She has wanted this for so long. She was so close to cuming, just from having him working the tip of his cock into her tight pussy.

“I can’t believe how tight & wet you are.” he said as he pushed his cock deep inside her. The rings of her pussy stretched as he pushed harder. A bit of pain but oh so much pleasure. He started sliding in & out of her. Grinding into her. She dug her fingernails into his back as she had her first of many orgasms. She soaked him in her juices. The scent of sex filled the room.

He pulled out of her & smiled as he got up & then sat down in the chair by the desk.

He crooked his finger at her. “Come her & ride me. We have to do this.”

She smiled & obeyed. She slid down on his still hard cock, wrapping her legs around him & the chair.

He moaned. “Do you know how many times I have imagined doing this? Watching you. Feeling you. Tasting you. Sucking on your beautiful nipples as you ride me. God this feels so good.”

“I have always felt you there. I could feel your arms around me. Feel your cock buried deep inside me.” she said as she continued to ride him.

“I would close my eyes and I could almost feel this warm tight pussy. But this is far better than any fantasy.”

She kissed him deeply and shuddered in orgasm.

When she had strength in her legs again they moved over to the bed. He laid down on his back & watched as she slid her throbbing pussy back down on his still hard cock. He could see her juices sparkling on her thighs. Her sweet pussy lips so swollen but he could see her enlarged clit. He smiled. He wondered how may times he could get her to cum. He reached out escort bursa and put his thumb on her clit as she continued to ride him.

She was tightening around him again. Her back arched. “Oh Godddddddddd!” she screamed.

He smiled.

She collapsed on his chest for a moment. When she caught her breath again she climbed off him. She couldn’t believe that he was still hard.

She licked her lips & smiled. She parted his legs & slid between them. She took her short little tongue & licked the length of his shaft. She could taste her juices on him. She teased the head of his cock then went straight down to his balls. They were so full. She licked between them. Teasing them, then sucked one into her mouth. He moaned deeply. She needed to taste him. She wanted it all.

She looked up at him as she took his cock in her mouth. Just a little at first. Working it up & down. Turning her mouth into her pussy. Then without warning, she took it all the way down. God he was so wide. He was so close. Up & down, harder, faster. Tightening her fingers around him. But he was still not cuming.

She stopped & laid up on his shoulder.

He took his cock in his hand & began to stroke it. She had watched him online so many times. It always turned her on. Being able to see all of him, the way he touched himself to the expression on his face, pleased her beyond words.

“Yes baby, do it. Cum for me.” she said. Words she had said many times on the phone, but this was so much better.

He pulled on his cock furiously. Playing with his balls. Harder, faster. Moaning.

He exploded as she watched. Shooting behind her head & hitting the headboard. She was amazed. She smiled & licked the sweet cum off his chest.

She looked up at him & smiled. “So is this a one time thing or are we going to do this again?” she asked.

“Oh we will definitely do this again. And we won’t wait eight years to do it.” he answered.

She took a deep breath of contentment & fell asleep in his arms.

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