Love for Hire Ch. 01

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Her short shorts moved with her hips as they swayed back and forth. The man’s hands she danced with roamed and tugged at her low cut shirt. The guy was nice but she was more entranced by the lead guitarist of the band playing tonight at the bar. His dark red hair peeked under his army style hat. She looked on down to his tone arms as they played, saw how nicely tight his jeans fit over his thighs, she was lost in his voice. She longed to feel his hands and mouth, as they moved over her he had to be better than the guy she was with tonight. Tonight she was off though, enjoying herself without being paid for it. Luckily it was soon to be over with one man and hopefully beginning for another. Roxy kept on dancing as the night wound down.

Carter sat alone on stage after everything was over and packed up. The night was perfect except he had no one to go home with or to so he sat on stage, strumming his guitar. One woman stood out among the crowd tonight, reminding him of how long it had been since he’d made love.

“Thinking of a new song?” a woman’s voice came out of nowhere, startling him out of his thoughts.

Carter looked up then smiled, it was her. “Hello,” he greeted.

“Hi, I’m Roxy.”

“Carter. What are you doing here now?”

“I think I forgot something.”


“You,” Roxy stated plainly. She looked hard and fierce into his eyes.

Carter tried hard to mask his surprise; his smile grew wider as his thoughts started running wild. “Is that so?” he asked.

Roxy walked up closer before speaking, “Yes, absolutely so.”

“And what can I do for you?” Carter asked, putting his guitar aside.

“It’s more of what you can do to me Carter,” she replied in a seducing voice. Roxy sat down beside him and picked up his guitar, casually strumming nothing in particular. “You looked like you were lonely tonight and needed some company. I couldn’t tuzla escort help but imagine how those fingers were over flesh instead of strings.”

Carter removed the guitar from her hands and laid it aside. His hand cupped the back of her neck and pulled her close, their lips crushed against each other. Roxy straddled his lap smoothly trying not to break the kiss. She wrapped her legs around him, ran her fingers through his hair and let her mouth run wild. He removed her shirt and feasted on her smooth flesh. He pushed her breasts above the cups of her bra and sucked on them. Roxy tore open Carter’s shirt in a fury to dive further into him by running her mouth and hands over his neck, chest, and shoulders. Once again their lips met and back they fell onto the floor.

Carter broke the embrace before going any further. “Get up and lemme make this more enjoyable for you. Go over by the speaker and wait for me,” he instructed.

Looking puzzled Roxy obeyed and waited by the speaker. She watched Carter go into the sound room and put on music. She felt it come out and vibrate against the speaker. What he was hoping to do with the speaker came to her. Nice, she thought. She hopped on top of it and spread her legs apart; soon she began feeling the pulsing sensation reach her womanhood. Her hands came up to her breasts and started rubbing them through the bra. Carter came up to her, after admiring her for a moment he thought he’d help her out by unhooking her bra. She smiled then in turn she removed his shirt before moving down to unfasten his belt and jeans.

Roxy admired his cut physique and let her eyes linger at his pelvis at the muscle tone that showed a V leading down to his penis. “Hmm not bad looking with or without clothes,” she complimented.

Carter smiled before adding, “I could say the same about you.”

Roxy tugged down his jeans and underwear, using her feet to help push tuzla escort bayan them to the floor. Kicking off his shoes Carter stepped out of them, completely naked in the empty bar. He grabbed a lock of hair and pulled her to him bringing their mouths together in a fury of passion. Once again her legs came around him to pull him closer. Playfully she bit his neck before moving down to graze his chest that was lightly sprinkled with red hair. Carter let out a low growl before moving to take the skin on her back between his teeth and pulled up. He felt her flinch and hiss beneath him so he started kissing and sucking the area. When he was done he smiled to himself at the bright red mark appearing on her skin around his teeth marks.

“Get those Daisy Dukes off now,” Carter gently commanded. He held her by the shoulders, making her look in his eyes as he spoke.

Gladly Roxy did as she was told, stripping off her shorts. She sat there afterward in nothing but a black thong and spiky high heeled shoes. She spread her legs wide so he could see her womanhood then took the piece of material that ran between her folds and pulled it taught. Her fingers ran up and down the material to entice Carter further. Her other hand took a breast to her mouth to lap at her nipple; she looked at him under her eyelashes and saw how ready he was to take her there and now. “What are you waiting for stud? Come and get what you want,” Roxy purred.

That’s all it took for Carter to forget any restraint he may have had. Right then he delved into her with his mouth at her jaw working his way down and his fingers probing her womanhood fervently. After a tortuously slow way down her body his mouth and fingers met. Her hands grabbed the edges of the speaker as she lay there enjoying the feeling of being eaten out by a man who acted like he hadn’t eaten in days. Roxy’s hips bucked and rocked as he pumped her hard with escort tuzla his fingers until finally she came and she felt his tongue in her again.

“Mmm, you taste good,” Carter smiled when he finished cleaning her up and looked at her.

Roxy laughed, “Well I aim to please.”

“You’re doing a marvelous job,” Carter replied. “And you haven’t even done anything to me, yet.”

“Mmmhmm and what would you like me to do to you?”

“Get on your side and lift that leg up,” he demanded. “Let me feel you.”

Roxy’s smile grew as she did what she was told. She felt the thin material of her thong move to the side to be replaced by the thick long shaft of his penis as it entered her pussy. Slowly he slid into her with long gentle strokes. Both made noises of satisfaction of the feeling and pleasure. Carter then began to make his thrusts deeper and harder, building momentum.

“How’s this, you like this baby?” Carter asked as he was rabid in his movement.

“Mmm oh yeah, keep it up. Keep fucking me just like that,” Roxy praised. She felt herself nearing her climax and braced harder on the speaker for when it would peek.

“I’m about to come lady.”

“Me too.”

“Get up; I want you to suck me clean.”

“Hang on, “Roxy spoke through gritted teeth as she orgasm intently. Carter pulled out so he could quickly spill his juices into her mouth. Roxy cleaned him up thoroughly as he looked on smiling, bracing himself against the wall.

“That was good, we’ll have to go again sometime,” Carter complimented.

Roxy smiled devilishly, “I had fun.”

“I’m gonna go to the boy’s room. You need me to take you home or anything?”

“Oh no, thanks though,” Roxy replied while getting dressed.

“Ok, well maybe I’ll see you again. Good night,” he spoke while walking backwards to the bathroom, naked.

“You too,” Roxy responded. After he disappeared behind the door she searched his jeans for a wallet. After finding it and looking through it she grabbed over half of what cash was in there. “Nothing comes free.” She walked out into the night, a smile on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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